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An Evening For Two

Tags: anal, oral, feet
A hot, steamy night between two lovers.
They laid in each others arms so effortlessly. He moved his hands from atop her stomach and started to unbutton her shirt. She sighed in comfort and laid her head back, giving him access to her neck. He took advantage of her move and kissed and nibbled it with pleasure. He pulled her shirt apart and she helped to take it off.

She turned to face him. She looked into his eyes and smiled. They leaned in and quickly gave each other a peck on the lips. Each time they did this, the kiss lasted longer. After the third peck, he opened his mouth and she followed. As their tongues explored the inside of each others mouth, their hands explored each others body. Her hands could only reach from his hair to his lower back. While his could practically reach her entire body. They broke their kiss and smiled. No words were needed to express how they felt.

She pulled off his shirt with his help and started to play with his chest hair. She loved to twirl and run her fingers through it. She started to give him butterfly kisses down his chest until she reached his pants. She quickly undid the belt, button, and zipper and he pulled them off. She undid her bra tossing it into the corner of the room and rolled on top of him. Her breasts hanging in front of his face as she begins to grind against him.

He kisses her passionately and plays with her ass through her pants. Rubbing it and squeezing it. She moves herself up and down, rubbing herself against his boxers. She flips around and uses her feet on his boxers. She can feel his cock growing under her feet as she rubs them against him. Slowly she slides her feet back and forth across his hardening cock, squeezing it between her nimble toes. She continues to play with him using her feet listening to his moans and smiling while sliding her feet a little faster and squeezing tighter with her toes.

In a whisper he tells her to “rolls over” and she does. She lays on her back, arms behind her head, waiting to see what he is going to do. Those two words get her in a submissive mindset. She doesn't like to be in control and he knows this. He starts by flicking her nipples with his fingers and she lays back enjoying it. He runs his fingers around her nipples across her breast over to the other and pinches the other nipple lightly.

Next, he grabs her left breast while lowering his head to the right one, opening his mouth he starts sucking, then biting, the other nipple. This drives her crazy already. She moans with pleasure. “You like that?” he teases. She can only nod. He starts pulling and twisting her nipples lightly between his teeth. Her eyes are ready to roll back into her skull from the pleasure of having her sensitive nipples played with.

He slowly moves lower across her body leaving small kisses in his wake. He unbuttons her pants and slides them off slowly leaving her black thong intact. He picks up one of her feet and starts to suck on the toes. He starts with the big toe and sucks and licks each one separately tasting them as each one was a different flavor. She sighs and relaxes.

Once he finishes on her foot he runs his tongue along her arch and down her leg ever so slowly. His tongue runs across her thong but keeps going up her other leg and along her thigh to her other cute little foot. She watches as her painted sky blue toes disappear into his mouth, feeling his tongue twirl around her toes and then along them before feeling the same on the next.

She uses her free foot to rub his hard cock, using her nimble toes once again she grabs onto his boxers and pulls them down to his knees. Her toes tease him and he moans while sucking on her other foot. She puts him between her toes and squeezes before moving her foot up and down, then letting go and rubbing him with her soft arch.

He takes her cute toes out of his mouth and leans down over her, resuming his assault on her nipples and starts to tease her again. He slides his cock along her clit and opening, driving her mad. He presses his cock to her opening but doesn't put it in. Her eyes go wide and she arches her back trying to make it go deeper, but to no avail. He leans down for a kiss and pulls the tip out. She whimpers. He smiles.

He breaks the kiss and places his cock at her mouth, pressing his member against her soft lips. She opens her mouth and licks him first, enjoying the taste. Moving her head forward with the help of his hand on the back of her head, his cock enters her mouth. Slowly he pulls her head closer, pushing it deeper towards the back of her throat. She takes all of him down her throat without gagging. He moans deeply. She begins sucking him, and moving her tongue as he begins moving his hips, fucking her mouth. She plays with his balls as she sucks, massaging them with her matching sky blue fingers. Occasionally taking his cock out of her mouth to run her tongue over his balls and suck on them, before licking the spot right behind them that he likes. She alternates between short, quick, thrusts and deep and slow thrusts sucking hard. She runs her tongue all over his cock, especially on the underside.

He pulls out and smiles at her. “I want to do you from behind,” is all he says. This is one of their favorite positions. He likes it because he gets to see her curves. She likes it because he hits her pleasure spots more easily. She gets up on her hands and knees, while he positions himself behind her and slides off her lacy thong to enjoy the view of her sexy ass. He inserts a finger into her pussy and finds her dripping wet. “Want to?” he asks wiggling her finger inside her.

“Uh huh,” is all she manages to say.

“You sure?” he teases.

“Please,” she begs.

Moving forward he presses his cock against her wet lips and slowly inserts himself into her tight pussy. They both moan in unison as he enters her grabbing her hips and pulling her all the way against him until he's as deep as he can go. Moving his hips he begins fucking her. At first it is slow, steady thrusts, then they get into a rhythm. He keeps hitting her pleasure spots and she is getting close. Grabbing her waist tighter he thrusts into her harder and faster driving her closer and closer the edge.

“I want you to fuck my tight little ass,” she tells him while panting from the pleasure. He pulls out and slides his cock up, pressing it against her tight ass. She pushes back causing the tip to slide into her ass. She gasps as it enters her, feeling it slowly inch into her before it's all the way in.

“Oh god it feels so tight,” he says. He has to go a little slow at first but soon works up into a nice rhythm quickly. He starts thrusting in and out of her ass, moaning from how tight and good her other hole feels.

She gets closer and closer to the edge, before with a loud moan cums from him fucking her in the ass. “Are you close?” she asks panting.

“Uh huh,” is all he can manage to say. “Your ass feels so good. I'm going cum soon,” he tells her.

She looks back at him and says with a sexy look in her eye, "I want to suck your cock and taste my dirty little ass on it." He pulls out and she quickly rolls over, she wraps her lips around him sucking greedily tasting herself. She uses her hand at the base of him and moves her head and hand in sync, moving them back and forth, twirling her tongue at the same time. He moans as she keeps going fast, sucking him hard while jacking him off with her hand. She takes his cock out of his mouth still stroking him. "I want you to come all over my face and breasts, please cover me."

Hearing her pleas he's pushed over the edge. Moaning, he squirts his cum all over her, covering her large breasts and face with warm sticky cum. She takes her hands and rubs it all over. Swirling it all around. She stops playing around and starts to clean up. She cleans him up first using her mouth and he moans again. She stops and laughs. Then she uses her finger to clean up the rest of the cum on her, tasting her efforts. Once they are both cleaned up, they lay down in each others arms, drifting off into a well deserved slumber.

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