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Nina Humbled

Nina is spanked by Lucy's Mum

Nina knew she had the spanking coming, had engineered it in fact. 38 years old. Hands on her head. Nose touching the wall. Toes right up against the wall as well. Her skirt removed. Her knickers removed. Her smooth bare bottom staring out in to the room. Her 15 minutes on the naughty spot was going slowly, as it always did, and her arms ached, waiting to be told it was time for her punishment proper to start.

In retrospect she knew she had gone too far, but she had so been looking forward to sleeping over with Lucy and her Mum. 38 year old Nina might be 23 year old Lucy’s boss at work but at home they both received their respective Mum’s discipline when needed, including being put across their laps and spanked until they cried, but then would go to their bedrooms when alone and bring themselves to multiple orgasms. Nina had been subject to her Mum’s discipline the whole of her life, but for Lucy it had only been a few weeks since she had agreed to accept her Mum’s discipline but had been spanked time and again since then. Lucy and Nina were also more than just boss and assistant at the office now as since that first spanking they had received together, both across the laps of their respective Mums, they had also been lovers, their age difference of no consequence.

Lucy had suggested it, that Nina should find out which Mum she thought spanked harder. Lucy had already been spanked by both Mum’s and decided Nina’s Mum spanked the harder, but after all these weeks Lucy said her Mum’s spankings had become much more severe and it was a close run thing.

Nina had overstepped the mark though. She wanted to make sure it was a proper spanking but even Nina should have realised Lucy’s Mum Sandra was getting annoyed, more and more annoyed the more Nina answered her back so rudely. Lucy tried to calm Nina down but the 38 year old just wanted to make sure she got the spanking. Well she was going to be spanked now, and good and proper.

Nina knew as soon as she was ordered to face the wall. “Move or speak and you will get 24 with the long handled wooden bath brush before we start young lady” was the threat. Nina was well aware that neither her Mum nor Lucy’s Mum ever issued an empty threat so the fact it was made meant it would most certainly be given. 24 spanks with a bath brush was not what Nina had in mind. She obeyed every letter of Sandra’s instruction just to make sure particularly as Sandra had waved the very brush she would use in her face, and it looked solid and wicked. Nina was surprised how forceful Sandra had become, but she didn’t want to test her any more than she had already. Sandra is 48 years old but the age difference didn’t matter. A spanking was a spanking whilst it was happening. Whether you were spanked by someone older or younger than herself, and Nina had been spanked by women both much older and much younger than herself, she knew only too well when your bottom stung and the tears flowed you weren’t thinking age, just how much it hurts.

Nina was concentrating on standing very still when she heard voices. Several male voices and a woman’s. Next moment she heard one of the male voices say “no way” and Lucy said “don’t, its not funny Carl.” Nina knew Carl is Lucy’s brother.

There was a laugh and it must have been Carl who said “hey guys you gotta see this” and then there was the noise of several people moving around the room and different people saying how “this is mind blowing”, “what a great bum,” and the first voice, so Carl, said “but isn’t she too old to be standing in the corner.”

Nina recognised Lucy’s voice say “well that is the naughty spot you and I had to stand on when we were naughty.”

Sandra entered the room. “What’s all the commotion?” she snapped. “Well Carl I wasn’t expecting you for at least another week. You are supposed to be at Uni, in fact all of you are.”

“Yeah well Mum we came down for a party and going back up tomorrow.”

Nina listened but didn’t dare say anything. She knew Lucy had a brother of 21 who was at Uni so it had to be him. She just stared at the wall thinking about 24 cold strokes of the bath brush. Even at 38 years old she didn’t dare tell these kids to be quiet.

“So Mum, are you really going to give this old bird a spanking?” Carl asked.

That hurt Nina. Old bird. 38 years old and called an old bird.

There were several sniggers when Sandra explained that yes she was going to spank the “chick” whose name is Nina, works with Lucy at the office, is her boss in fact, is staying over for a few days, and has earned a spanking. “A hard one” Sandra emphasised. Even the girl, who turned out to be Carl’s girlfriend said “cool” after that statement.

Sandra said “well if you are going to watch you had better be quiet please as I am going to start in a few minutes.”

Nina heard some shuffling and reckoned they were finding places to sit but didn’t say anything as she kept remembering that wooden bath brush and reckoned it was better to have people watch than receive 24 spanks with that, or actually 24 spanks and still have them watch more like.   She heard the girl say almost in a whisper “wow, have you seen these knickers?” and Nina knew the girl must be looking at hers on the table. “These are beautiful, real expensive, this girl might be naughty but she sure has taste.” At least that made Nina feel a bit better. She prided herself on her clothes and especially her underwear and would remember to have a chat with the young lady latter, maybe share some shopping tips on where to buy the nicest of clothes at not so high prices, and the right underwear for each occasion.

Nina was lulled out of these thoughts when Sandra snapped abruptly “right Nina, come over here and lets teach you that lesson we were discussing.” Nina knew what that meant. It was her signal to turn around and go and stand by Sandra and wait to be ordered across her lap. There was an expectant hush in the room.

Nina turned to find a sea of smiling sniggering faces and lots of teeth. She looked from one to the other and except for Sandra who at 48 was at least several years older than her, everyone else looked and she realised was just so young. She blushed as she realised there was nothing she could do. A successful manager with staff at the office, about to be put across Sandra’s lap and spanked in front of an audience of University students almost half her age. She had been spanked in front of others before, even people the same age as this lot, but never in front of so many and not when they were so light hearted about it.

Finally her gaze fell on Sandra who was sitting upright on the spanking chair. She had an air of confidence about her, a woman very much in charge, not at all fazed by having to spank Nina in front of an audience, even a 38 year old woman.

“Over here my girl” she ordered and as Nina walked over she couldn’t help but see Sandra was holding what Nina thought looked like a really wicked wooden backed hairbrush with a huge paddle head, and as she got closer realised it had what looked from where she standing to be a particularly solid wooden head. That was going to really hurt, and she knew Sandra was going to make it hurt as she was slowly raising the hairbrush and letting it fall back in to her open palm with a thwack, slowly but surely three times whilst Nina made her way over.

Nina could tell she was still really annoyed so that didn’t bode well. She certainly had gone well over the top when ensuring she was going to be spanked.

“Just so you know Nina I have never had anyone be so rude to me before, do you know that?”

Nina wasn’t thinking about being scolded. When she was spoken to so sternly she felt so small, being told off in front of all these youngsters, naked below the waist, not even thinking that her pussy was on full view of everyone. Nina had eyes only for Sandra who was telling her off and she knew she had to be well behaved or else who knew what other punishment she might be given.

“I have phoned your Mother” which was then met by more giggles from the audience, a deeper blush from Nina, and a sharp” quiet all of you, I told you if you want to watch you have to be quiet” followed by several of them saying “sorry.”

Sandra continued “I told your Mother and she said I can punish you as I think fit, and that you can expect to be punished when you get home as well.”

Nina swallowed hard and nodded. What else could she do? It was hardly appropriate to argue after all.

“Right young lady, get over my knee then.”

Nina quickly moved to Sandra’s side and bent down across her lap, the floor coming up to meet her face. She looked around the room and saw so many feet. It was just so embarrassing for her. She recognised Lucy’s feet at least and then the other girl’s as she was also wearing shorts and rather nice shoes for a student Nina thought momentarily before she felt Sandra’s open palm rest on her bare bottom and start to rub her bottom in circles.

Nina had looked forward to this moment, to discover for herself just how hard Lucy’s Mum can spank, but now her feelings were very different. She felt too awkward, then almost laughed at the thought. Awkward. Hardly. Mortified more like. 38 years old, about to be spanked by a friends Mother, in front of a group half her age, knowing she will be crying soon, her bottom turned red, or worse, and all the time under the gaze of so many youngsters.

Strangely though she was not ashamed. Not at all. After all she had been spanked all her life, accepted it, and knew it made her a better person. She got too many benefits from her life style bearing in mind her Mum does everything for her around the house. She had also discovered a long time ago that being spanked in front of others was very much part of the punishment. It was just as she got older so the audience was more likely to be younger, but it had happened slowly. This time was more of a shock because Lucy at 23 was already much younger than her, so would be associated with much younger people.

Anyway, it was happening, she had earned her spanking and was now going to be given it. The next second in fact she realised Sandra had raised her hand and with a tensing movement of her thigh she bought her hand down hard on Nina’s beautifully exposed white bottom, leaving a pinkish mark when she raised her hand again, and a stinging streak across Nina’s right bottom cheek. Nina gasped. This was a rather sharp first spank. Not what she was used to but remembered Lucy had said her Mum now spanked very hard right from the start.

Soon the spanks were raining down on her bare bottom, on alternate bottom cheeks for a while then several on the same bottom cheek, even on the very same spot time after time. Nina was soon squirming around on Sandra’s lap trying to avoid the slightly curved open palm hitting home but failing miserably every time.

Nina was conscious of Sandra still scolding her, saying how she hoped this will teach her not to be rude in future as spank after spank continued to hit home. Sandra changed position slightly and spanked Nina several times on the backs of her legs and when Nina gasped she shouted “ha” out loud in glee followed by “I see that is getting the message home isn’t it my girl”

Nina was crying, less unaware now of the muted chatter amongst the audience who were making snide remarks about “her bottom isn’t white any more” and “those are real tears aren’t they” and “I don’t think she’ll do that again” and even “I’m glad that isn’t me being spanked.”

There was a gasp when Sandra stopped spanking for a moment and lifted up the hairbrush. Nina didn’t see how several eyes opened wide as they followed the hairbrush as Sandra tapped Nina’s bottom a couple of times as a warning the hairbrush was about to be used, then lifted it above her head and brought it down hard on Nina’s already red bottom cheeks, and heard the loud smack as it hit home followed by the gasp from Nina as she felt its pain spread right across her bottom.

Spank after spank followed with the hairbrush. The group remained silent, in awe, as the spanking continued. By now Nina was in no doubt that Sandra gave a much firmer spanking than her own Mum. This was like the punishment spankings she got but somehow worse. OK there wasn’t the cane, at least she wasn’t expecting there to be, but this was a thrashing and a half. She wasn’t going to be rude to Sandra again. Not ever. She decided that there and then.

Nina was crying out loud, squirming around on Sandra’s lap, not even thinking about the youngsters watching her being so soundly thrashed. She fully understood she deserved to be spanked and if it served as a lesson to others then that was ok as well. She just wanted it over now, so she can apologise to Sandra, beg her forgiveness, tell her she will never do it again, ever, and hope she can stay there with Lucy for the few days they had planned.

Thankfully her spanking was over and Sandra said “OK Nina, I hope that you have learned your lesson, up you get.”

Nina eased herself up still crying, her face tear stained, her eyes tear filled, as she heard the instruction “back facing the wall for another 15 minutes, and if you so much as move an inch you will be back across my lap before you know it.”

Nina didn’t need to be told twice. Long gone were the days when she would argue she had been thrashed and that should be it. No way. She did exactly as she was told after a spanking. Exactly. She quickly walked back over to the naughty spot and put her hands on her head. It was best as it stopped her rubbing her bottom which in itself would earn her another beating on the basis she would have to move more than an inch when rubbing. She pressed her nose against the wall, and her toes. She kept her eyes closed as the tears were burning her cheeks, still dribbling down her face but she couldn’t wipe them away either. She just stood still, her breathing deep intermingled with a regular sob and a sniff as the pain spread across her bottom cheeks and the backs of her legs, and she knew when she eventually looked her bottom would be bruised black and blue from the hairbrush and what wasn’t bruised would be a deep red.

Slowly she became aware of the discussion behind her. Lucy saying” well it was harder than we used to get” and “if you want to try it feel free.”

Carl said “hey Sis, so you get that as well do you?” and Lucy replied “yes, but wait until you come back home after Uni because you will as well”, and Carl’s reply “no way.”

To Nina this was real humiliation, having to listen to the chatter whilst all she could do was cry sniff and sob.

Fifteen minutes later Sandra shooed everyone out the room and stood behind Nina as she almost hissed in to her ear “Well my girl, don’t turn around but what have you got to say for yourself?”

Nina spluttered out “I’m really sorry for being rude, I won’t say it again, I promise.”

“I know you won’t” and with that Sandra gave Nina a hard smack on her bottom smiling when she heard the expected gasp and so gave Nina another smack on   her other bottom cheek and then when Nina gasped she gave her several more. “Just little reminders young lady. OK, you can go and wash.”

Nina turned and looked Sandra in the eye and when she saw how red they were Sandra held open her arms and pulled Nina in close giving her a real motherly hug which Nina returned and was so thankful for. She felt safe in Sandra’s arms, mother daughter safe, just as it should be after maternal discipline has been administered.

There were the almost expected “ah’s” coming from somewhere but Nina relished the moment, felt better for it, and was ready to face the rest of the day. She was released from Sandra’s hug and went upstairs. Lucy followed her and they went in to her bedroom.

“You ok Nina?” Lucy asked.

Nina turned and threw her arms around Lucy’s neck, looked at her through her red rimmed and still wet eyes, and said “feel me.” Lucy ran her fingers down Nina’s stomach and Nina parted her legs as Lucy’s fingers brushed her pussy, running her fingers right along and feeling how so wet she was, her fingers entering her vagina so easily, and they kissed, mouths open, tongues searching each others’ out, holding each other tight, Lucy putting her free hand on Nina’s bottom, feeling how warm, very warm, it was, Nina cringing at the touch which caused ripples of pain until she said to Lucy “squeeze” and how she gasped in pain and ecstasy as she squeezed firmly, then harder and harder until Nina squealed in pain, and delight.

Nina undid her shirt and threw it on the chair, undid her bra and let it fall down her arms, catching it and placing it on top of her shirt then watched as Lucy undressed,   Soon both were on the bed, in each others arms, kissing, cuddling, caressing, stroking, licking, immersing themselves in the others soft body, exciting the other, slowly bringing her to orgasm, and when they did they gasped and moaned together as they exploded, their nectar flowing over the others lips and cheeks and fingers.

Nina lay on the bed as Lucy rubbed cool cream in to her bottom. “You won’t be sitting for a while you know” Lucy said happily.”

“You were right Lucy, your Mum spanks much harder now, and I harder than mine.”

“Well have a look at my bottom now.   I didn’t want to show you before.” Lucy turned around and Nina saw the remains of three very large bruises on Lucy’s bottom. “I got that two days ago.”

“Two days, wow” Nina gasped.

“It still tingles when I sit down, but it’s ok now.”

“Your Mum really got in to spanking you then.”

Lucy said enthusiastically Yup, but she is more relaxed now and this is better by far than the silent treatment she used to give me. Anyway, I don’t mind not being able to sit down for a while.”

Ten minutes later Nina and Lucy went back downstairs and Sandra was the first to see them and said “right everybody, no one jokes about it with Nina. She has been spanked and that’s it. Everyone be good please” and Nina smiled in to the room and felt comfortable, well except for an exceptionally sore bottom that is.

Everyone chatted until the group broke up, leaving Sandra Lucy Nina Carl and Charlotte his girlfriend in the kitchen chatting about the new spanking regime, how 23 year old Lucy now accepts being spanked when naughty and how Sandra feels so good about it.

Carl objected to the suggestion that he should be subject to being spanked when he comes home from Uni. Sandra and Lucy tried to convince him it was for the best and he couldn’t possibly expect to live at home and not accept his Mum was in charge.

Then there was the argument stopper. Charlotte said “well Carl, if I were in charge of you the other night when I told you to stop drinking or I would spank you when we got home then you wouldn’t have been stopped for drunken driving and won’t be losing your licence. Especially as you will be asking me to be your taxi service while you are banned.”

“What?” Sandra exclaimed. “Now that settles it Carl. Do you understand?”

Carl didn’t say anything but did understand.

Lucy saw the tension in the air and so suggested she Nina and Mum go shopping. Nina jumped at the chance, always happy to find new clothes to buy. She asked Charlotte if she wanted to come along but Charlotte said she was tired and would stay at home with Carl.

When alone Charlotte turned to Carl and said “you do know you will have to accept your Mum’s discipline when you come back home. She made that pretty clear.”

Carl nodded and said “you know Charlotte I can be a right wally sometimes, and you are right. I should have stopped drinking when you told me to. Maybe Mum watching over me will stop me being so childish.”

“Yes Carl, it will” then after a moment added “I can do that as well as your Mum you know.”

“You can? How would that work Charlotte?”

“Easy, so long as you accept it, if you are naughty when with me I will spank you until you learn your lesson. You have to give me control over you, to help you mature.” She smiled.

“Won’t that mean that both of you will be able to spank me?”

Charlotte was getting more annoyed with Carl as he argued “yes, but you’ll learn that much more quickly. So, what do you say?”

Actually Carl found the increasingly cross Charlotte rather attractive so said quietly “I guess we can give it a go Charlotte.”

“Good boy, so we should go upstairs and I can teach you a lesson about drinking and driving.” She looked serious.

Carl swallowed hard but the fact he had an erection told him to try it so decided to be compliant just in case it became the norm “If you think it will help Charlotte.”

“Yes I do think it will help. A lot in fact.” Then she added “Come on then, you go upstairs, I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Why not come now?”

Charlotte glared at Carl and snapped “Don’t question me Carl, particularly not when I am about to discipline you. But if you must know I’m going to the lounge first to get that hairbrush.”

“Oh, right, erm, yes Charlotte” Carl said as he stood there thinking, and Charlotte saw the bulge develop in his trousers. He nodded again as he turned and walked towards the stairs. Charlotte smiled as she watched Carl make his way upstairs and already felt aroused herself knowing exactly what the bulge in Carl’s trousers also meant. This could be fun as well as give her control over her boyfriend. She had discussed with Lucy how she had felt afterwards and Charlotte already felt herself becoming wet between her legs. She was going to enjoy this having watched her Mum spank her own brothers often enough.

Elsewhere Nina Lucy and Sandra were at the shops and Nina was laughing with Lucy and whilst her bottom stung like mad she was over the spanking even smiling when she thought about having been spanked in front of so many young people and the fact it was so unexpected. She was looking forward to the next few days with Lucy, spending time with her, making love, always knowing she was very likely to find herself back across Sandra’s lap if she earned another spanking. Her promise to herself not to be naughty now faded as she remembered almost fondly the hard thrashing Sandra gave her that made her so aroused so in a couple of days her bottom will have recovered and it will be time to earn another trip across the strict woman’s lap.

A few minutes later and Nina and Lucy were lagging behind even though Sandra had told them to keep up with her. Sandra turned, wagged her finger, and said so only the two of them heard “otherwise you will both go across my lap when we get home.” 23 year old Lucy and 38 year old Nina smiled at each other like two naughty teenagers knowing the chances of being spanked were always high.

Nina thought how Sandra had become so like her own Mum, always there to put her across her lap and give her that useful albeit very painful lesson when she needed it. 38 and still spanked. She wouldn’t have it any other way.


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