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Bag of Lush all sorts

A bag story for each category? Nah, would take too F'ing long. So instead, a story about categories.

“You like that, don’t ya Fugs, hey?” asked Eric. “You like a big cock going deep in that sweet tight little puckered up ass?”

“You know I do, Babe,” I said between thrusts. “But, do you want to talk or fuck?”

“Oh, let’s talk please,” Eric smirked. “How was your day, sweetheart?”

“Well asshole, it was going fine... until you opened your mouth. So, stop being a smart ass, shut up and”...


“Take it like the bitch you are,” I said, as I rammed my condom covered rubber opaque cock deeper inside him - condom covered, because I normally made Eric suck me off after anal, and the thought of him tasting his own shit, well, hmmm, ewwwww.

I reached beside me, grabbed my whip, and gave it a quick flick across his lily – hairy, I might add - white butt cheeks to show that I meant business. Giving a tug at the leash that was attached to his collar, I watched intently as the cock disappeared further into Eric’s chocolate abyss. His words, not mine! - His hole tightening around my cock, suctioning it in.

Grabbing at his hips, I pulled out ever so slowly, fascinated by the glistening lube and natural body fluids that coated the latex covered cock, before quickly pushing it back in. His hands were bound behind his back in leather cuffs, which I grabbed, and lifted them up slightly, causing him just a little bit of pain as I pounded him harder.

“Does the bitch want more?” I questioned.

“Yes please, Mistress."

“Hmmm, pain or pleasure?”

“Both please, Mistress.”

The only sound now that filled the room, was his low gruntal moans as I fucked his ass and lifted his arms a fraction higher. Oh, and also the little buzz from the bullet vibrator that was hidden inside the crotch of my harness.

Hearing that he was about to climax – I wasn’t that far off myself, - I withdrew, whipped off the condom and tossed it into the bin that was on his side of the bed – which was almost full of semen filled tissues and an empty bottle of hand cream; yes, Eric is a serial wanker, in more ways than one – slapped him on the ass, and turned off the vibrator. I was not ready for him to come just yet...


And neither was I.

“Now, I want you to suck me,” I ordered. “Or, would you like to suck a real cock? You like guys, don’t you Eric?”

“I have to admit that yes, I am curious.”

“Do you think of sucking a man, when you are sucking me?” I asked.

“Well, umm, sometimes.”

“And? ...”

“And... I wonder what a real cock would feel like in my mouth, and deep in my ass. I wonder what it would feel like when a man goes down on me.”

“A mouth is a mouth, my pet.”

“Yeah, but only a man knows a man’s body,” Eric replied. “Knows what feels good, you know what I mean?”

“What I do know is, that you are not sucking my cock!”

“Sorry Mistress.”

As he took my cock into his mouth, I played with his hair as I continued, “I know what you mean. For a woman, a man’s touch can never compare to another woman’s touch because she knows what she likes. She knows how much pressure to apply. She knows what turns her on and most importantly, what turns her off. And I guess the same goes for men.”

“Exactly,” he replied.

I watched lovingly as Eric deep throated me. I grabbed his hair tighter, and gave a slight thrust forward, making him take it completely. Watching his head bob back and forwards, I thought about how I would honestly love to watch Eric suck a cock, a real cock. I would love to watch him swallow all of the guy’s tiny tadpoles. I would love to watch him pull that sour face with the after taste, which I get - until I race for a ciggie to disguise it.

“So you would try it? I mean, if we got a guy in for a threesome or maybe just for you?”

“For you, my sweet Mistress, yes. Whatever you want,” he said as he finished engulfing my eternal rubber hard-on, and stood up.

I smiled, “But what would happen if you love it way too much? Where am I left then?”

I walked over to the open window and stared out into the night. Eric came over and cuddled me from behind, tenderly cupping my bare breasts.

“I would then be bisexual. I could never give up pussy, you know that! No way, I love it way too much. I love the taste, the feel and even the smell. Oh, and don’t forget boobies. Especially...” he said as gave mine a little squeeze...


“Mmmm, I would love to see you with boobies,” I interjected, turning around.

“Say what?”

“And a nice dress or maybe just a nice lacy bra padded with ‘chicken fillets’ and matching panties.”

“Ooookaaaay,” Eric said somewhat amused. “What about a wig?”

I looked at him and laughed, “Nah, but makeup is a big yes.”

“You know, I would make one hell of an ugly woman.”

I laughed even harder. “I bet you would, you would be Super Mega Fucking ugly! We could then be twins."

“Ahhh, but unlike you, I haven’t got the body that you have.”...


“I bet if you did though, you would be walking around naked 24/7 and showing it off.”...


“Don’t forget feeling it up all the time as well,” he grinned.

I went over to the bed and rested my head against the pillows and Eric came over and sat at the foot of the bed. He began to caress my feet; his hands slowly inching their way up over the ankles. Next to the bed, we always kept a big supply of paper bags – all with pre-cut out holes mind you; I bent over and put one on and then lay back, nestling deeper into the pillows and closed my eyes.

“Mmmm, the bag, what have I done to deserve this?” Eric asked.

“Nothing, not a thing,” I teased. “But I do wish...”


“I wish, you didn’t have this bag fetish. Sometimes the paper crumbling is deafening. Do you know that, not once, have we done it missionary without it?”

“That’s not true! There was that time... when... when, oh it doesn’t matter. Take it off now.”

I opened my eyes and stared at him, “Seriously?”

“Yes Mistress.”

I hesitantly took the bag off, and waited for the 'I'm just kidding' but got nothing. I laid back and closed my eyes again as Eric continued with his massage. He was now working his way up my calves up to my knees. As he massaged behind my knees, my clit throbbed as it began to swell. I clenched my vagina muscles while taking in a slow deep breath, enjoying the sexual build up.

I could feel the wetness between my legs, waiting, wanting to be touched... and then I heard a click.

"You fucking lying prick. Bullshit, you don't have a bag fetish. You turned off the fucking bedside lamp!"

"I only turned it off for the ambiance," he lied.


"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. But the bag turns me on," he said coyly, as his hands started to massage my inner thighs.

Fuck it , I thought putting the bag back on. I would never admit it to him, but it also turns me on. It's my alcohol; it masks my inhibitions - not that I have many lol.

I laid there, enjoying the feel of his soft hands - soft from the hand cream; and probably from his cum - as they roamed over my legs and over my neatly shaved mound. He then traced finger tip circles around my belly button, before slowly massaging - and pushing a little too hard - my lower stomach which unfortunately caused a little one to escape.

"Gross, you just farted!"

“Sorry babe, I was just adding to the ambiance,” I said in my cutest sarcastic baby voice...

First time

“My god, what did you have to eat?” he asked, waving his hands in front of his nose. And just to show me how bad it was, he started choking and coughing. “Wow, that’s a first.”

"What? My farts smelling?"

"No, you saying sorry."...

Gay male

“Ahh, go and get a cock shoved up ya!” I retorted, giving him the finger...

Group sex

“Oh, I would love to see two cocks shoved up you. Interested?”

“Maybe, depends. Are we talking double penetration?”

“Mmmm, yes. How about triple penetration?”

“As in a cock in the mouth as well?”


“Could be interesting. Does one have to be yours?”

“What? Ain’t I good enough for you?”

“I cannot answer that on grounds that it may make me sound like a total bitch,” I laughed.

“That would be right. You would probably only be satisfied if we got one or three black dudes.”...


“Oh, for fucks sake!”


“Sometimes, you know, you can be a real dick! You.... you Motherfucker, you,” I snapped...


Taking a deep relaxing breathe to calm down, I asked, “Why bring that up, penis envy?”

“Well, maybe.”

“Why maybe? You know it's only a rumor that all black men have big cocks, don't ya?”

"Yeah, right. Remember that Halloween swap party we went to a while back? I saw how you drooled over that black dude that was dressed as the doctor."

Hmm, Dock Cock. My mouth began to salivate thinking of that nice juicy big - and I do mean BIG - black, heavy veined cock ...

"But baby, he would have ripped me in half, if we had done the dirty. It wasn't his cock that I was staring at, it was his gorgeous chocolate skin," I lied.

Well, it wasn't that much of a lie. It has always fascinated me watching a porn movie where there was a white woman with a black man. Their hot perspiring bodies. The colors blending, becoming one creamy... mmmmm, I need to open more windows, it's getting hot in here...

"Maybe we should ask him to join us for a threesome." Now that would be interesting; seeing Eric trying to get his mouth around that thick black pole - I thought, laughing to myself.

"Umm, no thanks."

"Hang on, but just a moment ago, you said you would do anything I wanted."

"And I will. With anyone except him. He was monster huge... I preferred his nurse anyways. How about her? Now she was gorgeous!" he suggested.

“You wish,” I said. “You got a nerve, you know that. ‘Specially after last time, seeing you with that slut sucking on your worm, and now you want..."...


“Two women?”

“Oh, as long as I can watch you two first and then join in?”

“Depends,” I laughed. “We might not want you to.”

“Oh, come on Fugs, you know I would love to see you lick a woman’s pussy.”

Thinking about being with another woman again was an intriguing, yet a disturbing thought. I still dreamt and often – very often - masturbated to the memory of my first and only female fuck. Even right now, I was moist as a soaking wet sea sponge – hmmm, is that why they say we smell fishy down there???

I will always remember how delicate Lisa’s touch was; how sensual, how hot. Lisa knew every curve, bump and fugly lump of my body. With a smile, I thought of her butterfly kisses that turned my knees to jelly, her tender but knowing hands that caused my clit to ache with anticipation. Her silky long hair trailing down my stomach as she inched her way down to my pussy. Her tongue, well, mmmmm. She had brought me to orgasmatic heights which no man has succeeded to ever since.

But the big question is; would I want to share that experience with Eric? Nah, fuck it! If I was to do it again, it would just be me and another woman, no Eric. Call me selfish, call me a bitch, but I want that fantasy to just stay just that, Eric’s fantasy. So it would just have to be a threesome or tensome - lol - with men only or nothing.

“I just think it should be us and only us, don’t you?” I tested, waiting and holding my breath for his answer.

“Boring,” He said, while faking a yawn.

“Well, if you learnt how to use your pecker right, it wouldn’t be boring.”

“Never heard you complain.”

“Only because I’m such a lady, ass wipe.”

Grabbing at his crotch, “Oh baby, I would love to wipe your ass with something white and creamy.”

Love poems

“Or I would love,” he continued, “to spread those rosy cheeks,

Ram my cock in, as I watch your knees go weak.

Smack you on the ass, hear you squeal in pain,

You have told me it adds to the pleasure; so there my hand will remain.

I would love to ride your ass, day and night,

But if I did, I doubt it wouldn’t stay so tight.

So it will have to be a yearly event; fucking your ass,

And when I do get the chance, I will fuck it hard and fast.

I’ll grip your hips as I fill you up with my funk,

Your hole will remain open after I pull out: I’ll be able to see my junk.

My semen then would slowly pour out and drip down your pussy,

Watching a creampie is a spectacular event...

Don’t believe me? Well one day I’ll take a photo, so you can see.”...

Love stories

“How fucking romantic!” I said sarcastically. “I bet you have charmed a lot of ladies with that poem.”

“You are the only girl I have shared that with. You are the only girl I share anything with. And I only love you and only have eyes for you.”

“Yeah right, pull the other one. Why don’t you tell me another story.”

“It would be our story, and it would be the fucking greatest love story ever told.”

I looked over to see if he was serious or not... Shit! he was.


“Babe, I only ever think of you.”...


Eric continued, “See, I’ll show you, if I may?”

“Oh, please do.”

With that, he reached for his cock. Lying down, looking straight into my eyes, he slowly stroked his semi hard thin member. With each stroke, Eric rubbed his head with his thumb and palm before slowly going back down again, spreading his juices over his cock.

I laid there next to him, watching him working a steady rhythm as his eyes rolled back and he begun to get ‘the dumb look’ – you know the one! Just think of that song ‘Turning Japanese’ – as he went to town on his now purple member. I really don’t know what was more amusing; the fapping sound, or him trying to look sexy with that look; or worse, thinking that it was sexy!

Without warning, he sat up and with his arched dick now aimed at me, shot his load all over my hair and into my eyes and laughed...


“You are so fucking immature!” I screamed, wiping the gunk away.

“Rather be immature, than an old 'mature' hag like you,” Eric bit back.

“Grow up and act your fucking age!”...

Milf Stories

"No thanks. I want to be able to say to my buddies that I am fucking a milf... or should that be mmilf?"...


"Yeah, a fucking 'mature mother I love to fuck'," he laughed...


“Stay tuned for part 2 of ‘How to be an utter ass’ by Eric Needledick,” I retorted sarcastically...

Oral Sex

“Suck on this, bitch,” Eric laughingly said as he waved his now limp dick around...

Quickie Sex

“Not worth my time,” I grinned. “Two sucks is all it takes.”...


"Fuck you, bitch."

"No, you get fucked!" I said pretending to be angry.

Not sure if I was serious or not, Eric decided to suck up, “Fugs, please, I’m sorry.”

“Forget it, Eric.”

"But, I would still like to fuck you," he smiled.

"No way in hell, buddy boy."

"Who said I need your permission?" he queried, as he pinned both my arms down and spread my legs with his knees.

It was a rape role-play game we played often; and unless I said 'no Eric' directly, - our safe words - he knew he could proceed with the game.

"Get the fuck off me, fuck wit!"

“Make me.”

I tried, but could not budge him. Now pinning both hands with just one hand, he managed to undo my harness with the other. Now naked and vulnerable, he slid his free hand and placed two fingers into my pussy. Not moving his hand, but moving his thumb, he rubbed my clit in hard circular motions as my hips involuntarily bucked underneath him, forcing his hand to penetrate me further.

“Eric, I said Stop it!” I said carefully avoiding the ‘no Eric’ phrase.

He pulled them out, ripped of the bag and tried to place his fingers into my mouth. “Now, suck them!”

I shook my head side to side to avoid the fingers, but all I got was a trail of my own juices spread on either side of my mouth. He finally got the fingers in and I closed my mouth so my teeth were just touching his flesh, threatening to bite them.

Eric pulled my hair, forcing my head to suddenly go back. “I said suck them.”

By this time, I was so turned on but did not want show it. I really wanted to continue to fight it; instead I sucked his fingers. I looked up and looked into his eyes. They were staring at my lips as they went up and down his fingers. I saw his own lips slightly part as the tip of his tongue ran along the top one.

He let out a deep breath and pulling his fingers out, “Get on all fours, bitch.”

He could see I was ‘reluctant’ to do so on my own accord, so he grabbed my body and pushed my over on the bed and pulled me roughly closer to him so my knees were just on the edge.

He knew I liked it rough; hence the game. He knew that not only did I like it physically rough, I also liked it verbally rough.


“Shut up bitch, or I will gag you and then no one would hear your screams.”

My body was on fire. I wanted more. I wanted pain. He was no longer my pet, he was my abuser - and oh boy, did I want to be abused.

“Just don’t hurt me,” I played along.

“I’ll hurt you as much as I want to hurt you, slut.”

He bent forward and with one hand, he grabbed my hair moving it to one side. He then bit down on my shoulder; careful not to break the skin. I yelled in glorious pain.

“Shut the fuck up!” Eric growled as he slapped me across the head. I would have liked the slap to be harder but I bit my tongue.

Still holding my hair, he jammed his cock into me. Every time he penetrated me, it was harder and deeper and my body was forced forward with every thrust. My breasts swayed as my body rocked. My head was pulled back to the point where I was staring at the ceiling.

I pinched my nipple, adding to the pain. But it was not enough. I gave my right breast a hard squeeze and stopped breathing as I reached for my throbbing clit. I let the air escape my lips and moaned as I began to rub it.

“Oh fuck,” I cried out.

At this time, I wanted so much to be able to turn around and press my lips hard against Eric’s. But he still had a firm grip of my hair, making it impossible to turn it.

“I think the whore is enjoying this. You are nothing but a cheap slut.”

I rubbed my clit harder as Eric fucked me from behind. My abdominal muscles tightened as every second of his thrusting brought me closer to an orgasm.

The it hit me. Again I couldn’t breath as my stomach contracted and my vagina muscles convulsed around Eric’s cock. My juices seeped out and ran down my left leg.

My orgasmic moans brought Eric to his own orgasm.

He let go of my hair and roughly grabbed my waist. He thrust deeper into me as he came. I could feel him trembling behind me as he gave me one final thrust.

As he pulled out, I felt both of our juices running now down both of my legs. With my ass still in the air, I laid my head on the bed, savoring the moment.

Now, our bodies were weakened by exhaustion – and good fucking – and we both laid down, side by side. Our sweaty bodies only millimeters apart. It was only then that I was able to reach over and give a long passionate kiss before resting my head on his chest.

I could hear his heartbeat return to normal, as I also could hear his breathing become slower and steadier. He pushed me off and he rolled over onto his stomach. Now the breathing was too steady.



“Hey, are you awake?” I asked as I slapped him on the ass. I got no response, so I slapped him again.

“Eric? Babe?”


This time I spanked him harder.

Finally he replied, “Mmmmm more.”

“You like?”

“You know I do.”

“Yes I do. But I thought you must have gone to sleep as you normally do after sex.”

“Nah, just lying here. Thinking.”

Smiling, I told him, “Don’t do that. I don’t think we have any headache tablets.”

“Ha, fucking, ha.”...

Straight sex

As he put his underwear back on, he continued, “Hey, question. If a gay man is planking, does that then make him straight?”

“Hey, answer. What the fuck made you think of that?” I asked nearly pissing myself laughing.

Chuckling he said, “I really don’t know. I just find it funny sometimes when people refer to it as straight sex. Does it mean you have to be lying or standing straight?”

“It means you are hetro, you idiot,” I muttered under my breath. “While you are trying to grow a brain, I have to go the toilet.”

I went into the low lit bathroom – Eric only insists on buying the lowest wattage for the bathrooms; come to think of it, every light is low, hmmmm I wonder why and did my business. As I stood at the sink after washing my hands, I was too enthralled trying to pop a zit on my forehead that I didn’t notice that he had snuck up behind me until he pushed his knees into the back of mine; making them buckle beneath me and he yelled...




“Eric! Fuck me dead. Why the hell did you do that for?”

“Fuck you dead, hey? Mmmm kinky.”

“No, not kinky, sick. Don’t even joke about it. Those sort of things are taboo around here.”

“Fine. Spoil all my fun why don’t ya.” Seeing my face, he quickly added, “Only joking.”...


“But talking about dead...” He reached around me and opened the cabinet drawer and pulled out a 10 inch black vibrator. Waving it to and fro in front of my face, he asked, “How come I never see these batteries go dead. What? Do you have it on constant charge?”


“You are giving me a complex having something like this around. Do you wish I was this big?” he asked as he shoved the vibrator down his undies; thrusting his hips forward...


“No,” I lied. “Hey, that reminds me of the time you met that girl at the night club.”

“Which girl?”

“It was before you and I got together. We went out to ‘The Stackers’ remember? And there you met that attractive lady. You know the one I am talking about, don’t you? The one you were getting hot and heavy over, until you noticed her adam’s apple. Before that, you wanted to take her home and fuck her brains out. Shame it wasn’t before you pashed her,” I laughed - laughed hard.

“But she had real tits.”

“Yes real, but as in surgically real.”

“Well, I didn’t know that at that time, and I thought we were never going to talk about this again?”

Still laughing, “Sorry, but I just find it so funny that you didn’t even notice the huge bulge in the middle of her tight mini skirt.”...


Once I recovered, I continued, “I would have loved to be a fly on the wall if you didn’t notice in time and did take her home. Would have been interesting to watch.”...

Wife lovers

“Well it didn’t happen, so please, no more of it,” he said in a hurt voice.

“I’m sorry babe. I promise, I will never mention it again.”

He stood there looking down at his feet.

“Eric,” He wouldn’t look at me. “Hey? I am sorry. I love you, babe.”

He then looked at me and smiled. From the back of his undies he pulled out a little black box. “I love you too, Fugs. And that is why I think we should make it official... for the kids sake... and mine.”

He got down on one knee – I heard a big cracking noise as he did so – and asked, “Fugs, so I don’t have to go around and fuck everyone else’s wives, I need my own wife to fuc... I mean love.” He paused for effect. “Will you do me the honor of being, not only my mistress, my best friend and my lover, but also the honor of being my wife?”

Ignoring his first smart ass comment, I cried, “Oh, yes Eric. Yes!”

Just then the beautiful sound of bells, harps and trumpets filled the room. It was perfect timing.

Until I realized what was happening...

“Damn, it’s my mother. I shouldn’t put that romantic ringtone shit on the phone. And why the fuck, did I assign it to her?”

As I said hello to her, Eric placed the ring on my finger and mouthed, “I love you,” before walking out of the room.

“Hey, Mum. Guess what? I’m fucking getting married!” I cried into the phone.

I just hope the sobbing at the other end of the phone when I told her, were sobs of happiness – hmmm, somehow I doubt it was.

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