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Nina and Makalea

Makalea stays with Nina and her strict Mum who spanks them both

Sylvia, who has given us the Makalea and Malena stories, has asked for Makalea to meet Nina’s strict Mum. This is their story:

38 year old Nina was crying, having been spanked by her Mum, and was still crying as she watched 20 year old Makalea being spanked. Makalea’s cries filled the room together with Nina’s slowly receding sobbing and sniffing and of course the sound of the thick wooden paddle, with holes in for extra impact, spanking down hard on Makalea’s bare bottom. Makalea’s bottom was now no longer its usual sexy pretty light brown but a lush red and would soon be a bruised dark red. Nina had to stand with her hands on her head even though she wanted to rub her own stinging bottom. But she knew she would have to wait for her Mum to give her permission to rub, and that won’t be until after Makalea’s spanking was over. Nina struggled to stop herself crying.

Her Mum was furious when she had caught them arguing once again and said immediately Nina was going to get a spanking. Nina’s Mum picked up the phone and dialled Makaela’s Mum, Kasmira, and said, “I am sorry to have to call you again but I have to spank Nina and I think Makalea needs a spanking as well.”

Makalea said, “No Mummy , I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Kasmira wasn’t sympathetic and said, “Silence Makalea, if Lynn says you need a spanking then you do.” She then directed her response to Nina’s Mum, “So Lynn, spank Makalea if she needs it, and once again one she will remember making sure she will not be able to sit down comfortably for several hours afterwards.”

Nina’s Mum said emphatically, “No problem.”

Once the phone call ended, Nina’s Mum scolded Makalea, who could never argue against a dominant woman like Nina’s Mum and accepted she was going to be punished. Minutes later, 38 year old Nina was across her Mum’s lap, looking at the carpet, her bottom rubbed by her Mum’s open palm, spanked very hard with her hand, then spanked even harder with the paddle. Now it was Makalea’s turn, and the 20 year old was squirming and kicking as the paddle was spanking her bottom and Makalea was crying her eyes out.

Nina played over the last few days in her mind, from the moment Makalea arrived at her house to right now as Makalea was being spanked once again. She sniffed as she thought how at first she had not really wanted to have the 20 year old brat Makalea staying with her but then she discovered they had so much in common. Not her work ethic for sure as Makalea was certainly very lazy, nor her taste in clothes and particularly underwear as Makalea wore more garish colours and clothes that showed off her voluptuous figure. However what they shared were Mum’s who were very strict with them never giving an inch when they are naughty. That means both she and Makalea share the fact both are spanked by their Mum’s.

Nina was sure surprised when she was asked to babysit Makalea for the week. Nina met Kasmira at a mutual friends house six months before and became friendly. Kasmira at 40 years old was just older than Nina. One fateful meeting, over several drinks at a club, Kasmira spoke about her daughter telling Nina how difficult a child she was and maybe without thinking told Nina that she still spanked her 20 year old daughter. Nina had looked startled and Kasmira asked if that was because she was surprised a 20 year old was still spanked. Nina remembered her reply, probably rueing it in fact, when she had told Kasmira that she will be even more surprised that at 38 years old she was still spanked by her Mum.

‘No way,"Kasmira had said, and looked astonished.

Nina repeated quietly, “Yes, I am still spanked at 38 years old.”

So when Kasmira said she was going away for a week to the coast, she asked if Makalea could stay at Nina’s as she was uneasy leaving her at home by herself. Nina pointed out she worked during the week but was sure her Mum won’t mind looking after Makalea during the week. So it was agreed Makalea could stay at Nina’s. Nina though was rather taken aback when Kasmira asked Nina if she could speak to her Mum. After the surprise question Nina dialled her Mum on her mobile, made the introduction, and handed the mobile to Kasmira.

“Hullo, Lynn isn’t it?”

Nina’s Mum replied, “Yes, that’s right, and you are Kasmira?”

“Yes. Nina has agreed to Makalea staying with you for the week. I know Nina works so Makalea will be alone with you during the week. I hope that is ok with you.” Nina was miffed that even though she had agreed already Kasmira, her friend, deemed it necessary to ask her Mum still.

“No problem with that," Nina’s Mum said happily, thinking it will be nice to have a youngster around the house for a week or so.

Kasmira continued, “I just wanted to tell you that whilst Makalea is normally pretty well behaved, I do have to discipline her from time to time. Nina tells me you have to discipline her as well.”

Lynn replied candidly, “Yes, more often that you would think. Well, far more often actually.”

Kasmira looked at Nina and asked, “What, more than once a week?”

“Usually, yes.”

Kasmira looked at Nina wide eyed and expected her to be embarrassed listening to someone close to her own age discussing her being spanked with her own Mum. Nina wasn’t though as she was used to being spanked by woman of all ages, including teenagers. This is was nothing in comparison.

Focussing again on the phone call Kasmira continued, “Oh right, fair enough, well I just want to say that if Makalea is naughty then you have my permission to put her across your lap and give her a good hard spanking.”

Lynn was surprised and her tone of voice reflected just that when she replied, “Good to know, that will help with Makalea’s behaviour I am sure.”

Nina wondered what Makalea would think about her Mum having disciplinary control over her and intended asking her when she arrived.

The following Friday evening Makalea arrived at Nina’s house. Nina welcomed the 20 year old who she thought was certainly attractive and larger than life, bubbly, large breasts, pretty long hair, but respectful, and Nina wondered how come her Mum thought Makalea would be naughty. Nina didn’t know this is how Makalea always started, being nice. However it never took long for the 20 year old to talk down to anyone less attractive than herself, or poorer, and Makalea was the daughter of a millionaire so she was richer than most, at least she was rich because of her Dad.

Nina’s Mum came in and welcomed Makalea. “Hullo, I’m Nina’s Mum. I think it will be best if you call me Mrs Lynn. Is that OK?”

Nina knew it was only recently that her Mum liked to be called by her first name, well by everyone other than Nina. She was called Grandma Lynn by her grandchildren, so Makalea calling her Mrs Lynn fitted well.

“Hullo Mrs Lynn,” Makalea said respectfully, “I’m very pleased to meet you and thank you for letting me stay with you.”

“My pleasure,” Lynn replied with a smile, turning to Nina and saying, “Show Makalea to her room and help her settle in will you please Nina.”

Nina obliged and half an hour later Nina and Makalea were back downstairs in the kitchen to find Lynn preparing dinner. Nina’s Mum took the opportunity to set out some rules, ending with, “So Makalea, you know how I like well-behaved young ladies here and I am sure you will be, but your Mum has given me authority to spank you if you earn one.”

Nina looked at Makalea expecting her to be surprised, but instead Makalea blushed and replied, “Yes Mrs Lynn. My Mummy told me that and I do understand. She told me that I can expect to be spanked very hard if I need to be but I will try my best to be well behaved.”

“Good Makalea,” Lynn said seriously, “In which case we understand each other.”

Nina thought the conversation was over but gasped when her Mum continued, “Did your Mum tell you I spank Nina?”

Nina was about to say something but managed to stop herself knowing any rudeness now would be bound to earn her a spanking.

Nina was subdued though when Makalea replied, “Yes she did Mrs Lynn, and in fact you spank her quite often I believe.”

“Yes, very regularly actually. Tell me, does your Mum use only her hand when spanking you?”

Nina almost spluttered saying, “Mum, you make it sound as though Makalea will definitely be getting a spanking whilst she is here.”

Nina’s Mum looked sternly at her daughter and replied, “Well Nina, I need to know because I won’t really be able to ask when the occasion arises as who knows what Makalea will say then and I will want to spank her hard enough so she learns by it.”

Makalea answered, “I understand Mrs Lynn, when Mummy is really annoyed with me then as well as her hand she uses a heavy belt on me, that is her favourite, although recently she has used a switch on me, one I have to pick from the garden myself.” Makalea added after a moment, “It really hurts actually.”

Nina’s Mum said to her daughter, “See Nina, Makalea understands. It’s a pity you don’t seem to.”

“Sorry Mum,” Nina conceded.

Nina’s Mum told Nina and Makalea, “I am going to make dinner. You two go upstairs and do something together.”

Nina was a bit put out as after all she was tired from a hard day at the office and didn’t particularly want to socialise with a 20 year old. Still she could tell from her Mum’s tone that she would have to do just that so Nina and Makalea went upstairs.

Nina said, “I’m just going to change so you go to your room and I’ll come and find you.”

Makalea said, “You dress very smartly Nina. Mummy tells me you always wear very sexy underwear as well. Can I see some of it please?”

Nina was taken by surprise but remembered she had told Kasmira about her love of sexy underwear but was hadn’t expected her to tell Makalea. Still, if the 20 year old really liked underwear then Nina certainly had some pretty stuff to show her. Nina decided to be friendly and said, “OK Makalea, come with me and I’ll show you some really cool underwear.”

Makalea smiled and followed Nina to her bedroom and sat on her bed. Nina went to her drawers and got out a few matching sets of bra’s and knickers.

“Wow, they are cool.” Makalea said almost cooing, certainly upset that they are so much nicer prettier and sexier than her own underwear. Makalea got quite sniffy in fact and as Nina got out one sexy bra or pair of knickers or thong or basque after another so she got more and more jealous. “I’ll try them on,” Makalea insisted when she saw a set that blew her away.

Nina wasn’t so happy about that. “Well I don’t think so Makalea as they are mine but I can tell you where to buy them.”

Makalea got annoyed. “Look here Nina, I’m really rich so if I want to try them on I will.”

Nina wasn’t having any of that. “Rich? Why does that matter. No doubt that is daddy’s money whereas I have earned my money and can afford these myself.”

Makalea picked up one of Nina’s favourite underwear set, stood up and made her way to the bedroom door. Nina shouted, “No way Makalea,” and made a grab for the 20 year old.

Makalea struggled free and got out in to the hall. Nina followed her and shouted for her to stop.

“I will not,” Makalea shouted back and got to the bathroom.

Nina got to the bathroom door just as Makalea pushed it shut and locked it. Nina shouted through the door and thumped on the door as well. Nina was livid with the 20 year old and started to swear whilst still thumping the door.

Suddenly there was a voice behind her, it was her Mum. “Nina, stop that now, I’ve never heard such a lot of noise.”

Nina was still incensed turning towards her Mum and still shouting said, “The little bitch has taken my underwear, you know my favourite set and is trying it on,” pointing at the bathroom door and again smacking her hand against it.

Nina’s Mum held up her hand and that snapped Nina out of her rage, thinking instead how easily she might end up across her Mum’s lap. What was worse Makalea might even get to watch.

Nina’s Mum said through the door very firmly, “Makalea please come out.”

Makalea shouted through the door, “She might hit me.”

Nina’s Mum stayed calm and said, “No she won’t,” looked at her 38 year old daughter and said, “Nina won’t ever hit you Makalea, she’s too nice for that.”

Makalea opened the door and looked out saw Nina’s Mum so opened the door wide and stepped out.

Nina’s Mum said with some surprise, “Oh, I see you put the underwear on. That was quick. ”Makalea stood there in Nina’s bra and knickers set and Nina’s Mum knew instinctively Nina would never have agreed to anyone else wearing them. She looked from one to the other deciding what to do. Well in fact she had already decided Nina needed to be spanked, the noise was just too much for Nina to be allowed to get away without being punished especially as she had sworn as well. She was weighing up what to do about Makalea. She must be lying as Nina was so possessive of this particular underwear set. Her mind was made up though when Makalea said,

“Nina said I could try them on then changed her mind.”

Nina’s Mum said straight away, “That might be, but you were shouting as well and slammed the door and now look at you, you put the underwear on anyway even though you knew Nina really objected.”

“That’s not fair,” Makalea bemoaned.

“I’ll be the judge of what is fair or not young lady,” Nina’s Mum said sternly, pleased that at last Makalea was quiet. She continued after a gap, “Both of you go to my bedroom, I will deal with you there.”

Nina knew exactly what was going to happen but Makalea asked, “What do you mean deal with us Mrs Lynn?”

Nina’s Mum glared at Makalea and said sharply, “It means you will be getting what you deserve, a good hard spanking.”

Makalea again said, “It wasn’t my fault, I told you that Lynn.” As soon as she saw how cross Nina’s Mum was she added quietly, “I mean Mrs Lynn.”

Nina’s Mum pointed to her bedroom and ordered, “Follow Nina in there or else it will be far worse for you young lady.”

Makalea stamped her foot but followed Nina in to the bedroom glaring at Nina when she saw her saying again, “This is your fault.”

Nina knew to stay silent and let her Mum deal with Makalea which from past experience will mean a much harder spanking than she would have got otherwise.

Nina’s Mum heard what Makalea said and said sharply, “You know what Makalea let’s phone your Mother and see what she says.”

Makalea wanted to object but had no choice but to agree. “OK,” she said.

The phone call was made and Nina’s Mum explained, “So that’s my quandary. I will be spanking Nina and think Makalea needs to be spanked as well.”

Makalea decided to argue. “No Mummy, that’s not true. I thought Nina said I could try her underwear on and so went to the bathroom to get changed then all of a sudden she flipped and started shouting at me. Honest Mummy, I am not to blame for anything.”

Makalea’s mother was silent for a moment, and then asked, “Lynn, I know you are strict but fair. Does my daughter need to be spanked?”

Nina’s Mum said in a very definite tone, “Most certainly, a good long hard spanking in fact.”

Makalea shouted out, “No I don’t Mummy, please don’t let her.”

Kasmira answered just as firmly as Nina’s Mum had done. “No Makalea, I trust Mrs Lynn so you will have to be spanked.”

Nina had stayed very quiet as she knew she was going to be spanked anyway but was inwardly delighted Makalea will be getting spanked as well. Better was to come.

Makalea tried, “But Mummy, Mrs Lynn is so old surely you should just spank me when I get home.”

Kasmira replied, “Oh don’t worry about that Makalea, because when you get home I’ll be spanking you anyway. You know I will. Mrs Lynn will spank you as well and the more you disagree the more I know you deserve it.”

Makalea looked at the floor and blushed, giving up. Kasmira continued, “So Lynn, can you make sure it is a very long and hard spanking please.”

Nina’s Mum spoke in to the phone, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she gets a very red bottom.”

“Yes please, every square inch must be bright red. I would usually use a belt on her bottom when she has been so rude.”

“Oh well Kasmira I use my hand. I do like to give a good hand spanking, but then I now use a wooden paddle with holes in it which delivers a very hard spank.”

“That sounds very good. Please can you have Makalea phone me straight after the spanking so I can hear her crying?”

“No problem with that. I’ll be spanking Nina first so it will be quite a while, probably the best part of an hour.”

“That is fine. I’m enjoying the beach so call me when you are done, I’ll keep the phone by me .” After a moment she added, “I’ll tell Malena her older sister is going to get a spanking which will make her better behaved I hope. Anyway, I’ll hear from you an hour or so.”

Nina’s Mum ended the call and looked at her daughter.” Right Nina, get undressed.”

Nina groaned realising the spanking was now just moments away. She slipped off her shirt and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She put her arms behind her and unclipped her bra and slipped the straps down her arms, then stepped out of her knickers. She stood naked in front of her Mum.

Makalea looked at the naked 38 year old and wondered how come a woman who was just younger than her own mother was still spanked. She was 20 years old and still spanked but reckoned that would stop in a year or two. Mind you the tone her Mummy used with her just now was very similar to the way she spoke to her a few years ago so maybe she was being optimistic and she will be spanked for several more years. However she was certain she will not be spanked when she is 38 years old. Makalea saw Nina’s nipples were erect, just as her own were before a spanking, and wondered if Nina masturbated after being spanked just like she did. How strange would that be she thought.

Nina was told sternly by her Mum, “Get across my lap Nina.”

Nina did as she was told and soon was looking at the floor knowing her bottom was perched on her Mum’s lap and her Mum’s hand was rubbing her bottom.

Nina’s Mum looked at Makalea and said, “Put your hands on your head Makalea, that’s how I like naughty girls to stand when they are waiting to be spanked.”

Makalea slowly raised her hands and clasped them above her head, looking intently at Nina’s clear unmarked bottom, knowing that very soon it will be a rich burning red. As she looked so Nina’s Mum raised her hand and brought it down hard on one of Nina’s bare bottom cheeks, quickly followed by another spank on her other bare bottom cheek. Makalea looked on as the spanking progressed apace, Nina’s bottom cheeks swirling around in direct reaction to the hand spanking. Nina was gasping and grunting, louder as the spanking was directed to the tops of Nina’s legs.

Makalea had looked at the clock as the spanking started and when she looked again the hand spanking had been going on for 15 minutes already and there was no sign of the spanking ending. Makalea noted finally the hand spanking lasted a full 20 minutes and Nina’s bottom was bright red by then.

Nina’s Mum picked up the wicked looking paddle, a series of holes cut out, and Makalea had no real idea of the reason. Nina’s Mum lifted the paddle up and when she brought it down hard on Nina’s bottom it became clear. Nina shrieked out loud, her head bucked up, her legs kicked. The pain was clear. Worse, Nina’s Mum kept on spanking Nina with the paddle and the shrieks got louder, and the tears flowed down her face. The spanking was far more intense than Makalea had anticipated. However she also knew she was getting aroused by the ever reddening colour of Nina’s bottom. Nina’s kicking legs sent her pussy quivering, and watching Nina’s head bucking was sexually erotic. Makalea was even wondering just how stingy the paddle was, almost couldn’t wait for her turn, almost anyway because as Nina cried out so Makalea closed her eyes picturing herself crying out, knowing she will be soon, and yet still she felt so aroused.

Makalea heard Nina’s Mum order, “OK Nina, you can get up.”

Nina was crying as she edged herself off her Mum’s lap and as soon as she got up she looked pleadingly at her Mum who pursed her lips, appeared to concede, and said almost reluctantly, “OK you can rub.”

Nina’s hands flew to her bottom and she started to rub her bottom so fast. Makalea watched as Nina’s breasts bounced around as she rubbed, and the 38 year old was still sobbing as she rubbed.

Makalea then heard, “Right Makalea it’s your turn. Put the phone on the floor in front of you. Your Mum was the last number I called so redial will get her when we are finished.”

Makalea licked her lips as she fetched the phone and as instructed placed it on the floor before stepping to Mrs Lynn’s side and bending across her lap, a motion she had carried out so many times before, but she felt the difference in the lap she was now across compared to her own Mum. Mrs Lynn’s thighs were not was wide, nor as fleshy but comfortable nevertheless, and when Makalea looked at Mrs Lynn’s calf’s they were slimmer, her own Mum having chubby legs really. Makalea looked at the floor and at the phone and thought back to watching Nina getting spanked. Well now it was her turn.

Nina’s Mum spanked Makalea’s left bare bottom cheek and just as with Nina spanked her other bare bottom cheek and then continued apace and as she spanked Nina watched how Makalea’s ample bottom ebbed and flowed, swirled even, and Makalea was gasping, making ‘ow’ sounds, but stayed in place accepting the spanking. Makalea struggled more when the spanks landed on her fleshy thighs, shouting out as the sting spread across the backs of her legs. Makalea knew she deserved the spanking but even so it hurt much more than she had anticipated.

Nina’s Mum watched the back of Makalea’s head making sure the power of her spanks were more than the naughty 20 year old could handle comfortably but not so hard to make her struggle overly. That would change when the paddle was used but Nina’s Mum knew that, and fully intended giving Makalea a lesson she will learn.

Nina watched her Mum spanking Makalea so hard and noticed fifteen minutes hand spanking came and went and still her Mum was spanking with her open palm. It never ceased to amaze her just how hard and for how long her Mum could spank.

After 20 minutes Nina’s Mum said sternly, “Now for the paddle Makalea.”

Makalea was sobbing as the wooden paddle with the drilled holes was bounced a few times on her red and already sore bottom. There was a gap as Nina’s Mum lifted the paddle high, giving a last look at the back of the 20 year olds head before bringing the paddle down hard on Makalea’s bottom. Makalea shrieked, her head bucked, her legs kicked, the pain was awful, just as she had imagined it would as she watched the same paddle used on Nina’s bottom. If Makalea thought the stinging pain couldn’t get any worse she was wrong, oh so wrong, because as the paddle was brought down with a heavy spank time and again so the stinging intensified, and the crying started.

Nina watched as Makalea’s large breasts bounced off Nina’s Mums legs as her chest heaved with her sobbing. Nina kept rubbing her very sore bottom but seeing Makalea get spanked so hard aroused her and she knew she would be able to masturbate several times afterwards and give herself such mind blowing orgasms as she re-played the spanks with her fingers pressing her pussy lips and clit. Nina saw that Makalea’s legs were apart and that her own pussy hair was glistening. Did Makalea find being spanked erotic just as she did she wondered?

Nina reckoned her Mum gave the hapless Makalea two hundred spanks with the paddle before saying in her strict tone, “Makalea you can phone your Mum.”

Makalea panicked as she lay across Nina’s Mums lap her chest heaving her bottom stinging, as she tried to find the phone on the floor. Her hands scrabbled around but by mistake she pushed the phone away, and because her eyes were full of tears she just couldn’t see the phone. Nina helped by kicking the phone almost in to Makalea’s groping hand. Nina looked at her Mum who smiled, yes that was a nice thing to do.

Makalea looked at the phone and still could not see the one key she needed, the redial key. Nina’s Mum saw Makalea struggle and happy that she really had punished the 20 year old well tut tutted, took the phone, pressed redial, waited for an answer, and when it was answered said, “I have Makalea for you,” and put the phone in Makalea’s hand, setting the loudspeaker to on..

Makalea however could not speak, all she could do was cry, deep sobbing cries, and even though her Mum was shouting at her down the phone still Makalea could not answer. Nina almost wet herself watching the 20 year old with the large very red and bruised bottom. Kasmira kept asking her daughter to answer but all she got were more sobs.

Eventually Nina’s Mum took the phone and said, “Well I am afraid Makalea cannot speak but she is crying.”

Kasmira said, “Yes well I am sure it will have done her a lot of good, but tell me is the whole of her bottom a deep red, no lighter areas?”

Nina’s Mum had a closer look at Makalea’s bottom and had to admit, “There are a couple of areas not as red as the rest.”

“I see, well can you please spank her some more to even out the colours.”

Makalea heard the comment and shrieked, kicked her legs and shook her head, but still couldn’t say anything other than a very wet sobby ‘Nooo.”

Nina’s Mum put her hand on Makalea’s waist, held her firmly, and said, “You heard what your Mother said,” lifted the paddle and brought it down hard again on the 20 year olds bottom, trying to aim for the very areas she had said were not as deep a red as the main area of Makalea’s ample bottom.

Makalea kicked her legs but stayed in place knowing the penalty for trying to get up will be a spanking every morning and every night for a week, something she had had to suffer twice in her lifetime and never wanted to suffer again so she forced herself to accept the punishment as after all her Mummy loved her and only spanked her because it did her good.

Of course Makalea knew that masturbating afterwards was also much better the more her bottom stung. Makalea didn’t know Nina also enjoyed masturbating after a spanking nor that right then Nina was so turned on by watching the spanking and even though she was still rubbing her own bottom her pussy was quivering.

Nina’s Mum gave Makalea about thirty extra spanks with the paddle before saying out loud, “The colour is better now.”

Nina nearly came when she realised Kasmira had been listening to the extra spanking and the phone was just inches from Makalea’s shrieks. Her voice came out loud and clear, “Good, then remind Makalea she will be getting another spanking when she gets home, well actually another spanking for every one you have to give her so maybe far more than one spanking.”

Nina’s Mum rubbed Makalea’s bottom and asked, “Did you hear that Makalea?”

Makalea still couldn’t speak but nodded her head vigorously even as she dribbled mucous on to the floor. Makalea was humiliated as she knew she only dribbled after a very very hard spanking so she knew the one she had just received was extra hard.

Nina’s Mum said in to the phone, “Makalea nodded so she knows.”

“Good, then I must thank you for your effort Lynn.”

“Hey, no problem.” Nina’s Mum continued, and then told the hapless 20 year old, “You can get up Makalea and rub away.”

Makalea joined Nina standing up and rubbing as furiously as Nina had done, her breasts wobbling, her pussy showing and Nina’s Mum now also saw her hair was glistening so knew the 20 year old was turned on, confirmed as her nipples were taut. Yes this young lady might bleat about being spanked but she wanted to be. It was at that moment Nina’s Mum decided she would be spanking the 20 year old again.

Satisfied anyway with her exertions she said to Nina, “Take Makalea upstairs and tidy yourselves up.”

Nina watched as her Mum turned away switched on the TV and settled down. It was definitely a sign she had to go upstairs and be quiet. Nina took Makalea by the hand and led the still crying 20 year old upstairs. They were both still rubbing their bottoms although Nina was easily the calmer of the two. They went to the bathroom and Nina turned to Makalea and asked, “You OK?”

Makalea was now just sobbing, nodded, and threw her arms around Nina kissing her on the lips. Nina allowed the kiss for a few moments then pulled herself away saying, “I have a far better use for your tongue. Let’s go to my bedroom.”

Makalea nodded and allowed herself to be led across the hall. Nina stopped a moment and listening knew the TV was on loud enough to cover any noises and continued in to her bedroom. Nina sat on the bed, gently pulled Makalea down on to her knees and guided her head between her legs. Makalea didn’t need any more instructions and her tongue shot out licking Nina’s wet pussy, and Makalea sucked and licked Nina’s already juice filled pussy, up and down, Nina’s sex juice covering her tongue and her lips. Makalea soaked up the sweet smell of Nina’s wet pussy. Nina groaned and gasped as Makalea licked her closer and closer to orgasm, Nina gasping louder and louder until she let out a long sex filled orgasmic gasp, one of her best orgasms ever.

Nina held Makalea’s head in place until she had calmed down and Makalea kept lightly kissing Nina’s pussy. Nina waited until she felt relaxed before she released Makalea’s head and looked at her, smiling and said, “Lie on the bed and I’ll do you young lady.”

Makalea stood up and said, “No no Nina, I don’t deserve it, really, I was so naughty, and I lied. You got spanked because of me.” Makalea walked to the bedroom door, “No Nina, that was my way of saying sorry, but I will go back to my room and do my usual, masturbate I mean.”

“OK Makalea, I understand, I suppose.” Nina was becoming sympathetic to the brat.

Makalea looked as though she was going to ask something, stopped, then plucked up the courage to ask Nina, “How come you are 38 years old and still spanked?”

Nina was about to be really sarcastic but realised Makalea was serious. “Well, I get benefits. I don’t do any housework, or even tidy my room. On the other hand Mum has disciplinary control over me and treats me like a teenager, so spanks me when I need it.” Nina waited a moment then added, “You on the other hand are given lots of money and in return your Mum has disciplinary control over you. Give up the money and she loses that control.”

Makalea looked shocked, “Oh, I can’t give up the money, it means too much to me.”

“So there you have it, you will also be spanked when you are 38 years old and who knows maybe 48 years old as well.”

Makalea said as though winning a point, “Yes but maybe Mummy won’t be able to spank me then and I’ll still have the money.”

Nina knocked the brat back with a quick, “There will be others she can give the authority to. Maybe a niece for instance who will control you even though she might be much younger than you.”

Makalea thought about her bratty niece and wondered whether she would end up across her lap. Maybe Nina was right. “Anyway Nina, I understand and reckon I’ll be spanked for a lot of years yet.”

Nina cheered her up with, “Hey but there are benefits, like what you just did to me because the spanking got me so aroused, and you as well I guess.”

Makalea laughed. Yes I am aroused, even with my sore bottom and that has earned me a spanking from my Mummy when I get home don’t forget.”

“I haven’t forgotten that at all Makalea.”

Makalea said, “Well I am going to masturbate now so I’ll see you later Nina.”

Nina realised she couldn’t hear the TV so reckoned her Mum would be upstairs soon. She said to Makalea, “You be careful, Mum won’t go lightly if she catches you masturbating.”

Makalea nodded, then left Nina’s bedroom and went in to her own. Moments later she took her vibrator out of her case and was on her bed still naked. She licked her fingers before running her fingers along her wet pussy as she was thinking through her spanking by Nina’s Mum. She picked up her vibrator and soon the buzzing head was increasing the intensity of what will soon be her orgasm. Makalea was so used to masturbating after a spanking and she loved the way her stinging bottom made her so aroused.

The bedroom door opened and Nina’s Mum stormed in, saying sternly, “What are you doing you little hussy?”

Makalea looked aghast the vibrator still buzzing with its head still inside her wet pussy. She swallowed hard and slowly lifted the vibrator away from her pussy, biting her lip, looking up and seeing Nina’s so cross Mum.

Nina’s Mum continued, “Put that thing down and stand up right now.”

Makalea dropped the vibrator on to the bed and quickly stood up, suddenly trying to make herself look as obedient as possible, stuttering, “I’m so sorry Mrs Lynn, I mean.”

Nina’s Mum held her hand up and Makalea saw just how strict Nina’s Mum was, and how dominant.

Nina’s Mum sat on the chair and looked at Makalea’s glistening pussy hair and said sternly, “Look at yourself girl, look what you have done to yourself masturbating.”

Makalea looked at her sex juice covered pussy hair blushed and felt humiliated but at the same time so aroused by Mrs Lynn’s stern tone of voice and the knowledge she will soon be having her bottom spanked again.

Nina’s Mum ordered Makalea, “Well if being spanked gets you so aroused let me set you off again. Get across my lap now.”

Makalea knew she had this coming. Nina had told her to be careful but here she was, caught masturbating. She walked to Nina’s Mums side and bent down across her lap, once again having a very close up view of albeit a different carpet.

Nina’s Mum demanded, “What do you deserve Makalea?”

The 20 year old said to the floor, “I know I deserve a hard spanking Mrs Lynn.”

Nina’s Mum asked sternly, “Just a hard spanking?”

“No no Mrs Lynn, a really really hard spanking please so I cry for a very long time and cannot sit down comfortably for hours and hours.”

“I will do that for sure Makalea. Shall I tell your Mum?”

Makalea knew what that meant but was so aroused by the strict tone of Nina’s Mums voice. “Yes please Mrs Lynn, you must tell my Mummy so she will be sure to give me another spanking when I get home. I know I deserve it so much.”

“Then I will tell your Mum straight afterwards. “Nina’s Mum was satisfied with Makalea’s answer, was ready to spank the 20 year old but realised there was no paddle and snapped, “Just be thankful the paddle is downstairs so I will only use my hand, this time. However I will be spanking you for a good fifteen or even 20 minutes.”

Nina’s Mum spanked Makalea’s bare bottom, already so red and with blue and black bruises, Makalea once again gasped as the stinging spread right across her bottom.

Even though Makalea struggled with the ever increasing stinging pain she loved how strict Nina’s Mum was, and although the spanking was hurting so much she was also aroused just as she started to cry with the pain. The spanking was awful and sexy at the same time. Makalea cried out and squirmed and kicked and once again her tears pooled on the carpet as spank after spank hit her stinging bottom and the only sounds she heard were her of own crying and the echo of each hard spank.

Nina’s Mum was incensed that Makalea had masturbated and so spanked the 20 year old harder and harder, moving on to the tops of Makalea’s legs, gaining satisfaction the louder Makalea cried.

Nina stood by her door and listened to the spanking running her fingers along her pussy, and as Makalea cried louder and louder she lay on her bed and eased her fingers inside her pussy, also flicking her clit, bringing on yet another orgasm. Nina knew she was lucky it wasn’t her being spanked as her Mum could have come upstairs a few minutes earlier just as she had exploded in orgasm. Even now as she masturbated again listening to Makalea’s cries she knew the risk but so long as she heard the spanking she knew she was safe even as the first orgasm was followed by the second and then the third, stopping only when the sound of the spanking from Makalea’s bedroom stopped and only the cries from the 20 year old were heard.

Nina’s Mum stood at the bedroom door looking at a contrite Makalea and said, “When Nina masturbates I give her the cane.”

Makalea gasped at the word.

Nina’s Mum continued, “Next time I catch you masturbating you will get six strokes of the cane,” and when Makalea looked shocked Nina’s Mum continued, “Yes, six hard strokes, and the time after that nine strokes, then twelve all on your bare bottom after a good long hard spanking. Understood?”

Makalea stood madly rubbing her bottom still crying and just nodded.

Nina’s Mum looked satisfied and left the bedroom. Makalea looked at the shut door picturing the woman who had just disciplined her and had threatened to discipline her again, and wondered at how her pussy quivered at the threats even as she kept rubbing her bottom. Makalea couldn’t stop thinking about the cane. What was it like? How much could it hurt? More than a switch? She could ask Nina, as she has been caned. Why bother though? As much as the cane is bound to hurt she wanted to experience it. That was certain so she will decide when to masturbate again. She will let Nina’s Mum overhear her and so she will get the cane and as she thought about the cane so her pussy shivered in arousal, not by masturbating but just thinking of the cane whilst still rubbing her sore stinging bottom.

Nina stood in her bedroom still rubbing her bottom. She had heard her Mum threaten Makalea with the cane but knew how aroused she was after being caned herself. She became excited at the thought of the cane and decided she will earn a good caning tomorrow and maybe Makalea will earn a caning as well. That sounded so sexy, both getting the cane together, both howling in pain, then maybe Nina will return the favour to Makalea and lick her pussy until she has an orgasm. That would be so cool, well except for getting a very hot bottom of course.

Nina’s Mum was still fuming at Makalea’s behaviour and reckoned she needed to cane her. She nodded her head to herself. Yes, she will cane the naughty 20 year old tomorrow, she wasn’t sure for what reason but she just intended caning her. It will do her good. She smiled to herself knowing she will phone Kasmira now and tell her about Makalea’s second spanking. Kasmira will be very pleased she thought. Tomorrow she will another phone call telling Kasmira she has caned her daughter as well. She wondered just how many times she will spank Makalea during the week of her stay, and reckoned several times.

There were still several days before the incident with the underwear, and several more spankings for both Makalea and Nina before the 20 year old went home to a very angry Mummy with a very sore very red bottom but a healthy respect for Nina’s Mum.

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