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Adventures of a Switch.

My glorious time at St Wintermute's school for 16 to 18 yo girls.

I work for an Agency that finds me jobs in the Security Industry. These could last just one night or be a fixed term contract. One afternoon I received a call from the agency offering me a 6 month contract at St Wintermute's school deep in the countryside of Hampshire. It would be a live-in job as they would provide me with a small cottage. I arrived the next morning to be interviewed by the fomidable headmistress, Miss Angela Hyde. She explained that I would be expected to control entry and exit of the grounds during the evening and night. My cottage was situated by the only easy entrance to the grounds, a large set of wrought iron gates that were 8ft high as were the walls surrounding the grounds. She also insisted that any pupils returning after the curfew must be reported to her the next morning.

So here I was, on my first night shift, watching the cctv and occasionally opening the gates for returning members of staff. At 11.30 I was outside, having a cigarette when I heard female voices approaching.

'It'll be alright. It's that new chap on the gate. Just flutter your eyelashes and show him a bit of your tits and he won't report us.'

'I'll show him mine if you show him yours. What if he wants more? Do you think he might want a blow job?'

I couldn't believe my ears. The two girls were both in the upper 6th form making them nearly 18. One was Carol, a somewhat large girl with breasts that appeared around the corner before she did. The other was Heather, an absolute knockout blonde. They approached the gate.

'Hello, Mr Webley. Sorry we're late. Please don't report us to Miss Hyde. You know what she'll do to us tomorrow if you do' said Carol.

'No, what's that?' I replied.

'We'll  probably get six of the cane as usual.'

'I think we'd better go in my cottage and discuss this.' I said.

I sat in my easy chair while they stood in front of me, both their chests out. Carol's nipples could be plainly seen through her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra! I quickly thought of a plan.

'What if, instead of a caning, I just give you both a little spanking? It'll just be between us three and nobody else will need to know. How do you usually get the cane, over your uniform or on the bare?'

'Oh always on the bare.' said Heather. 'But couldn't we just give you a nice slow blow job instead?

'That might be on the cards as well girls. Now both take off your skirts and knickers and bend over my desk.' Moments later 2 magnificent arses were on display, with two enticing quims peeping out between.

'Right, you first Carol. I'm going to give you 6 hard ones on each cheek. Are you ready?'

'Yes, Mr Webley, but not too hard please.' Her ample breasts were pressed hard against the desk and my prick was pressing hard against my trousers.

I proceeded to give 3 good solid spanks to each cheek and then softly stroked each buttock. Imagine my surprise when I felt moisture at the base of her bum. This was turning her on! Before I gave her the final 6, I spread her bum cheeks and rubbed my finger over her wet lips to feel her hard little clit.

'Oh yes Mr Webley, frig me. Frig me harder. You'll make me cum so good.'

I gave her the final 6, really hard ones whilst diddling her clit with my thumb and finding her G spot with two fingers.

'Yes, yes. Oh my god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Ooh, yessss.'  her juices ran all over my hand.

'Good girl. Now, whilst I spank Heather, show me those tits and get my prick out. I need to cum soon too.'

She shrugged off her top, baring her large tits whose nipples were as hard as my prick. After 6 hard slow smacks to Heather's luscious backside, Carol had my prick in her mouth and was sucking and licking for all she was worth. As I finished spanking Heather, she took my prick out of her mouth, rubbed it between her tits and wanked and wanked me until I exploded my spunk all over Heather's blotchy red arse.

To be continued with 'A visit to the Headmistress' when I have to submit to a slippering and a caning but soon have my revenge and my way with her!

This is my first story anywhere so please be kind with any comments(or not).  




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