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Strict Owners Daughter (part 2)

Jim Angie are caught and spanked naked by Janine for having sex when we should have been working
My name is Angie and I worked in a butcher’s shop where Janine, the owner’s daughter, ruled the place. A few weeks ago I was made to witness and take part in the spanking of Jim, the 17 year old Saturday lad. She made him strip off and used the cane on his bum and a springy plastic ruler on his cock to teach him to control himself.

When he came into work the following Saturday he looked down when he saw me and was clearly embarrassed so I did my best to put him at ease. I reassured him that I’d told no-one about his punishment and when that failed to lift his spirits I told him that I had been very impressed by how fit he was and how much I admired his beautiful penis. Bit by bit he cheered up and before the end of the shift he asked me out.

Before long we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and took every opportunity to play. In some ways the experience we’d shared helped remove any barriers and we were enjoying sex whenever we got the chance. And that was where we went wrong.

I hadn’t been too busy so Janine had sent me down to the stock room to do some sorting and record updates. Jim had come back from his delivery round and came looking for me. He came up behind me and slid his hand round my waist then undid the buttons on the front of my white coat and stroked my breasts. I turned round and we kissed. I was feeling very randy and he was too so he lifted me up onto the bench and hooking his fingers into my knickers he pulled them off. I was tugging open his zip, undoing his belt as he began to finger me, making me moan out loud. He had a hard on to die for and I shuffled forward to the edge of the bench when we heard Janine’s voice. “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

Jim struggled to pull up his jeans and I straightened my overall and tried to get my tits away.

“Get back to work immediately, if you want to keep your jobs. Come and see me in my office when we close.” Jim started to say something but she cut him off…. “Be in my office at 1 o’clock on the dot or else." 

We were outside her office and heard all the others leave. She returned looking very stern and told us to go in.

“Right, one of you tell me what was going on down in the storeroom.”

Jim said “We are very sorry Miss Andrews, it was all my fault, Angie was working and I started kissing her to make her want me.”

“Right, number one, I am paying you to work not to have sex, number two, you did not just kiss Angie, you had her tits out.” Jim started to interrupt …… but she cut him off again. “Do not speak when I am speaking Jim, number 3 you may have started it Jim but Angie had your trousers down and was stroking your cock. Do you have anything to say?”

I realised we could make it worse and shot Jim a look before saying, “No, Miss Andrews, we are sorry and it won’t happen again.”

Janine thought for a moment and then said “This was serious enough for me to sack you both,” and we saw the pleasure she took in seeing our faces fall. “However,” she went on, “I have decided that on this occasion I will take a day’s pay or punish you here and now. You must choose.”

Neither Jim nor I could afford to loose the money so we accepted the punishment.

“Very well, get undressed, quickly, I don’t have all day.” and with that she left the room.

This was familiar territory for Jim but I was most embarrassed. But I knew we had no choice and by the time she returned we were both stark naked.

She swished a long whippy cane as she shut the door. “You first Angie, bend over the desk and spread your legs wide.”

Reluctantly I complied, knowing that my slit would be on full view to them both. Janine pushed down on my back forcing my tits flat against the desk. This was a scary moment but at the same time I felt incredibly randy and couldn’t wait to have Jim inside me again.

Swish, the first stroke took me by surprise and I leapt up, rubbing my bum. I have a pretty firm body but my tits were jiggling back and forth as I rubbed and I saw Jim trying to control his erection as he watched.

“Get back down. If you move again that stroke will not count and you will get extra.”

Swish, diagonally across the bum, swish another in the same place making me yell out but I didn’t move. Swish, the forth stroke caught me across the top of my legs. Again that strange feeling of arousal even though it stung and I knew the juices were starting. Swish, another where my legs met my bum and I clenched my buttocks. Swish, the last stroke landed dead centre on my clenched buttocks and I had to force myself to stay down.

Janine moved forward and slid her finger along my slit and back again. I moaned uncontrollably and Jim added his own groan of lust as she raised her glistening finger.

“You are not supposed to be enjoying this, young lady. If this continues I might have to add another punishment when I have dealt with Jim. Stand over there. Right, then Jim, your turn. Bend over the desk.”

As he walked over his cock was fully erect and bounced from side to side making me want him even more. He bent over the desk but Janine was not happy that his cock was tucked under him and slid her hand in to pull it down between his legs and trapped it against the edge of the desk.

“I can see I will probably need to punish him too,” she said flicking the tip of his cock with a springy ruler, ”I warned you last time about that Jim, you must learn to control your penis.”

Jim’s bum started to turn red but he didn’t move as she brought the cane down. Swish, swish, swish. She ran her hand over his bum, examining her handiwork and noted how his cock responded as she brushed her fingers along his shaft. Then, swish, swish, swish, three more strokes and it was done.

“Turn round now, please Jim….. I thought so, again you have disobeyed me and you have not learnt to control this.” she said as she stroked her fingers all the way from his balls, around the tip and back to his stomach. Juices were flowing and his cock throbbed to her touch.

“Lie down along my desk on your back……. Now!”…she said, flicking the ruler across his cock when he didn’t move immediately.

Jim climbed up and lay along the desk and his erect cock stood up, rigid. Again, Janine touched his cock, running her fingers around the head and down the shaft, while telling him how naughty he was. I could see that Jim was struggling to control himself.

Janine picked up the springy ruler and thwack, flicked it across the shaft, thwack, another on the other side, thwack along the shaft. I could see from Jim’s expression that he was finding this extremely arousing despite it stinging his cock. Thwack, she landed one on the head, thwack another and finally, thwack a stinger on the very tip.

“Right, Angie, I think it’s only right that I punish you the same way as you are clearly enjoying this too much. Get up on the desk, on your back.”

I watched, fascinated, as Jim got down, struggling to control his cock which seemed to have a life of its own. Then I sat on the edge of the desk and lay down on my back as instructed, wondering what Janine had in store for me.

“Bring your knees up and spread your legs.”

Jim was standing at the end of the desk facing me and his cock again throbbed as I drew up my knees and spread my legs wide. Janine reached over and slid her finger along my juicy slit, not once but three times until she found my clit and I moaned again. Then she aimed the flat of the ruler where her finger had been. Thwack, she did not hit me hard but it sent a wave like an electric current through me, making me lift my shoulders off the desk and I cried out.

Thwack, thwack. This was ecstacy and I looked up to see Jim sliding his hand gently back and forth along his lovely 8 inch cock. How I wanted that now.

Thwack, thwack and I could hold it no longer. My juices flowed, I cried out and came all at the same time. Wow. I knew how Jim and I would spend our next evening together and I was pretty sure that he would feel the same.

I was told to get off the desk and I watched as she brought Jim over to stand in the middle of the room. She began running her hands around his bum and then around to his cock which she stroked and fondled. Jim could hold himself no longer and exploded across the desk with an enormous groan.

Then without another comment Janine said “I hope you have both learnt your lesson from this. I pay you to work, not to have sex in my storeroom. If I ever catch you doing something like that again your punishment will be much harder. Get dressed and clear up that mess.” and with that she left the room.

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