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Laura Takes a Spanking

Laura spanks a student in class but suffers an humiliating punishment from the Headmistress
I was quaking as Ifaced Jason’s Mother who was really annoyed, fuming, and her anger was directed at me.

“Well Miss Helm? I asked you why you spanked my son?”

I knew it was wrong. I teach music, to the sixth formers, a nice enough group although they find it all too easy to lose concentration but then if music wasn’t your thing then that is almost expected. Jason is one of the naughtier boys. He is newish to the school having joined at sixth form level and had not gone through the lower school. Jason is 16 years’ old and impish, quick to lose concentration and quick to be flippant. Of course he deserved to be spanked, long and hard. Unfortunately though the school had got rid of corporal punishment two years ago and now there is an extensive use of detention. One hour or two hour detentions are common. Some even have to spend the whole of Saturday at the school in weekend detention. So far as anything else is concerned the rules were clear. We can smack on the bottom but cannot remove any clothes, and three smacks is the maximum and intended to cause embarrassment to the student rather than pain.

I still quaked as I said politely, “Laura, please call me Laura.”

Jason’s Mum snapped, “That’s part of the problem young lady. Too many of the students fancy you.”

I have seen a few of the boys ogle me but I thought that was normal. “Only a couple of the boys I’m sure.”

Jason’s Mum snapped again, “I don’t think so. You will find all the boys and most of the girls have a crush on you, what with your short skirts and tight skimpy tops. This is a school not a Saturday night dance. Anyway, what I do want is an answer Miss Helm.”

I remembered it so well. It was my turn to hold detention yesterday. We teachers can decide where to hold it and what to get the students to do. Some teachers have all the students standing at their desks with their hands on their heads and just have them doing nothing, emphasising they were simply wasting time at detention. I prefer to keep them active so always hold my detentions in the gym. I insist that all the students in detention have to wear their gym gear. The girl’s wear white ankle socks, white knickers, and a white gym skirt that is only just longer than the knickers, then a standard bra and vest top. The boys also wear white ankle socks, blue or black pants, white gym shorts and a vest top.

I am 28 years old, and look after my body, am slim, have a good figure, long blond hair, firm breasts, a flat stomach that looks great when I wear navel showing tops, and terrific legs. When I take detention I enjoy dressing like the girls in gym gear. My blond hair flows half way down my back and I know I look sexy. Not for the students mind you but for myself. I love the way I look.

Jason had misbehaved during detention. When I got all the students to touch their toes, and I had joined them and bent over as well, he had come up behind me put his thumb to his nose and wriggled his fingers which I saw upside down as I touched my toes. I saw him smile and then turning as though it was a mistake his hand brushed my bottom, as though smacking me. Me, the teacher. So I stood up, glaring at him, grabbed his arm and as he looked so surprised spun him around pulled my arm back and smacked him as hard as I could on his bottom, at least his shorts covered bottom. Had I stopped there I suppose it would have been ok. But I didn’t. He looked at me and smirked, a cheeky grin. I was incensed, really annoyed that he was questioning my authority as the others in detention watched him, and of course they were watching me, seeing what I would do.

I looked around at all the teenage faces as they watched, wide eyed, as Jason stood up to me. My teacher training came out just then, the need to maintain control when you are the only adult in the room and two dozen teenagers are looking for a crack in the stern façade. Well I certainly didn’t feel that strong but I had been here before, keeping the veneer of strength, and when Jason was so rude I snapped at him, “How dare you Jason,” so loudly everyone stopped still and even Jason looked wide eyed and knew he had overstepped the mark.

I snapped, “I will not have this,” and when I took him by the arm he didn’t resist but allowed me to walk him to a chair and when I sat down he stood still whilst I put my thumbs inside the elastic waistband of his shorts and yanked them down, followed immediately by his pants. I didn’t look at the faces of the other students but heard several gasps as I took Jason’s arm and pulled him down across my lap. My skirt had ridden right up I felt his penis on my bare thigh as he landed across my lap pressing down before his hands hit the floor and he balanced himself. There was no resistance, Jason lay still although was tense as my hand rubbed his bare bottom. I knew it was against the rules but I was so riled and could not stop myself. How dare he question me like that, make fun of me. Well I’ll make him look silly I thought as I raised my hand, took a deep breath, and brought my hand down hard on the bare right bottom cheek of the 16 year old. Once I had landed the first spank the second soon followed and then the next and the next, spanking the boy on alternate bottom cheeks as I turned his bare bottom red and he squirmed around on my lap, his penis rubbing my thigh as his bottom bounced as my hand spanked harder and harder.

I lost myself in the spanking, thinking how much Jason deserved his punishment, but forgetting so many things. Like the fact it was against the rules, and all the other students in detention were watching. I looked down and saw how red Jason’s bottom was and thought maybe I was spanking him for too long. I shook myself and knew I had to stop spanking the 16 year old. Even so I landed another dozen hard spanks before I said sternly, “Right Jason, get up and make sure you never do that again. I’m a teacher you know.”

Jason got up rubbing his bottom and I almost giggled as I watched his penis bounce up and down as he rubbed his bottom, and I remember thinking just how sore his bottom must be. I did think though he actually had an erection and put that down to being across my bare lap, nothing more. Still, I did giggle later on thinking how being spanked gave him an erection.

An hour later I was home, in the bath, soaking myself, a glass of wine in my hand, thinking about the bare bottom that I made bounce as it was across my lap. I was now deep in thought. What I did was discipline a 16 year old boy, yes one who had been very naughty, clearly deserved to be punished, and certainly learned his lesson, but I knew I shouldn’t have done it, and would be likely to have to pay. I wasn’t sure how but I knew I would have to pay.

It didn’t take long as today I am facing Jason’s Mum, his very angry Mum, and she is asking me all these difficult to answer questions, finally asking, “Are you allowed to spank the students Miss Helm?” That was the hard question. I knew I would have to answer truthfully and admit I was wrong and had broken the rules. At least I would have done if Mrs Fellows, the Headmistress, didn’t interject.

“I must apologise for Miss Helm but I now understand what has to be done.”

Jason’s Mum asked, “You mean you shall deal with her Headmistress?”

“Yes, I will deal with her properly,” then after a moment added, “In fact I will deal with her appropriately.”

Jason’s Mum seemed satisfied. She nodded her head, turned, and left the room.

I turned to the Headmistress and said in a relieved tone, “Thank you so much Headmistress, I was really worried the way she went on, but you understand,” and after a moment added, “Don’t you?”

The Headmistress glared at me. “You have misunderstood Laura.” She looked me up and down with a scowl and asked, “Are taking another detention today Laura?”

I knew why she asked. Yes I was taking another detention and was again wearing my gym kit, short minute mini skirt and all and the students were all getting changed to spend their detention at the gym. “Yes I am Mrs Fellows,” I answered.

The Headmistress went to her desk, lifted the phone, and called the staff room asking, “Ah Julia, are you able to take detention, Laura and I need to discuss an issue we have, oh and can you ask Mrs Dean to join us in my Study.”

A few minutes later Mrs Dean entered the Study and Mrs Fellows explained how I had spanked Jason, his Mum had complained, and she had said she would give me the appropriate punishment. I was sure that wasn’t going to mean a spanking, after all I am a teacher.

Mrs Dean said almost wistfully, “Those were the days Headmistress, when the junior teachers were taught how to be good teachers.”

Mrs Fellows smiled and said, “Just what I was thinking.” She turned to me and explained, “When Mrs Dean and I first started teaching the junior teachers were liable to corporal punishment, just like the students.”

I gasped, and whispered, “Really?” I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Not all schools you understand, but we both started in one of the more, shall we say, challenging teaching environments, and corporal punishment was almost the only deterrent we had. The senior staff decided the same should apply to the junior teachers and quite frankly we had such trouble getting jobs ourselves that we agreed. Of course it was put to us that in time we would be the ones to dispense discipline, but times changed, unfortunately. So, maybe today that should change, in view of what you have done and what I promised Jason’s Mum.”

“I don’t understand Headmistress? How does all that apply to me?”

“Easy Laura. Consider yourself in detention for the next two hours, to be held by me and Mrs Dean, your direct superior. You will do whatever time wasting task we set you. First, face the wall with your hands on your head.”

“No way,” I said indignantly. My short temper was getting the better of me. I knew why the Headmistress wanted me to stand facing the wall. I use the naughty spot unsparingly in class after all. It helps calm down unruly and maybe hyper students and I know that is why I am being sent there. To calm me down and of course to put me in my place. Still I am 28 years old, so I argued, “I don’t want to Headmistress, it’s just not right.”

Mrs Dean said sternly, “Confrontational eh, well I think some lines first Mrs Fellows.”

The Headmistress agreed. “Yes. Laura please sit at the desk and I will get some paper and a pen.”

I don’t think lines are any more ‘Adult,’ but I am beginning to realise I wasn’t getting anywhere by arguing and maybe a few lines and a bit of time on the naughty spot will satisfy the two of them. I huffed as I go over to the desk and sit down. Mrs Fellows put paper and a pen on the desk in front of me.

Mrs Fellows instructed, “You will write, ‘I need my legs smacked,’ twenty times.”

I gasped, looked up, and was about to explode just as Mrs Dean put a hairbrush on the desk close to me. A wooden backed paddle brush, whilst giving me a glare. I think quickly. Smacked legs are better than a spanking with that thing. I decided to go for that although had a feeling I was being drawn in slowly and maybe it won’t just be my legs that are smacked. Anyway, I picked up the pen and started to write my lines, suddenly focussing on minimising and punishment I might have coming.

“Good girl,” Mrs Dean said.

“Yes, some obedience at last,” the Headmistress replied.

I felt so small as I focussed on the piece of paper and line after line and nothing like my 28 years. I kept checking I didn’t make any spelling mistakes and counted the lines to make sure I wrote exactly twenty, no doubt worrying just as the students did when they do lines and knowing the extra punishment they will suffer if they miss count or miss spell. When I was done I looked up and said, “I’m done.” As I said that I realised I was actually behaving more like a student than a teacher, or maybe it was more accurate to say the headmistress and Mrs Dean were treating me like a student. I shuffled around on the chair as I looked at the hairbrush and when I looked back up a smiling Headmistress saw me glance at the hairbrush. I didn’t like much the smile as I shuffled again on the chair.

Of course in my haste I had forgotten a rule in detention. Never speak until spoken to. Mrs Dean snapped, “Naughty girl, you will only speak when spoken to in detention. You know the rules. You put your hand up until asked to speak. Now do twenty more lines and get it right this time.”

I blushed, so annoyed, so wanting to say how I felt about them, but knew if I did they will do far worse to me. Far far worse. I could see them getting me sacked and I didn’t want that.”

I started doing the extra lines, one after the other checking the number of lines again. This time after another twenty lines I put my hand up. I watched for a reaction but they kept talking to each other. My arm started to ache before Mrs Fellows turned to me and asked, “Yes Laura?”

I put my arm down rubbing above my elbow and said, “I’ve finished Headmistress.”

Mrs Dean came and picked up the paper and counted the lines. I breathed deeply suddenly hoping I hadn’t made any mistakes whilst at the same time feeling somehow aroused, being controlled by two older women, both in positions of authority over me. A really strange feeling and I even wondered for a moment if my pussy was as damp as I thought it was but I was too scared to feel between my legs.

“She has done them correctly Headmistress,” Mrs Dean announced.

“Good,” Mrs Fellows replied as she went over to a chair and sat down.

“Come over here Laura,” she commanded.

Right then I would most certainly have preferred the naughty spot than going over to Mrs Fellows but as I went over to her I saw Mrs Dean smirking, her lips pursed, smile lines flowing from her eyes, certainly a woman enjoying herself.

“So Laura, you spanked Jason and so I am wondering whether I should spank you. What’s your opinion on that?” Mrs Fellows smirked as she finished her question.

That was cruel I thought. I am well known in the staffroom for having strong opinions. On just about everything. I will often have two or three teachers arguing the other way and even then sometimes I win them over. My big problem though is I hate backing down and admitting I am wrong, really hate it. So yes, I have a really strong opinion about being spanked. The trouble is I was talking to my boss, and her boss. So, what opinion should I have about this? It had been a long time daydream of mine to be spanked, but somehow as part of lovemaking, so being disciplined was not how I had pictured it. After all it was a dream I used quite often when masturbating. I had never told anyone about this secret desire. I wasn’t even sure it was a real desire, although my orgasms were always so much more erotically satisfying when I picture myself being spanked as I masturbate. I could not admit that fantasy though so I tried to tone my response right down, as uncharacteristic of me that might be.

“Well headmistress, I don’t think it’s fair at all if I’m the only teacher that gets disciplined.”

Mrs Fellows and Mrs Dean looked at each other, and then Mrs Fellows said, “I don’t like your tone young lady, you will not snap at us like that.”

That shook me as I thought I was being respectful. “Sorry Headmistress,” I said quickly, looking at the floor.

Mrs Fellows sighed, as though in despair, and said, “OK then, that’s better.” After a moment she added, “You make a good point though, about teachers being disciplined. That will make an excellent discussion at the next staff meeting. I will schedule a staff meeting and you can start the discussion.”

I gasped. Surely not. That will mean me telling everyone I was disciplined. Where would that lead to?

Mrs Fellows saw my quandary and ordered, “Let’s get your legs smacked first. I think you should remove your knickers.”

I swallowed hard, forcing myself not to shout out my objection, my very strong objection. I looked at Mrs Fellows and she had on her well known, ‘Argue at your peril,’ look. My resolve collapsed as again I knew she was reeling me in, inch by inch, as I step out of my knickers and give them to the outstretched hand of Mrs Dean.

“Good girl,” Mrs Fellows said as she took my arm and made me stand inches from her. She rubbed the back of my leg, from just above the knee to the sit spot where my thigh met my bottom cheek, the last two rubs going halfway up my bottom. My pussy quivered as her hand pressed down on my bottom cheek, a firm hand. She lifted her hand away and a second later it was brought down hard on the back of my leg. The loud smacking sound competed with my gasp. The first time I have been hit in all my life. My parents never smacked me, deciding adult discussion was better than a beating. Were they right? I don’t know. I may not have been so self-opinionated if they had smacked me when I argued with them. It had taken me a long time to learn other people had views as well but as I was always allowed to just argue, even rudely, without any retribution, it took me a long time as an adult to learn when to accept other people’s views.

I gasped with each smack as Mrs Fellows smacked first my left leg several times which stung more and more with each smack, before moving on to my right leg which gave a short respite before the stinging again increased in intensity as smack after smack bit in to the back of my leg. Instead of stopping though she turned me slightly and smacked the side of my right leg and as I was turned so I was looking at Mrs Dean who was smiling more broadly whilst smack after smack landed and each time I knew I grimaced. Mrs Fellows turned me again and I was standing over her, she was smacking the outside of my left leg until another turn and she started smacking the front of my left leg working her way across to the front of my right leg until each side of each leg was stinging from her firm open palmed spanks.

When the full circle was completed she stopped. I knew there were tears in my eyes and I was sobbing. I heard Mrs Dean say, “Well a start at least,” clearly a reference to the fact I was no longer complaining.

“Go and face the wall Laura, with your hands on your head, and don’t take them down until I say so, at your peril Laura believe me,” Mrs Fellows ordered and it was almost with relief I went over and placed my nose against the wall, and waited.

I heard the two women discussing what shall be done to me. I suppose it didn’t come as any real surprise given the hairbrush on the table, but it still shook me when I heard Mrs Fellows say, “Yes, she must be spanked of course. What was good enough for Jason must be good enough for her. She must be taught a lesson, one she won’t forget.”

My mind was in a whirl. On the one hand being spanked had been a long time wish of mine, one that persisted even now, but being spanked by my boss? That wasn’t what I wanted. No, I wanted to be spanked as part of a sexual fantasy. This will just be painful.

“Come here Laura,” Mrs Fellows ordered.

I turned keeping my hands on my head as instructed and realised that my skirt had risen well above my pussy which judging from their staring eyes was easily seen by the two older women. I lowered my hands and covered my pussy, remembering too late the words, ‘At your peril.”

“Not good enough Laura,” Mrs Dean said sternly as she went to the table where I saw a leather strap next to the hairbrush which she picked up and walked over to me. “Hands out in front Laura. This is what gets used on naughty hands.”

I closed my eyes for a moment as again I knew I had no choice and slowly raised both hands palm upwards knowing what was going to happen to them. Mrs Dean rested the strap on my left hand and looked me in the eye. “Do not move your hand away and do not rub until I tell you that you can. Do you understand Laura?”

I nodded and whispered, “Yes Miss.” I realise I have become the naughty schoolgirl and although I had not been disciplined when at school either I started to experience a strange feeling as I was definitely becoming more and more aroused by the control being exerted over me by the older women, or maybe it was my willing submission to their authority, something new to me but somehow welcoming.

I felt the coolness as the strap was lifted off the outstretched palm of my hand and closed my eyes as I heard the whoosh followed by the slapping sound and then the sting running across my palm. My eyes opened in horror as the stinging persisted even as the strap was again laid across my palm. I opened my eyes with the silence to see Mrs Dean staring at me and as my eyes lowered to look at the strap so it was again raised and the whoosh and slapping noise and pain was repeated. I gasped, closed my hand to try to wrap the pain away until a stern Mrs Dean ordered,

“Open up girl or else.”

The ‘Or else,’ was all that was needed to force me to re-open my hand. I was in ‘Quick to obey,’ mode and the look on Mrs Dean’s face told me she knew it as well. The strap rested on my outstretched palm for a few moments before it was again raised and for the third time thrashed downwards with a whoosh, splattered across my palm with a slap, and I gave out the loudest gasp so far.

My eyes were closed as the strap was laid on my right palm, and all I could think of was the way my left palm stung. Not for long though. The strap was raised, the whoosh was followed by the slap and I gasped again as my right hand stung. A few seconds and the whoosh and slap merged and tears filled my eyes as the gasp escaped my lips. The third time I shrieked out, unable to stop myself, a sob followed.

“Good girl, you can rub your hands,” Mrs Dean ordered.

I didn’t rub but instead my arms flew to my armpits which closed around my stinging palms. I breathed heavily and opened my tear filled eyes and through blurred vision saw Mrs Fellows and Mrs Dean looking at me, smiling, seemingly happy they were inflicting such pain on me. They were nodding their heads as Mrs Fellows said, “Time for your spanking Laura. Just like you gave Jason I think.”

I watched the Headmistress sit on the chair and straighten her skirt, flattening it with her two hands, before pointing to the floor by her side. “Stand here Laura,” she ordered. I obeyed. Half dreading what was going to happen, half knowing my pussy was damp in anticipation and getting worried my sex might dribble down my leg and the two older women would see that I was aroused. They were looking at me, at my tummy, but maybe lower, and they smiled at each other. Oh my goodness, my pussy hair must be wet, glistening, a sure tell-tale sign, but neither woman said anything. Yes they smiled knowingly at each other but no words acknowledged what they were looking at.

Mrs Fellows took my arm and this time tugged me until I bent down and lay across her lap, my hands on the floor, my face inches from Mrs Fellows stocking covered legs. I look sideways and see Mrs Dean’s legs as she sits on a chair opposite, making herself comfortable. This isn’t going to be a short spanking I was sure. I notice Mrs Dean hold the hairbrush, allowing it to thud down in to her open palm. I force my eyes away from the hairbrush and look at the floor as Mrs Fellows rubs my bare bottom. 28 years old, a music teacher, at school and in people’s houses, I teach others and yet I am across the lap of the Headmistress, being watched by the Senior Mistress and about to get my first ever spanking and on my bare bottom

I was breathing heavily, my hands stung but the gentle rubbing of my bottom was somehow settling me down, preparing me, until Mrs Fellows said with a serious tone to her voice, “You will not get up Laura, because if you do I have a cane in the cupboard which I shall use on you instead. Understood?”

I looked up, concerned, as there was no way I wanted the cane. That was too scary, would be bound to hurt too much, even though others I knew had been caned at school I had seen how they looked afterwards, tear stained faces, rubbing their bottoms for ages, and when threatened with it they were immediately obedient. No, not the cane. I turned and looked up at Mrs Fellows as best as possible and said, “I won’t get up Headmistress.”

Mrs Fellows nodded, grunted, looked at Mrs Deans just as I looked at her and she nodded back at Mrs Fellows. The rubbing stopped, the hand raised, and I felt Mrs Fellow’s thighs tense as her hand came down hard on my bottom. It stung but not as much as the strap on my hands although as spank followed spank so my bottom stung a bit more until the stinging merged as each spank hit me and as they did I felt my pussy press down on Mrs fellow’s lap just as I had felt Jason’s penis press down on my bare legs, spank after spank, time after time. I wasn’t sure but felt Mrs Fellows spank all around my bottom and on the tops of my legs, and those spanks on the legs stung even more than those spanks on my bottom. There was no gap, no breather, just spank after spank all over my bottom and legs.

Then there was a breather. My eyes were too full of tears to see but I felt the movement and knew Mrs Dean had handed across the hairbrush. I felt the hard wooden paddle on my bottom as Mrs Fellows gave me a few light taps with it.

“This will hurt you Laura but you have brought this upon yourself. At least once this is done you can consider you’ve been disciplined and I will have honoured my promise to Jason’s Mum.”

I took a deep breath, and just then I knew I had brought this punishment on myself. My short fuse of a temper had brought me here. A temper I needed to control and maybe Mrs Fellows will help me to control it. Yes, maybe this won’t be the last time I am put across her lap.

There was a momentary panic as I wondered if I would be able to stand the pain that was about to be inflicted, but Mrs Fellows must have sensed me, and with her spare hand placed her palm on the middle of my back and I surrendered, flopping down fully, my head close to the floor, my hair resting on the floor, I looked under the chair and saw my legs, my bare legs, and waited.

A few moments later I again felt Mrs Fellows tense her thighs and knew the paddle brush was on its descent towards my bare unprotected bottom. The pain was greater than I had expected and as my bottom pressed downwards and my back arched up I felt the firm hand of Mrs Fellows on my back, pressing me to stay in position, and again I surrendered, flopped downwards so my hair was again on the floor. That first spank with the paddle brush was a turning point for me. I had suffered it and survived it. I knew what the pain was like although as the spanking progressed and the pain increased its intensity so I still accepted the spanking and told myself I was in Mrs Fellows hands, the pain now dependent upon her whim, her decision, I had no say but must suffer the consequences of my own bad judgement.

Yes I cried out, yes I squirmed around on her lap, and yes my legs kicked as the hairbrush thrashed down on my bottom, but I was at the mercy of Mrs Fellows and accepted it. It seemed forever but the spanking did eventually stop. I stayed across her lap, unable to do anything other than cry, waiting for her instructions. As I sobbed and sniffed I felt her hand rubbing mine and it felt good, protective somehow, but with a pressure that told me I was still under her authority, until she ordered,

“You can get up and rub Laura.”

I was sufficiently recovered to be able to scramble up and as I stood my hands shot to my bottom and I rubbed fast and hard. I knew both women could still see my exposed pussy hair but no longer cared about that, not whilst the pain ran around my bottom. I could not stop myself bouncing from foot to foot which I knew increased their view of my hair mound but even that didn’t matter, just then. I rubbed and danced as the tears ran down my cheeks and through blurred vision looked first at Mrs Fellows and then at Mrs Dean, wondering if they would confirm my punishment was complete.

The two older women went and sat at the table and I heard Mrs Fellows order, “We need to talk to you Laura, sit here please.”

Well sitting wasn’t what I had in mind. However, now totally under their control I walked over still rubbing my bottom, and gently eased myself down on to the hard seat. I gasped as my hot sore bottom touched the cold wood of the seat and heard the two women snigger ever so quietly, as though it was funny. I opened my eyes and saw them smile at me, and I half smiled back saying between sobs, “I’m sorry Headmistress, I know I should not have spanked Jason and it won’t happen again.”

My smile was wiped off my face though when Mrs Fellows said, “I must say I don’t recall you ever being so apologetic before so spanking you has done you some good. Now though we have to decide how to maintain this improvement.”

“What do you mean Headmistress?” I was still sobbing.

“I spoke earlier of holding a staff meeting to discuss discipline for the younger teachers. That is one option for sure.” Mrs Fellows stared at me, daring me to speak.

Still very worried about upsetting the Headmistress I asked quietly, “Is there another option Headmistress?”

Mrs Fellows looked at Mrs Dean and they nodded to each other. Mrs Fellows turned her gaze back to me and said, “There is another option. A weekend camp for young teachers who are capable of doing well but let themselves down by their, erm, attitude”

It sounded positive particularly if Mrs Fellows thought I was able to make the grade so I asked, “What will it involve Headmistress?”

“A few of the Headmistresses have got together and we each seem to have teachers, like you, with good potential but self-opinionated and sometimes a loose cannon. We have held a number of camps for you ladies and see if we can, well, calm you down, make you better teachers, in a sort of direct way.”

I looked at both women in turn suddenly realising that there was a downside and I guessed just what that was so asked, “Is their discipline involved?”

Mrs Fellows said in an almost exasperated tone, “Of course there is Laura, what else could I mean?”

“I’m sorry Headmistress,” I said quickly looking at the floor trying to be submissive.

“OK Laura, well, what do you say?”

I thought if I didn’t accept Mrs Fellows may just sack me anyway. On the other hand I did find the spanking I got today erotic, painful as well but my damp pussy definitely told me I wanted to suffer another spanking across the Headmistress’s lap. I asked, “Will you be there Headmistress?”

“Oh yes, in fact I dispense quite a lot of the discipline actually, although there are several of us who do.”

A further thought came to mind. “What are the sleeping arrangements Headmistress?”

“You will be in a dormitory of four and subject to a supervisor. In fact I am one of those supervisors.”

After a moment Mrs Fellows could tell I was wavering and said emphatically, “My advice young lady is to agree to the camp for, say, three weekends, and if it doesn’t do you any good we can revert to the staff meeting and discuss discipline here.”

That set my feelings alight and my pussy quivered. What a choice. Go to a camp where Mrs Fellows has said quite plainly I can expect to be spanked, or describe to my work colleagues how Mrs Fellows spanked me. Well that laid it out starkly enough. Mrs Fellows was a powerful woman and I had come to respect her today. I wasn’t sure about admitting being spanked to my colleagues. Not yet anyway. Maybe the camp won’t be that bad. I shall try it I decided. “OK Headmistress, the camp it is.”

“Good,” Mrs Fellows said in a definite tone. “The next camp is the weekend after next so I suggest you come to my house on Saturday and spend the weekend with me. I will explain things in greater detail. I will write out some instructions for you, do’s and don’ts I want you to adhere to when under my roof and the penalties if you don’t, as well as what to expect at the camp. Oh, my son will be there. He is grounded for two more weeks and I shall tell him you will be staying over. It will mean you will probably watch me spanking him, though on the other hand you do risk being spanked in front of him, if you break any of the ‘don’ts.’ Does that worry you Laura?”

Do’s and don’ts. That sounded ominous but I supposed I had agreed to go so would take it as it comes. My pussy quivered at the thought. “No Headmistress that will be fine with me.”

“Good Laura. Don’t worry too much. Spanking is a marvellous way to learn quickly believe me, it’s a tried and tested method and I am really rather expert at it”

I supposed I was going to get a few close-ups of the floor though for sure. Still, I will find out soon enough. I was told I could leave and slipped my knickers back on, very gently as they felt unusually tight, and left the Study. I walked past the gym and saw it was empty and checked my watch. My goodness, it was two and a half hours since I had entered the Headmistress’s study. I rubbed my bottom just as Mrs Dean walked past me.

“Mrs Fellows has high hopes for you Laura. She wants to be your mentor so doing as she demands will be good for you. Maybe not so good for your bottom but with her support you will go far. Please don’t let her down Laura.”

“I won’t Mrs Dean.”

“You might want to cover your legs as anyone seeing how red they are will know you have had them smacked very hard.”

I looked down and blushed, then looked back up at a smiling Mrs Dean. “Thank you Mrs Dean, I didn’t realise.”

Mrs Dean walked on and I went to the staffroom, opening the door carefully and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the room was empty. I went over to the mirror and lifted my gym skirt and saw just how red my legs were. I stepped out of my knickers and turned to look at myself in the mirror and gasped when I saw how red my bottom was, and saw several bruises coming up. How will I explain that to anyone I wondered? I ran my fingers over my bottom and then my palm moving my hand over my bottom and my legs and before I knew it between my legs and on my pussy. I needed to sit down saw the sofa and made for it, sat down and took my knickers off, gasping as my bottom hit even the soft seating but still managed to lie down, my fingers still caressing my wet pussy, my fingers exploring inside myself, finding my clit, stroking it, massaging it, until I groaned out loud in erotic delight, one of the most wondrous orgasms I had ever given myself.

I lay still, running my fingers over my stomach and breasts felt another quiver in my pussy and knew I was certainly looking forward to the weekend and strangely enough to the camp as well. 

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