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The Taking Of Cassidy Lynn

The Taking Of Cassidy Lynn

Cassidy is seduced at a company party by a dark stranger

Cassidy was in a foul mood. Everyone at the party could sense it and they were avoiding her as if she was the center of a five-foot quarantine. Stress was ever-present for associate attorneys at Sinclair & Lewis and the others had far too much of their own to be interested in becoming involved in hers.

For her part, Cassidy was vaguely aware they were keeping their distance and that was fine with her. She glanced at the clock again, wondering if her obligatory appearance at the Firm’s meet and greet had been adequately fulfilled. The last thing she needed right now was some political office bullshit or inane small talk with one of their soon-to-be drunken clients. 'Damn him to hell anyway', she bitterly thought.

Sinclair & Lewis was an old and conservative Law Firm, and Cassidy wanted her husband Mark to be with her at the party. Initially, he seemed supportive or even excited about the affair. After suffering through months of his inattention and downright disdain about anything regarding her work, his enthusiasm made Cassidy very happy.

She wanted to look her best for him and bought a new designer evening dress she felt was the perfect blend of sexiness and class. The off-the-shoulder, open-backed gown formed to her full breasts and trim waist, and featured a ruffled skirt that flowed down beautifully over her legs. The rave-black satin and silk fabric contrasted with her fiery red hair. The overall effect made Cassidy feel very sexy and desirable. She was certain Mark would be proud to have her at his side.

Her good mood had been destroyed when, at the last minute, Mark announced he was not going with her. His buddy had called and offered him a ticket to the Yankees-Red Sox game, and all he could say was he couldn't pass that up!

'The fucking bastard!' Didn't he understand how embarrassing it was for her to appear at the party by herself? She'd been ready to fuck him senseless and he'd blown it over a Goddamn baseball game!

As Cassidy finished her second rum and coke, she realized she shouldn't have been surprised. After eight years of marriage it was clear he wasn't happy. He wanted children and a wife who would take care of them and that was simply not possible while she was building her career. The fact was, she had grown as a woman over the last six years, and he was still the same immature frat guy she married when she was twenty-four. 'I'm so tired of his shit,'.

After ordering another drink, she asked the bartender for a cigarette. Cassidy didn't often smoke but figured she could use it. The party was being held in the Firm’s spacious Manhattan apartment, and while smoking wasn't expressly forbidden, Cassidy knew it would be frowned upon for her to light up inside.

Making her way as discretely as possible to the master bedroom, she stepped out onto the balcony. She needed a moment of peace and quiet while she tried to collect her thoughts.

As she opened the French doors that led outside, she was greeted by the cool night breeze. The air embraced her body and seemed to flow right through her gown. Leaning against the railing and gazing out over the skyline, she took in the beautiful vista of the vibrant City’s lights.

Cassidy placed the cigarette between her ruby red lips, but when she attempted to light it, her nervous hands failed her and she watched in frustration as the matchbook slipped between her fingers and fluttered away into the abyssal canyon of the street below.

"Well shit. What else can go wrong tonight?"

It was such a small thing, but losing that matchbook was the proverbial last straw for her, and tears began to form as her frustration threatened to overwhelm her. So, when the cigarette that was now back in her hand was gently pulled from her fingers, Cassidy's heart skipped a beat as she found she was no longer alone on the balcony.

Turning with a start, she watched in shock as an unfamiliar man lit her cigarette and drew on it, causing the tobacco to glow red in the darkness.

Once he had it lit, he offered it back to her. Cassidy had not yet recovered her composure, and felt frozen as he gently slipped the filtered end between her glossed lips.

"You are Cassidy Lynn, yes?" His accent was slight but unmistakably Latin.

Cassidy exhaled a wispy cloud of relaxing smoke before answering.

"Yes, I am. I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage."

"Of course, I do," he said pleasantly but perhaps a bit too agreeably. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Manuel De La Cruz, and I have recently become a client of your Firm."

The man was standing very close to Cassidy, close enough to be encroaching in that unexplainable zone of personal space people usually reserve for those whom they consider intimates. Cassidy wanted to step back but found herself caught in the outside corner of the balcony. It was very disconcerting, and she felt overwhelmed by his presence despite his seemingly unthreatening manner.

He was a tall man, standing easily five inches above her even though she was wearing heels. His bearded face and thick, dark hair were impeccably groomed. His designer suit, obviously tailored to fit his muscular frame, indicated he was a man of taste, class and wealth.

He had caught her completely off guard, and for a moment, she worried he might be deliberately trying to frighten her. Saying nothing, she watched as he lit a cigarette for himself.

"Forgive me for intruding, Cassidy, but where I am from it would be considered impolite for a man to allow a beautiful woman to smoke alone in his company."

He addressed her as if they were long lost friends and Cassidy struggled with herself, trying vainly to remember where their paths might have crossed. It was a wasted effort. Between the alcohol she’d consumed and his almost hypnotically intimate approach, Cassidy felt her head begin to swim. Manuel seemed to sense this and smiled slightly in mild amusement. It was only when his eyes caught hers that she found her voice.

"How... I'm sorry, but have we met before? How do you know who I am?"

"No, I have not yet been fortunate enough to make your acquaintance. I know your name simply because I asked one of the other guests who you were."

Cassidy could almost feel his gaze as his eyes roamed over her body. She had the distinct and uncomfortable feeling his interest in her was anything but professional. A nervous knot formed in her throat as she tried to keep the conversation under control.

"Well thank you, Mr. De La Cruz, but I'm sure the Firm has your interests well represented. I'm afraid there is nothing I can offer..."

"Cassidy, please. Do not pretend you have mistaken my intention. You do no justice to your own intellect. I asked who you are because of your exquisite beauty. You are a rare jewel, and the moment I saw you, I knew I must have you in my arms."

Cassidy was shocked at his directness, but still part of her enjoyed his attention. This wasn’t the first time she’d been hit on at a social event. She was friendly and attractive, and there were always some men willing to try their luck. It was all basically harmless and Cassidy felt it flattering in its own way. Besides, she was still infuriated with her husband. 'It would serve Mark right if I did fuck this guy. At least he knows how to speak to a lady!'

Pissed or not, Cassidy didn’t plan on just jumping into bed with the first rich and attractive man who came along, no matter how tempting the idea. “A jewel you say? Oh my, that’s really very kind of you.”

Cassidy finished her cigarette and crushed it out. "Look, you are a very handsome man, Mr. De La Cruz, I'll give you that, but I’m just not that easy to have. Besides, I hardly think this is the place for a quickie."

Cassidy smiled at him playfully, hoping he’d simply had too much to drink, but something about him told her he wasn't drunk or merely flirting. He took no steps, but still seemed to move closer, and Cassidy’s smile slipped away as that small knot of nerves became a growing lump of fear in her throat. There was an intensity about him that kept her off balance, a palpable energy that was both frightening and exciting.

Silence stood between them for a heartbeat before he spoke.

"Cassidy, I am a man who believes in being direct and honest about my desires, and I have told you that I desire you. My hope, my belief, is that you might desire me as well.”

Cassidy hands began to shake as the reality of his words sank in. She was trapped alone with him, eighty floors above the street below with no idea if he would dare have his way with her. Worse still, something dark inside her almost hoped he would try.

It was as if Manuel could see the turmoil in her heart, and just then he turned to rest his hands on the railing, breaking the spell he had woven.

“Of course, if you do not feel the attraction, if you do not desire me as I desire you, then you have but to say so and I will accept your decision. After all, the final choice in the passionate matters of the heart always lay in the hands of the woman."

He seemed gentle and sincere but there was something about him that felt dangerous. Maybe it was his proximity or the strength of his will, but despite his protestations to the contrary, she didn't believe he would just walk away. Turing toward her again, his smoldering gaze pierced through her, holding her in place and leaving her almost unable to speak. Her fear crept deeper into her breast and she began searching for a way to put him off without possibly angering him.

"Please, you don't understand, I'm married. This isn't right."

Manuel gently took her left hand in his and fingered her wedding ring. His hands were warm and strong and his touch was electric.

"Ah, so I see. You must love your husband very much to show such loyalty. I humbly beg for your forgiveness," he said as he released her hand.

"Oh. Well, I'm glad you understand, so if you don't mind... "Cassidy felt a moment’s relief at his apparent acquiescence, but still, he stood his ground, not quite blocking her in but not truly allowing her by either. "So, if you don't mind I'd like to go back inside."

Manuel smiled but still didn't move.

"I find myself wondering Cassidy, why your husband, whom you love so very much, is not here with you tonight? What man would make so loyal and beautiful a wife go to an affair such as this without him?"

"In my country, a man would be proud to have such a wife at his side, and he could never bear the thought of not enjoying her in such a lovely gown." Manuel let his fingers graze her arm as he spoke until he touched the silken fabric just below her shoulder. "But perhaps I misunderstand. Is he gravely ill? Is this why he did not escort you here?"

Cassidy felt that same flush of electric heat at his touch and instantly recognized the unmistakable pleasant warmth of arousal that was beginning to stir within her. It was a sensation that was as pleasing as it was alarming, and for a moment, she was unsure whether to reject or embrace its growing strength.

In the end though she brushed the urge aside and shook her head no in answer to his question.

"No, no he's fine. He just had... other plans."

Cassidy didn't know what else to say and swore silently to herself, damning Mark again for not being with her.

Manuel almost seemed to read her mind and continued to press forward.

"Cassidy, I beg you. How long will you deny your life for a man who offers you so little? You have no responsibility to anyone but yourself. A woman should be the center of her husbands’ world, not an inconvenience. Why do you resist your own happiness?"

Leaning forward, he gently kissed her shoulder. Cassidy felt paralyzed as his lips briefly danced on her skin. Warm and exciting sensations suddenly pulsed through her when he reached behind her to let his fingertips trace down her spine through the open back of her dress. A gathering heat quickly awakened in her body and glowed brightly with a life of its own.

His words sounded so true and his voice was like a hypnotic song that made her want to give in to his advance. She felt fear again, but this time she was afraid of what she was beginning to desire. She was only moments away from succumbing to his advance when she finally pushed him away.

"No! I'm sorry, I can't! Let me go!"

It took all her strength to break his spell, but she pushed by him and opened the French door leading back into the apartment, and her escape.


His voice was strong and commanding but without anger or threat and she paused at the door, half expecting him to follow. She needn't have worried. Manuel was still facing the railing, looking out at the City.

"Go then, if it is what you want, but if you only go because of what you fear, then stay."

He turned and came closer but this time keeping a polite distance.

"In my life, I have taken what I desired. I let nothing stand in my way. Is that not how you have seen yourself?"

Once again, he wove truth into his spell, and once again Cassidy couldn't find a way to disagree.

"Yes, of course, but..."

"There are no buts, Cassidy. Truth either is, or it is not. What are you running home to? How often are you allowed the chance to live, truly live on your own terms! If you go now, you deny me, that is true, but only by denying your own life and your own fulfillment. You fear lying to your husband, yes?"

"Yes, of course."

"My dear, beautiful, Cassidy, you should only fear lying to yourself, for that is the true tragedy of life."

He held out his hand and Cassidy wavered, caught by her loyalty to her marriage and by a call of passion she had for too long denied.

Manuel was very handsome. He was mysterious and exciting, but more than anything it was his eyes that held her there. They were deep and intense, commanding and gentle. They made her knees weak and her pussy damp with a longing she had forgotten was possible. Slowly she reached out and put her hand on his.

Manuel gathered her into his arms and lifted her back through the doorway and onto the balcony. He kissed her hard and passionately, stealing her will to deny him while the subtle scent of his cologne filled her senses.

It was a musky, masculine aroma that fueled her desire and she kissed him back with the hunger of a starving lover. When his hands cupped her breasts through the gown, her nipples pulsed and protruded against the thin fabric. His mouth traveled down to her neck, and as he kissed and nibbled on her tender flesh, she suddenly felt the cool, night air flowing freely over her legs. As he gathered her skirt up to waist, she remembered where they were, and a surge of panic went through her.

"Wait! What are you doing? What if someone sees us?"

"Then they will be envious of our passion."

"Oh God, no. I can't do this, not here...oh shit... "

Cassidy's protests were weak, and her voice quivered and trailed off. Her heart was beating a mile a minute as Manuel continued to lift her dress. She knew she was taking a tremendous risk, but when she felt his hands cup the pliant flesh of her bottom, her whole body reacted to his touch and she just bit her lip, unable to find the resolve to make him stop.

He drew her hips against his crotch and Cassidy felt his hard and throbbing cock through his slacks. The desire to feel its shape against her belly was too strong to resist, and before she even realized it, she was grinding her body against him.

His lips on hers felt hot and hungry, devouring her self control. His brazen willingness to take charge of her so thoroughly melted her resistance, so when his fingers slipped down under her ass and touched her now very wet slit from behind, she moaned wildly in excitement.

The man pulled her panties down over her hips and soon they fell away to her ankles. He teased and tickled her ass in the most wonderful way as his touch circled downwards until he was again able to find her wetness. When his searching finger slipped deeply inside her enflamed entrance, she trembled in his embrace.

As his fingers explored her most secret of places he nuzzled her cheek, and she was pleasantly surprised by how soft his beard felt on her skin. She wondered briefly how his beard would feel against her thighs when he spun her around so that her back was against his chest. As he rubbed the bulge of his cock against the bare skin of her ass, he began tickling her clit with his hand.

She was very wet now and the sensation of his finger separating her labia made her gasp with pleasure. He slid it up and down the length of her pussy, massaging her folds until her hips begin to flex in response to his skilled and delicate touch. Cassidy turned her head to kiss him as he fingered her and their tongues flicked together, dancing in passionate delight.

Cassidy felt beads of moisture begin to leak down her inner thigh as he once again lightly played his finger over her clit. She was still very afraid of being found in such an act, but she was caught by this stranger’s will and unable to truly resist him. 'A bit longer! Just another minute and then I'll go with him anywhere he wants. Anywhere but here!'

Every passing second made it more difficult for Cassidy to separate her fear from the hot excitement running through her veins. The twin emotions began to entwine in her body, coiling together like serpents and coalescing into pure, adrenaline fueled arousal.

This man, whom she had just met, played her body like a master musician, circling her clit with his fingers and tapping a rhythm on her button that sent chords of pleasurable sensations reverberating all through her being. Soon. the telltale signs of a coming orgasm began to spread through her belly and a low, deep moan escaped her lips.

She felt the thumb of his offhand flick over her nipples through her gown as the other teased and caressed her aroused flesh. Moments passed as the slow climb he was inducing built up; layer after layer of sensations ran through her like St Elmo's fire.

"Oh fuuuck! Don't... don't fucking stop! Oh, fuck yessss!"

Cassidy's long legs tensed sharply and her body flooded with impending release. Her hungry pussy clenched and squeezed in its frustrated emptiness and then her entire body rolled with thunderous rapture as her orgasm rose and engulfed her like an unstoppable tide. Ripples of pleasure traveled through her like the cascading rings on the surface of a pond until she felt nothing but the warm embrace of sensual delight.

Manuel held her in his arms and supported her body against his while she passed through her moment. He caressed her thighs and whispered in her ear, telling her how incredibly beautiful and exotic she was. Slowly, Cassidy recovered, and turning to face him, rested her head on his shoulder.

"Oh, you do know how to treat a lady," she said with a slight giggle.

Manuel laughed with her.

"I did nothing but show you the way. Your hunger and lust for life is your strength, and all you will ever need to experience such heights."

Cassidy wasn't so sure about that but she was sure that fingering her to orgasm wasn't what he meant by 'having her', regardless of how hard she had cum. She kissed him and ran her hand down his stomach until she found the hard shape of his cock through his pants.

"So now what happens? Is there somewhere we can go?"

"There is always a place, but I must have you now Cassidy. You have made me so excited I cannot wait another minute."

Without warning he turned her toward the railing and gathered her skirt up to her waist.

"What? Oh, my God, Manuel, no! You can't fuck me here!"

Her protested in vain, and when he gently bent her over she placed her hands on the railing, arching her hips to give him entrance to her channel. "Oh, my God! I can't believe I'm doing this."

The rasping sound of his zipper sounded loud and she held her breath, waiting for him to find her aching pussy. When she felt the hot, spongy head of his cock slip over her folds, she closed her eyes, waiting eagerly to feel his size. Placing his hand firmly on her back, and with steady pressure, he pushed his cock through her slick labia and into the tight grip of her pussy.

Cassidy felt his thickness stretch her open as he worked his shaft more and more deeply into her until; with a quick, hard thrust, he forced the last of his length into her.

"Ahh! Oh, fuck that's good," she whispered as she felt his true size fill her up. 'Oh, fuck me, yes! He's got a nice big cock!'

When it came right down to it, few things felt as good to her as having a hard cock in her pussy, and Cassidy tried to resist the urge to moan loudly as her body began responding to his welcome intrusion.

Her efforts to remain quiet only became more challenging as Manuel began moving inside her. He drove in and back with long, even strokes that massaged her inner walls deliciously.

His dick felt hot and hard in her pussy and he seemed to know just how fast she could take him. Even the angle of his entry was perfectly comfortable, allowing him to move in and out of her easily, yet still touching those special places that made her want to scream out loud.

Cassidy felt like she was losing her mind. She was fucking a strange man just feet away from her coworkers. She was risking her career and her marriage, everything she had worked for in her life and she wasn't even sure how it had happened!

She did know she liked it! The way he spoke, the strength in his voice, his supreme confidence, all of it excited her. He was a terrific cocksman and he was driving her toward another amazing orgasm at the rate he was going.

His forceful will was matched by his gentle touch. He was incredibly tuned to her needs, every movement he made adding to her arousal until she was virtually panting with lust. His hands flowed over her body like liquid mercury, caressing her flanks like a master masseuse. He touched her back and hips gently, encouraging her to move with him. Soon, he had Cassidy pushing back as he thrust, cleverly timing their movements in an elegant dance of pleasure that had every nerve in her body sizzling with sexual energy.

The pressure and intensity of his touch increased along with the power and speed of his cock. Cassidy felt her breasts begin to sway inside her gown, adding the unexpected pleasure of her nipples rubbing lightly against the satin to her already inflamed desire.

Manuel was now breathing harder behind her and grunting softly each time he drove his manhood into her pussy. "You are so beautiful, my lovely girl. You skin glows in the radiance of the moonlight. You are everything I knew you would be!"

Cassidy felt a rush of pride in his compliments. She was torn between her fear of getting caught, and her need to feel him come inside her. She felt his hands caress her ass and then, without warning he prodded her rosebud with his thumb.

The shock of that touch caught her completely by surprise and sent her body reeling. He pushed again until her rose opened slightly and to her astonishment, Cassidy exploded in orgasm.

She yelped and moaned as her pussy convulsed on his shaft, oozing its fluid down her thighs. Her body shook violently and her knees threatened to give way as she was consumed by the tide of her peak.

Manuel drove into her hard as she came, pressing into her deeply over and over until her eyes glazed from the exquisite torture her sensitized pussy was receiving.

His cock seemed to get even harder as he pounded her supple body. She almost winced as he took hold of her hips with his powerful hands and stabbed into her with one final thrust.

She heard him grunt behind her as a hot wetness suddenly filled her pulsing channel. He stroked deeply again, and each time he pulled back another hot burst of his thick cum coated her vaginal walls, until finally, he thrust one last time and held his length buried inside her.

Cassidy's head swam as her moment passed. She was trembling and quivered uncontrollably as the spasms passed through her. Manuel still held her hips, but now his grip was gentle, keeping his slowly softening organ inside her until, finally, Cassidy stood and turned to face him.

He kissed her softly. "You are magnificent my dear. A true creature of beauty and passion "

Cassidy adjusted her gown, nervously smoothing the fabric to conceal the effects of their sex. "That was amazing, Manuel. It really was."

"Oh, we are not finished my dear. That was but an aperitif. The Champagne before the banquet." Manuel reached down and retrieved her forgotten panties from the ground.

"I have a room reserved on the 47th floor. I imagine you will want to take your leave from the party shortly after I go."

With a devious smiled he slipped her panties into his jacket pocket. "You may have these back when you meet me there."

"You have a room here? Why didn't you say so before?"

Manuel smiled. "Because it excited me to have you here."

He turned and walked calmly into the apartment. "Room 4781. Please, do not make me wait too long."

Cassidy watched him walk away and laughed easily. 'He couldn't wait five minutes? He's got balls, no doubt about that!'

She thought about what she had just done and wondered if she should meet him downstairs. The wise thing for her to do, of course, would have been to just go home and bury this wonderful experience in the private recesses of her mind, keeping it only as her own personal secret.

In that moment, Cassidy might well have found the strength to go home, but she knew all she would find there was a husband drunk on cheap beer. It was a thought that filled her with revulsion.

She thought about Manuel and her belly fluttered at the idea of meeting him again. 'Just an aperitif? My God, what would his banquet be like?'

Cassidy pondered the possibilities as the glow of her orgasm slowly waned. The excitement of the moment had passed and now she felt strangely relaxed. As she freshened up in the bathroom, it occurred to her that she wasn’t even debating whether she was going to follow Manuel to his room. She already knew she would. The only thing that surprised her was how strongly she desired too.

Manuel was unlike any man she had ever met. Yes, he was handsome, strikingly handsome in fact, but that wasn’t what was attracting her. There was just something irresistible about him she found impossible to ignore.

She knew he expected her to come to him, and when she thought about it, she didn’t want to disappoint him. He had told her to be there and she was going to be, just because he said so. 'How very odd! Why would I care about how he would feel? I just let him fuck me, and now I don’t want him to be upset? What the hell is happening to me!'

She had never felt anything like it. He had taken control of her body and now, it seemed, he had taken her free will as well. Cassidy laughed quietly to herself again as these thoughts played out in her mind. It was as insane as it was… exciting. He had already gotten her to come twice in just a few minutes and that was while standing on a balcony. 'My god, what is he going to do to me with an entire evening to do it in!’

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