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Shame Stories


The Daily Life of a Free Use Sister

Sister gets ass fucked while unable to cum.

Jayden Frasier was not a Free Use Girl. His sister Holly, however, was. And that meant that even though she was two years older than him and already in college, there was nothing she could do to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to her now. If a time...

Erika - Chapter 4

Erika is locked into a chastity belt and denied.

Slowly, time passed. Inexorably, the semester inched onward, and bit by bit like the last remaining glow of the fading summer heat and the rustic color of the leaves, it was as if her life had settled into a new routine as Erika slowly grew accustomed. Al...

Erika - Chapter 3

Edged and denied for bad grades at school

The rest of the month passed rather quickly for Erika after that. Not counting the usual boredom of school that is, and the tedium of actually having to pay attention in class. In 1815 Napoleon lost the Battle of Waterloo, and in 1920 the League of Nation...

Erika - Chapter 2

Erika is edged and given an enema.

Standing in the middle of the bathroom, Erika shivered at the sound of running water. And not just because she was fully naked again, although she couldn’t really say she liked that part too much either. Rather, the reason for her apprehension had more to...

Erika - Chapter 1

Erika isn't allowed to touch herself or masturbate

It had been a long day at school. Two tests, three quizzes, and more homework than Erika had ever laid her eyes upon. Closing her bedroom door, she flopped onto her bed to bury her face into the pillow as she groaned. This time though, it wasn’t because s...

The Daily Life Of A Free Use Student

Edged without orgasm as part of the sex-ed class

Officially, the Free Use program was meant only for non-violent prisoners of the State. In certain instances of delinquency, however, an exception could be made. And as it happened to be in the case of Rebecca Brooks, a small-time enterprising cat burglar...

The Daily Life Of A Free Use Girl

Fucked in public without being able to cum

In the near future, the government decides to crack down on crime rates with a unique program. Instead of going to prison, nonviolent offenders are given an opportunity to redeem themselves through service to the community. For the girls who find themselv...

Punished By Auntie Geraldine In Norfolk

Naughty Nick is forced to undress in front of his girls before being punished by Auntie

Nick and I didn’t get much notice that we were going to stay with Mum’s school friend ‘Auntie Geraldine’, in her pokey house in a grim little village in Norfolk. She lived there with her daughters Judy, seventeen, and Rebecca, eighteen. We hadn’t been the...

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The Headmaster's Office - Chapter 4

Forced to strip naked and pose in front of the camera

It was picture day at the St. Margaret’s Academy for Wayward Girls, and standing side by side next to each other in a row, the twenty or so girls of class of 2-3 waited patiently for their turn to begin. All were eighteen, and their slender bodies stood o...

The New Hot Tub

When love is real and strong, any damage can be repaired. Love the one you're with!

It had been a slow day at Browns Hardware this Monday. I had been restocking a big shipment of items I had ordered a year ago, and they finally had come. Sam, my normal stock boy, was out sick after his wisdom teeth were removed, so I had to do all the wo...

The Headmaster's Office - Chapter 1

Sarah is punished by the headmaster for masturbating.

The headmaster’s office was a small, unassuming room located near the eastern side of the St. Margaret’s Academy for Wayward Girls. Built with only a single window in mind, the space inside was quite plain, resembling little more than a small squarish rec...

Another Week with Auntie Beryl (Part 5)

You really need to read all of the 'Another week with Auntie Beryl' series...

My most recent stay with Auntie Beryl had been eventful. I had been caned by Auntie and her friends; the following day my friend Ron and I had seen Kate being caned on her bare bottom. Kate and I were then made to undress in front of all the family and we...