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Wages of sin - Part 1

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suffering when plan rebounds

John started work in his new office on Monday morning.   The job of introducing him to his new colleagues was entrusted to Sarah, a drop dead gorgeous looking red head.   However, it quickly became clear to John that she was very conscious of her looks, and expected everyone to be in awe of her.   She made it clear to John that she regarded her job of introducing him to his colleagues as something that was very clearly beneath her.   She made every effort to put him down as she performed the introductions.  


When she sat down with him at coffee break beside Joan, she went overboard.   She said to Joan “This is John, who is to do our fetching and carrying.”   Joan, a equally gorgeous blonde was another who was clearly aware of her looks, and said in reply to Sarah, “I hope he appreciates the opportunity he is getting and does everything right.   We do not want to have to waste time having to correct him.”


John saw that there could well be problems ahead but for the moment decided to keep his counsel.


All went reasonably well for the first few weeks.   The girls lost no opportunity of putting him down, but John continued to ignore them.   This irritated them more and more and they planned to set him up so that he would appreciate how much he should be respectful of them.


The opportunity they were seeking came after John had been in the Office for 3 weeks.   It was time for the Office Mid-Summer party.   They decided that they would pretend to be very friendly towards him.   The party was to be held in the local rugby club.   The theme was a gambling night initially with a disco to follow.


For the entire night Joan and Sarah were the model of decorum.   They spent all of their time seeking to make sure that John was enjoying himself and involving him with all of their colleagues.   They showed him how to play Poker, Roulette and all of the other games involved in the theme night.   He had told them that he had never played any of them before but was showing every sign of beginner’s luck and ended up winning fifty pounds before the games ended and the disco began.


They helped him to spend his winnings at the bar and both danced with him, wrapping themselves closely around him during the slow dances.   Many of his male colleagues were green with envy at the success he seemed to be achieving with the two stunners. John simply relaxed and enjoyed the attention he was getting.   From time to time some of the other girls in the office came over to chat to him but found themselves frozen out by the two beauties and so gave up the efforts.


When the night came to an end, Joan and Sarah asked John to come back to their flat.   Joan said to him “You should show us the secret of your success at the gaming tables”. This John was perfectly agreeable to.   They took a taxi back to the girl’s flat, and during the course of the ride they both snuggled up to him.


When they got to the apartment, Sarah produced two packs of cards.   She suggested that as he had been so successful at poker they might commence that.   So they started and John’s luck continued.   He found himself winning more money and quickly was ahead by twenty pounds.


The girls them gave one another a surreptitious look.   Joan said that they were running short of money and Sarah them put her arm around John.   She suggested that there would be more fun if they were to stop playing for money and instead play strip poker.   She asked John if he had ever played this before and he said no.   She then explained that the rules of the game were the same but instead of money, whoever lost the round had to take off an item of clothing.   The game then went on until one of the players was totally naked.   The remaining players could then decide to play on until a second was naked.   However, the first player to strip naked then had to pay a forfeit if he or she lost a further round or rounds.   The forfeit was decided on by the remaining clothed players. It was up to John, they said, if he wanted to play or not.   However, once a decision was made to play there could be no withdrawal until the game was finally over.   No one could chicken out.


John said he was game.   Sarah then produced a new pack of cards, with each card showing on its front a picture of a naked man or woman, and both in the case of court cards.   She said these were the appropriate cards for strip poker.


The first round then went ahead and John won with three of a kind.   Sarah was the runner up and Joan lost the round.   She then sexily took off her shoes.   The next round was again won by John and again Joan lost.   This time she swung her legs up in the air to take off her tights.


John lost the next round, and with it his shoes.   Then Sarah lost two rounds in a row and with them her sweater and shoes.


Then suddenly John found the luck going against him and he lost four rounds in a row.   He then found himself without his socks, sweater, shirt and tie.   He lost the next round again and with it his vest. Joan lost the one after that and with it her sweater.   She was down to her bra and skirt.  


They continued to play on and again John lost and with it his trousers.   He was down to his pants.   The girls began to make comments about the outcome of the next round.   They commented on the forfeits that might arise. Sarah said “Ten minutes standing at the window would be a good idea - the girls will all be passing by.”   “Yes” said Joan “It will give you a useful chance to advertise your wares”.


John said nothing but took up the cards and handed them to Sarah, whose turn it was to deal.   She dealt five cards to each of them and they each examined their hands.   John bought three cards and each of the girls stuck with what they had.


John then showed his hand, with three of a kind, Jacks.   Sarah showed that she had four aces and Joan four kings.   John had lost again and now would lose his last item of clothing.   The girls cheered and pointed this out to him.   They reminded him that he could not chicken out - they were the rules of the game.


John said he was perfectly aware of the rules of the game and he would never chicken out.   However, he also pointed out to the girls that cheating was not permitted in poker.   They looked thunderstruck.   He picked up their cards and pointed out to then the markings on the back of them. “A marked deck is the greatest cheating offence at poker” he said.   He went on to say “In Strip Poker using a marked deck means that you lose all of your remaining clothes and also have to pay whatever forfeit the non cheating player decides.”


The girls denied that the deck was marked.   They said that they would never do anything of the sort and all he was doing was trying to wriggle out of honouring the rules he had previously agreed to.   John smiled patiently at them.   He picked up the deck of cards.   He put one card on the table face down and said it was the five of diamonds.   He turned it face up and he was right.   He then did the same thing 10 times in a row and was right on each occasion.   He told them that he was a very experienced poker player and had come across better cheaters than them many times before.


He then said to them it was up to them if they were prepared to honour the rules of the game now that they had been found out.   He told them that he was very clear as to what they had been trying to do to him and how they had been trying to make a fool of him before the others in the office.   If they chose not to comply with the rules that was up to them but he would make it clear to the others in the office what they had tried to do and how he had found them out.   If on the other hand they lived by the rules the matter would go no further.   However, they would have to behave properly towards him from then on.


He gave the girls an opportunity to think it over by leaving to pay a visit to the bathroom.


The girls were thunderstruck.   What were they to do.   They clearly understood that if he were to split on them in the office, the others would be more than happy to believe him.   They had after all behaved in a bitchy manner towards most of the others at one time or another.   On the other hand, if they gave in to him they would never be able to look him in the face afterwards.


Eventually they decided that if they could trust him to keep his mouth shut, to give in was the lesser of two evils.   And, after all, he was not that bad looking and they might get him to strip off too. They reckoned his body would be worth looking at.


When John came back they said to him that they would comply with the rules on one condition.   That was that whatever forfeit they had to pay once they had stripped, he would strip also while it was being paid.   John pretended to consider this but given how beautiful they were he was wondering how he would be able to strip off for the forfeit as that would give him more pleasure.


He said to them that he would agree to that condition.   However, first he would have to tell them what the forfeit would be.   He brought over a chair and told them that they would both get a spanking over his knee first with his hand, then with a hairbrush and finally with his belt.


If they had been shocked before, they were horrified now.   Neither of them had suffered a spanking since they were fourteen years old.   Now they were to get a thrashing from a man they hardly knew and in front of each other.


John was clearly aware of the consternation he had caused and was quite happy to wait for them to make up their minds.   He reminded them of the alternative and that the decision was theirs.


The girls realised that they really had no alternative and they were going to pay for their games.   They had been clearly out thought by a far cleverer opponent.


Both of them stood up and slowly took of their clothes.   John enjoyed each step of the strip and when they eventually ended up nude he took great pleasure in studying what were undoubtedly fabulous figures. Joan proved that she was a genuine blonde, as did Sarah that she was a genuine red head.  


John then said that the next step was to decide who went first.   He told them that they would each first get the hand spanking, then the hairbrush and then the belt.   The number of strokes they would get would be determined by drawing three of the cards - though to avoid them being able to use the benefit of the marked deck he would do the drawing. The order of performance would also be decided by the cards.   They would each draw one card and the lower card went first.   This system would be repeated for each of the three spankings they were to get.


Joan drew first and turned up the ten of clubs.   Sarah then went and she drew the six of clubs.   It was her turn first.   John turned up three cards and they appeared as two of spades, ten of diamonds (Sarah shuddered at this) and finally the Ace of spades.   John turned towards Sarah and told her that she could cut to determine whether Ace was 1 or 11.   If she drew higher than him it was 1 but if she drew lower it was 11.   Sarah hesitatingly put out her hand and drew a card.   It was a King.   John drew and it was a three.   “Congratulations”, he told her “you only get 13”.   “Big deal” she groaned.


John sat down in the chair and told her to come over to his right hand side.   “Wait” she said.   “What about your side of the bargain.   You still have your pants on.”   “You’re right” said John.   He stood up and slowly took down his briefs.   He stood there nude, a magnificent figure.   His prick stood up dramatically and the girls drew in their breaths at the sight.   Perhaps this might prove worthwhile after all, however sore it would be. They both felt to themselves that a taste of that weapon in their pussies could cure all.


John sat down in the chair and called Sarah over to him.   She stood on his right hand side and he beckoned her to bend over his knee.   Reluctantly she did so and he put his arm around her, grasping her right tit, as he made her comfortable - for him if not for her.   He smoothed his palm over her glorious arse and without warning drew it back and landed a “Smack” on her left cheek.   The sound and the pain caused her to gasp aloud and wriggle over his lap.   Quickly he followed this with three further Smacks, alternatively on her right and left cheeks.   Clear pink palm prints began to feature and she quickly realised that he had very hard hands.   She moved to rise but he quickly forced her down again.   “Any attempt to move with result in my moving straight away to the next implement” he warned her.   She wondered if the hairbrush could be any harder than his hand but decided she would find out soon enough.  


He rapidly gave her the remaining nine smacks and let her get up.   Her arse was brightly coloured red and she felt very sore.   “No rubbing” he warned “until the entire course is finished, unless you want me to start again”.   “No thanks” she moaned, and sore and all as she was desisted from rubbing.


Now it was Joan’s turn.   She had become more and more alarmed as she saw the imprints on Sarah’s arse but determined she was not going to give John the satisfaction of making her cry.   He turned over the three cards and this time produced a six, a five and a three.   “Fourteen” he announced and told her “Come here and bend over my knee”.   Again he gripped her around the waist, making sure he got his hand around her tit, and started.   “Smack” and Joan wriggled.   “Smack, smack, smack smack” he continued on, her ass quickly getting redder and redder.   He saw that she was determined not to indicate how much she was hurting and he determined that she would not succeed.   After he got to ten, without any response, he paused and rubbed his hand over her by now hot ass.   Quickly he landed the next 4 smacks at the junction of her ass and her thighs and she was not able to resist a loud “Ouch”.   When he was finished she lay across his lap panting heavily.   He rubbed her ass again, quickly slipping his hand in between her thighs and rubbing her pussy quickly.   She shot up at this and then regretted that she had not let it last a little longer.


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