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Laura’s Temper

Laura answers back rudely and pays the penalty by being spanked by several women
I knew my temper would get me in to trouble and as I left the room and ran up the stairs to Beccy’s bedroom I knew I was going to be given the most awful spanking. I knew I deserved it as I had been really silly and should have known better, did know better, and now I was going to pay. Boy, was Beccy going to make me pay.

It was another group meeting, my third, and we had all prepared another talk. Everyone arrived and Beccy had put on a bit of a spread for everyone before the meeting proper was due to start.

One thing was different this time. On the previous occasions everyone attending was female and all actual teachers or at least trainees. This time there were two men in the room.

One was Margaret’s son, Rob , going through teacher training school and brought along by his Mum, and he had a friend, Kevin , also going through teacher training. I suppose I was drawn to them because they were taking it all less seriously than the teachers. I got a glass of wine and walked over to them and we chatted. The first glass was followed by the second and then the third. They seemed well out of place, not just because they were men, but they were matching me for drinks whilst everyone else stuck to just one glass and nursed it. They weren’t too complimentary about the others there, and given the others had all seen me spanked last time around.

I quite enjoyed the boys flippancy, and they were full of themselves, out every night at this party or that party, getting home late and the like. I did find it strange though that when Margaret came over to us they both went all quiet, the boasting stopped and in fact they deferred to Margaret completely.

I rather liked them both, and although they were only 21, so years younger than me. I thought they were fun to be with. I even got invited to go out with them to a party next weekend. Cool I thought. I might get to see Margaret again at her home which would be nice as well.

Still, I was going to take the presentation seriously this time as I didn’t want another spanking. I got spanked on the first two meetings I attended which was OK, but Beccy made it clear she expected better from me so this time I was going to show her when I set my mind to something I made it work. Of course the drink didn’t help and I soon became argumentative. It was so unfair, or so I thought.

I had put in so much work for the presentation, I worked on the slides like forever, practised saying the presentation, even practiced a few questions. I was going to give the best presentation of everyone and when I was told to spank one of the losing two I was going to say, so magnanimously, let someone else give the loser a spanking. I was going to be the hero and love all the adoration, Beccy’s friends would be so jealous of me, and I would be cock-a-hoop.

Well, I would have been. Unfortunately I made the classic error. I was so enjoying the pre-drinks, the fourth and fifth glasses followed the first three, and when Beccy told me to stop I didn’t, what’s worse I answered her back rather sharply telling her to mind her own business.

One of the women said firmly, “You shouldn’t speak to Beccy like that you know.”

I turned to the woman and snapped, “Mind your own business, will you.”

That made the woman think judging from the look on her face. However, there was a general murmuring around the room, “Well really,” and “She should know better than that,” and, “If she were my daughter I wouldn’t let her talk to me like that.”

I knew I was going to be in trouble and next thing I knew I’m in the doghouse, well and truly.

In front of everyone Beccy said icily, “Laura, how dare you speak like that. Go to my bedroom right now and I'll come up and deal with you.”

I looked around and didn’t see a single sympathetic face. Not even the boys but to be fair they were blushing in embarrassment although I didn’t know if they were embarrassed by me or for me. I didn’t have time to ask and turned and left the room, hearing Beccy say, “I am so sorry people. You just enjoy yourselves whilst I deal with Laura, she is so childish at times.”

Childish? Me? I didn’t think so, not one bit, I’m a teacher after all, responsible, intelligent. What did she mean?

I heard another voice say, “Well Beccy, I think a good hard spanking will remind her to behave.”

Great I thought. Well of course I knew I was going to get spanked. I have often gone in to Beccy’s bedroom when she is there already, for a chat or to discuss clothes or the like, but I can’t remember the last time she sent me on ahead to her room and I wasn’t spanked. A one hundred per cent record and I was sure another spanking was about to get added.

I went straight in to her bedroom and as usual turned the chair in to the room and got the hairbrush from the drawer. It never struck me to question whether I was actually begging for the spanking by getting everything ready but it was second nature now. No matter how often she spanked me, and I knew every last one was earned, Beccy was still great fun to be with, and whilst we might be a generation apart in age she was a lovely chummy mummy friend to have, but such a hard spanker as well.

The door opened and Beccy strode in, looking so lovely in her black long sleeved dress, the hem well below her knee, her blond hair sitting on her shoulders, her green eyes flashing. I was always so taken by that sight. Scared on the one hand but in awe as well. Such a beautiful lady it didn’t seem possible she could spank so hard, but I knew once I was across her lap she was so controlled, so deliberate, and spanked so relentlessly.

A very cross looking Beccy demanded, “What are you playing at Laura? You were so rude to me. I don’t deserve that do I?”

I felt awful. “No of course not Beccy, I’m so so sorry. Will you ever forgive me?”

Beccy thought for a moment. “Well everyone is pretty fed up with you. They know I’m going to spank you. You know that as well don’t you?” Beccy’s eyes were still flashing with anger.

“Yes, I suppose,” I conceded.

“Well, I told you to come upstairs to quieten you down. Go and face the wall until I have decided what to do for the best.”

I asked, “What do you mean for the best?” Beccy had never spoken like that before.

Beccy flashed back, “I will decide how and where to discipline you, that’s what I mean Laura.”

“Where? Where else than here? I’ve got the things out already.”

“Will you stop arguing Laura? What is wrong with you?”

I knew what, several glasses of wine is what, and all the time I was digging myself a deeper and deeper hole.

Beccy continued, “I told everyone I was going to bring you back downstairs and punish you in the living room.”

“Punished?” I repeated feebly. “Downstairs,” I continued.

That meant in front of everyone. I didn’t mind being spanked in public, I had been often enough, but Rob and Kevin will see it and we were almost drinking pals.

Beccy said, “Yes punished, but in a useful way.”

I know I looked bemused

Beccy continued, “Yes, we are going to have a tutorial on the respective effect of a hand spanking and the plimsoll, and because you have been so rude all the testing will be on your bottom.”

I gasped.

Beccy had on her, ‘It serves you right,’ glare before continuing, “You will be put across a number of different laps. I tried to get everyone to agree to just me spanking you but the consensus was that more will be achieved if different people spank you and quite frankly I had to agree.”

“Oh,” is all I could say.

“Good,” Beccy said assuming my response was an agreement, which I suppose it was as I had no alternative.

Beccy is my chummy mummy and so controls my discipline and if she says I need to be spanked by someone else, or even several people, then I have to accept that. I suppose actually I don’t mind being spanked in public and some of the women downstairs are rather attractive, sexy even, and I knew my pussy was quivering at the thought so when Beccy pointed to the door I blushed, looked at the floor, and led her downstairs and back in to the living room.

I turned and asked Beccy, “Will Rob and Kevin be watching?”

Beccy looked stern saying, “They will be but they have other things on their mind. Margaret took them both in to the study and borrowed a couple of my hairbrushes, ones I’ve used on you, and she’s spent the last half an hour in there and all we have heard are howls of pain. They will be in the room but very sore.”

Well in a way that made me feel better, as drinks and partying might still be on with them. A strange way to feel as I was about to be spanked as well.

Anyway, I went downstairs and as I walked in to the living room I saw so many faces, some smiling, some admonishing, I again felt a buzz in my pussy at the thought of such public humiliation. It was a turn on for me and whilst I would not admit that even to Beccy I was so aroused. In fact thinking about being aroused I saw quite a number of the women with clenched thighs and hands between those thighs and wondered how many of them were turned on, and whether they wanted to spank me or even would like to be in my position and wanted to be spanked themselves. My pussy was positively alive at the thought. I glanced at the two boys and saw their faces were still tear stained and their eyes red. I nodded at them but they didn’t nod back and instead looked at Margaret, scared at her reaction. Wow, Margaret must be some strict woman to get that type of reaction. Good for her, I thought.

My thoughts were short lived though as Beccy started to explain what the tutorial would involve, as much for the ladies benefit as mine really.

“Ladies, we have discussed both the general benefits of reintroducing a corporal punishment discipline regime in our various schools and also whether that discipline should be restricted to the open palm or whether we should be able to use a plimsoll, or even the cane.”

Beccy looked at me when she said the cane as she had once threatened me with it and I begged her not to and she agreed.

Beccy continued, “Anyway, we won’t be using the cane, that will be for another time.”

I sighed with relief.

Beccy continued, “Today we have a volunteer, Laura, who will allow us all to actually try out disciplining a naughty bottom.”

Again Beccy looked at me daring me to object. I looked around the room and couldn’t help picturing myself across a number of the ladies laps being spanked and I still felt aroused at the thought of another public spanking. My only hold back was that these women are different to the ones at teacher’s camp as I will be seeing them again. Even being spanked for being in the last two when doing a presentation isn’t as bad as all that. However this is different as this a straight forward spanking for being rude. 28 years old and about to be spanked which is so humiliating but at the same time I was excited, aroused, and I suppose a willing participant.

“Beccy, Amanda will spank you first, her hand only, so everyone can get a close-up.”

I looked at Amanda, 50-ish I gauged and came across as a bit of a demon. She sat on the chair rolling up her sleeves to above her elbow which is a movement I always found so sexy. I walked over to her and stood by her side.

She spoke to the audience.

“I always like the person being spanked to bare their own bottom. It puts me in a definitely superior position.” She looked at me sternly and demanded, “Right Laura, take your skirt and knickers off.”

I tried to look at no one as I obeyed, unzipping my skirt and letting it fall to the ground which I now seemed to be doing so regularly, then stepping out of my knickers, no longer concerned so many women were staring at my pussy. I just caught Kevin’s eye and felt embarrassed though especially as the 21 year old was staring straight at my hair mound. I felt humiliated but supposed it was no different to a brother watching a sister undress before being spanked.

I turned to Amanda and she was right. Having undressed myself I certainly felt submissive towards her and as soon as she ordered, “Laura, get across my lap young lady,” I was totally doing what she told me.

I felt her hand rub my bottom as she continued, “Now this young lady has a most spankable bottom ladies,” and I heard murmurs of approval.

I wondered what a non-spankable bottom might look like but only fleetingly as I was getting more and more aroused by the firm rubbing around my bottom and the backs of my thighs.

Once the spanking started I wondered whether I was mad as Amanda certainly spanked very hard. I was soon gasping as spank followed spank all over my bottom and legs, no gaps, no breathers, no more nice rubbing, just hard spank after hard spank.

Amanda said as though presenting to the group, “Spanking the bottom is the start point and spanking alternate bottom cheeks is good to warm the bottom up, then lots of spanks on the same bottom cheek and even better on the same spot. Watch out for gasps and sobs as that means you are getting through to who you are spanking. However do not sympathise with the person being spanked because they are only across your lap because they deserve to be. That is the number one rule.”

I heard more murmurings between spanks and of course she was so right. I deserved to be spanked for being rude to Beccy in front of all these people and will learn my lesson from it.

Amanda continued, “Notice how the tops of the legs are particularly sensitive to repetitive spanking,” and as she spoke and spanked the backs of my legs I knew I was gasping louder squirming more and feeling positively sorry for myself.

The spanking went on for several more minutes with voices coming from all around with comments about how well Amanda was spanking me and how I really did deserve what I was getting. I wanted to scream out, ‘I agreed’ but quite frankly the spanking was so hard I couldn’t do anything other than gasp and cry. I was still crying after the spanking ended and I heard the instruction, “Get up Laura and face the wall for a while.”

I edged myself off Amanda’s lap and she took my arm leading me towards the wall.

“Hands on your head and I want your nose touching the wall young lady,” she ordered and when I turned to question her through tear filled eyes she gave me several hard smacks until I just turned put my hands on the top of my head and pressed my nose on the wall.

“At last we are getting somewhere,” Amanda said sounding very annoyed.

I couldn’t work out what I was thinking of by still disobeying her. How much simpler and far less painful just to do as I was told after all? I was still sobbing as the discussion went on behind me, quite a cheerful discussion actually with everyone quite upbeat as they discussed the spanking, how I was bent across Amanda’s lap, the way the colour of my bottom changed, my louder and louder gasps and sobs, how I squirmed around on her lap, and even how my head would rise as I let out the louder gasps. I hadn’t even realised I was doing that.

I heard someone say, “Well, if I spank her against the wall it should still hurt shouldn’t it?”

“Go and try.”

I felt someone next to me, an arm going around my front as though grasping my waist, a hand rubbing my bottom, and then the first of many many spanks.

“What do you think ladies?” What a question as I knew what I thought.

“Can you get to her legs in that position?”

The spanking went lower down my bottom and to the tops of my legs.

“You are right it isn’t that easy to spank her legs but it’s Ok for her bottom.”

“Let me try,” came another voice.

The first lady moved away and the second lady gripped me around my waist bending her body in to mine and the spanking re-commenced, first all over my bottom but moving downwards. This time there were some really hard smacks on the backs of my legs.

“See, you can do it but I agree spanking her bottom is easier.”

Two more women had a go and my bottom was soon stinging like crazy as I stood with my hands on my head. I accidently swung around reacting to a particularly hard set of spanks and knocked her head with my arm.

“Stand still,” she shrieked taking a step back and really swinging hard with spanks all over my bottom.

After several more spanks that lady stepped away and I was left alone again. My bottom really stung but as I calmed down I listened to the discussion and smiled, between sobs, as I heard them talk so nicely about the shape of my bottom, my slim legs, how the red glow showed how well I had been spanked, and as they talked I felt aroused again and quivers flew across my pussy at the thought of the spanking. Even when Beccy explained to the watching group the plimsoll will be used on me next I was getting even more aroused wondering how much it will sting, getting to the point that I wanted to be across someone’s lap, anyone’s lap, and have them spank me with the large sturdy implement.

I thought I was going to cum I was getting so aroused just as Amanda stood by me, slipped her arm around my waist and told me, “Legs apart Laura and stick your bottom out as I spank you again.”

I spread my legs and bent my bottom out as I felt Amanda rub my bottom getting ready to spank me. It came as a surprise though when the hand that gripped me ran down my stomach and her fingers brushed my pussy. I gasped just as Amanda landed her first spank and as spank followed spank so her fingers rubbed my pussy edging inside and as the spanks got harder so I felt myself cumming until unable to stop myself I gasped and groaned in orgasm as the spanks got harder and harder, it was the most wonderfully erotic feeling I had had.

Amanda removed her fingers from inside me but kept spanking me for a while before letting me go. I came back down with a thump, the final spanks hurting the most. I pushed my nose against the wall again as the stinging spread across my bottom. I waited, listening to the discussion, wondering if anyone had seen me cum, had seen Amanda make me cum, but there were no comments, not one. I wasn’t sure if I was pleased or upset.

Beccy announced, “Right, Laura, go across Simone’s lap now for the plimsoll.”

I turned and even through my tear filled eyes I saw Simone sitting on the chair and could make out the large white plimsoll just like the type I would wear to play tennis or badminton. I bent right across her lap wondering just how much this would hurt. As much as the hairbrush I wondered? Surely more than the hand?

Beccy said, “Now you all saw Amanda bring Laura to orgasm.”

I gasped just as so many voices said yes or uh huh or the like. I was so humiliated. Amanda had done it on purpose, made me cum, and what’s worse everyone knew she was doing it. I wanted the floor to open up but I was already across Simone’s lap.

“It is a well known fact that some people do get aroused sexually by being spanked, and get more and more aroused and will often masturbate afterwards when they are by themselves. What most will tell you is if the person masturbates before being spanked then they are no longer aroused by the spanking and it becomes a straightforward punishment.”

I nearly gagged. How could she say such a thing? I am right here after all, hearing every word, how I was fingered until I came, how humiliating.

I think Beccy knew exactly what I was thinking as she said, “Now I know Laura you might not be too happy about what has been done but I need you to focus. You are still under discipline for what you said to me and that still hurts me as much as your bottom hurts you. We need you to be as close as possible to a student about to be spanked who is not sexually aroused by being spanked. I know some are but this project is to consider those who are not. They suffer their punishment for what it is, a punishment and not something that excites them sexually. By bringing you to orgasm you are much closer mentally than you would normally be when about to be spanked.”

Great, I thought, even more humiliating, telling everyone I’m turned on by being spanked. Even if it is true it’s still so embarrassing to have it told out loud.

Beccy continued, “Now ladies, I don’t expect you to make your naughty students masturbate before you spank them.”

That got a lot of laughs.

“However you heard what I said. I want Laura to experience a discipline spanking when not getting aroused, so this is for her benefit really.”

I was shocked, even more humiliated, disbelieving my chummy mummy could do this to me. Mind you I had never thought Beccy knew I was so aroused by being spanked but she obviously did. It was almost obvious that my chummy mummy knew more than I reckoned she would know, but she did.

I was still speechless which is quite something for me, but I realised that actually I wasn’t looking forward to the plimsoll, not now. Beccy was right. I was feeling quite flat and as Simone rubbed my bottom I scrunched my face up knowing it was going to hurt, a lot. I looked across the room at Beccy as I lay across Simone’s lap and Beccy smiled at me. Yes she was teaching me another lesson and whilst I was so deflated sexually it was clearer than ever before that I needed to be spanked hard for being rude to Beccy, and yes my chummy mummy was doing the right thing for me after all. I wasn’t going to enjoy this one bit and I knew it. And knew I deserved it. What’s more, Beccy knew I needed a proper discipline spanking and has made sure I will get one. What a woman, and once again she is really thinking of me.

Simone said, “Now Laura, look on this as the second part of your punishment, no more and no less. You have been very naughty and deserve to be thoroughly punished. Do you understand Laura?”

I nodded and squeaked a, “Yes Simone, I do.”

The strange thing was I did agree. Now I wasn’t aroused I was thinking straight and could not believe I had been so rude to Beccy. My temper had got the better of me and now I was going to pay and in front of all these people. Yes I deserved to be spanked really hard and as Simone bounced the plimsoll lightly on my bottom a few times I held my breath knowing it was going to hurt but understood I needed to be punished as a penalty for rudeness. That understanding came in the cold light of what was going to be a non sexy non erotic increasingly painful discipline spanking.

Even so I wasn’t quite prepared for the spanking that followed. It was very much harder than the hand and whilst not as bad as the hairbrush, the plimsoll still came down with such a thud. I squirmed around on Simone’s lap as the heavy plimsoll thrashed down on my bottom again and again and rather than feel aroused I just felt the pain, a deeper and deeper pain. I was soon squirming around on Simone’s lap and my legs kicked as the heavy leathery sole of the plimsoll thrashed down all across my bare stinging bottom and even through my crying I made out the watching women discussing the spanking, how it was more effective that just the hand and how it should definitely be considered for second and third offenders.

Simone kept spanking me, hitting the same spot on the same bottom cheek time and again saying, “I hope you are learning from this Laura and will behave better in future.”

I nodded and just about got out between spanks, “Yes Simone, I am so sorry.”

“That’s a start anyway,” she said spanking me again and again.

Eventually the plimsoll stopped beating down on me and Simone said, “Back facing the wall Laura whilst we discuss this part of the punishment.”

I crawled off her lap and went over to the wall, pressed my nose against it, put my hands on my head, and cried as I felt so sorry for myself whilst the women discussed how impressed they were with the way the plimsoll really made me squeal. I didn’t realise I squealed but one thing for sure was that I knew it hurt.

As I stood facing the wall several of the women came up and still explaining their point of view to the others gave me dozens more hard spanks with the plimsoll. I felt an arm go around my waist as I was pulled in tight by woman after woman as they all tried out the plimsoll on me. None of the women spoke to me as they spanked me or included me in the discussion. They just spoke in spite of me and I felt so small, insignificant, continually humiliated, wanting desperately to get back in to everyone’s good books. One thing I knew, had learnt from my punishment, was that I was fully repentant and wanted to curb my bad temper in future. That thought even surprised me.

It was still quite a while before my ordeal was over what with so many women trying out the plimsoll on by ever increasingly sore bottom, some women spanking me more than once. Eventually though the spanking stopped, I heard giggles and laughter behind me.

Beccy turned me around and wagged her finger at me saying, “Well Laura the group thanks you for your help, but what did you learn?”

I was still sniffing and sobbing, but managed to say, “That I am really sorry I was rude to you and hope you will forgive me.” I turned to the group and added, “I am sorry to everyone as well and thank you for disciplining me.”

There were lots of murmurs such as, “You’re very welcome Laura,” and the like.

Beccy gave me a hug, patted my bottom and said with a smile in her voice, “Now that’s a very nice hot bottom, go and wash your face and rub some cream in, it’ll do you good.”

Beccy walked me to the door and when in the hall she closed the door and said to me, “Were you as aroused as when I spank you Laura?”

I replied earnestly, “Oh no Beccy, I don’t get aroused when you spank me, I really don’t.”

Beccy wasn’t convinced. “Well, just to make sure I am going to add masturbating to the reasons to spank you in future. Understood?”

It was at that moment that I realised the number of times I did masturbate after Beccy spanked me, almost every time I supposed. It was a stark realisation and one I didn’t know how to respond to.

I just said, “Of course Beccy, you’re in charge.”

Beccy gave me another hug and a kiss on my wet cheek and sent me upstairs. I washed my face, put cream on my bottom and went to my bedroom. I decided it was best to stay in my room until all the guests had gone and I lay on my tummy rubbing my stinging bottom reminding myself to tame my temper.

I played over in my mind being spanked during the afternoon, facing the wall which I supposed was a punishment in itself but nothing like being spanked, and the plimsoll was just so hard although now was the cause of the delightfully stinging after spanking feeling. I thought about finding being spanked so sexually arousing and as I lay there thought why shouldn’t I masturbate afterwards? So long as I accepted being disciplined then so what if I had a few orgasms afterwards and why should Beccy be so concerned?

OK, so I had a quick temper, if I accepted my punishment why shouldn’t I also satisfy my needs, my very strong sexual needs. I lay there knowing was working myself up about it but didn’t care and even allowed my fingers to stray under my tummy and between my legs rubbing my pussy through my knickers which were already damp in my sex juices. I was groaning as I pressed my finger through my knickers rubbing my pussy harder before running my fingers inside my knickers and along my wetter and wetter pussy lips.

Luckily I heard Beccy coming upstairs and just managed to pull my hand away and straighten my skirt as she knocked and came in. However she gave me a knowing look and must have heard my heavy sex fuelled breathing which wasn’t helped by me blushing when she asked sternly, “Laura, were you doing exactly what I told you not to do?”

I suppose almost being caught didn’t help and I was still annoyed that she set the new rule about masturbating in any case and just couldn’t stop myself snapping back with, “Shouldn’t you knock before barging in?”

Well I realised my mistake as soon as I said it and gulped before blurting out, “Beccy I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to snap, of course I won’t masturbate, I.... erm,”

Beccy looked so cross glaring at me, her beautiful green eyes flashing, her stern face looking so commanding, her posture so domineering as she put her finger up which I knew meant I had to stop talking.

“Enough Laura, answer me truthfully, were you masturbating just before I came in.”

I had been caught out. She knew I was masturbating but I reckoned she couldn’t prove it so I looked straight at her and lied.

“No,” I said.

“Really?” she snapped. “Take your knickers off right now.”

“Why?” I shot back.

“Laura, you will do as I ask, now take your knickers off and hand them to me.”

Suddenly I was scared she might spank me again and my bottom stung so much already. I couldn’t stop myself though, pulled my knickers off and threw them at her, like a sulking teenager.

“Here,” I said in a rage.

Beccy caught them. I knew what she was looking for and sure enough she held up my knickers and the dark sex juice stain was clearly there.

She glared at me with a, ‘Well?’ look on her face.

I was distraught, caught so easily, I admitted, “Sorry.”

“You are so silly Laura. If you had admitted you masturbated at least you would have been telling me the truth. Now not only were you deliberately disobeying my new rule but you lied as well.”

Well, that was clear. How come I only saw so clearly after I dug a deep hole for myself? It was my temper again, my short fuse.

Beccy looked like she was considering what to do.

She eventually said, “Put your knickers back on.”

My goodness, no punishment. What a win I thought as I quickly stepped back in to my knickers and stood still looking expectantly at my chummy mummy. Tall, beautiful, and now forgiving.

Beccy said, sternly, “Now you get back on the bed and I’m going to my bedroom.”

I was surprised. Was I grounded I wondered? I suppose that was at least better than a spanking.

Beccy continued, “I want you to masturbate with your knickers on and when you are done you will bring your knickers with you in to my room.”

“What the hell for?” I asked astounded.

“Simple Beccy. When you had an orgasm downstairs you weren’t aroused were you, you were deflated, and the spanking that followed hurt much more.”

Oh my goodness, again I had missed the point. Yes, that spanking was a painful discipline spanking and there were no delightful quivers in my pussy. It was a cold hard well deserved spanking and now with my reddened and sore bottom going across Beccy’s lap after masturbating was going to be dreadful.

“It’s always clear to you too late Laura isn’t it.”

“Yes,” I admitted as I walked over to Beccy and took my knickers from her.

“No rush Laura but it better be your juice on those knickers when you come in to my room, and once I am happy it is I will be using my hairbrush on your pretty bottom.”

I looked up.


“Oh yes, I agree with what the others thought downstairs. You have a very spankable bottom so I really don’t mind how many times I spank it. The important thing is that before I spank you you understand you have done wrong and need to be spanked. After seeing your reaction before to being spanked after masturbating I can see you found the experience more painful, and if you lie that is exactly what I want to achieve, so you get on with it and then I will deal with you.”

Beccy left my bedroom and I went to my bed and lay down. I ran my fingers over my knickers along my pussy and felt the dampness as I rubbed. I didn’t enjoy the experience although started to pant as I got closer and closer to my orgasm, groaning out loud as I came. I calmed down, my breathing quickly got back to normal and then just as Beccy said when I thought about the spanking to come I didn’t feel any highs, no light headedness, no picturing myself over Beccy’s lap being spanked. I just got off the bed and walked out of my bedroom, across the landing and knocked on Beccy’s door.

“Come in,” I heard her say.

I walked in and she was by her chair and sat down, the wicked looking wooden backed hairbrush in her hand. I walked over to her and without needing to be asked stepped out of my knickers giving them to her. She sort of smiled as she took them from me, quickly inspected them and put them to her nose.

“Yes, that’s you young lady.”

I was ashamed, humiliated, having my chummy mum smell my sex juice soiled knickers.

“Over you go,” she commanded sternly.

I bent down across her lap, her skirt still well below her knee so no cool skin to lie across. I was cold sober, no sense of arousal, there was nothing erotic about being up ended across her lap. On the other hand I regretted what I had done, yet again, furious with myself and of course Beccy had already pointed out to me how it was always so clear to me after I was told I was to be punished. At least Beccy was still prepared to discipline me, spend the time and effort needed, and for that I loved her, as a Mum. Yes, she is a gorgeously beautiful tall inspiring woman and one I am learning so much from. Yes, I get spanked a lot and yes, I repeat my stupidity time and again, but I am improving, I know I am.

I squirmed around and looked back up in to Beccy’s wonderful green eyes and said, “I know I have been awful to you, acting a bit like a spoilt brat, and know I deserve this.”

Beccy looked down at me, her eyes narrowing, and replied, “Rather more than a bit young lady, but at least you know you deserve this spanking, and judging from how red your bottom is from being spanked earlier you will know this is going to be very painful.”

“I guess so,” I replied, not looking forward to it at all.

It was quite something, me a teacher, teaching others respect whilst I need to be put across my chummy mummy’s lap to be taught respect as well. The teacher being taught was certainly educational for me. My life had improved since Beccy controlled me, disciplined me, and although being spanked was a painful price the teacher in me told me it was a price I knew was worth paying.

“Like I said young lady, I really don’t care how naughty you are nor how often, I will spank you just as many times as I need to, and this spanking will be one of the longest and hardest you will ever have received from me. Are you ready?”

I sniffed, half looked back, said, “Yes Mum, oh and thank you.”

“What for?” Beccy asked.

“For being so strict with me. I need it, I know I need it, and I know I need to be spanked.”

Beccy bounced the hairbrush on my bottom a few times as she said in a very loving tone,

“Oh Laura, don’t you see you silly thing, I love you like my own daughter and I won’t give up on you, no matter how naughty and rude and disrespectful you are. Just so you know the naughtier you are the longer and harder I will spank you, just as any Mum will who loves her daughter like I do.”

Beccy kept rubbing my bottom when she added with particular emphasis, “So don’t you worry your pretty bottom my girl because you are so going to get the longest hardest spanking of your life … so far.”

“Yes Mum,” I accepted. I took a deep breath, pensive as always as the spanking was about to start. The first spank with the hairbrush bit in to my already stinging bottom, followed without any gaps by spank after spank, and as I gasped and groaned and kicked my legs and squirmed around and my bottom stung more and more I hoped that at last this will teach me to behave, not to talk back, not to throw a temper tantrum, although in my heart of hearts I also hoped I kept doing all those things because being spanked was important to me.

To suffer the humiliation and the pain, and I had little doubt later on, in bed, lying on my tummy, (because there will be no way I will sleep on my back today tomorrow or the day after that), I will experience the sensational erotic delights of multiple orgasms that I give myself each and every time I am a naughty girl and spanked for it.

As I started to cry I looked down at the floor, and was thanking my lucky stars I had such a great and understanding chummy mummy who was happy to put me across her lap and discipline me. I didn’t need it to be sexy though. After all I was across my chummy mummy’s lap in what is my most favourite submissive position, looking at the floor and the backs of her legs, her hand rubbing my bare bottom before a well deserved spanking, painfully reduced to tears, to be followed by protective motherly hugs. The teacher was about to be taught once again.

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