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Anticipating Geneveve

Anticipating Geneveve

Little did Geneveve know that this time, her hotel stay would be very different...
The air was filled with the sharpness of perfume, and that perfume brought Brian instantly to full alert. ‘She’s here again,’ he thought. 'This time, Geneveve will have a stay she will never forget.' Brian loved her name; it was so unique and different, just like her. Rather exotic in a way. Brian worked on staff in the Renaissance Hotel, downtown Chicago. Geneveve was a fairly regular patron, as she had to work with some of the local architects on a regular basis. She was a freelance editor, specializing in blueprint design instead of actual reading materials. Geneveve excelled at what she did, and she was in high demand in the greater Chicago area. This was her hotel of choice when she came to town.

Brian watched as she walked in, so graceful and smooth. His heart skipped a beat, as it always did, from the instant he could smell her. His mind wandered to what other scents he could find on her….no. None of that Brian. You’ve got to concentrate. For now. He smiled at her as she leaned on the counter, she looked tired, he thought. She smiled back at Brian, and the whole room lit up. Wow. Brian had special plans this time for Geneveve, even though she had no idea. He licked his lips at the thought.

“What room would you like this time, Ms. Hadler? Room 401 or room 203?” Geneveve smiled once more, finding pleasure in the fact that this handsome young man 10 years her junior thought enough of her to remember her two favorites.

“I’ll take room 203 this time Brian; I like the bed near the window.”

‘Oh I’ll like that bed right along with you Geneveve,’ he thought to himself.

“All right, anything I can do to help you this evening? Will you be needing a cab by chance?” This was a very smart way for Brian to ascertain her schedule, so he could plan the fulfillment of his long desired fantasy.

“Yes, that would be great. I have to meet some new developers with the Phillips exhibit for dinner at 7:30. I’m hoping it won’t be too boring, and that I can be back by 10.” Brian whistled softly. The Phillips exhibit was one of the biggest facilities to be built in Chicago in the last 10 years. Figures that she got called in on this one, he mused.

“All right, I’ll have a cab waiting for you at 6:30. Can I help you with those bags? I’m not super busy right now.” Geneveve smiled, that wonderful captivating smile of hers, and nodded yes. Brian hopped over the lower counter and gathered her bags. Together they went to the elevator for the all-too-quick ride to the second floor. Geneveve leaned against the side of the elevator, looking at Brian. He immediately had a reaction, and one he hoped she didn’t notice. He loved her beauty, from her hair (such gorgeous chestnut hair, so full and luxurious, he ached to run his fingers through it) down to her small feet and painted toenails. The woman had no flaws. Maybe she’s a goddess that came down here to mingle with the humans for awhile, he thought.

As they wandered down the hall he watched from behind as she walked, with that slight sway to her hips. Oh god. I want her so badly, he thought. Soon, soon. Brian unlocked the door for her, and set down her bags inside on the suitcase rack. He eyed the bed by the window, the super king size. Brian tried not to think too much harder on that bed just then, so as not to give any thoughts away to Geneveve. “I’ll see you when you get back this evening, Ms. Hadler, I work late tonight.”

“Thank you for all you do for me Brian, you’re such a doll.” She gently kissed him on the cheek as he left. Well I’m never washing that cheek again, he thought. It felt hot like fire. He wondered if she felt it too.

The hours seemed to pass all too slowly before Brian saw Geneveve enter back into the main lobby. Brian was behind the counter, but he wasn’t technically scheduled to work. He just wanted Geneveve to think he was. He asked her how the dinner went, and she said the usual, at least there was some dancing involved instead of all talk and business. Geneveve looked incredible in her calf length black dress, with her black and white heels that tied up her legs. Always, he thought, always flawless. As she walked toward the elevator, Brian spun into action. He took off for the stairs, climbing quickly, and waited just around the corner from her door. His heart was beating so fast and loud that he was sure Geneveve would hear him.

Too consumed by her paperwork, musing over it, she took out her card and... whoa. All of a sudden, Geneveve no longer had paperwork in her hands of any kind, as she was pressed against the door, Brian standing behind her with his body fully over hers. “You are mine tonight, all mine, and nothing is going to keep me from fully enjoying every inch of your luscious body.” He felt Geneveve tense, like a coiled spring.

“Brian, we can’t do this, I have a boyfriend…”

“I don’t care, Geneveve, I’ve wanted you for so long. Tonight you are mine, like it or not.” His mouth descended on her neck, his hands slowly gliding along the curves of her body, molding her dress to it. She was so incredibly sexy, his mind was blown. There was no turning back, the animal in him was out and needed to be satiated. He pressed his lips to her ear and growled softly, “Open the door. Now.” He could feel her shaking as she fumbled with the key, was it due to desire or fear? Probably a little of both, he mused.

As soon as the door came open, he pulled her in, the door shutting, Geneveve pressed up against it. Brian tried to take his time, sucking on her neck, kissing her lips so passionately that they both almost lost their breath. No longer could the animal inside him be contained, however. Brian had wanted Geneveve ever since he first laid eyes on her, almost a year and a half ago. She was the object of every fantasy, every desire, every need. Brian was thirsty, and his thirst needed to be quenched. Hurriedly, he undid her buttons, pulled down her dress. Picking her up easily, he carried her to the bed, and consumed her entire body in kisses, sucking and touching and pure fire. Everywhere. The room heated up at least 10 degrees for him.

Brian was lost in the inferno of lust and passion, from which there was no release until it was quenched. He worked his way down her flat stomach, beginning to smell her other scent, so much better than the perfume. It drove him mad. Brian ripped off Geneveve’s panties, lace ones he noticed, so sexy. He buried his face between her thighs, trying to assuage his dying thirst and appetite. Moans escaped her lips, her hips frantically moving. Brian held her thighs, keeping her in place as he sucked on her clit, hard. His tongue went crazy, tasting all her sweetness at once. ‘Oh god, it’s even better than I imagined…’ He continued his assault, and she raked her nails through his hair, fueling his fire further.

When she climaxed, he looked at her beautiful face, then tasted the sweet nectar of her fruition. At that point, Brian moved swiftly on top of her, and began making love to her, filling her slowly at first, moaning as he felt her hands, her nails, gripping into his back and butt. Brian lost himself, moving faster and faster, his hands feeling her incredible breasts pressing against his hard chest, then moving down along her sleek sides to her hips, keeping her body in rhythm with his.

Softly yet urgently he whispered in her ear, “I’m going to take you now, you’re mine. I want you to cum for me, give me yourself as I take what I want.” Geneveve’s moans became louder, sexier, and it was enough for Brian. With one final thrust, he claimed her body, releasing himself deep within her; losing himself completely in her beauty and sensuality. His mind was filled entirely with her, nothing else existed for him in that moment. He reached up, his hands in her hair, and kissed her deeply. “I have you all night Geneveve. I hope you can function on no sleep tomorrow.” Geneveve just looked at him with her blue, blue eyes and smiled that gorgeous smile. It was all the encouragement Brian needed.

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