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As the memories fade

As the memories fade

Her hands grip the headboard

Waking up alone in our bed, the aroma of last night's sex lingers in the bedroom. The taste of her is on my lips and her dried juices cake my face. I begin to smile, as an earlier memory rushes up to meet me. 

"Oh yes, baby, baby don't you fucking dare move your tongue! Oh god I'm so close."

Looking up at her, her damp matted hair clings to her beautiful face. Her superb breasts are bouncing, as her hands grip the headboard. Her thighs grip my head as she franticly rocks her hips, making her slick pussy move back and forth over both my obedient mouth and tongue. I feel her body stiffen then begin to shudder as she cries out, "Oh yes. Oh yesss!"

My tongue feels her fleshy folds begin to flutter and without warning she floods my mouth with a warm sweet tasting fluid. I try to gulp it all down, trying not to choke on it. Still, some manages to run on my face and down my chin. I feel her body begin to relax and her breathing get more regular. I look at her. Her eyes look vacant and with the help of her mouth she gives me a satisfied smile.

As she slides down on top of me, I feel her bullet-like nipples drag along my chest. Our lips meet in a sensual kiss. Wrapping our arms and legs around each other, we drift off to sleep.


As the memory fades I hear what I think is rain. Then it stops and with a smile I realise it was her showering. A thought hits me and I begin to push the bed sheet off when the en suite door opens. She enters our bedroom naked, except for a towel that's wrapped around the top of her head.

Looking at me with a smile, her eyes drift down to see my hand moving up and down my shaft slowly. She says with a big grin, "You will go blind."

I reply with a bigger grin, "It would be worth it if you naked was the last thing I saw!"

She leans over me and kisses my forehead lightly. Reaching up I softly brush her perfect breasts. With a, "Hey I'm all clean," she knocks my hand away.

Still slowly stroking my cock, while watching you blow dry your hair, I catch you occasionally glancing at me through your dressing table mirror.

I know if I masturbate any faster I would have already shot my load. I decide to take it nice and slowly as I love watching my lover's morning ritual.

Soon she finishes her hair and starts getting her lingerie, throwing different coloured underwear on the bed. She bends over, knowing I'm getting a great view, to open a lower draw. Her slender legs are slightly parted and I see her beautiful muff and perfect lips. I so want to get behind her and fuck her good and hard! She turns her head and smiles at me, as if she knows what I'm thinking. Soon she stands up and hangs a pair of stockings over the back of the chair. She slowly walks to her wardrobe, wiggling her butt oh so slightly.

I know if I grabbed her she wouldn't stop me fucking her, but she would get angry with me afterwards, for disturbing her organised morning ritual.

After looking at several different skirts and blouses, she nods satisfactorily at her choice and hangs them on the door. She then selects her shoes and walks back to the bed smiling at me.

I'm still slowly moving my hand up and down my precum oozing cock.

Looking at her underwear, she touches the blue and asks my approval. I shake my head. Her hand moves over them, still looking at me. As her hand moves over the white panties and bra, I nod my head.

Standing in front of me she begins to slowly pull her panties on, wigglling them over her sexy butt. My cock begins to twitch. I watch her pussy disappear and give a little groan. Before she puts her bra on, she begins to fondle her breasts. My mouth isdry and open. Looking at me she asks, "Do you think I've put on any weight?"

I smile and shake my head.

After putting her bra on, she sits down, raising a leg as she gently slides her left stocking on. I can just make out the lips through her panties. I groan audibly and she smiles at me. After putting her other stocking on, she slowly begins to slide her arms into her blouse and buttons it up. She leaves the top four buttons undone, giving a great view of her cleavage and the swell of her breasts. She steps into her tight skirt and slowly pulls it up her shapely legs. When it reaches her full hips, she has to wiggle it over them. She zips it up and looks at herself in the mirror, checking all is good. She turns sideways to check her sexy butt, then looks at me and I nod my approval. She smiles and blows me a kiss.

She returns to her seat. Looking in her mirror, she begins to apply very little makeup, just some to enhance her stunning good looks.
She puts her shoes on, gets her bag and walks to the bedroom door. Just as she opens it she turns around and says, "Oops, I forgot to kiss you goodbye."

She comes back to the bed, leans over and kisses me softly. As she kisses me, I feel her wiggling and before I know it she has straddled me. I look to see her skirt hitched up above her white panties. I go to say something and she puts her finger on my lips and says, "Shhh."

Using one hand, she pulls her panties across, revealing her open, slightly wet pussy. Her other hand guides my cock to her entrance.
She lowers herself on me and I feel her warm, fleshy folds swallow my throbbing cock into her welcoming vessel. I groan with pleasure. Never taking my eyes off her, I mutter, "Bu... t."

She smiles and says, "It's Sunday, silly."

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