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Aunty Barbara part 2

We slept late into the afternoon and I gradually woke up to find myself being gently fondled and caressed by Aunty Barbara. As she realized I was awake she asked me if I had had a nice sleep, I replied “Yes,” and then thanked her, although I have no idea why.

She said it was now time for a chat and that I could ask her anything that I wanted. First of all she told me that when she was a student nurse she had lodged with a matron named Carol from one of the wards. Carol had a very submissive husband, who did whatever she wanted him to and she spanked him on a regular basis.

The more she found out about their relationship the more it turned her on and she wanted one just like it. She had even watched and taken part in some of the spankings. All of the time that she was telling me this she continued to run her hand over my body. Needless to say I was finding it hard to listen to her story as my cock was reacting to her touch, despite my brain thinking otherwise.

Barbara lived with Carol for just over a year before meeting my Uncle Phil and, unfortunately, there was no chance of getting the relationship that she wanted. So she put it out of her mind as just a happy memory and something to fantasize over for when she was alone. I had to ask her what had happened for her and Phil to split up and why my parents would not speak to her.

There was a bit of a silence, and then she said “OK, I’ll tell you.”

“Sex between your uncle and I became non-existent not long after Emma was born. I went back to work and then I met Val. She had recently moved to the area and did not know anyone, so we became very good friends. One winter we decided to do a massage course at the local college to get us out of the house. “

“It was a lot of fun and we began to practice on each other. One evening after work we stopped off for a drink on the way home and this was the turning point. I was feeling stressed and Val offered to give me a long massage to release the tension. We went back to her house, one thing led to another and we made love.”

As I listened to this I nearly started to cum there and then and I really had to concentrate on what she was saying. My cock was rock hard and I thought that if I didn’t get some relief soon it would explode. I moved slightly to make myself more comfortable and I saw her smile as she could see the effect that her story was having on me.

She went on to tell me that they then became regular lovers. As time went by, while uncle was playing golf, Val would come over and they would go to bed to make love but one day they fell asleep. Uncle Phil came home and found them together, and the rest is history.

Then she continued by saying that now, after all these years, she was going to have the relationship that she had always wanted. I didn’t know what else to say but it didn’t matter as she rolled on top of me letting her breasts hang down over my face.

“Now Michael it is time for you to get to work."

I opened my mouth and closed it around her nipple, which started to grow straight away as I sucked on each in turn. I could hear her little moans of pleasure and she whispered how sensitive her breasts were and that they needed a lot of attention. As I continued to suck on them she moved down slightly and I felt her pussy lips around my still very hard cock.

She reached down and guided it into her, then she pushed back slowly taking it as far into her wet slit as she could and then started to ride me. The feeling was incredible and I was memorised by her breasts bouncing and swaying above me.

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last very long, as I had got so worked up listening to her story. I did try to hold back, but as my cum poured into her I pushed so hard that I even lifted her up a bit. I just wanted to be as deep inside her as possible.

"It seems we need a bit of practice young man," she told me.

Staying on top of me she put her breasts back to my face, put her hand down and began to pleasure herself, and then she made herself cum before finally rolling off my body. We laid there for a while and then she spoke.

"I think it’s time we freshened up, don’t you?" she said, as she took my hand and led me to the bathroom.

Just as she turned the shower on the phone rang, she told me to get in and went to answer the phone. When she returned she told me it was Emma and that she was coming over in about ten minutes and I had best get back to the annexe. I quickly dried myself and started to leave but she stopped me.

"Just before you go,” she said and led me back into the bedroom. Sitting on the bed she tapped her lap and said "Over you go,” then she spanked me good and hard at least two dozen times.

"Now what do you say?"

"Thank you," I replied.

"Thank you what?"

"Thank you, Aunty Barbara.”

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