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Wages of Sin - Part 2

Continuation of dealing with cheaters

In part 1 Sarah and Joan had tried to pull the wool over John’s eyes by playing strip poker with a marked deck.   However they discovered to their horror that John was an expert at knowing when people were cheating.   As a result they found themselves having to agree to a series of spankings, stark naked, rather than have their efforts exposed to the rest of their colleagues. The first session had been with John’s hand across his knee, with the number they received to be determined by the drawing of three cards and the total this produced. . They had two more sessions to face.


“Right, girls,” John said, “time for stage two.”   “This time the total of strokes will be determined by two cards, as I will be using a hairbrush.”   He then went on, “Since I did not come expecting to have to use one, you will have to provide me with one.   You better bring me a selection as if I do not think it is hard enough I will give you doubles with my belt.”   Sarah and Joan, both sporting red hued behinds, headed off for their rooms to see what they could find that would meet his needs and not over pain their butts.   When they got into Joan’s room, they turned to one another and said “Jesus, what have we got ourselves into”.   However, they also remembered the sight of his glorious weapon, when he also had stripped, and they decided that when all of the pain was over they were going to make sure they got properly pleasured.   “It is all that makes it bearable” said Sarah to Joan.


They each brought out a hairbrush.   They were fitted with a good handle to grip and a large smooth wooden back.   John decided that they would both do, but as a variation he decided to use each girl’s brush on the other’s arse.


This time Joan “won” the right to go first and the two card draw earned her 10 strokes.


Again John drew her across his knee, and in a steady rhythm delivered the ten strokes to alternate cheeks.   This time she was unable to resist crying out long before the end.   When she was finished, she staggered to her feet and John quickly reminded her not to be rubbing.   He called Sarah over and she drew 12 strokes.   He put her into the usual position and repeated the rapid tattooing he had given Joan.   Likewise Sarah could not resist crying out and was in tears before the finish.


“Third and final Round” he said.   He went to his trousers and drew out his belt.   He doubled it over and invited them to draw for first choice.   Again Joan found herself first to go.   “This time one card decides the number” he said.   He turned up a card. “Six” she stammered.   “That’s right” he said.   “This time you won’t go over my knee as I need room to swing the belt.”   “Instead, Sarah will bend over and touch her toes and you, Joan, will bend over her back”.   Sarah did what she was told and Joan, who was a few inches smaller than Sarah, had to hoist herself over the red head’s back.   John stood back, and swung the belt.   “Craaack” was the first sound followed by “Oouuch” from Joan who immediately jumped up from her position.   “I will give you only one warning” said John. “Do that again and I will double the number and start again”.   “But I can’t” she cried. “It is hurting far too much”.   “It will remind you not to cheat again” John said in an unsympathetic voice.   Reluctantly she resumed her position.   He suggested to Sarah “You might hold her wrists to save her jumping up and getting an increased punishment”   Sarah twisted her hands around and grasped Joan’s wrists.   “Craack”   “Craack” “Craack” he went amidst Joan screams.   “Only two to go” he told her cheerfully and swung with more force that before.   He then quickly brought the belt down for the final time and Joan crumbled off Sarah’s back.


Sarah came over to draw her card.   She turned it up “Jesus - an Ace” she gasped.   “Yes” said John - and you know what that means.   Sarah drew again and came up with a Queen.   A look of relief spread over her face as she felt certain John would not beat that and therefore she would get only one.   John drew a card and turned it over slowly - “A King I believe” he said smilingly. “That means 13.”   “That’s too much.” she said. I could never take that many.”


By this time John himself was aching for relief, his prick was so full.   “All right” he said. “I will give you an alternative offer”.   “You can have the same number as Joan, six, but first you must give me a blow job”.   Giving head was something that Sarah regarded herself as a expert at and she quickly decided that it was worth it.   “Yes” she said.   John then stood up and told her to “Kneel at my feet and take my prick into your mouth”.   Sarah did not delay in case he might change his mind and quickly closed her luscious lips over his large member.   It almost gagged her it was so big but she worked away on it and eventually caused him to blow his load in her mouth, and she swallowed every drop of it.   “I bet that was the best head you ever got” she grinned at him. “Is it worth letting me off the remaining six?”   “No” he quickly responded.   He told her to bend over the sofa, rather than over Joan’s back as Joan was still clearly too sore to be her couch.


Sarah turned slowly to the couch and bent herself over it.   Her already reddened ass stuck up in the air and John gave himself room to swing the belt.   It landed with a tremendous “Craaack” and a scream came from Sarah.   However, she remembered in time not to jump and forced herself to stay down.   Quickly John gave her the remaining five whacks and Sarah stayed slumped over the couch, welts already beginning to appear on her butt.


“That’s it girls” John said, standing where he was in the middle of the room.   Despite the head Sarah had given him, the erotic effect of the belting he had given her had caused his prick to harden again to its full eight inches. He said to the girls “Congratulations - you have taken your punishment bravely and you deserve the reward that you will not have you behaviour revealed.”   “Do you want me to leave you so that you can tend to your sore arses?”   Sarah looked at Joan and they turned to John. “No” said Sarah, “we would rather you tended to our asses.”   “Well, that first” said Joan “And we will see what might develop later”.


“All right” said John, delighted with what seemed to be developing.   “Have you any cold cream?”   “Yes” said Sarah, going into her room and coming out with a jar.   “Right” he said, “Bend over the couch both of you”.   They did so and he slowly rubbed the cream into their red and sore butts.   After some 15 minutes of this he asked how they were feeling.   “In need of some more comforting” said Joan.   “How about giving me the benefit of those swinging eight inches.   That might cure the pain”.   John moved to behind her, suggesting that it might be more comfortable for her in her present position.   He pushed his prick to the entrance to her pussy and put his hands around her front to grasp her tits.    He gradually began to push, getting harder and harder.   Joan began to respond pushing backwards, until they began to come together more and more fiercely.   Eventually there was a massive explosion of sound from both of them as they climaxed together and John shot his loan for the second time that night.


He brought himself up from Joan and moved to get his clothes.   “Hey” said Sarah, “What about me”.   “My pussy needs tending too.”   Joan said she would help to get him ready and promptly knelt at his feet as she had seen Sarah do earlier and began to suck him back to life again.   When he was erect again, something that did not take very long, she reluctantly released him and he turned his full attention to Sarah.   She spread her legs wide and he entered the red trimmed pussy.   He quickly began to pump his tool and Sarah helped by pushing backwards.   Again quite quickly they came to climax together and Sarah received her second load of the night.


The three of them were now all exhausted, and sore with it for the girls.   They lay around the room, stark naked, and chatted about what had happened.   The girls admitted that they had planned to embarrass him and when he was naked to take some photographs which they would show around the office.   However, they admitted that he had been more than a match for them, and they would never try anything like that again.   “At least” said Sarah “not unless we are all agreed as to what we expect to happen”.   “Yes” said Joan, “It may well be worth trying that again”.



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