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Vet School M/F

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Vet School

This is a story about a young woman named Melissa. She is 19 years old and has just recently graduated from high school and really wants to become a veterinarian. She has two dogs and a cat that live with her and she likes animals a lot. She is also currently living as a roommate in a large house, near a big city.

The vet schools she has visited have been very cold and they seem not to care that much about their students. They also have cost a lot of money, and Melissa would need to get a part time job to pay for it. That is why she was thrilled to get a special brochure in the mail. This vet school was located far away from any city and it had a very good student to teacher ratio. It was unique, because you stayed on campus and took care of the animals all day and night. It was a women only school, and it had mostly male teachers. The tuition was very low, and it included room and board. The vet school also had a very low interest loan program.

Melissa called the vet school and made reservations to see it. Since it would be a long drive, they suggested she bring her animals.

When Melissa drove to the school, it was a nice drive in the country. Far away from everything, and the country roads lead her to the entrance of the school. It had a tall fence around it and a guard station. She told the guard she was a potential student for the school and she was here for a tour. The guard made a phone call, and then gave her a visitors pass, parking permit, and a map of the school. She drove up to the administration building and parked in the visitor’s section.

She put her dogs on a leash and grabbed her cat carrier. A man greeted her at the door and said, “Let me take care of your animals while you take the tour. They will be returned to you when you leave.”

Melissa saw nothing wrong with that, and handed her animals over to him. He then led her to the main office and let her sit down. In the lobby was a lot of literature on the vet school. It was fully certified and held high marks of excellence. The classrooms and dorms were located in the center of the school and the animals were housed on the perimeter. The school had its own cafeteria, laundry service, and everything you would need for a small town.

Melissa was finally given a tour of the school and was even able to talk to some of the students. What seemed odd to her was that they had a very strict dress code. It consisted of a white blouse, a white full coverage bra, and a pleated plaid skirt that went down to your knees, white full coverage panties, white socks, and black shoes. You were also given a white lab coat, and boots and overalls, for working in the barns. The school provided the clothes, but you had to wash them yourself. Also, the school supplied all of your meals, with a large cafeteria. So you had virtually no outside expenses while attending the vet school. The dorm rooms were college style, two students per room, but they were quite large and even had a refrigerator and microwave oven in each room. The rooms also had two double beds, two dressers, and two computer desks with computers. There was a large dorm type bathroom at the end of the hall.

Classes were starting in a week, and the school was even willing to supply a small truck and driver to get her things in the city. So Melissa signed up to take classes at the vet school. They had many, many pages of documents for her to sign, and most of them had fine print. She tried to read some of them, but eventually just signed all of them. Before she left the campus she was given a school manual that she was told to read. In two days, a truck would be sent to pick up her stuff, and then classes would start. Melissa was thrilled about this vet school, and was excited to start classes.

When she got home, it was easy to leave since she was only paying month to month. Melissa also had no time to read the class materials or the school manual, since she was packing up her stuff. Soon the truck arrived two days later, and the driver loaded all of her stuff into the small truck. She then packed up her animals in her car, and she was off to a brand new adventure at the vet school.

When she arrived at the school, she unloaded all of her stuff in her room, and the vet school took control of her animals. Since it was late, she would be given the official initiation into the school the next morning. Melissa felt very comfortable at this school.

The next morning, she woke up and reported for her official initiation into the school. A great big thick rulebook was handed to everyone, in case they had misplaced it. Then they started to highlight some of the rules. The first thing discussed was the cars. Since you could easily walk around the whole campus, the school would store the cars in a large garage. The students would have access to them on long holiday breaks, but the school would control the cars. So Melissa turned over her car keys to the school. The school would also keep all license plate and registrations up to date.

The next topic of discussion had to deal with the proper class uniforms. The school provided all clothing, and the students were responsible for keeping it nice and clean. Each woman would receive four pairs of full coverage white panties, four pairs of white socks, two full coverage white bras, four white blouses, three pleated, plaid skirts that went to your knees, a white lab coat, large rubber boots and bib overalls for working in the barns. There were only women in the room, and the new students were told to take off all of their clothes and get measured. It was a little embarrassing for Melissa to strip down, since only her family and her boyfriend had seen her in the nude. But since it meant free clothing for a year, she took off her clothes.

After she was given her proper uniforms, she was told to change into it, and take the rest of her uniforms back to her dorm room. They were also told to return with the clothes that they brought from home. Since uniforms were only allowed on campus, the school would lock the clothes in a secure place, and the students would have access to them only at certain times.

Generally, students needed to be in proper uniform, and neat and clean at all times. The rules also stated that the whole campus needed to be treated with respect, and kept clean at all times. So this rule applied to the barns and where the animals stayed, also to the dorm rooms and all of the common areas, like the cafeteria and classrooms.

Next, everyone was given a map of the campus and it was time for a tour. But this tour would be different from the one Melissa received when she was interested in attending the school. Two other students joined her for this tour and the first building they toured was the classroom building. It was a tall building with many floors. But what was unusual about the classrooms was that a large wooden paddle with holes in it was hung in the front of every classroom. The man leading the tour was also one of the instructors. He had them turn to a page in the rulebook that stated that corporal punishment was used at this vet school, and that it could be used on any student at any time or at any place. He also pointed out that everyone had signed a paper agreeing to follow all of the rules of the school.

The group next walked down the hallway to a room marked “AAA”. “There is an AAA room on every floor of every building. AAA stands for ‘Attitude Adjustment Area’, and it contains various spanking implements and other stuff for the administration of corporal punishment. If you are in violation of any of the rules, you will be taken to this room to deal with your discipline.” Then they continued the tour of other buildings on the campus. Even the cafeteria building had an AAA room on each floor.

Next they took a tour of the barns and where the animals were housed. Everyone was given time to go back to their dorm room to change into their bib overalls and boots. When working with the animals, they were required to wear only a bra and panties under their bib overalls. Every barn had a very small area set aside that looked like a space to store horse whips, saddles, and tackle. However, this space was used like the AAA in the other buildings, the tour guide told them.

“In your manual on page 57, you will see that every new student will receive a introduction spanking, before they take their first class.” The tour guide told them. “You will receive your introductory spanking from me right now.” Then he proceeded to take a saddle off of a wooden sawhorse and put some blankets on it. Melissa didn’t want to be the first one spanked, so she stood quietly, looking at the floor.

“Since no one is volunteering, I will grab one of you.” Luckily for Melissa, he choose another girl. “Take off your bib overalls and lean clear over the sawhorse.” He told her. I guess she hesitated too long, because he stripped her of her overalls and threw her over the sawhorse. She was now clad in only her bra and panties, and he took her panties completely off of her.

“One of the rules that you need to follow is that you will do as told with no hesitation. Because she hesitated in taking off her overalls, her spanking will be more complete.” The tour guide said. “Also, when you go over the sawhorse, be sure your legs do not touch the ground and your legs are spread apart. There are rungs on the bottom of the sawhorse to hold onto. Be sure to stay in position during your spanking and do not rub your bottom. Stay over the sawhorse until I tell you that you can stand up. After your spanking, stand in the corner with your hands on your head. Do you understand?”

All three of the girls said “Yes.”

Then the male tour guide went over to the girl who was bent over the sawhorse and spread her legs and made sure they were off the ground. Next, he took a large wooden paddle with holes in it off the wall, and started to spank the girl.

“Everyone will receive ten swats of the paddle, but since she didn’t follow instructions, she will receive an additional five swats with the riding crop.” He said.

Then he started to paddle the girl on her bare bottom. Her white cheeks turned a bright red after ten swats of the paddle. Then, she received the five swats from the riding crop. This gave her five bright red stripes on top of her already red bottom.

He next had her stand up, and walk over to the corner, with her hands on her head. This put her poor bare spanked bottom on full display.

“Who is next?”

Melissa wanted to get it over with, so she volunteered. She quickly took off her bib overalls, took off her panties and handed them to the tour guide. She felt very embarrassed doing this, but she didn’t want to be spanked like the other girl. Melissa bent over the sawhorse and grabbed the lowest rung, so that her legs were off the ground. She felt even more vulnerable when he grabbed her legs and spread them apart. She felt totally exposed to this male tour guide, but gritted her teeth as he drew back the paddle behind her.

The swats hurt a lot more that what she anticipated. All she could stand to do was to hold on tightly to the rung on the sawhorse, and stay in position. Her whole bare bottom was on fire, and she was almost in tears. When she had received her ten swats, she was allowed to stand up and walk to the corner with her hands above her head. While the last girl was being spanked, all she could think about was her sore burning bare bottom.

Once the last girl was spanked, they were allowed to put on their bib overalls. “I’ll return your panties once we return to your starting point for the tour.” Then they walked back to the main building. Then, to Melissa’s surprise, every student had to show the group her spanked bottom before they were allowed to put their panties on and go back to her dorm room.

That night, Melissa slept on her stomach, and wondered what she had gotten herself into. If this was what her introduction to the school was like, what would happen once classes started?

To be continued…
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