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School Stories


Erika - Chapter 4

Erika is locked into a chastity belt and denied.

Slowly, time passed. Inexorably, the semester inched onward, and bit by bit like the last remaining glow of the fading summer heat and the rustic color of the leaves, it was as if her life had settled into a new routine as Erika slowly grew accustomed. Al...

Erika - Chapter 3

Edged and denied for bad grades at school

The rest of the month passed rather quickly for Erika after that. Not counting the usual boredom of school that is, and the tedium of actually having to pay attention in class. In 1815 Napoleon lost the Battle of Waterloo, and in 1920 the League of Nation...

Erika - Chapter 1

Erika isn't allowed to touch herself or masturbate

It had been a long day at school. Two tests, three quizzes, and more homework than Erika had ever laid her eyes upon. Closing her bedroom door, she flopped onto her bed to bury her face into the pillow as she groaned. This time though, it wasn’t because s...

The TA And The Tease (Part 2)

Everyone is talking about the hot junior teacher in Jessica’s seminar. Who’s going to be the first to do something about it?

"Hey, how's it going, Jessica?" he warmly yet casually greeted me as he saw me enter his office. "Please, find a seat. You're saving me from having to work on my bullshit thesis anyway." I giggled and sat down, sitting at the desk with him. "Thanks for al...

The Daily Life Of A Free Use Student

Edged without orgasm as part of the sex-ed class

Officially, the Free Use program was meant only for non-violent prisoners of the State. In certain instances of delinquency, however, an exception could be made. And as it happened to be in the case of Rebecca Brooks, a small-time enterprising cat burglar...

One Wild Night, Part 6: Rylie

Rylie catches Ian peeping, joins in, and offers him more.

Rylie sighed, and kicked her covers off again. It was impossible to sleep in this dorm room. Without her blackout curtains, it seemed intolerably bright. The temperature was somehow both too hot and too cold. She missed her weighted blanket. And with no w...

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One Wild Night, Part 5: Marcy

Marcy sneaks into Bonnie’s room, but they nearly get caught.

“Why are you sitting way over there?” Marcy grinned at the text. It was from her girlfriend, Bonnie, who was currently sitting across from her at the airport. They were waiting at the crowded departure gate with the rest of their team to board a plane to...

The TA And The Tease (Part 1)

Everyone is talking about the hot junior teacher in Jessica’s seminar. Who’s going to be the first to do something about it?

It started innocently enough. When we all went back to college and saw our old, awkward professor for our main class, we figured we knew what seminars were going to be like. But it turned out we only had Dr. Skarja for lecture — in seminars, we had a TA....


Pete's teacher has no patience for his attitude

"Why do you keep ending up in detention?" she asked, glaring at him with her arms crossed. "Maybe I like seeing you," Pete snapped back sarcastically, his eyes fixed on her slender body. He was seated in the front of the otherwise empty classroom. She sto...

School Open Day - Chapter 5 - Fiona learns more about discipline at Celwood School

This story follows on from ‘Return visit to the school’ in which Fiona met up with Mr. Davis at Celwood School to experience a thorough caning and a great deal more in his study.

As she put down the phone, Fiona was worried. Tim had called her just as she had got out of her bath. They had been chatting for maybe half an hour as she sat, naked on her bed. As she often did when he called, she had been teasing herself as they talked,...

Where's The Free Use? Part 3/3

A secret content creator. A secret pervert.

“What did you expect?” Greg dryly asked. I couldn’t answer, thanks to the heavy breathing and the tears. Fuck, I was pathetic right now. I sat on the closed toilet crying as Greg paced the room. He took my silence as an answer and added, “Stop treating th...