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Unexpected Visitor

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This happened recently on a Saturday evening. I had been watching football on the television all day long and had completely ignored my wife. If I completely ignore her for any length of time when I am home, she feels that have been "naughty" and deserve a spanking. So on this Saturday evening, after we had our supper, my wife informed me that I was going to be spanked for ignoring her. My wife usually spanks me at least once a week, so I was used to the routine. The spanking would take place in the living room, and I first had to take off all of my clothes in front of her. Then it was over her knee for a hand spanking. After about five minutes of the hand spanking, I am let up and then I have to bend over the sofa or a chair to be paddled by various other spanking implements. I always need to stay in position during the second half of the spanking because if I rise up or move, the spanking is extended. Also, I am not allowed to talk unless I am spoken to or told to speak, such as counting out loud the spanks.

My wife had just completed the over the knee hand spanking and I was commanded by her to bend over the end of the sofa for the second half of my spanking. She had all of the spanking implements on the coffee table and had just begun to paddle me when the doorbell rang. She said, "Stay in position and I'll see who it is." So I stayed bent over the sofa and soon I heard another female voice. To my surprise, I heard both women walking towards the living room and they were still talking.

As soon as both women entered the living room, I heard "OOPS, I hope I'm not interrupting anything. Maybe I should leave."

"Please stay," my wife said. "I am in the middle of spanking my husband and you can even help out with his spanking. But first I better introduce you to each other. Clyde, this is Jill from work, and Jill, this is my husband, Clyde." I was so embarrassed, being totally naked and bent over the sofa. Also, Jill looked like she was in her early twenties, so she was a lot younger than I was.

"Glad to meet you, Clyde," Jill said. Then she asked my wife,"Do you spank him often?"

"About once a week I spank him. Or whenever he has been naughty and has ignored me," my wife said. "Have you ever spanked a man before?"

"No, I haven't," Jill said. "Can you show me how?"

"Sure," my wife said. "Clyde has just received a hand spanking from me, but he would be willing to get a hand spanking from you. Isn't that right, Clyde."

"Yes ma'am," I replied.

"So Jill, sit in that chair over there. Then ask Clyde to come over to you," my wife said.

So Jill sat down and said, "Clyde, come over here so that I may spank you." I stood up and walked over to Jill. "Now what do I do?" Jill asked my wife.

"Just hike up your skirt, spread your legs a little, then direct Clyde to lay over your lap so that his penis is between your legs. This way you have total control over him and you hold him in place."

So over Jill's lap I went. "Now what?" Jill asked.

"Put your legs together so that you have his penis clamped between your legs, then cup your hand and start spanking him," my wife said. Then I felt a few light spanks on my bottom. "You can spank him a lot harder than that! He's a big boy, he can take it." Then the spanks started to land a lot harder. "Be sure to alternate from cheek to cheek, so he doesn't get spanked in just one spot." Soon I was feeling a warm glow across my whole bottom from the spanking.

Jill must have seen the redness, because she said," Look how nice and red his bottom is turning all over."

"I think it is about time to move on to the second part of his spanking. Clyde, stand up, then bend over the end of the sofa so that you are in the same position you were in when Jill walked in." So now I was bent over the sofa, again. "Grab a paddle or whatever spanking implement you want," my wife said to Jill. "Then stand on one side, and I'll stand on the other side, and we can both spank him at once." Soon I was receiving a spanking on both cheeks at once. It begun to really sting, so I started to squirm about. Then my wife said, "Don't move around so much. This part of your spanking is all most over with. Stay in place." Although the spanking was really hurting, I stayed in place.

"You can stand up, now, and stand in the corner," my wife said. "Keep your hands at your side and don't rub your bottom."

After seeing me stand in the corner without rubbing my bottom, Jill said, "Your husband follows your orders very well."

"He knows that if he doesn't follow my orders, he'll get another harder and longer spanking," my wife said. Then they talked about their work and other things.

I think I stayed in the corner for about forty-five minutes, then my wife asked, "Before you go, do you want to give Clyde another over the knee spanking?"

"I would love to," Jill replied. "Clyde, come over her and bend over my lap for another spanking." So I had to lie over Jill's lap again so that she could spank my already sore bottom. But, after a few minutes of the spanking, I had an erection again caused by being spanked by this younger woman.

When the spanking was over with and I stood up, my wife noticed my erection and said to Jill, "When he has an erection like that at the end of his spanking, I always milk him. But since he is standing next to you, do you want to do the honors?"

"I would be happy to," Jill said.

"Good, I'll get a hand towel for you," my wife said. And soon Jill, a young woman who I had just met, and who had just spanked me again, was pulling on my penis and balls, and I was coming into the hand towel she was holding.

After I was relieved of my erection, my wife said, "Clyde, you can get dressed now and leave the room." But while I was getting dressed, my wife said to Jill, "When you drop by again, if you would like to spank Clyde, I'll let you spank him."

I thought,"Great, now another of my wife's friends knows that she spanks me, and now I will probably be spanked everytime Jill comes over to our house."
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