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A piece of art

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Art really does come in all shapes and sizes
Let me introduce myself, my name is Brandy. I'm 26 years old and married with two beautiful kids. At the tender age of 26, I work for one of the biggest law firms in the United States. You would think I was living the American dream — a great job and two wonderful kids, a big beautiful house and the car of my dreams. I hate to tell you this but everything isn't what it seems. Things at home really aren't all that great. You see my husband is a great guy with a great job and does everything he can to make me happy, but when it comes to my sex life things couldn't be worse. You see my husband is selfish when it comes to sex. Once he gets off, he's done. We can only do it one of two ways, it's either him on top and me on my back or me on top and him on my back and that's it. I couldn't tell you what the problem is because I really don't know. It's been like this ever since we met. I'm sure you're asking yourself well why did you marry him if he was a lousy fuck. Well the only answer I can come up with is because I love him more than life itself and I just thought things could change. But after 5 years of us being together, things still haven't changed. So I had to do what I had to do. Don't get me wrong, I love my life, my kids and my husband but I just couldn't take being unhappy when it came to the bedroom. Luckily, my sex life soon took a turn for the better.

I was leaving the office Friday night and there he was standing on the corner waiting to cross the street. He was every woman's dream man when it came to looks. He was tall, dark chocolate skin, nice full lips, a sexy bald head and a body to die for. The instant that I spotted him I knew I had to have him. I knew my husband was waiting for me at home and would be wondering where the hell I was if I didn't make it home by 6:30. So I called my husband and lied to him, telling him I needed to stay late at the office. To my surprise he didn't question me at all. The whole time I was on the phone I was following my mystery man trying to come up with a way to get his attention.
Little did I know Mr. Tall-dark-and-handsome was paying more attention to me than I thought. After I said my goodbyes to my husband and hung up the phone, he turned around and looked me in the eyes.

"Hi, my name is Ty and you are?" he inquired.

I was so nervous that I had been caught following a total stranger I couldn't even get my name out. He just stood there and smiled at me until I was able to get my name out. His smile was to die for, his perfect teeth seemed like diamonds when the sun hit them just right. His smile alone started my pussy juices flowing. Now, I'm usually a shy person but something about that day I had to just say what was on my mind.

"Well it's nice to meet you Ty, but I'm not really for the small talk. I'm not being rude but I know you were wondering why I was following you. So here it is, I like what I see and I want to fuck you. Fuck you in every which way possible."

At first he just looked at me and for a second I thought maybe I should have just taken my ass home, but then that thought went right out the window when he looked me in my eyes and said to follow him to his place a couple of blocks away. On the way there we got to know each other a little better. I found out he was Detroit and he came to New York because of his job. He wasn't married and had no kids. I told him I was from New York and that I worked in a law firm, I was married, but the sex was just horrible, and that I had two kids.

Once we got to his loft apartment all the small talk stopped. As soon as he opened his door I wasted no time getting to what I came there for. As he locked his door I started to undress slowly. As he watched me remove my clothing I put on a little show for him. I started swaying my hips to the music that was playing in my head and giving him a little strip tease.

Soon I was in nothing but my bra and panties, I walked up to him a kissed softly on the lips. I moved my way down to his pants and started to unbuckle the jeans that he was wearing. I couldn't wait to see if his dick looked as good as the rest of him. And boy, it did. Ty was hung like a horse. His dick was a deep chocolate and looked so tasty. I stood there just looking at the piece of art I was holding in my hands. After of few moments of me stroking him, I got down on my knees and took the head of his dick into my warm mouth. He tasted just as sweet as he looked. I got into it and starting sucking him faster and playing with his balls with my hands. I could tell his excitement was growing because he started to fuck my mouth harder and harder. This shit was great. After about 20 minuted he exploded in my mouth. His cum tasted so sweet I was not letting any of that go to waste, I milked that bad-boy dry.

Once he caught his breath he took to his bed and laid me down. He removed my bra, letting my huge breasts free. He bent over and took my nipples into his mouth, licking them one at a time. His mouth felt so good against my skin that I reached orgasm for the first time in a long time just from him sucking on my nipples. Once he was done licking the hell out my breasts, he slide my panties off and made his way down to my pussy leaving soft kisses all over stomach. He went right for my hardened pearl. He started licking me, spelling out the alphabet with his tongue. By the time he reached 'Z' I had orgasmed three more times I felt wonderful. This guy really knew how to eat some pussy and get me off. He lifted his head from between my thighs and I could see that his face was covered with my sweet pussy juices.

I couldn't wait anymore, I needed this man inside me. I pulled him up from between my thighs and told him to lay on his back. I got on top of him, and slowly slid my hot pussy on to his awaiting piece of art. It took me a second to get use to the size of his dick, it was so large, but once I got a rhythm, I rode him like he was the last man on earth. I came so hard, it shocked me when I screamed out his name for the whole world to hear.

After I screamed, Ty flipped me over on my stomach and entered me from behind. I could feel his dick once again hitting my inside. He took no mercy with my ass either. He fucked me so hard I thought I was losing my mind. After about 10 minutes he told me to get up. I slowly got up off the bed with my pussy swollen, I could barely stand up. Ty picked me up and placed me against the wall. With my legs wrapped tightly around his waist he fucked me up against the wall. He fucked me royally and just when he was about to cum he sat me back on the bed and placed soft kisses all over my face tell me, he wasn't going to cum unless I came with him. That made my already overflowing pussy drip even more. I told him to lay down and I got on top of him with my pussy sitting on his face. I took his dick in my mouth once again and started sucking him until he exploded in my mouth for the second time that night. I couldn't wait to taste his sweet nectar once again. We kept going, and no longer than 10 minutes later, we both climaxed together boy it was the best feeling in the world. 

We lay there with my pussy on his face and his dick still in my mouth and fell asleep. I awoke about an hour later. Ty was still sleeping like a baby. I wanted to stay but I knew my husband would get worried and start calling my cell phone wondering where I was. I got up from the bed making sure I didn't wake him and went to the bathroom. I quickly washed up and started to head out the door, but I knew I couldn't just leave without saying some type of goodbye. So I found a piece of paper and pen and left him a note: "Ty thanks for the best sex I've ever had in my life. I really hope we can see each other again." I placed the note on the pillow next to him, kissed him softly on the lips ,and went home to my awaiting husband and my children.

When I walked through the front door my husband greeted me and asked how my day was. I smiled thinking about the masculine piece of art I had just left satisfied and sleeping like a baby looked my husband dead in the eye, and told him my day was wonderful. When he asked what took me so long, I told him that after I left the office I decided to go check out some new art at the a gallery that had just opened up a block from my office. I didn't lie, I did get to see, and touch, a great piece of art.

If your wondering if I ever saw Ty again, well I did. As a matter of fact I'm due to see him when I get off of work tonight. I know it's wrong, and I do love my husband, but until he can please me in the bedroom, I go see my favorite piece of art a couple of blocks from my job about once a week. What can I say, I do love a good piece of art...

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