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Bath Time Visit

A fantasy letter about a lover in the bath tub.
I wake up thinking about you, had an amazing dream. Have to admit, it made me unbelievably horny. I figure you're still in bed, but I text you anyway to see what you're up to. You text me back about an hour later and ask me what I'm doing for the day. There's nothing I'd rather do than spend time with you. You invite me over and tell me you're going to hop in the shower before I get there. I tell you that you should take a bath instead, I promise you'll enjoy it more than a shower. You say you'll think about it and you'll leave the door open for me.

I hurry to your place. The entire time I'm wondering if you're in the bath tub, naked, wet...waiting for me.

I park the car, walk up the stairs, gently knock on the door. There's no answer. I let myself in and see your bathroom door is closed and the light is on. But I don't hear any running water. My face breaks into a huge smile as I realize you decided to take the bath after all. I start wondering what you're thinking about. Are you wondering why I wanted you to take a bath? Are you waiting for me in anticipation? Are you putting one of your toys to work? Time to find out gorgeous.

I gently knock on the door, I don't want to startle you. The feint splash of water lets me know you're in the water, naked, and waiting for me. My heart beat picks up, my dick is throbbing. Fuck, I can't wait any longer. I open the door and look at you. You're laying back in the water, bubbles almost covering your entire body, a shy smile on your lips, a sexy gleam in your eye. You look so amazingly beautiful. I'm openly staring. I can't look away until you say hello and snap me out of it.

I give you my cheesiest grin and say hello back as I start to take off my shirt. Your shy grin turns into a sly smirk as you watch me. I kick off my shoes and look at you. Now you're staring as I reach for my jeans. Your smirk turns into a knowing smile as I lower my jeans, revealing my rock hard cock.

I move to the edge of the tub and say, "scoot forward." You hesitate a moment before lifting yourself out of the water slightly and moving forward. Now, I'm the one staring again. I step into the tub and slowly lower myself into the water. My legs are outside of yours, my dick brushing against your back. The water is warm, it feels good. But your soft skin feels better and I want more. My arms reach around you and I pull you back into me. That's better. I'm holding you, my arms around your waist, my lips on the back of your neck, your ass pressing against my dick. This is perfect. You look, feel, and smell amazing. I whisper in your ear, "You're beautiful." I can't see it, but I can feel your smile.

My fingers begin to dance on your skin, then across your stomach and sides, to right below your breasts, working down to the tops of your thighs. Your heart begins beating just a little fast. You spread your legs just a little wider. I know exactly what you want, but I want to play a little, baby.

My hands slide back up your body until they're both massaging your breasts. My lips find your neck as you rest your head back against my shoulder. I take your nipples in between my fingers and give them a squeeze, raking my fingernails across the sensitive tips. Your breath catches and your hands reach for my thighs to steady yourself. I'm starting to get to you. I love turning you on this much.

You can feel my hard dick behind you, urgently pressing against your ass. You decide I'm not the only one that can tease and begin grinding your ass into me. My hands momentarily stop as I'm caught in the pleasure of that sexy ass on my dick. But only for a moment. One of my free hands reaches for your stomach, guiding you onto me further and harder. Fuck, that feels good. My other hand reaches in between your thighs to tease the lips of your pussy. Your head thrashes back and you open your mouth wide as you finally feel my finger inside you.

The heat is radiating from you. I can't wait to get my dick in you. "Lift up a little, baby." Your hands return to my thighs and you push yourself up. I move your hand to the edge of the tub and gently lift your leg, sliding mine underneath it. Then I do the same to other side and let you sit back down...right onto my hard dick, now trapped underneath your pussy.

I start pushing up, trying to tease you, trying to drive you insane, but doing the same to myself. You reach between your legs and take my cock in your hand. You squeeze me roughly and that's the last straw. "I need to fuck you." Holding my cock straight up, you drop yourself onto me quickly. Fuck, baby. My hands go to your hips to hold you in place, this is amazing and I want to feel you around me for a moment. You begin milking my dick with your pussy, encouraging me to let you start. You need this as much as I do. My hands reach for your breasts again, leaving you free to control the pace.

You begin slowly as you work yourself up and down my dick. My hands never leaving your tits. My lips are on your shoulder. You can feel my warm breath on you. You pick up the pace, you need more. Harder, faster...keep going, baby. All I can do is enjoy the ride. Your moans get louder, your fingers dig into my thighs. You're so close. I whisper into your ear, "I want you to cum."

You grind down on me one more time. I feel your pussy tighten around my dick and your body stiffen in my arms. "Cum, baby." You do, hard. You let out one last whimper as your entire body convulses, you can't even breath. Your hands have a death grip on my thighs. It takes everything I have to not follow you into ecstasy.

You lean back into my chest and I feel you relax around me. I'm still hard inside you. My lips find your ear. "Feel better, gorgeous?" Your only is answer is to squeeze my dick again with your pussy. "Careful, baby, won't last much longer if you keep doing that..."

You smile wickedly as you lift yourself off me, onto your knees, and brace yourself against the shower wall. You look back at me impatiently, wondering what's taking me so long. I come behind you, my hard dick in my hand. I rub it up and down your pussy, still trying to tease you. You're not in the mood to wait.

You reach underneath and take my dick in your hand. You bringing it to your pussy and slide it in, just the head for now. You clamp down on me, knowing it'll push me over the edge. I can't tease anymore. I thrust into you...hard...all the way. I need to cum, baby, now. I fuck you hard. You're barely able to brace yourself despite my grip on your waist. The water splashes around us as I drive in and out of you. I'm so close, baby. You look back at me...oh fuck, that look. Your eyes are wide and innocent, almost begging me to stop. But your mouth is wide and naughty, demanding I go harder. That's it. I pull out at the last moment, grab my own dick, and cum all over your ass and back with a groan. I collapse back into the water, completely spent.

I grab your wash cloth and begin washing my cum off your back. When I'm done, I pull you back into my lap and hold you tightly. You are so fucking amazing. I just want to sit here with you. Until I'm ready to go again, that is.

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