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I forgot ...

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too much shopping gets her a spanking she deserves
Washing up

As he comes in the door he sees her sat in the lounge in her new cream silk mini pyjamas, nails done a glossy pink, new blonde highlights in her hair, her cutest smile. ‘Hi honey she says’, crossing her legs and showing off her slim tanned legs and new pedicure.

He looks down at her, smiling. ‘Hello sweetie , you look pretty today’.

‘Thank you,’ she replies. ‘Can I make you a drink?’

‘ No love, I’ll get one’ he says, and goes into the kitchen.

She hears him open the freezer door, plink some ice cubes into a glass and pour what sounds like a splash of whisky. Then he calls her. ‘Love, can you come into the kitchen a sec please?’

She glides in, with her sexy walk, swinging her hips and smiling winningly. Maybe he has a present for her she thinks. But then she frowns when she sees there is no present in his hand, and he does not look happy? What can be wrong? ‘Have you had a nice day today’ he asks, kindly.

‘Oh yes’ she says, nodding. ‘It was lovely thank you.’

‘Did you go shopping for anything nice’, he enquires.

‘Yes yes I got these pretty new pyjamas, do you like them?’ She gives a little twirl and a wriggle of her hips. She hopes he will be sliding them off her later in bed. She thinks she looks pretty sexy in them and knows he loves her like that, in silk, glowing hair and skin...irresistible. She is expecting some jewellery and thinks perhaps it’s in his pocket? It’s been a lovely day, shopping, meeting her friends, getting her nails and hair done...

‘Love, is there anything you want to tell me? Anything wrong I need to know about?’

‘No’ she shakes her head, ‘everything is fine’.

‘ Nothing isn't working?’

‘ No its all good.’

‘Ok so the dishwasher isn't’

She giggles. ‘No I’ve just been out, I forgot...’ She cocks her head to one side, cutely.

"Ok then" he says. "I’m glad you had a nice time today, and bought lots of lovely things, but the only job I ever ask you each day is load the dishwasher..isn’t it." She nods. "You haven’t done it at least a dozen times this month, and I haven’t said anything, I’ve just got on with it myself in the morning before I go to work. Do you remember we talked about this last month? Do you remember love?"

"Yes Hun.. I’m sorry, I’ll try to remember. " She comes over to him, wraps her leg around his and kisses his neck. "Don’t be cross with me. Let’s just have a nice drink and we can order takeaway or something and have a nice night in...."

He unwinds her leg and moves away from her kisses. "And do you remember what happened when we talked about it?" She remembers.... he put her over his knee as he sat on the bed and spanked her bottom... it was kind of fun really, she remembers pretending to squeal and wriggle and before she knew it they were in bed having really hot sex. "You said you were sorry and you wouldn’t do it anymore. But you haven’t learned your lesson at all have you?"

 "Ooh no sorry" she says. "You might have to teach me it again, I will try harder really." And she giggles as she walks towards the stairs. "You’ll have to catch me first."

" No young lady, you are not going upstairs. Come back here please." She turns at his unusually  cross sounding voice, perplexed.  " I said come here now." She walks back to the kitchen. "Its OK  you didn’t want to use the dishwasher love. I know it’s more fun to go shopping. But you have to learn that making sure the dishes are washed is your responsibility. So, today to teach you that  lesson the hard way, you are going to wash them up by hand, at the sink, whilst I have my drink in the lounge. "

" Oh, but my nails will get ruined in the water!" she says aghast. "I can’t, I’ll do it tomorrow I promise."

It’s hard to be stern but he knows he has to carry this through. "Yes you will wash up now at the sink, every plate and glass and piece of cutlery. Now, not tomorrow or the next day, right now. And then my love, when you have finished, and only then, you will bring me this." He selects a wooden mixing spatula from the utensil drawer, "...and I am going to give you the proper real spanking you deserve." Her tummy flips at those words; he doesn’t look as if he is joking. There is no smile on his face.

 "Don’t be silly she says, you can’t spank me with that, you won’t!"

" I can, and I will young lady.  Don’t mess with me or think I am joking. I am putting my foot down firmly. You have been allowed to be a spoiled brat for long enough and today is where I draw the line. Now come here to the sink." She walks over slowly still confused. "Run the hot tap and put  the liquid in..that’s right." She begins to follow the instructions and as she turns to do so he gives her two smart stinging taps on her pyjamaed backside.

"Owww" she squeals, affronted.

" That, young lady, is just to let you know what is to come later and give you something to think about as you complete the first part of your punishment.  Now get on with it and bring me the  spatula when you have finished, and just so you know, if you dawdle, it will be worse for you later." And on that he turned and left the kitchen with his glass and strode toward the lounge.

Although the taps on her bottom were not hard and through her pyjamas she still feels the smarting tingle remaining.  She thinks of the last time they played a spanking game and how soon it turned into great sex, it didn’t hurt at all really. In fact thinking about it, these taps hurt more than the whole of the last spanking put together. It must be the spatula she decided, he probably didn’t realise how much it would hurt.  Disgruntled, she decides to wash up anyway but she won’t take the spatula for him. He will have calmed down by the time she has finished and he has had his drink.

As she washes up, she realises the counter is quite high and she needs to lean forwards to do the job. She can’t help but imagine how her bottom must be sticking out and how it might look if it were bare waiting for the spanking he has promised. Her bottom cheeks tingle as they rub a little against the silk and its all she can do not to wriggle a little more. She becomes suddenly incredibly aware of her breasts and nipples, against the silk of the pyjama top, her nipples seem a little more sensitive than usual. She begins to feel a dampening between her legs and she squeezes her thighs together as she imagines, despite herself, what a spanking with that spatula might feel like. She even finds herself slipping a hand down inside her pyjama bottoms to rub the skin where he gave her that little tap. Then, she starts to realise how close to finishing the washing up she is getting, and how close the promised spanking is looming. Should she dawdle with the supposed consequences? Should she take the spatula as requested, no demanded..or pretend she forgot and distract him away from the silly game. Her buttocks clench and her fanny starts to pulse at the thought of what might happen in either scenario. She can’t help but squeeze her thighs together as she rinses the glasses out in clean water and places them on the draining board. She empties the bowl out and feels her knees turn to jelly for a minute. She imagines giving him the spatula and bending over his knee or maybe the sofa. In fact she can’t imagine it and decides not to take it with her at all. She walks into the lounge. "I’ve finished Hun" she says.

He looks up from his newspaper. "Ok then what have you brought for me?"

She smiles coyly. "What do you mean?"

"I think you know exactly what I mean, and for that bit of cheekiness or even forgetfulness perhaps you have earned yourself extra punishment. Stay where you are I’ll be back." He goes to the kitchen and brings back the spatula.  "I have been looking forward to this ever since I used it on you half an hour ago." He smiles as he sits down and holds his hand out to her. "Come on love, over my knee I think is best."

She resists initially but his grip is too strong and she submits, leaning awkwardly over his knee, her legs pointing out behind her and her bum high up in the air.  "Now I don’t want to damage these lovely silk pants dear I think they are best coming down don’t you,?" and without waiting for her to answer he tugs them down to her knees, leaving her soft rounded bottom fully exposed. He strokes it gently and she quivers beneath his touch. "Such a pretty bottom as well, but I look forward to seeing it bounce and wriggle on my knee I think."

She looks at the carpet, enjoying him stroking her. I think this night might end up very pleasantly she thinks and wriggles a little at the thought, then Crack , taking her totally by surprise he brings the spatula hard down on her right bum cheek.

"Owww" she squeals, struggling to get up and hold her bottom where it stings at the same time.  But he holds her down forcefully, his knee going promptly over her leg and his hand holding her wrists firmly behind her back. ‘Oh no, you aren’t going anywhere ‘til you have learned this lesson

‘But that hurt’ she protested, whimpering.

‘Yes, good, it was meant to, and so are the next couple of dozen. Plus don't forget you already earned a few extra for not bringing the spatula as I told you before we started .’

And with that he began to punish her bare behind, forcefully and rhythmically, one cheek and then the other until he had delivered 12 strokes. She yelped with each one, trying and failing to shield herself but he held her firmly so she couldn’t do anything and was forced to lie helplessly across his knee taking her punishment. Each stroke felt harder than the last, her bottom stung and burned. She felt so vulnerable and exposed, and all she wanted to do was get up so it would stop
but wriggle as she might she could only lie there and take it. After 12 strokes she felt him stop and
thought it had finished. She relaxed a little as he started to gently stroke her sore burning bottom and down the back of her legs, it felt quite nice actually as he ran his hands up the inside of her thighs and she found herself responding to his touch, widening her legs a little more apart hoping he would find his way up to the top and touch her where, she realised, she really wanted him to touch as she felt suddenly wet and throbbing.

Thinking was time to play now she tried to wriggle a bit towards him in encouragement but then he said gruffly, ‘yes keep your legs wide apart like that, and now we will carry on’, then when she heard him say ‘another 12 I think’ she could hardly believe her ears having been sure it had ended.

Immediately he resumed, but now it felt so much harder and more painful than before. Going from feeling totally aroused to being spanked once more was so weird but now all she could think of  was her bottom and how her nerve endings were on fire and throbbing whilst at the same time
feeling even more exposed than before.  She wondered how she looked from his viewpoint, her bottom reddening and her pussy, in fact everything exposed to his gaze. She was so conscious that her pussy would have been visibly throbbing as he stroked her, and that he had known she was responding to his earlier touch. With this realisation her face reddened in sympathy with her bottom. These strokes delivered now were as before, rhythmic and slow but hard left then right. She could anticipate when each one was coming. Then suddenly her brain flipped as everything changed. The beat of the strokes altered and became fast and harder... and hurt so much more. ‘Owww’ she squealed loudly and once more tried to protect herself but he was ready and restrained her wrists even more tightly whilst at the same time controlling her wriggling protesting body.

‘These ones you will remember I think’ he said, as he rapidly brought the spatula down on her now scarlet bottom, counting them out three to one cheek then three to the other and back in quick succession and directed on the same spots over and over. She knew she was crying like a little girl as her bottom jerked and bounced on his lap but there was nothing she could do to stop herself, so out of control was she now. It was so arousing for him to see this it was all he could do to continue, but at the same time he almost didn’t want this to end, as seeing her in this way was such a turn on he was surprised himself. But in the end he managed to administer 24 of these and when he finally finished counting she was panting and sobbing and totally submitting over his knee even once he let go of her wrists, no longer desperate to get away.

Immediately he had stopped the spanking, he again resumed gently stroking her reddened and slightly bruised bottom and the backs of her legs. ‘It’s over now love, you were very brave.’ Slowly the sobs subsided and once more he saw she was responding to his touch despite herself. Once again she tried to wriggle but this time wriggling her fanny towards his fingers and he could not help but feel how wet she was, dripping in fact. He went to pull her pyjama bottoms up for her, intending to take her upstairs and make very gentle love to her, but when he tried to do so, she kicked her legs making sure they fell to the carpet in a silken puddle, and then she readjusted her
bottom back upwards in anticipation.....

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