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Mistaken Idenitity

Mistaken Idenitity

A milf seduces the man her daughter has fantasies about
Thomas was half asleep on the couch when he heard the doorbell ring. He was dressed for bed in just sleep pants, having promised himself an early night. He opened the door and saw a pretty blonde lady. She was very slim, very petite, but equally well proportioned for her size. She was wearing a white, tightly belted raincoat that reached only half-way down her shapely thighs, paired with black, knee high boots with high heels. Her makeup was a shade on the heavy side. Her perfume was strong and highly erotic.

"Are you Thomas?" she asks deliberately putting one foot in the door to stop him from shutting it in her face.

"Yes that’s me. Can I help you?" Thomas replied.

Taking him by surprise, she pushed Thomas back, and slammed the door behind her. She stepped forward and reached up on her toes and threw her arms round his neck, giving him a long, wet, French kiss. Her medium size, quite firm tits pressed hard into his chest. She pushed her groin forcibly against his now, very hard, cock as her tongue searched out his mouth hungrily. His back was now against the wall and he automatically put his arms around her body.

”You don’t know me! But you know my daughter well enough! You fucking pervert!” she said, as she broke the kiss.

With that, she started kissing him again. Thomas automatically responded. His tongue pushed hers out of his mouth, and searched inside the blonde's mouth with increasing passion. He pushed back into her body with his own crotch. His cock was hard as a rock now and his cock had come through the slit in his pajamas. Their groins were mashing together and his cock was now almost inside her raincoat.

"Who is your daughter?" Thomas asked.

"I think you know and you will know me much better by the end of the night. If you don't know my name, you're going to have to guess it. I'm here to see if you can cope with a full grown woman that puts out. Instead of seventeen year old schoolgirls who just tease by giving blowjobs."

"I’m not sure…. I know what you are talking about!” Thomas responded.

"You have let both my daughter, and her two friends give you a blowjob. So much, that they can do nothing, but rave about how big your cock is."

“I did? And when was this?” he replied.

Thomas was totally dumbfounded that this woman seemed to know so much more about what happened in his private life, than he did. He was not messing with any schoolgirls at this time, but the lady seemed to think he was guilty of something. He was not going to argue with this beautiful, but obviously raving lunatic of a lady who wanted him to fuck her. He has always been told never look a gift horse in the mouth.

She pushed her way into the apartment. Then she turned and pushed the latch down on the front door and dragged him into the living room. She looked up at him with a smile on her face as she reached down and grabbed his rampant cock.

“Well, I suppose that seeing the size of you cock, I can't blame the girls at all. Not having sex in about a year, I'm extremely horny,” she said, half grudgingly.

“But where did you hear all this nonsense?” Thomas asked.

“Well, teenage girls talk amongst themselves, and they don’t know that a mother has big ears when she wants to know what her daughter, and here friends do in their spare time.”

Suddenly, she stepped, back her eyes never leaving his, and unbuttoned her raincoat, letting it slide to the floor. Thomas could see that she was totally naked underneath. Her legs were long and lean, muscled in all the right places, and they went all the way up to a tight, rounded butt. The jogging she did on a regular basis was paying off, big time. Her waist was tapered and her stomach was firm and flat, showing no signs that she had given birth to not one but two children, and the faux diamond that hung from her belly button flashed in the light. Her breasts were rounded and full, hovering just at a 35C cup in size, and showed only a little sag. Her nipples were small and pert, surrounded by small, pale areolas.

"Now what do you say we get down to business?" she said as she pulled his tank top up his body and over his head. Thomas lifted his arms to let her take the shirt off, and was surprised when she immediately knelt down in front of him.

"I can't wait to show you what a real woman will do!" she said in a husky voice. Looking up at him and giving him that coy smile. "And I can't wait to get my hands and lips on it!" she looked up at him and grinned, then reached up and grasped the waistband of his pajamas with both hands and slid them down. His hard cock sprang into view, and her grin grew bigger as she looked at it hanging inches in front of her face.

"Oh, my, what a beautiful, hard cock you have!" she said, reaching up to wrap her fingers around the shaft. She looked up at Thomas and smiled a seductive smile at him as she slipped her fingers around the shaft and squeezed, feeling the shaft pulsing in her hand and making Thomas moan a bit. She gripped his shaft firmly and pumped it a few times, smiling when a drop of clear pre-cum appeared at the tip. Without hesitation she opened her mouth and licked the drop of fluid off with her tongue, making Thomas gasp. She looked up at him and smiled, giggling as she pumped his cock again and made more pre-cum appear at the tip. She licked this off as well, swallowing it immediately, and then licked the sensitive underside of the head of his cock with the flat of her soft, wet tongue before slipping her lips over the head and slowly sucking it into her mouth.

'I'm gonna have this young stud shooting his cum down my throat in no time!' she thought to herself, relishing the feeling of his thick, hard cock on her tongue and in her mouth.

She massaged and squeezed his heavy balls in her hand as she slowly slid her wet, sucking mouth up and down his cock over and over again, sliding the flat of her tongue over and around the sensitive head as she slipped her mouth up his length. His precum was flowing like a river, and she swallowed it down eagerly. She glanced up at him and saw him standing there with his head thrown back, his eyes closed as she sucked on his hard cock. She lowered her eyes and went back to work, pushing her mouth down onto his cock hard, her nose pressing against him as she swallowed his entire length again.

"Oh man," Thomas moaned, opening his eyes and looking down at her as she worked him over. "I'm gonna cum if you keep that up!" she looked up at him as she slid her mouth up his shaft and released it from her lips, sucking on it hard as she did so. She gripped his glistening shaft with her hand and pumped it slowly and firmly as she replied.

"That's the whole idea," she said in a soft, seductive voice. "I want you to cum in my mouth, Thomas, and when you do I'll swallow every drop!” she said. Gripping his slippery cock firmly and slowly pumping it up and down as she spoke, one hand on his cock and the other on his balls. She looked into his eyes for just a moment longer, still pumping his cock and squeezing his balls, then lowered her lips back down to the head of his throbbing cock and slid her wet mouth down on his shaft again. She had never wanted to taste a man’s cum as much as she did Thomas’s, so she sucked hard on his cock as she slid her mouth slowly up and down his shaft. She massaged and squeezed his balls firmly as she worked him over, and she could tell by the way his breathing was getting faster by the moment that it wouldn’t be long before he gave her what she wanted. This only made her push her mouth down on his cock further, burying her nose in his pubic hair, before she slid her mouth back up his shaft as she sucked as hard as she could.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum!” Thomas moaned, and she felt his cock widen in her mouth. A split second later, Thomas groaned as his cock exploded. His cum blasting out of his hard saliva covered cock. It went straight into her wet, sucking mouth. She immediately swallowed it down, sucking his cock harder and pulling on his balls as his cock bucked in her mouth, pumping stream after stream of hot, thick cum into her mouth and down her throat. She pushed her mouth all the way down onto his spurting cock, swallowing his cum as quickly as it filled her mouth. Thomas came long and hard, shooting what seemed to be a gallon of cum down her throat, and when his cock finally stopped pumping in her mouth he was left weak in the knees. She slowly slid her mouth up the length of his still-hard cock, gripping the shaft in her hand as she did so, sucking the last drop of cum from the head of his cock before releasing it from her lips. She looked up at him and grinned, licking her lips as she slowly pumped his cock.

“Wow, you came a lot!” she said.

“Well, it’s been about two weeks,” Thomas replied, still panting slightly from the intensity of his orgasm.

"Thank you," she replied, "That was gorgeous. I love the taste of a man's cum. It will make the rest of the night better for us, because you’ll be able to last much longer now,” she said with a smile.

"Listen, what's all this about?" Thomas asked.

"I’m going to fuck you silly until you plead for mercy. Then I will want to know why you have been letting my teenage daughters and her two friends give you…. blowjobs? Then I will decide whether it’s a case for the police, or whether we can come to some sort of…. personal agreement," she said.

Still gripping his cock and pumping it slowly. “That’s what I love about you young guys, you can cum like a racehorse and still be hard and ready for more!”

She stood up in front of him; keeping one hand wrapped around his cock, and slid the other around the back of his neck and pulled him down to her for another searing-hot kiss. Thomas gripped her by the ass again with one hand, the other sliding around to her breasts. He laid his palm over the mound of her breast and squeezed, feeling the rock-hard nipple against his palm. She moaned in his mouth as his hand closed over her breast, and she pulled harder on his still-hard cock. He tweaked and pulled on her nipple, making her gasp with delight, then closed his hand over the firm mound and squeezed again. After a few moments she broke off the kiss, looking up at Thomas and smiling as she spoke.

“I think it’s time we got down to the nitty-gritty, don’t you, Thomas?” she said. Stepping back she reached down and took Thomas’s cock in her hand. Pulling him by his cock, she led the way into his bedroom. She wrapped her naked body around him again, and planted another long, lingering wet kiss on his lips. Only this time, standing there in the middle of his bedroom, Thomas could see just how seductive this woman was.

“Thomas I don’t understand why you have been wasting this lovely cock on young girls, that don‘t even put out,“ she said as she played with his now flaccid cock, to gradually restore it to its full operating size. “Now, why don’t you lie down on the bed on your back. So I can climb on top of you and ride this nice, hard cock of yours until you cum inside my pussy,”

“I think I can do that!” he replied. A moment later he was lying on his back on his bed, watching as she climbed on top of him and threw one shapely leg over his body as she positioned herself over his cock. He reached up and grasped her swaying breasts with his hands as she grasped his cock, pointing it up towards her sopping-wet pussy. She took his cock and rubbed the head up and down her wet slit, coating it with her juices.

“My pussy is so wet for you!” she breathed, placing the head of his cock against her opening as he pulled harder on her nipples. “I’ve wanted this cock of yours inside me since I heard my daughters talking about it!”

“Really….. I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he replied.

“I don‘t care now if you did,” she said, looking him in the eyes, the desire and lust plain for even him to see. “And now it’s time for me to have that cock of yours!”

With that she pushed down, the head of his cock slipping inside her opening and stretching her out as she dropped her hips down onto him and engulfed his cock completely. Her mouth fell open and she moaned as his thick cock filled her, stretching her tight, wet pussy out, locking eyes with him as she settled all the way down onto his cock. She dropped her knees down to the bed and ground her hips down, rotating her hips in small circles around and around on his cock as she tightened her pussy around it. Thomas could feel the firm globes of her ass pressing against his balls as she ground her pussy down onto his throbbing cock, and he gasped a bit as she clamped down on his cock with her pussy.

“Oh, my God, your cock feels so good inside me Thomas!” she breathed, her eyes hooded and her mouth still hanging open as she sat on his cock. “I can’t wait to feel your cock pumping inside me when you cum again!” she said, her pussy gripping his cock like a hot, warm, velvet fist as she slowly rotated her hips down and around on him.

“Keep that up and it won’t be long,” he replied, gripping and squeezing her breasts as she moved on top of him.

“Good!” she breathed, leaning forward and placing her hands on the bed on either side of him. “Just let it happen, baby, let it happen! We have all night, and I’m quite sure I can get you hard again in no time!” she said in a husky voice.

Then she dropped down on top of him, mashing her breasts into his chest as she kissed him, her tongue invading his mouth and sliding as far into his mouth as she could get it. She rotated her hips around again, sliding them up and down on his cock slightly and squeezing it with her inner muscles. Thomas slid his hands down to her ass and gripped the firm globes in his hands, squeezing them hard as they kissed.

After several long, intense moments she broke off the kiss and sat up, bracing herself with her hands on the bed on either side of him again, and began riding him. She slid her pussy up and down on his hard cock hard and deep, riding him in long, firm, steady strokes. That she hoped would push him over the edge and make him cum inside her quickly. She gripped and squeezed his cock with her pussy, rotating her hips around and around as she moved up and down on his cock, the sounds of sex filling the room. She looked down into his eyes, her mouth hanging open, her breathing coming faster and faster as she fucked him.

“Oh, my God, your cock feels so good inside me!” she gasped as she rode him, her breasts swaying as she rode him. “I want to feel you cum inside me, Thomas, I want to feel that big, hard cock of your pumping and spurting inside me as you fill me up with your cum!”

She intensified her motions, rotating her hips more and squeezing her pussy around his slick cock harder as she continued to ride him, fucking him long, hard, and deep. She heard his breathing begin to quicken, his chest rising and falling faster by the moment, and she knew that she was about to get what she wanted.

“That’s it, baby, give it to me! Give it to me, give me your cum!” she panted, increasing the speed and intensity of her motions up and down on his cock. She was riding him hard and fast now, dropping her hips down onto his throbbing shaft hard to drive it as deep into her pussy as she could as Thomas dropped his hands from her breasts and grabbed the bedspread in his fists. He could feel his orgasm quickly building, and knew that it would be only a few seconds before he was cumming again.

“Gonna cum!” he grunted.

She clamped her pussy down onto his cock as hard as she could in reply. A moment later Thomas groaned loudly as his cock erupted inside her. She cried out as she felt the first blast of hot cum hit the back of her pussy. She felt her own orgasm quickly building as Thomas’s cock pumped and throbbed inside her tight, wet pussy, her clit tingling like mad as she rode him.

“I’m gonna cum all over your cock!” she breathed. Looking down into his eyes as he continued to cum inside her, and a split second later her own orgasm hit. She came hard, the waves of sexual pleasure exploding through her body, and she sat up on Thomas’s cock and drove her hips down hard onto his still-spurting cock as the waves of pleasure went crashing through her body. She ground her hips down and around on his shaft as she rode out her orgasm, gripping and squeezing his shaft in frenzy as her passion overtook her. It seemed as if her Cumming lasted for hours, but it was over in only a few long, intense moments, and somewhere along the way Thomas’s cock had stopped shooting inside her. She was too caught up in her own orgasm to tell just when, but when they had both stopped coming they were both left breathless.

Thomas sat upright on the bed. His cock, slowly softening inside her as she gasped for breath, her little body covered with a fine sheen of sweat. Thomas was left breathless as well, and he gasped for breath as he looked up at the beautiful, sexy woman on top of him who had just given him the best fucking of his life and was now slowly squeezing the last bit of cum from him with her very tight and very talented pussy. She looked down at him and smiled, sitting still on top of him as she felt his cock slowly softening inside her.

“That was incredible!” she said, a wide smile on her face. Her blonde hair hung around her face in damp strands, and she was still slightly out of breath.

The rest of the evening and the following night was a time Thomas would remember for years to come, as time after time they brought each other to new peaks of passion, and to new heights of ecstasy. Time after time he managed to slow her down, carefully prolonging their wonderful agony.

Every time he wanted to turn over and go to sleep she made him wake up and perform time and time again. With her hands, or warm wet mouth was seemingly able to bring his flaccid cock back to life. It seemed as though this woman was insatiable. The morning light was just peeping through the curtains when she decided that she too needed some sleep, and she let sleep take hold of them both. They slept locked together in each other's arms.

It was almost lunch time when they woke, but once again she took the initiative. She straddled him, her body covered in perspiration as she sat her weight down onto his cock, forcing him right up inside her, as far as he could go. She told him she could feel his cock touch her deep inside.

She tried vainly herself to prolong their act, but it was rolling on to the inevitable, and they both succumbed to another fantastic climax, even as she sat still feeling his cock getting even harder and even bigger inside her. It felt too good to stop, and Thomas didn't really want to. He looked up at her flushed face, and he realized that he was developing strong feelings for this beautiful lady. When she felt him begin to gush inside her, she had no option but to follow him into the waves of pleasure as her muscles gripped and vibrated round his pumping cock.

When it was done, Thomas felt even bigger inside her than when they had started, and she told him she was a little sore as she eased off of him, and flopped down again on top of him. She laid contentedly, her head on his shoulder.

“Well, Thomas I must admit I can not blame the girls - I just wonder now why you are not married?”

"Well, I suppose I have never met the right lady until tonight and I don’t even know your name,” Thomas asked.

“My name is Megan Andrews and my daughters are Tina and Terrie Andrews,” she replied.

“Yes, I know Tina and Terrie, but I assure you I have not let them give me a blowjob,” Thomas said as he sat up and looked down at her.

“But I heard them describe it to their friends and I read the full account blow for blow in both of their diaries.” Megan told Thomas.

“From memory I think Tina and Terrie are seventeen,” Thomas said. “Did you ever wonder whether they was just fantasizing, and it was only her fantasy you were reading about?“

“No…. They are not like that…. I know my daughters too well.”

Just then the door bell rang and Thomas put on his pajama bottoms and went to answer the door. Standing there was Megan’s daughter Tina, looking very worried.

“Is my mother here?” she asked, looking rather shamefaced.

“Come in, we were just talking about you,” Thomas said.

“Oh dear - I’m so sorry. But I did not know she was reading my diary,” Tina replied.

Just then Megan appeared in the doorway dressed to leave.

"Thomas, I believe you. I will go and get out of your way. I'm sorry about seducing you last night.”

“Don’t be sorry. I would like to continue our relationship. I have really enjoyed our night together,” Thomas replied to her..

“So have I. So where do we go from here?" she replied.

“How about you cook Brunch,” Thomas replied with a smile.

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