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The Big Game Sneak

Careful of who's watching your wife while you're watching the game.

The room erupted in an uproar of victorious shouting as the favored team made the first touchdown of the game. It only took nearly the entire first quarter and there were still three more to go. So bored. I decided to get up and go look for more entertaining options elsewhere; my leaving gone unnoticed by the jock football crowd.

I wondered into the kitchen where I found my wife talking with all the other young ladies, either dating or married to some of the other men in the living room. My amber eyed, red headed beauty, Kate, flashed me that special smile of hers when she saw me enter the room.

“Hi, handsome,” she said as she walked over and kissed me.

“Hello, dear heart,” I returned the kiss and wrapped my arms around her.

“Well, its about time we had a man come and visit us,” commented Allison, the buxom blond of the group of four. The rest of the women murmured their agreement.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of our men leave the TV during football season before. Jenny, is your husband aware of the rules of being a man in this community? If word gets out that he’s not worshiping our boys up on the screen, there could be a public outcry,” Christie japed.

“Oh hush up, Christie. My Tom simply enjoyed more important things than watching sports when growing up, like reading and science.”

“And video games,” I pitched in, earning a mocking glare from Kate and a round of giggles from the rest.

“Either way, it’s nice to have a good looking man around the table if you’d like to sit and join us, Tom?” Natalie offered.

“I’d love to! I was bored out of my mind in there anyways and was hoping you ladies had something better to offer.”

Kate and I were the newcomers to the group, having just moved from the flat river valleys of west Tennessee to the more mountainous regions of northern Georgia where I was able to find some geology work dealing with the environmental hazards of development in the region.

Kate, being the social butterfly of the two of us, was quick to strike up a friendship with Natalie, her coworker at her new bank job, living just ten minutes away and the only other married member of our troupe. Natalie, having been the only married person amongst her friends, was ecstatic to finally have another married couple to hang out with and wasted no time in bringing us into her regular circle. Natalie’s husband, Don, regularly hosted weekend football parties as an excuse to hang out and invite his friends over, and while I was welcome to join them, my lack of love for all things sports left me an outcast amongst the men. So it wasn’t uncommon for me to seek refuge with the girlfriends and wives of the men. Allison and Christie were the only two long lasting serious girlfriends, where any others we met were usually only around a month at best.

Perhaps most men wouldn’t find anything fun, exciting or entertaining about sitting around a table with four women, and granted there wasn’t much they were talking about I cared to chime in on, but I sure found it a vast improvement from the football marathon going on in most living rooms across the country.

To my left sat Christie, with shoulder length dark hair, blue eyes so clear they were almost grey, wearing a brown top that fit her body perfectly to pronounce her smaller B cup breasts that were framed with a mid-cleavage scoop neck. Tight blue jeans hugged her flaring hips and apple bottom.

Across from me was Allison, the aforementioned buxom blond with green eyes and hair that fell down to her jean clad perfect ass. Her D cup breasts, which she rarely didn’t have proudly on display, were framed in a very low cut white, fleece top. The fringes of her sky blue lace bra were visible on the edges of the fabric, leaving me imagining if she had on the matching panties down below. She was currently leaning over, resting her heavy assets on the table and letting me enjoy the view of her deep cleavage. She would wink every time I met her eyes after a long look and we'd give each other a knowing smile.

On my right was the lovely Natalie. Her auburn hair brushed across her shoulders and upper back, deep green eyes twinkling when she laughed, a long sleeved turtleneck concealed her soft white skin, but no fabric could hide the curves of her luscious C cups that appeared bigger on her small frame and matched the curves of her hips and ass. She also had one of those husky feminine voices that oozed sex and commanded an erection from any man close by, though her shy and conservative nature may not make her aware of it.

And in my lap was my dear Kate. Her red hair and amber eyes make her look as if she were made of living flame, her C cup breasts were perfectly outlined by her emerald green sweater, her pert rounded bottom, accentuated by her flaring, child bearing hips was pressed firmly against my thick, straining manhood.

So here I had four beautiful women to look at, listen to and talk with, and a red headed vixen subtly grinding her ass against my cock every few moments. No way football is better than this.

“So how about we get out of this noisy house and do something fun, like shopping?” Allison piped up after another round of shouting came pouring in from the other room.

“Mmmm, sounds good to me. Especially if we can convince our big, strong, handsome man here to be our driver?” Kate innocently pleaded, batting her eyes and wrapping her arms to hang around my neck.

Needless to say it didn’t take much convincing to be the girls chauffeur for the day. Half time for the game had just started so we actually got a response from Don when Natalie announced we were going to the mall.

“How’d you get roped into going with them Tom? That’s why you avoid the kitchen when all them women are together. Never know what they’ll try and get you to do for ‘em. I feel sorry for ya buddy.”

I wouldn’t.

At the car, I chivalrously opened the door for the ladies and offered my hand as they each climbed into the back seat.

“How chivalrous.”

“And here I thought it was a lost art.”

“Did they have any more where you found this one, Kate?”

Kate was the last in, having saved the front seat for her. When she took my hand I asked, “No tip?” She gave a shy smile at my usual ploy, leaned in and met her lips to mine, while the others looked on.

A prolonged “Awww” came from the back seat.

Sometime later, I found myself laden with what felt like hundreds of pounds of shopping bags filled with clothes. Mistake? I briefly thought to myself in not staying to watch the game; then thought about the boringness combined with the loud and rude noises of ten men with the maturity of college frat boys. Nah…

I finally got some reprieve when we sat down at the food court for lunch.

“Thanks for being such a good sport honey,” Kate said as she kissed me on the cheek.

“And for carrying our bags,” added Christie.

“I know I would never be able to get Don to go shopping with me. At least not without constant complaining and making me want to cut the trip short,” Natalie complained.

That comment started a chain of conversation with the women comparing their men, and men in general. Surprisingly, due to my small actions throughout the day, I found myself as the man on top they were comparing theirs against. As a lifelong outcast in school, I found it quite refreshing to have not just one, but four, gorgeous women talk about me as if I were their dream man.

“I know! How about we make a stop at Victoria’s Secret and put on a show for our driver to thank him,“ announced Allison, waggling her eyebrows. “You wouldn’t mind, right Kate?”

“Not at all! I love that idea.”

“I don’t know, you mean actually wear them in front of him?” Natalie asked nervously.

“Come on Nat, what better way for Tom to know what will look better on you to take home to Don? He can’t do that properly with it still on the hanger.”

“Well… I suppose I do need something new to show off to Don,” Natalie relented.

For the next hour I was blessed with the sight of each of these women traipse around in some of the sexiest lingerie known to man, asking me my opinion of this bra or that thong. Allison even paraded in front of me in a sheer, yellow bra and panty set that finally let me get a view of those pink nipples and dollar coin sized areolae.

This was way better than football. I thought to myself as I appraised each woman’s ass walking in front of me, as we exited the mall, knowing what was currently being worn underneath each pair of pants.

“You know Kate, if you had told me of the large standing ovation that Tom would give us, I would have suggested we go underwear shopping with him months ago,” Allison stated, looking back at the still prominent bulge in the front of my pants. The others giggled and laughed at the comment, also taking another glance at their bag man’s crotch. But Natalie’s glance lingered, almost as if lost in another world, and when she came back to reality to look ahead she took one last long stare at it, her tongue faintly darting out to take a quick lick at her lips.

Climbing back into the car, Allison gave me a big kiss on the lips.

“ALLISON!” Natalie gawked.

“What? I wanted to leave a tip.” Her eyes fell down to my bulge again. “A biiig tip.”


Later that night, I watched Kate take off her clothes, getting ready for bed; her new green lace lingerie from the mall highlighting her features as she crawled into bed and sat on top of me, leaning against the headboard.

“Are you sure about letting me?” I asked as I unhooked her bra and slowly slid it off her supple breasts.

“Why not? If he doesn’t want to pay her any attention I don’t see why you shouldn’t.” The fabric of her thong sent shivers through the both of us as she slid herself up and down my shaft.

“I just want…” I’m cut off when she pulled my head down and forced a nipple into my mouth. I eagerly began to suck.

“Hush now.” Together we slipped off her thong. “I need you to fuck me.” She grasped my naked member and lowered herself onto it.


The next week found us at Don and Natalie’s again. Allison and Christie were stuck at work, so it was only the two married women and I in the kitchen today.

“So, how did Don like the new undies?” Kate pried.

“He didn’t even see them.”

“WHAT?! Is he blind?”

“I asked him for a massage, thinking I could surprise him when he took off my clothes to give me a bareback massage. He said he was too tired from watching sports all day and entertaining his friends. He still left me to do all the cleaning. When I was finally done with that he was already asleep in bed.”

“What a jerk.”

I stepped up beside her, gently put my hand on her lower back in comfort and asked, “Well, certainly he took the opportunity to make it up to you some other time this week, right?”

“No! He hasn’t even expressed interest in sex with me this week. Too busy with his fantasy football league crap to bother with his own wife.”

The fool. “Well, how about I offer you a massage then?” I slid my hand down over her ass. She tensed slightly at my advance but didn’t pull away.

“Ummm, I’m not…”

“It’s fine, Natalie.” Kate assures, touching her arm; an acknowledgement to Natalie of both the massage and the movement of my hand. “Tom gives the best massages. We even have a table we set up for it at the house. Why don’t we go there now? The boys won’t even know we’re gone. We’ll just tell them we’re going to the mall.”

“Ummm….” Her thoughts were warring in her head, my hand now moving gently between her legs. She’s not denying my assertions to her body, but knows she should. The heat coming from her mound is like a furnace.

“Come on, let’s hop in the car.” Kate and I walked off before Natalie’s wits could fully return, forcing her to follow us to the door before she can make a decision.

“We’re going to the mall!” Kate shouts to the sports crowd.

The notification goes completely unnoticed as the jocks argue their disapproval of the refs flag on the play. Natalie looked dejected that her husband wasn’t even aware of her leaving the house.

At the car, Kate left me her customary tip before climbing in. When it was Natalie’s turn I asked, “No tip?”

Uncertainly, she shook her head. “No, I sh… huh!” she gasped as a stole a kiss, then after a moment climbed in next to Kate.

At home, I began to set up the massage table as Kate helped Natalie disrobe.

“Do I have to be completely naked? I mean, I shouldn’t let you if I do. I’m married. Don wouldn’t like it.”

“You can leave your underwear on if you want. The bra has to go though. Tom can’t do your back properly if the strap is in the way. Besides, Tom’s already seen you in this anyway. Trust me, it’ll feel great. Just relax.”

“I suppose…”

Finished with the table, I spun around in time to see Kate unhook the red bra I chose for Natalie, at the mall. Her red nipples standing high on her ripe, firm tits, revealed to me for the first time briefly, before she covered them with an arm, blushing. I grabbed the oils as Natalie lay face down on the table, allowing me to admire her red, lace-clad derriere.

Slowly, I worked her muscles, kneading away the knots of stress and giving her time to relax into the massage. Gradually her body responded to my hands; moans of relief and pleasure escaped past her lips with every few glides of my hand across her body. I let my fingers just barely scrape the sides of her breasts a few times, sighs were her only response, and so I allowed myself to get bolder.

Standing in front of her, my hands glided down her back several times until I traced my fingers just beneath her thong; again she offered no protest to my exploration. Standing back to her side, I slipped my fingers through the bands at her hips and gently pulled them over her bottom. She hesitated slightly before lifting her hips to allow me to take them all the way off, her pink slit revealing itself to me in all its flowered glory.

When I asked her to turn over to do her front, she hid herself beneath her arms and hands shortly, before I gently moved them away and placed them at her sides. With her now fully revealed to me, I oiled up my hands some more and worked them on her breasts. She arched her back into my palms, accepting my intimate touch. By the way her body reacted to my hands, you knew she hadn’t been touched like this for a very long time.

Gradually my hands worked to her legs, where I moved from bottom to top. I avoided the inside of her thighs at the start, until she moved her legs apart just so slightly, inviting me. As I began my slow ascent from her left knee, I looked at her face; her eyes were open with that far off look on her face again. She was staring at my pants, which had been tenting for the last fifteen minutes. She reached out with her hand and touched me, her hand gliding up and down my shaft, fingers grasping around my girth.

For several minutes I let her hand explore my maleness as I rubbed firmly just above her trimmed mound with one hand and the top of her right thigh with the other; my fingers just barely outside the range of her pussy lips. I could smell her arousal, see it dripping from her core, hear her breaths come in ragged aroused gasps.

Behind me, Kate sat on the couch, one hand between her legs underneath her pants, the other playing with her breasts beneath her top. I was going to disappoint the both of them today.

I pulled my hands away and backed myself out of reach of Natalie’s grasping hands.


“That’s enough for today. We should get you back before the game ends and your husband wonders where you are.”

Confusion played across her eyes as I helped her sit up and gather her clothes. She wasn’t sure if she was happy or sad that I had stopped when I did, her emotions and conscience still at war.

Kate also looked both confused and disappointed that I didn’t continue, as she wanted me to.

Again, I helped the ladies into the car. This time, when Natalie took my hand, she stopped for a moment, stared at me for a few seconds then gave me a gentle, lingering kiss. Just what I was hoping for.

“Wanted to leave a tip,” she said nervously and gave a shy smile. She’s made her decision then.

“Don’s hosting the Super Bowl party next week,” Natalie said, unbuckling and getting out of the car after we pull into her driveway. “You two be sure to come.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be there,” I reply, and she shyly smiled at me again before turning to go inside.

“I don’t understand,” Kate said as she climbed into the front seat from the back. “Why didn’t you take her? You had her. She would have let you.”

“True, but I needed to be certain that she wanted me to.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Did you notice how I didn’t ask her for a tip on the way back?”

Kate’s eyes went wide at the realization. She kissed me on the corner of my mouth. “Clever man.”


Super Bowl Sunday arrived and everyone, and then some, showed up to watch the game on Don’s newly rented giant screen TV. Kate was keeping the women busy in the kitchen while I snuck off to find Natalie, rummaging through her room for some new shoes she wanted to show off to the others. She turned when she heard the door close behind me.

“What are you doing in here?”

“I’m here for you.” I walked toward her.

“You shouldn’t! I’m married.” I used a finger under her chin to lightly tilt her head up and kissed her. My tongue met no resistance as it passed her lips into her mouth. After a few seconds she backed away.

“Not here. They’ll see. Why didn’t you do this back at your place? I don’t want to anymore.” I pulled her into me, my hardness trapped between us. She didn’t pull away as I began to unbutton her blouse; a black lace bra concealing her breasts underneath.

“Then why did you make sure to invite us back over today if you didn’t?” I whispered in her ear and kissed her neck just behind where it meets her jaw.

“I… I didn’t mean for… uhnn,” she stammered for words as she stretched her neck out in offer to my hungry mouth, her hands moving to my ass, pulling her panty clad pussy into my bulge as I unzipped her pants and let them fall to the floor.

“They’ll hear,” she continued to protest even as she pulled my shirt over my head.

“All they can hear is their game.” I unhooked her bra and flicked my tongue around her right nipple as I sucked it into my mouth.

She fumbled for a few moments with my pants before getting them off. Our tongues dueled each other as we tugged at the others underwear, at last leaving us bare. She broke our kiss to look down at my manhood grasped in her hand.

“It’s so beautiful. Bigger than Don’s. OH!” I picked her up with an ass cheek in each hand, holding her pussy just above my shaft. I could feel her heat radiating onto my cock head.

“I’m not Don,” I growled, loosing myself in my lust for this woman.

I laid her back on her bed and pressed my hips forward, and filled her tight cunt with my thickness. It took four strokes before I was completely embedded inside of her, and her eyes having taken on that distant, far off look as she was lost in the pleasure. She gasped when I pulled back for another thrust.

“NO! More…. YES!”

Her body came alive beneath mine, she was wild, wonton, and craved the feelings I was giving to her. Her hips hunching up to meet my every stroke, wanting as much of me inside of her as she could take, her hands scratched my back and clawed at the bed. Her mouth expelling a never ending series of moans, screams, squeals and half sentences.

“Fuck me! Oh god… I never knew… so good… YES! So much better…. MORE! So big… don’t stop!”

She screamed a powerful orgasm at the same time a victory cheer came from the crowd down the hall at someone scoring a touchdown, my cock pumping steamy, hot cum into her womb. I turned her over onto her stomach and placed a pillow beneath her hips to raise her perfect ass into a better position for me.

“Again? You can’t... Don’s never… OW!” I smacked her on her right cheek, leaving a red hand print in its wake.

“I told you, I’m not Don.”

She moaned into a pillow as I grabbed her by the hips and filled her from behind.

It was close to an hour later before I reappeared in the kitchen, Natalie having joined the other ladies some ten minutes before, looking flushed and still a little bed disheveled.

“Well it’s about time you showed back up,” Allison purred upon my arrival.

“I miss anything?”

“It’s just that Kate was telling us all about how you know how to give massages?” The blond licked her lips and looked below my belt line.

“Yeah, we were hoping you might be able to find time to fit in us – I mean, fit us in for some appointments sometime soon?” Christie inquired, smiling.

I met Kate’s gaze, her lips curled into a naughty grin.

I suppose March Madness was just around the corner.

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