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Who's Been Naughty?

What happens to naughty girls?
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“You’ve been a naughty girl.”

The deep bass of his voice resonated low and sinister in her left ear, a shock of peppery fear oozing from the pit of her stomach, up into her chest, making her heart race and her face glow with a spread of crimson blush.

A thrill of dread coldly washed over her, and he stepped closer so that she could feel his body the whole length of her as she stood washing the dishes. His arms snaked under hers from behind, his fingers grazing her hips through her cotton dress, and closing down hard over her wet hands on the sides of the sink. He used first one foot, then the other, to push the insides of her ankles apart, and leaned her against the sink unit. Legs apart, arms apart, she felt him breathing on her, his rough chin fitted into the angle between her neck and shoulder.

His hot breath blew her cold, sending shivers racing around her. Her own breathing quickened, a sporadic staccato to his even, deep larghissimo, a steady undertone to her punchy gasps.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl.”

She drew in a deep breath.

He ran his mouth along her bare shoulder, over the string strap of her dress, running his lips back and forth, from shoulder to neck, and back again.

“Do you know what I’m going to do to you, you naughty, naughty girl?” His voice was a resonant hum along her shoulder.

She shook her head, slightly, afraid to move much.

“I’m going to bend you over my knee, and then I’m going to lift up your skirt.” He moved his leg between hers and pushed his thigh gently between her buttocks.

“Then I’m going to pull down your panties, slowly, until your naughty bottom is bare, and I can see it. And I am going to pull them down further so that naughty pussy of yours is bare too, and I can see every part of you across my knees.”

She was breathing fast and shallow, the silence of the kitchen deafening even to her rushing ears. He pushed his thigh harder into her now, between her shaking legs, and pulled her hands under his into her waist, so that she was locked tight in his arms.

“And then,” he whispered into her ear, “I’m going to spank your naughty bare bottom until it’s red and stinging, to teach you a lesson you will never forget.”

He walked her before him, both padding barefoot across the wooden floor, through the hallway, and onto the deep, plush carpet of the dining room. Releasing one hand from her, and using the other to hold onto both of hers, he pulled out a straight-backed chair from the large oak table.

She shifted on her feet, giving a little wriggle. A short, sharp smack stung one buttock.

“Naughty girl! Stay still!”

She whimpered. Smack! Another smack on the other buttock.

“Naughty girl! Be quiet until I give you something to cry about!”

She felt him sit down, taking her with him so that she was sat awkwardly on one knee. Suddenly, he swung his left arm over the top of her head to hold her waist upside down, and swung her shoulder blades down with his elbow as his right arm crossed behind her and in front of her thighs, flipping her so that she lay across his black-suited lap, backside directly below his gaze.

Stunned and slightly winded for a minute, she felt him waiting for her breathing to resume. He wanted her fully alert and aware of everything. He held her with his left arm across her shoulder blades, and his right arm just below her buttocks. When she was settled, he took his arms off her to unbutton his shirt sleeves and roll them up. She wriggled.

SMACK! She squealed! SMACK! She crossed her legs and dug her hands into his thigh in an attempt to keep the next squeal in, as he held her to stop her falling off.

“You’re so very naughty today, young lady. I am going to teach you to behave.”

He held her chest down and swung his right thigh over hers so that she was pinned between his thick, muscular legs. She waited quietly, trembling, whilst he finished rolling up his crisp shirt sleeves, removed his tie and loosened his collar.

“Now, “ he growled. “Will you stay still and take your punishment?”

She nodded and squeaked a little yes.

He pushed his right leg back under her, and positioned her so that her hands were flat on the floor, and her bottom was below his gaze, with her legs sloping down towards the floor. There wasn’t a lot she could do to minimize the pain this way.

He gently began to run his hand over her warm buttocks, feeling her smoothness through the thin, knee-length cotton, drawing large figures of eights over her and preparing the muscles for what was to come.

“Yes, you are a very naughty girl, and I am going to bare your bottom and spank it soundly.”

Very slowly, he began to lift her skirt, inching it up so that she was tormented by the waiting. She shifted slightly, and he waited to see if she would wriggle, or was just getting more comfortable. Well, it wouldn’t last.

He inched her skirt up until it had exposed her hipster knickers. He looked at the two large globes outlined by the thin white fabric, and trimmed at the edges with little soft frills of lace.

They both felt his cock stiffen under her.

They were both breathing a little faster now.

He continued smoothing her buttocks, kneading more deeply to relax the muscles. He felt her relaxing, and grazed his fingers between her legs. She was wet.

“Oh, you naughty girl, you like this, don’t you? I shall have to spank you extra hard if being naughty makes you wet.”

She clenched her legs together, trying to squeeze her pussy lips together to gain some kind relief on her begging nub, but she was frustrated because her position made it difficult.

“Aha, the fun comes after the punishment, princess.”

And he slowly inched down her lacy panties, slowly revealing more of her crack and the two round surfaces of her cheeks. As he inched them down, he could already see the red patches of her warning slaps, with the odd finger print here and there.

He lowered his leg slightly so that he could pull her panties half way down her thighs, revealing completely her twin orbs of warmed flesh and very juicy pussy.

They both felt his cock harden even more.

She wriggled very slightly, knowing he could feel the heat of her flesh through his business trousers and rubbing against his shaft.

He took his time, sliding his hand over the roundness either side, digging his fingers in firmly with handfulls of her beige skin, holding her chest down still with his other arm.

“Now, you naughty girl, I am going to spank you.”

And he raised his hand, and… Slap! on one buttock, the flesh quivering and springing back in miniature waves.

She gasped loudly.

Slap! On the other buttock, a mirror image of the previous quiver.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! He built a gentle rhythm of slaps, enough to sting, but not enough to make her cry out. Yet.

“Naughty girls need their bare bottoms spanked, to make them be good.”

He slapped harder, so that she gave a little cry with each sting.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Her bottom was now a glowing red, he was getting good coverage all around each melon-shaped side.

He had a good, hard rhythm going, the spanks each making her flesh bounce and ripple, making him want to fuck her so that his cock banging into her made her arse ripple as his hips slapped against her. But not yet.

He stopped for a moment, rubbing and stroking her hard. She was crying now.

“That’s better, naughty girl. But you aren’t a good girl yet.”

He slid two fingers between her cheeks, and slid them down into the space between her legs, to her now-dripping pussy. He slid them in tight, running the length of her slit.

“What a wet girl you are!”

He rubbed his fingers back and forth, his thumb pointing towards the small of her back, making her moan and try to open her legs.

“Close them!” he ordered. She closed them immediately. He carried on rubbing back and forth, never quite touching her clitoris, never quite entering her tunnel or puckered hole. He slid them faster and faster, until she cried out.

“Please fuck me! Fuck me! Please!”

“Oh, you bad girl! Not until I am ready!”

He pushed as much of his hand between her legs as possible, smearing her juices all over it, and then stroking upwards until her buttocks were shining with her nectar-like lubrication.

And then he spanked her. Hard.


She yelled loudly with each spank, her ass a deep burgundy, shining and sticky with her own juices all over her. The quiverings, ripples and deep waves never had chance to settle between the contact and lifting of his purposeful hand. She sobbed and moaned and begged for relief until she was exhausted and his arm ached.

It was a few minutes before she realised his pace and spanks had slowed and lightened, and she began to calm down. Her backside was a deep purple-red colour, the heat radiating off in shimmers up towards his lusting face.

And his cock was rock hard.

He was stroking her cheeks again, his skin staggering deliciously over her stickily-drying juices, his hand tingling and throbbing over her as his cock tingled and throbbed under her.

When she had settled again, she gave a shuddering sob.

“Am I a good girl again?” she asked quietly.

“Yes,” he said gently. “You are a very good girl.”

And he pushed two fingers between her legs, massaging her hard little button between her molten lips.

“Please…” she whispered.

Gently but firmly, he slowly lifted her up. She could hardly stand, and he carefully shuffled her across the deep plush to the large oak table. Lovingly, he stood in front of her, pulled her panties down to the ground, lifted her skirt up behind her, and then lifted her onto the cold wood, leaving her wet knickers in a little puddle on the luxurious floor.

She sighed, and snaked her trembling arms up around his neck. With one arm around her waist, nuzzling into her neck, he undid his belt and trousers, and released his throbbing cock. Leaning over her as he lay her down onto her back, he pushed his dark purple head just inside the entrance of her soaking hole as she lay with her pussy just over the edge of the table.

“You are the best girl in the world,” he whispered into her ear.

And he slammed his cock into her hard and deep. She cried out with shocked joy, as she felt him pound into her, his need pulling him onto the dining table to fuck her hard into the surface. Her hot red cheeks bounced off the table like his hand had bounced off them just moments before, and he drove his wood so deep into her that it almost met the wood below her.

She was beyond even screaming now, cumming in floods of juices all over the lacquer, incoherently riding under the joy as he sated himself in her and on her, his pearly ropes of lust and need spearing through her wetness to mix in her and spurt out of her. They slid in their mingled juices as he plunged his last thrust into the ecstasy of his final relief, his weight pressing her down into the now baking table, the ember heat of her buttocks still warming the wood.

They lay there, spent, not noticing the hard, sticky surface they now draped themselves on side by side.

“You’re the best girl in the world,” he whispered again.

They let their breathing slow, arms gracing each other, hands giving little reassuring pats and strokes, sighing now and again with relaxed comfort.

She nestled towards him, pushing her breasts through their cotton against his now-crumpled shirt, both lying on their sides, face to face.

“What did I do?”


“What did I do? Why was I naughty?”

He had to think for a moment, his mind swirling with the satisfied befuddlement of post-cum sleepiness.

“You forgot to pick up the compost we ordered for the front flowerbeds from the shop.”

“No I didn’t,” she frowned. “It’s in the back garden, I didn’t think I should leave it in view of the street.”

They were silent for a minute.

“So, you got the compost?”


“And you didn’t forget?”


“And I just spanked you for forgetting it.”


They were silent again.

She rose up on her elbow and pulled his shoulder towards her, forcing his chest down to the wood so he lay face down on the table. She climbed on top of him and sat astride him in the small of his back. Planting her hands on the table on either side of his head, she leaned down to whisper into his ear.

“You’ve been a naughty boy...”

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