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Humor Stories


An Oral No-No

There are certain things you shouldn't do in preperation for oral sex

I like oral sex, I enjoy sucking cock and eating pussy and love it when my partners do the same. In fact, it's one of my criteria with any sex partner! I remember the first time a partner refused to reciprocate, it really pissed me off and helped make me...

A Round Eye in Thailand, Part Two

Maggie's night at the beach ends up with more sex, promises, and a ride to Bangkok.

Doug was fucking me. It was afternoon and sun flooded through an open window. Outside a coconut palm swayed in a gentle breeze. We were both sweating. The beach cabin was not air-conditioned and it was hot. I like sweaty sex. Glistening wet bodies fit tog...

Teenage Exploitation Sex Comedy: Chapter Two

A small-town police officer keeps the peace as only she can ...

BANG BANG BANGBANGBANGBANG. Maria pounded the plexiglass window on the storm door at Lillian’s house. Rosa, the housekeeper, appeared at the door with a concerned look on her face expecting there was a fire emergency or something. It was just Maria, weari...

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A woman grows some very unusual produce

On the allotment, the courgettes just kept coming. I'd cooked them in every conceivable way, but still, they grew. Luckily there's always one use a girl can make of something seven or eight inches long and six inches round. I gained weight. I assumed it w...

Pumpkin Pie

Peter's legendary reputation provokes a Halloween evening visit by a new neighbor!

One Halloween night, my new neighbor came a-knocking. I heard her say, “Do you want to taste some of my pumpkin soup, Peter?” I opened the door. Gertrude promptly handed me a whole bowl and when I fished out a dripping dildo, she gave out a howl. Gertrude...

Death Cums For Me

The Angel of Death is no match for a horny redhead

“I am death, the Grim Reap…” “I fucking swear if you point and say, ‘the salmon mousse,’ I’m going to kick you in your bony balls!” In a harrowing, shrill voice, the cloaked figure intoned, “The time is nigh.” “The science guy? What the literal, living fu...

Does the Carpet Match the Drapes?

Alan was confused until Gail let him know.

I remember hearing about the carpet matching the drapes, when I didn't understand what it meant. I’d overheard my older brother talking to a friend of his about his girlfriend, and her carpet didn’t match her drapes, but I had no idea what it meant until...

Kayfabe - Pt. 2

A cuck and bull bromance. Now with stagecraft!

Dee and I showered separately after she finished crying, then ate. Dinner was quiet; not an uncomfortable silence exactly, but a sort of mournful one. My wife knew now how much she’d hurt me, and I knew--or maybe just could finally admit to myself--that s...