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Back From Uni

22 Year old Summer and 21 year old Jamie return from Uni, and to being spanked
Margaret, so what’s up?” Susie was away on business for a month. Margaret was her very good friend and her 21 year old son, Jamie, was staying with Margaret and her 22 year old daughter Summer. Jamie and Summer were friends anyway.

“Well Susie the kids are playing up something rotten.”

“What do mean?” Susie was concerned. It was good of Margaret to have Jamie stay in her house during the business trip, and she had certainly told Jamie he must behave himself, so she wasn’t at all happy to find he was being difficult.

“Just the usual I guess. They went out last night and were very noisy when they came home. They woke me up, and after we had a bit of a row I just couldn’t get back to sleep.”

“Oh dear, Susie. I am so sorry. Have they agreed to tone it down?”

“Well Summer will certainly agree, tonight at least.”

“Why tonight?” asked Susie.

“That’s when she will be across my lap having her bottom spanked good and proper I can tell you.” Margaret wasn’t smiling. She wasn’t happy about it at all. She was still quite livid in fact. Tense. She knew though that she would calm down once she had taught her daughter a good hard lesson across her lap. She always found the physical exertion a calming factor.

“What, you still spank her? At 22? She’s been to University and all, but you still spank her? Wow?”

“Of course. Well, I say of course, but it wasn’t quite like that. When she came back home she just thought she would be as free as she was when living away from home. She got quite snappy in fact, answering back the whole time. That is until we had a heart to heart, she saw how upset I was, and agreed to comply with the pre Uni rules.”

“What, just like that?”

“Well no. I told her she was grounded for two months and made her clean her room and the bathroom and the toilets, until she gave in. It only took a week.”

“Really, and she has been good ever since?”

“No, not at all. She’s been spanked a lot though.” This time Margaret did laugh. She was calming down already.

“And are spankings carried out in the evening then?” Susie asked, suddenly intrigued.

“No, I usually take down her knickers there and then and haul her across my lap but Jamie was there. He will be out tonight though, and that’s when Summer will get what she has earned.”

Susie thought for a moment. “You know, Jamie got spanked until he went to Uni. I just never thought about it when he came back.”

“Pity” Margaret said. Susie felt the sarcasm.

“Or, this could be a turning point” Susie mused.

“How?” asked Margaret.

“Jamie has been a handful as well since getting back from Uni. If he knows Summer gets spanked maybe he will accept be ing disciplined as well. It would do him the world of good after all.”

“OK, so it’s a matter of how he gets convinced. Always pleased to help with that where I can Susie. What do you think?”

Susie said “Well, if I speak to Jamie on the phone, tell him Summer is going to get spanked and say it’s only fair he does as well, he might go for it. It would sound like fair play, and maybe as Jamie has a soft spot for Summer he might even feel it’s the manly thing to do. If you don’t mind spanking them both of them that is Margaret.”

“I don’t mind at all” Margaret said seriously, suddenly more interested, seeing it would be a much happier position for her if she can discipline Summer as soon as she deserves it. She always preferred spanking Summer as soon as she had earned it and didn’t like the delay at all.

Margaret had a sudden thought. “Jamie might mind though don’t you think Susie?”

“Well I suppose he might, but he is staying with you Margaret so maybe that should go with the territory.”

“Makes sense Susie. Jamie certainly won’t like it, especially being reduced to tears by me, and in front of Summer. I use a flat wooden backed hairbrush which Summer hates but I find means I don’t hurt my hand. It won’t hurt me to spank Jamie as well, that’s for sure, even if I spank a dozen kids.”

Susie laughed. “So, shall I speak to him then?” Then Susie saw a problem. “Of course if he doesn’t agree then he will find out Summer gets spanked still.”

“Hhmm, true enough Susie, that wouldn’t be fair on Summer would it” Margaret said.

After a few moments Margaret said “I tell you what, why don’t I speak to Summer about it. She knows she is going to be spanked this evening after Jamie has gone out anyway and I can suggest maybe she needs to get Jamie to agree to accept the same punishment. My daughter can be very persuasive when she wants to be.”

“I know she can be. Hhmm, that would be so good if she persuaded him. What threat could we use?”

“Why not see how she gets on first.”

Margaret made an excuse to have Summer come to her bedroom out of Jamie’s earshot. At first Summer objected to the idea, saying it was bad enough she still got spanked herself at her age, and didn’t want Jamie to know. But once she realised her Mother wasn’t going to stop spanking her anyway and there was no way out of the trip across her Mother’s lap that evening come what may, Summer rethought and agreed to help get Jamie to agree.

Ten minutes later Summer was alone with Jamie in the living room. She looked across at her friend and said abruptly “you do know I’m going to be punished for the noise we made last night?”

Jamie looked up and said “aren’t you too old to be grounded?”

“Spanked Jamie. I’m going to be spanked” Summer said flatly.

Jamie shot Summer a glance, wide eyed, his mouth dropping open.

Summer shot a look back and said “what, are you wondering if you can watch me get my butt tanned?”

Jamie blushed. “Well no, erm, er, well, no, of course not” he repeated.

“Yes you are” she said. “You so and so.”

“No really Summer, I wasn’t thinking that” he pleaded.

“You liar” Summer snapped. “Well that’s great. I’m going to be the one to get spanked by my Mother, bare bottom across her lap, even though you were noisier than me, and all you want to do is watch.”

“Please Summer, don’t be cross. It’s not my fault.”

“Too right it is your fault. It’s very much your fault.”

Jamie was still a bit shell shocked by the news his friend still got spanked. “What do you want me to do then Summer? Get spanked as well? Would that help?”

Summer shot him a searing look and snapped “Yes it would Jamie. It would help me a lot. Knowing we both got the same as we both caused the noise together.”

Jamie knew he had got in too deep now. Of course she was right. She always was. And it would be her Mother spanking him. His own Mother may never get to know. It will only be one spanking. He was grown up now so how much could it hurt anyway. He looked across at Summer and said bravely “OK, I’ll get spanked as well.”

Just then Margaret came in the room. She had been listening outside the doorway but Jamie never guessed. “What’s all the noise about you two? Not again please.”

Summer jumped in with “No Mum. I’ve just been telling Jamie how you are going to spank me for being noisy last night and he has agreed to be spanked as well.”

“Is that right Jamie?” Margaret asked.

“Jamie looked up and said “yes Mrs D.”

Margaret smiled at the friendly name he always called her by, and said “well I suppose that is only fair. You were noisy as well after all. So, I was going to spank Summer this evening but if you agree to be spanked as well, I may as well spank you both now.”

Margaret gave Jamie a stare just to see if he tried to back track, but all he did was blush and look at the floor, deep in thought probably.

“OK Jamie, I tell you what, why don’t we call your Mum and check she is OK with me spanking you. That gets it over with doesn’t it?”

Jamie wanted to say no, that Mrs D should just spank him and not tell his Mother. But he was too scared of her. He swallowed hard, looked at Margaret and dared not argue. He never could argue with women who were more confident than him. He was like that with Summer when she argued with him, and was the same with her Mother. He just nodded. Margaret went to the phone and dialled Susie.

“Susie, its Margaret … yes everything is fine, well except the kids were noisy last night which earns Summer a spanking and ..of course, yes I still spank Summer when she’s naughty .. yes reasonably often .. anyway, Jamie said he knows he deserves to be spanked as well and wants to know if you are OK with me doing it .. yes that’s right, when Summer comes to stay with you I will be quite happy for you to spank her when she’s naughty, of course. So, what about Jamie?”

The realisation of the conversation suddenly hit Jamie. His Mother now knew Summer was spanked, and that Margaret would be spanking him. He wanted to object and looked across at Margaret but still didn’t have the nerve. He convinced himself that he had sort of agreed to all of that anyway. Sort of. He couldn’t call Susie a liar could he? And Summer was going to be spanked anyway. His thought was diverted when he heard his name being called.

“Jamie, your Mum wants a word, I think she likes the idea.” Margaret held the phone out for Jamie.

“Summer, let’s go to my bedroom and get started. Jamie, you come up once you’ve spoken to your Mum and I’ll do you second.”

Margaret and Summer left the room leaving Jamie with the phone in his hand.

His Mother said “that’s the right thing Jamie. I’m very proud of you.”

“You are?”

“Yes. It’s a sign you are growing up. Taking responsibility for your actions.”

“But a spanking Mum. I’m going to get a spanking.”

“I know dear, but if you behave you won’t get any more will you.”

“Any more?” he repeated.

“Well it’s only fair. If you and Summer earn another spanking then you should get one whilst you are staying at their house.”

“I suppose” Jamie said, his voice trailing off.

“In fact Jamie, if you earn a spanking and Summer doesn’t then Margaret should spank you anyway.”

“She should, huh?” he said almost in a whisper.

“Well yes.” Susie continued “Anyway, Summer is coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks soon and Margaret has just said she needs me to spank her if Summer is naughty. I can’t just spank her and not you, so you will both have to live by the new rules then anyway so you may as well start now.”

“New rules?”

“Well not new I suppose. The ones before you went to Uni. You remember I used to spank you quite a lot before you went to Uni, whenever you deserved it.”

“But Mum, I’m too old to be spanked now. “

“Don’t be silly Jamie. Look, it’s only if you earn one anyway. So if you are good then you won’t be spanked. That’s fair isn’t it?”

“I guess” he conceded, still not sure how he got himself in to this position, but accepting he was going to get spanked by Margaret now.

“Go on Jamie, you better go and tell Margaret you agree before she gets cross.”

“OK, Mum” he said. “Bye.” He replaced the phone and went upstairs. The door to Margaret’s bedroom was open so he walked in. Margaret was sitting on an upright chair with Summer standing to her side.

“Well?” she asked Jamie.

Jamie froze, but managed to say “yes Mrs D” very quietly. Margaret said “Good boy” and pointed to a spot just in front of her indicating Jamie should stand there, then looked at Summer, and said smartly “Right, now we can get started.”

Her 22 year old daughter immediately unzipped her jeans and let them fall to the floor, quickly yanking down her knickers and stepping out of both of them. A well practiced movement thought Jamie.

Margaret tapped her lap and Summer bent across so her bottom was perched upwards, bare, white, silky looking, unprotected, no longer the confident 22 year old, more like a now obedient child knowing she is about to be thrashed for bad behaviour by her disciplinary Mother, and knowing she has earned the thrashing.

Margaret picked up the hairbrush and glanced up at Jamie, whose mouth dropped open again, his eye following Margaret’s arm as it raised up, brush in hand, and he still followed her arm as she thumped it down on Summer’s bottom which buckled and bounced under the flat wooden head of the brush. He looked at Summer as she gasped in pain, her eyes clenched tight shut, keeping her arms stretched out in front of her making sure she didn’t try to protect her bottom.

The brush rose and fell sharply again and again. Jamie didn’t know where to look first. At the hairbrush, at Summer’s reddening bottom, or at her tear stained face. One thing he was sure of though. This was no game. This was a serious punishment. One that Summer was not enjoying.

And when it was over Jamie watched as Margaret hugged her daughter who apologised and said she wouldn’t ever be naughty again. As she always did.

“It’s a punishment dear. You only get spanked if you are naughty after all.”

Just like his Mum had said to him, thought Jamie.

He heard Margaret say “OK Summer, you get dressed and I’ll deal with Jamie now.”

Jamie looked at Margaret. He was unsure now. Very unsure. Margaret looked so stern. So severe. He knew it would hurt. Crikey he had just seen how Margaret had dealt with Summer, reducing the 22 year old to tears. Knocking for six his thought that it wouldn’t hurt much, now he was grown up. It would hurt and he would cry. A 21 year old man crying like a baby as his friends Mother spanked him. That was not in doubt. And as he removed his trousers and underpants, and stood by Margaret, he knew something else. They all did. He had the stiffest erection he could ever remember. Far more than when he looked at the naked girls in his magazines. Far more than when a pretty girl walked passed him, or he followed one up the stairs. Far far stiffer. And it wouldn’t go down.

Summer gasped as she saw it. She wondered whether it had grown to that size because he had watched her being spanked or because he was about to be spanked himself.

Margaret ignored it. She didn’t say anything. Even as Jamie lay across her lap and his manhood pressed down on her thigh.

Margaret decided she would just get right on with it. She thrashed him with the brush just as hard as she could, spank after spank after spank, as Jamie writhed under the blows, gasping crying, sobbing, saying how sorry he was, how he would be good forever, and continued to thrash him until he stopped saying anything and just lay across her lap squirming as each spank bit home but just sobbing freely. He kept sobbing when Margaret stopped spanking him, until slowly his heaving chest subsided, and his breathing became shallower, and until Margaret told him his spanking was over and he could get up.

When he stood up Summer gasped when she saw the stain on her Mother’s skirt. She knew immediately what it was, not least because the tip of Jamie’s penis glistened with the sticky goo that shrouded his sheath. Margaret still chose to ignore it.

“Well you two, I hope you have both learned your lesson. Go to your rooms until you have calmed down. Then wash and you can come down to the lounge. OK?”

“Yes Mum” Summer said. Jamie just nodded. He was miles away, still sobbing. Thinking about what had happened, how his bottom was sore and hot, and his face was so wet. He picked up his clothes and they both left the bedroom. Jamie was madly rubbing his bottom to try to ease the pain.

Margaret closed the door and took off her skirt, washing the stain out at the basin in her bathroom before dropping it in to linen basket for washing. She put on a different skirt before going downstairs.

Fifteen minutes later Summer Jamie and Margaret were in the kitchen. Summer and Jamie had calmed down although were both markedly quiet, and listened as Margaret tell them she was going out for a bit and they should behave themselves whilst she was gone.

“I’ll phone your Mum and tell her I’ve given you your spanking. OK Jamie?”

Jamie looked up and said “OK Mrs D” and added “and thank you.”

Margaret smiled at the 21 year old. “No problem Jamie. And don’t you worry. I won’t hesitate to spank you again if you’re naughty and I know your Mum feels the same for when she gets home.”

“I know Mrs D” Jamie said, still not feeling his 21 years old, not by a long way, knowing his Mother would be spanking him regularly again.

A few minutes later Summer heard her Mother go out leaving her and Jamie in the lounge watching the TV.

Summer turned to Jamie and asked “What was that about then?”

Jamie blushed. “I don’t know” he said quietly.

“Yes you do. You got turned on didn’t you” she said testily.

“Maybe” Jamie conceded.

“You so and so. Anyway, let’s see your bottom again. Let’s see whose is redder.” Summer giggled, now fully recovered except for the soreness she knew would remain at least until the morning. Jamie smiled also feeling a lot better, glad his ordeal was over. They both lowered their jeans and pants, squirming around.

“I think yours is redder” Summer conceded.

“Maybe you should catch up.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, your Mum must have spanked me harder than you, so maybe I should give you a few more?”

“Like that is ever going to happen” scoffed Summer.

“Why not?” asked Jamie, smiling.

“Like maybe I should spank you a few times first why not?”

“Oh go on Summer. It might be fun” he said with a put on sneer.

“Fun?” she snapped. “You think I enjoy being spanked. All I’m thinking when across my Mum’s lap is how much it hurts and when will it be over.”

“But that’s with your Mum. With me it might be different. You know, sexy.”

Summer grimaced but said “OK then, but you better let me smack you afterwards.”


Summer turned around and bent over the arm of the sofa burying her head in her arms. Jamie looked at her beautiful red bottom and gave her six smacks. She didn’t enjoy them at all. She didn’t know it but Jamie didn’t enjoy giving them to her either. He thought he might have, but it did nothing for him.

“OK then, your turn” Jamie said. They changed places. Jamie bent over the arm of the sofa. Summer eyed Jamie’s red bottom and giggled. Maybe he did deserve to get another spanking. She came over all goosy as she put her hand on his warm bottom and rubbed him a few times. Jamie groaned as he reacted to the palm of his friends hand. Summer raised her hand and gave Jamie six hard spanks. It felt good to her. Very good. When Jamie didn’t get up she gave him six more. Then another six.

“Are you enjoying this?” Summer teased. Jamie just raised his bottom. Summer obliged with six more spanks and another six, before telling Jamie to get up. He stood facing Summer, smirking. Summer smiled back but Jamie didn’t realise his erection had returned until he saw the look on Summer’s face and he followed her gaze. He blushed a deep beetroot.

“You want me to don’t you” Summer stated.

Jamie said nothing. He stood there, frozen.

Summer sat down on the sofa and said sternly “come on, get across my lap. Let’s do this properly young man.”

Jamie didn’t argue. He took two steps and was by Summers side. Summer saw his erection was even stiffer and remembered his Mothers skirt. She said “stay still.”

Summer got up and slipped her jeans off. She sat back down and Jamie looked down at her bare thighs. Her bare and so sexy thighs. He eased himself across her lap. She felt his stiffness and smiled. She had enjoyed smacking Jamie before and now she spanked him properly she enjoyed herself even more, exhilarated as she drew gasps and groans from her friend as he lifted his bottom to encourage Summer to keep spanking him, groaning as he felt himself come, the cum shooting up his shaft, groaning as it spurted over Summer’s bare legs. She giggled as she realised what he had done and spanked him for several more minutes, scolding him for coming before she told him to, getting him to promise in future he would wait for her command. Still Jamie didn’t resist. He gasped as she spanked him, but lay there, accepting his further punishment, answering her questions through the spanking, agreeing to all her demands, until eventually she stopped.

“Right you. My turn” Summer demanded.

“What, you want me to spank you?” Jamie said sounding very reluctant as he just had not enjoyed giving Summer even those few spanks.

“No way. You’re never spanking me again. Look you ninny” she said, pointing to her knickers. “You weren’t anywhere near there were you?”

Jamie saw the stain on her knickers and realised what Summer had meant. No he wasn’t.

Summer continued enthusiastically “That was such a turn on. Now get your face between my legs and do me. Pronto.”

Summer removed her knickers and threw them at Jamie, hitting him in the face. He caught them and sniffed them.

“You perv” Summer laughed as she sat down, legs spread wide.

Jamie knelt down and nestled his head between her legs, kissing her thighs, getting closer and closer to her hair mound until he smelt her sweet sex. Summer grabbed the back of his head, guiding him, not letting him back away at all. Jamie worked his tongue around Summer’s soft vagina until she was moaning and groaning and crying out. And as she did so Jamie licked harder and harder, Summer keeping a firm hold of the back of his head, keeping it in place as she gyrated and his face was shaken around by her firm thighs, refusing to be dislodged as he took her closer and closer to orgasm when she let out a long never ending sigh and collapsed back in to the sofa, her hands still clasped around Jamie’s head, pulling him in to her, keeping him in place, until she was ready to release him.

She opened her eyes, slowly, focussed on Jamie, and ordered quietly, but firmly “get up.”

Jamie stood, looking at Summer, her legs still wide open, her thighs glistening. She stood up, took Jamie’s face in her hands, drew him close, kissed him, opened her lips and enticed his tongue in to her mouth. They kissed a long satisfying kiss. When they released each other both were smiling. Both had enjoyed their roles. Summer the dominant and Jamie the submissive.

Summer put her hands on Jamie’s shoulders and turned him around. “You’re mine Jamie. You will do as I say or be spanked. Understand Jamie?” and gave him a sharp smack on his bare bottom.

“Yes Summer. I’ll do whatever you say.”

“And you will go across my knee whenever I say so?”

“Yes Summer. Honest I will.”

“Good. So next time I decide you need to be spanked you will be getting one much much harder than this one, before you have to make sure you suck me good. Understood?”

“Yes Summer. That’s fine with me.”

Summer spun Jamie around again, and smiled when she saw Jamie was erect again. She winked at Jamie and said “persistent little bugger.”

Summer pushed Jamie to the sofa and he sat down. She pushed open his legs and knelt down, immediately kissed the tip of his penis and looked up again when Jamie gasped. She smiled and opened her mouth, encircling his stiffened penis, taking it inside before closing her mouth around the throbbing stick. Jamie gasped again when he felt Summer suck hard, and then again when he realised his cum was shooting in to Summer’s mouth. Too soon he thought. Why so soon?

Summer felt the warm cum in her mouth. She thought it would have a horrid taste but it was actually not that bad. Was that banana she could taste? How could it be? So what, anyway, she looked up and saw the grin on Jamie’s face.

They laughed as they got dressed and settled back down in front of the TV, this time cuddling up to each other.

Margaret came home and came in to the lounge.

“Nice to see you both quiet. I hope you will stay that way.” She smiled at them both, pleased her spanking them appeared to have worked so well. Summer smiled back but Jamie was engrossed in the TV, watching his favourite programme.

Summer replied “No problem Mum. We learnt our lesson you know.”

“What, so I won’t have to spank either of you again?” she asked testily.

“Well, I hope you won’t have to spank me too often Mum” Summer answered with a grin. “Mind you, Jamie was saying he might need another one real soon.”

“Really Jamie? Do you need me to spank you again?” Margaret could feel the sense of humour in Summer’s comment and decided to play along.

Jamie was still focussed on the TV and he had not been listening to the conversation. He heard his name and said absentmindedly “I guess” he said.

“Oh really” she snapped. “Then maybe I should give you another spanking now young man?”

Jamie looked up when he realised the voice speaking to him sounded annoyed. “Give me what?” he asked.

Margaret looked back at Jamie and laughed. “Jamie that was very close. Summer, I think you had better look after your friend a bit better.” Margaret went to the kitchen.

“I will be Mum, I really will be” she called after her Mother as the 22 year old cuddled up to her 21 year old boyfriend again, content, a woman clearly in charge. At least until her Mother spanks her 22 year old butt again, but that was a long way off now. She had her boyfriends 21 year old butt to deal with well before then.

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