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the park bench

sarah gets the spanking she has fantasised about for so long
The Park Bench

The day I met Arthur, I was taking a stroll on my way home from work, and the day was so warm I chose the longer park route over my normal direct one.  I had stopped at the cafe for a guilty ice-cream and was leaning over a wall admiring the fountains and sunken gardens as I licked it.  From behind me I heard his voice “That’s a sexy butt if ever I saw one”.  I turned round wondering if it were someone I knew, and prepared to give an abusive riposte if it weren’t.

But I was met with the sight of Arthur, who it has to be said was astonishingly attractive.  I couldn’t say anything suitably cutting as I was too busy taking in his gorgeous face and body.  Seriously you just don’t see someone quite so devastatingly handsome and fit that often.  
Anyway I was virtually lost for words, not very often the case I can assure you, but managed to utter a stumbling ‘thank you’ whilst blushing profusely and grinning like a dumbstruck silly teenager.

“And it’s coupled with an equally lovely face” he grinned “you look gorgeous when your cheeks blush that pretty pink”.

“Oh I think it must be the sun” I replied getting even more embarrassed, but I couldn’t take my eyes of him.  His gaze was so self assured, and I felt sure he knew the knee trembling effect he was having on me as he unashamedly worked his penetrating gaze over my body.  I felt his dark brown eyes look into my soul, guessing what I was thinking, as if my thoughts were displayed across my face for the world to see clearly.

He grinned, a fabulous smile, with the whitest teeth. I was melting along with my ice-cream, which was slowly dripping down my cone and onto my fingers, which were getting all sticky.  I licked the white creamy drips slowly up the cone. And immediately wished I hadn’t.  “Do you know how dirty that looked?” he asked.  His voice was so raw with sexuality I actually felt my cunt start to drip in sympathy.  How was this guy managing to have such an effect on me? I wanted to walk away but somehow I couldn’t.  I was suddenly aware of my nipples hardening inside my bra and I squeezed my thighs tightly together to try and suppress the excited feeling that was building up between my legs.  

“I love this park” he said.  “I come here quite often, sorry am I disturbing you?”

“Oh no not really, it’s nice to meet someone here that enjoys it as much as i do” i grinned.

“I was just going to go down and sit on one of those benches to watch the fountain; would you like to come with me while you finish your ice-cream before it melts completely?”

“Ok sure why not” I agreed, still stunned that this god of gorgeousness wanted to talk to me. We strolled down to the sunken garden and sat on one of the benches still bathed in the late afternoon sunlight.

“I am a pretty forthright person; I don’t like to waste time and miss rare opportunities; so i am hoping you will not be really offended if i tell you something i was thinking when i saw you leaning over that wall.”

“Erm no, I don’t think I’m very easily offended” I replied thinking to myself whilst my eyes took in his fit body under the tight black vest t-shirt he was wearing, I don’t think there is anything at all you could say that would offend me ”go ahead”.

“OK I was thinking, I would love to see your sexy butt over my knee and give you a good spanking on one of these benches with your jeans down to your knees. “ his eyes didn’t leave mine as he said this without any apparent trace of shame.  

I don’t really need to say what image I now had in my head.  It was something I had never told anyone but ever since I was a little girl I had thought about being spanked and back then I hadn’t realised what the butterflies in my tummy were but now I was older I was all too well aware.  I worked as a secretary for a legal firm and would frequently fantasise about one of the senior partners calling me into his office for a spanking over his desk over some trivial misdemeanour of mine after work. Of course that was just day dreaming ... but here was this amazing guy suggesting to me exactly that.  Well his knee on this bench instead of a big mahogany desk but who cares?  However how could I respond to that, I was thinking.  What is the appropriate thing to say that is not going to make me look totally slutty, but is also not make him disappear? Debrett’s Etiquette for Girls doesn’t have a section on this sort of thing.

I took a big breath and decided there was nothing to lose by being honest.  “I have fantasised about being spanked since I was a little girl but I’ve never told anyone”.  I laughed as this was just light-hearted conversation but inside butterflies were going crazy and my heart was beating like it might jump out of my chest.

“Ok I know you don’t know me but I have a fun proposition for you.  You would have to trust me on this but if you will, I promise we can both enjoy something.  Look I totally understand if you don’t want to, or if you think I am a weirdo but I have quite a lot of experience spanking girls and if you would like I could spank you.  It would be your call entirely no pressure, and if you don’t like it I will stop straight away.  But if you don’t mind me saying so, I think by the fact you are still sat on that bench, you are at least a little curious?”

I guessed that much was obvious wasn’t it? Its true I was still there, imagining despite myself, bending over his knee right there and then. I looked at his hands and firm biceps, I envisaged them coming down firmly over my quivering bottom making it jump and throb til I kicked and squealed. I smiled despite myself and I guess that smile gave away a little hint of how I was feeling.

“Ok well you haven’t said no yet so I tell you what I would really like to happen.  I would love more than anything to put you over my knee right now here on this park bench but the park is a bit busy right now, especially here by the fountain.  If you want to do this, and I think you do, how about you meet me later today at 7pm in the little rose garden, hardly anyone goes there and there is a bench we could use, if you didn’t like it you could walk away, and if you did, well we can take it from there?”

“Erm I don’t know, it sounds kind of fun I suppose but a bit scary to be honest, I don’t even know you...”

“OK you are right, formalities first I should introduce myself, my name is Arthur what’s yours?”
I grinned “I’m Sarah, nice to meet you.”

“OK Sarah I’ll tell you what, I will be in the little rose garden at 6:55pm and if you are not there by 7pm I will go.  So if you are not there then fine, I understand, but otherwise I will look forward to our appointment and seeing your sexy butt bent over my lap. How is that? I won’t ask you for an answer right now, I will know if you are there if this is what you want.  “Now if I am going to be back here later I need to go and do some stuff first, but I really hope you will be back later.  I would love to see you again honestly.” And with that Arthur stood up, kissed the top of my head, (omgosh he smelled so sexy) ,  and walked away.

And I sat on that bench with a myriad of thoughts of what had just occurred going round in my head, along with possibilities of what may happen, but there was surprisingly no doubt in my mind that come what may I would be there waiting for my spanking at that bench at 7 o’clock, I had waited so long for this and now I felt that really I had no choice.  It was going to happen, at last.
I had hurried home to get ready after that, so nervous as I got ready I couldn’t eat a thing or even drink the coffee I made myself; although I was terribly nervous there was no going back or doubt in my mind.  I jumped in the shower and as I washed I couldn’t stop myself from running my own hands and fingers gently over the baby soft skin between my legs in anticipation, unable to ignore the arousal that had already built up there along; my fingers slipped inside my lips and touched my clit and I shuddered;  involuntarily I run my fingers over my nipples and my hands over my own soft white bum cheeks gingerly imagining what was to befall them, and how in less than an hour later how they will undoubtedly look and feel so much is impossible, for me not to imagine that moment of submission, when I will place myself over his knee and allow myself to be held and my bottom to be spanked.

In my fantasies at work about our senior legal partner I had always imagined being spanked over my skirt to start with, then progressing to my skirt being raised and harder spanks over my white panties, and finally with a lurch in my cunt my panties being pulled down despite my protests that someone might come into the boardroom or office, my already reddened bum cheeks as well as everything else being ultimately exposed and displayed, and the ignominy of being unable to resist if I want to keep my job.

But now today in the shower I know that this is what I need and want more than anything; i think of myself walking towards Arthur sat on the park bench, my legs and knees shaking as if jelly, as every bit of me wants to run and at the same time am desperate to stay; I imagine how it will feel when instead of hot water running down the backs of my thighs it is instead unseen hands...making me shiver despite the heat of the shower.  I fantasise as I touch myself with soapy fingers how whether I want to run or stay will make no difference once I am firmly held down; almost like a bratty unrepentant little girl caught in some act of childish naughtiness..the not knowing prolonging the pleasure and the fear, mixed together, every second seeming interminable, making my heart pound and my breath come faster, until...but then I stop myself, I don’t want to come here in the shower alone right now, I force myself to wait for my pleasure.  
After my shower I dressed carefully thinking as I put white lacy panties on under blue jeans, of the time not too far away when they would inevitably be taken down later not by me but by Arthur, the thought of that moment taking my breath away completely, my soft bottom displayed and in full view, I wriggled involuntarily as the image came into my mind and already I began to feel the tell-tale wetness that I knew would only increase over the next hour or so as the evening went on; an unhidable witness to my own unbidden arousal and desire.

Once dressed I combed my hair and added a little light make up and then it was time to go if I were to be on time, and I daren’t be late.  I walked to the park, my concentration lacking for most of the journey; and as I walked past the joggers I blushed with my thoughts sure that they know why I was making my journey;  I could not help but be conscious of my thighs as they rubbed  together slightly; with every minute my excitement grew and my destination became closer as I passed the fountains and made my way to the hidden and almost secret little rose garden.   

I arrived at 6:48 and no-one was there, my heart was thudding, I just didn’t know what to do next or what to expect.  There was only one bench in the little garden and it faced away from the entrance which was a space in the rectangular hedge which formed the perimeter.  I sat down gingerly but was immediately uncomfortably aware of the struts of the bench causing pressure on my thighs; I crossed and uncrossed my legs self consciously.  I sat there for minute after long minute, each one feeling as if it lasted an hour, constantly looking between my watch and the garden entrance to see if Arthur were here yet. 

My mind wandered  over what was to come, looking forward to it and dreading it in equal measures; my imagination going into overdrive with a mismash of thoughts; I wondered if I would involuntarily resist and whether my resistance might lead to further consequences, I imagined a hardened palm softly running over my skin, the moment when thumbs roughly tug down my panties followed by an involuntary squeal of protest on my part at the indignity; the slow build up of strokes on my unprotected bare bum, and the unbearable tension waiting for the real pain to start; to take my breath away; would I bear it stoically or be unable to maintain my composure; the image of my legs kicking in protest pops into my mind, exposing myself involuntarily.. past caring about anything else but the burning sensations across my bottom and thighs, the softest and most sensitive areas laid open to unmerciful chastisement....

And then, at precisely 6:56 just as I was wondering if I had time to escape after all, he appeared, relieving me of the need to make that decision.  I had forgotten how sexy he looked, broad chest, well muscled arms, tanned skin with brown hair and eyes, and then that smile, how anyone could ever say no to anything he told them, or even asked them to do.  I realised I was completely under his spell and would do anything he wished.  He came over and sat down beside me, and instantly I was aware of the scent he was wearing.  My breathing changed, I couldn’t control it at all and as I breathed out my breasts shuddered, unfettered as they now were by a bra.  My nipples now were grazing against the fabric of my top already causing me to be unbelievably turned on, by that sensation alone.  I wondered if he could tell how I was feeling.  

“How are you Sarah? I’m so glad you decided to come”.  He smiled and I melted all over again.

“I’m OK, a little nervous I guess. I keep imagining someone is going to come in the rose garden at any moment.” I giggled nervously.

“Don’t worry Sarah, this is going to be fun for you, for us both, the whole park is practically empty I just checked it out, the likelihood of anyone stumbling across us is really remote, so if you want to cry out or squeal, feel free” He grinned.

“OK well unless you want to ask me anything else I think we had better get on with this right now don’t you.   Oh one more thing, this is going to hurt, I think you need that, but if you really want me to stop and for the whole thing to end, just shout Roses, until then you can shout stop and no all you want and I won’t take a blind bit of notice OK?!

I nodded my assent, realising that this really is the point of no return.  I had no intention of using the safe word...well I didn’t think so anyway.  And so with trepidation I lowered myself over his knee and gazed at the daisies in the grass and the gravel under the bench.

“Now Sarah,” he said as he stroked my bottom through my jeans “you really were a bad girl today in the park weren’t you? Going and eating ice creams when you should have gone straight home, licking your dripping ice creams, “ he ran his fingers up and down the backs of my thighs “ to make passing strangers such as me incredibly horny, like a naughty little slut, and now we have you wanting to be spanked in a public place, where anyone might discover you.  I have to be honest with you, Sarah; I think you really deserve and need this spanking, you have waited for it long enough haven’t you? ......haven't you?”

“Yes,” I mumbled my agreement and nodded, what else could I do?

“Oh Sarah, I think it’s going to have to be Sir from now on don’t you? Try again please”

A pause, then “Yes...sir” it was soo hard to say but then it felt so good once it was out.  I would do anything for this man (did I imagine a firm hard erection under my tummy?) and I could not wait for him to make my bottom tingle and sting.  Strangely I now wanted him to pull my pants down there and fuck me hard over the bench instead, and I hoped that would happen, but I felt he might string out the suspense a little longer, just for the fun of putting me through it and making me wait, and perhaps beg...

“So now this smack is what smack naughty smack girls smack deserve smack isn’t it?
Isn’t it? Smack Smack

“Yes sir”

“and need” Smack

“Yes sir”

“But what I really want to see” *smack*, is your very bare butt up in the air *Smack*, and for that to happen *Smack*, young lady,*Smack*, these... are going to have to come down, so stand up for a minute. 

He gently lifted me up to stand and turned me to face away from him, then reached in front of me and with his strong arms around me undid my jeans from behind and slowly tugged them down over my bottom.  The feeling when he took my jeans down baring my skin to the outside air in the garden was embarrassing yet exquisite.  Despite myself I couldn’t help but make a tiny squeal and my breath, when it came was in shuddering gasps.   He squatted down behind me then as I continued to stand, until my jeans were below my knees and his face was behind my bum.    I could barely stay upright as he breathed gently on my bottom and then inserted a finger into the gusset of my white panties, to feel the tell tale slippery wetness of my cunt.  I couldn’t stop myself moving against his finger, letting it slip a teeny way inside me and shifting my bum backwards so his finger grazed my clit and I let out a little mew.  But as soon as I did so he pulled his finger out promptly.  My knees buckled from the effort of standing like that, I was so aroused, and he caught me.  

“Naughty Sarah” he cooed in my ear, as he leaned over me. We really are going to have to address this little issue aren’t we?

“Yes sir” Oh I so wanted him to address all my issues right there and then. 

“So what do you want me to do now Sarah?” Oh God he was really going to make me ask for it.  I had imagined how this might be but no matter how much I wanted this to happen saying the words, forcing them out was torture.

“I want you to spank me....sir...please” ....I was prepared to beg.

“Good girl Sarah. Well done, and so I will do”

And it began; full force spanks from one bared cheek to the next.  It took my breath away with its intensity.  Slowly to begin with, allowing me to absorb the whole sensation of each stroke before the next one; the sting and then the burn which followed.  I felt his hand on a different part of my bottom each time until every part of my bottom was burning red.  I couldn’t help but cry out after the first, oh I don’t know maybe six, and was well and truly squealing when he stopped abruptly without a word.  I didn’t want him to stop; despite myself I lifted my bottom a little as if to ask for more.

His response was to silently tug down my panties, this time baring my totally naked bum, (and everything else) to the world, or at least anyone who might have been passing by at least.  I knew now that this was what a real spanking was going to be like, ‘on the bare’, whether I liked it or not.  My panties were down by my knees with my jeans and I lay there barely breathing, listening to the birds singing nearby, waiting for him to begin. But before he did so he apparently wanted to prolong my agony further, and once more ran his fingers into that private place, all the way down and up my bum crack, lingering on the outskirts of the now sopping wet well of desire that was my fanny, teasing, spreading a little, making me wriggle and squirm to try and get him to touch me inside.

“Oh no Sarah, have you not learnt yet you dirty naughty girl, we are not here for your personal pleasure, you will have to pay for that little demonstration of cheekiness I think.”

And with that, the torrent of blows began.  Where the first set was slow and measured, this was a series of fast hard staccato slaps which left me crying out and desperate to get away.  I couldn’t stop myself from trying to reach behind to shield my poor bottom and Arthur was forced to hold my wrists firmly behind me with his strong left hand, (how exciting) my legs were kicking, I was past caring whether anyone might have been passing by as I squealed and yelped and begged for him to stop, but oh how I loved every minute of it.


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