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a day to remember

for someone special
"Hey babes how are you?" I ask over the phone, "having a nice day?"

You groan into the phone, a lusty heartfelt groan.

"You holding up?" I chuckle at my own pun.

"Please…" you moan.

"Oh babes, I love it when you beg".

The reason for this conversation is a little something only you and me know about. More precisely- it's the butt plug I put inside your asshole this morning. You still can't believe you agreed, but then again you'd agree to just about anything with your dick in my mouth. Pity I didn't let you cum than, isn't it? Teasing you near the edge, slipping in the lovely pink plug, and leaving you all hard and disappointed. If you're a good boy- tonight you will be in heaven, if not you will be left with your dick in your hand for a long time. So that's why you're playing along.

You work as a carpenter- a strenuous physical labor. On your feet all day, always moving about. I bet that’s hard to do with a plug up your ass, and a hard dick that you are trying to hide from the guys you work with.

I've already called you a few times today, telling you about what I have in store for you if you behave. Complete and total bliss- pampered your every sexual need and desire satisfied. Finally your work day ends and you are driving home slowly because it's hard to concentrate in your condition.

When you get to our door I open it before you even have time to find your key. As soon as you see me you gasp. I love your reaction- that was what I aimed for when I got dressed. I am wearing a hot pink satin bra and matching panties, over that I have a frilly black teddy that accentuates my hourglass figure. To top that off I have the most amazing pink and black satin peep toes.

I strip you down, careful not to touch your sensitive cock. You have been a good boy indeed- you deserve your reward. I lead you to the bedroom; faint music is playing in the background. I sit you down on the freshly made satin sheets. I bring in a couple of hot wet towels from the bathroom; with one I wipe your body, relaxing you. With the other I wipe your feet, massaging them to get the tension out. You moan and close your eyes. I keep going a little more and then lift your left leg and suck your toes, making little wet slurping sounds. You revel in the feeling of my tongue on the sensitive skin between your toes. I repeat the whole thing with your right foot.

I leave the room and come back with two cups, one is steaming and the other is ice cold. I take a sip from the cold liquid and place both cups on the bed side table. I lean over you and lick your nipple, you gasp in reaction to the cold feeling and your nipple stiffens, then I take a sip from the hot liquid and lick the same nipple. The sudden temperature change makes you moan in pleasure . I repeat it on the other nipple.

You are so turned on; your cock is twitching, begging for release. I kneel at your feet and run my long hot pink nails down the length of your legs, causing goose bumps to appear.

"Please baby", you moan, "I need to cum so badly, I'm so hard it hurts".

But I don't want you to cum yet- I love teasing you, making you beg for the release you crave so much. I am so turned on by your situation, your submission to my desires. I have been wet all day thinking of your plight.

I move to the head of the bed- "would you like me to sit on your face?" I whisper in your ear.

"Oh yes", you moan.

I knew you'd want that, you like sticking your tongue in my slit and your nose in my ass. I move aside my thong, position myself over you and sink down on your waiting tongue. You moan in to me and I squeal in pleasure. I cup your balls, gently stroking them. You're so close but I know you won't cum without direct contact on your cock. You moan louder and louder, the vibrations making me buck my hips. You stick your tongue deep in my pussy and flick my clit with your finger a few times.

"Yeeeeessss", I scream and cum all over your face. As my orgasm subsides I lift off your face and move away. Then in one unexpected motion I straddle you and slip your cock into me. You gasp and thrust up.

I am straddling you with my back turned to you, moving slowly, rocking and grinding my hips. I am so wet that every move produces a wet sloshing sound. I lean slightly forward and touch your balls, tickling them. Then my hand reaches lower and I take the butt plug and move it inside you slightly. You grunt and grab my hips. I start moving fast and hard on your cock, while at the same time fucking your ass with the plug. Your hips move up meeting mine thrusting in, suddenly you scream and grab my hips so I can't move.

I feel you exploding inside me again and again. You keep cuming for minutes, pumping more and more of you're cum into me.

When you are finally done I lift off you, cum running down my thighs, and lie down next to your spent body cradling you.

"Thank you", you whisper as you fall asleep in my arms .

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