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Breaking The Boundaries

Breaking The Boundaries

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” I screamed to the ceiling of my closet.

I hated my closet, I swear. Will was taking me on a mystery date tonight and he told me to wear something black and sexy. And I immediately thought of my Maribor lace open back dress designed by Alexis. At first I couldn’t find it. But then I remembered that I lent it to my mother a few months back for a fancy dinner for her job.

I was afraid to ask her for it because she would want to know why I needed to bring such a lavish and seductive dress to a ‘slumber party at my friend’s house’. But I needed that dress.

I poked my head out of my door and looked around for either of my parents. No one was in sight so I creeped across the hall to their bedroom. I could hear someone was in the shower so I tip toed to the closet. The dress was hanging on the door still in the plastic it came in from the dry cleaners. I grabbed it and ran to my room when I heard the shower cut off.

“Yes!” I whispered in triumph as I closed my door behind me. I carefully placed it into my duffel bag and continued getting dressed.

I put on my best black lingerie, the sheer set my friend sneaked me for my birthday, and the garter belt and stockings I took from my mother’s room earlier. I read a tip online to wear the underwear outside the garter belt so you can take them off and keep on the garter belt so I decided to try that.

I turned to my mirror and I honestly took my own breath away. The black against contrasted sharply against my skin and gave me a beautiful glow, and the stockings made my legs look long and voluptuous. My nipples and bare sex could be clearly seen through the lingerie, I was turning myself on. I shivered with anticipation when I imagined how Will would react.

I put a few dabs of Chanel No.5 between my breasts and behind my ears and knees. I put a pair of black stilettos into my duffel along with my make up bag, and put on a hoodie and sweats over my lingerie. As calmly as I could I walked to the living room to let my parents know I was leaving.

As usual my Dad was lounging in his recliner in his pjs, sipping on a beer while a sports game was on the flat screen.

“Daddy, I’m leaving Krissy’s house now,” I croaked, adjusting the strap of my duffel bag nervously.

He didn’t even look up when he answered, “Alright honey, see you tomorrow. Have fun.”

I was surprised, usually there was a lecture or twenty questions session before I left the house, especially if it was the weekend. I decided to see how far I could take advantage of this rare event.

“We were also thinking about going to brunch tomorrow too, so is it ok if I stay until maybe the evening? Say maybe... four?” I chewed on my bottom lip and braced myself for a blow up.

“Sure, I’ll let your mother know when she gets out of her shower. Have fun princess, I love you.”

“Thank you Daddy!” I giggled and ran over to kiss his cheek before skipping to the car.

I was on a wave of euphoria as I drove to Will’s house. I was getting a whole night and half a day to spend with my man. Well, at least I thought he was my man. He still didn’t tell me where he wanted this ‘relationship’ to go. I decided not to stress myself out and pushed the thoughts to the back of my mind.

Halfway to his house I pulled into a supermarket parking lot to finish getting ready. I climbed into the backseat and stripped out of my sweats and hoodie and pulled on my gown. I toed off my Converse and put on the stilettos. For my make up I applied a thin line of liquid black eyeliner to my eyes to give them the cateye look and mascara. And applied slut red lipstick to my lips. I curled my hair before I left the house knowing that wouldn’t alert my parents too much.

When I was finished I continued the drive to Will’s place and arrived five minutes early. I grabbed my clutch and walked to his door with my stomach doing backflips. I knocked on the door and only had to wait a few minutes before he answered.

He looked gorgeous.

His hair was artfully tousled liked he just got done having sex, and a light shadow of an oncoming beard graced his sculpted jaw. He was wearing a black tux, European cut, with a black tie. The tux fit his body like a glove and accentuated his muscles. I realized I was gawking at him and forced myself to look at his face.

“You clean up nice. Very nice,” I said, clearing my throat when I heard how husky my voice sounded.

“Thanks,” He said, actually blushing, and stepped aside to let me in.

I walked past him and smiled when I heard his sharp intake of breath. The front of dress was modest enough, but the back was open and dipped low enough to show off the dimples in my lower back.

“Stop,” He growled from behind me, “ don’t turn around.”

I obeyed and held my breath in anticipation as I waited for his next command. I gasped and moaned when I felt him come behind me and begin to kiss down my spine.

“Your skin taste like raspberries,” He groaned into my flesh before teasing my lower back with his tongue.

The muscles back in my back contracted and jumped as he tongue danced across my skin, already I could feel myself moistening from his actions. Suddenly he stepped away from me, leaving me panting.

“Let’s go to dinner,” He said in a surprisingly calm voice.

I turned around to him and smoothed my hair and nodded my head. We were both quiet on the way to the date. I was confused by his behavior. One moment he’s like, giving me a back job, and the next it’s like it never happened and he’s ready for dinner.

We drove for what seemed like an hour and I realized that we were reaching the city limits.

“Where are we going?”

He looked over at me and smiled, “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll love it.”

We began driving towards the mountains and I became more and more nervous. Will turned off the main road onto a dirt road, and soon we arrived at what I guessed was our destination. It was a beautiful massive log cabin surrounded by woods, and I could see a chimney smoking from the top. I was in complete awe and looked over at Will in disbelief.

“Who’s cabin is this?”

He looked at me sheepishly, “It belongs to my family, my Dad bought it back in the 70’s. It’s all renovated, and it’s really only used during hunting season. And since that’s over, we have it all to ourselves.”

I smiled brightly and leaned over to give him a quick kiss. Well, it was meant to be a quick kiss, but Will grabbed the back of my head and shoved his tongue into my mouth. He tasted like cinnamon and cherries, and I moaned when he sucked my lip in that naughty way he knew I loved.

He broke it off, leaving me gasping for air, and got out to come around the car and open my door for me. I blushed when he took my hand to help me out, it was something only the men in my family had ever done for me, and it was nice to have a man besides my dad or uncle do it.

We walked arm in arm to the door, with Will picking me up after a few steps because I was having difficulty walking in the dirt in my shoes. I giggled and laid my head against his chest, listening to his strong heartbeat. I really felt like a princess in his arms.

He opened the door and closed it behind us and set me down on my feet. I probably looked like a fool gawking at everything, but the cabin really was a sight to see. Especially the stone fireplace that dominated a wall in the living room, giving the cabin a welcoming warmth.

“This place is amazing! I could stay here forever,” I realized what I just said and mentally smacked myself in the back of the head.

I looked over at Will and he just chuckled and shook his head,”I’m glad you like it. Let me show you where we’ll be having dinner.”

He led me to a dining room that had a little table set for two in the middle, complete with candles and roses. I gasped and my heart fluttered, I couldn’t believe he really did all of this for me.

“Have a sit,” He said, pulling out a chair for me, “I’ll be right back.”

I sat down and he pushed me in, kissing the top of my head before leaving. A few moments later he came back and placed a mouth watering dish of grilled salmon, mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables in front of me.

“This looks delicious Will! Did you make this?” I looked at him skeptically.

He blushed, I was beginning to love that look on him, and shook his head, “If you call driving to a restaurant, ordering two entrees and a dessert to go, and keeping it warm in the oven and cool in the freezer ‘cooking’, then yes, I made this.”

I laughed, “Thank you anyway, this smells amazing. And I appreciate the effort either way.”

With that, I dug in. I closed my eyes moaned in ecstasy when I took my first bite of salmon, it was perfectly seasoned and incredibly moist and tender. I looked at Will and blushed when I saw he was eyeing me hungrily, I was about halfway through my plate and he hadn’t even touched his.

I reached for what I thought was a cup of red wine and sipped from it. When I swallowed I looked over at Will in confusion, this was not wine.

He laughed at my expression, “You really think I’m going to give you alcohol?”

“What is it?” I set the glass aside.

“Cranberry juice.”

I smiled despite myself, of course he tricked me.

“I’m ready for dessert now,” I pouted.

He smiled and rose, taking both of our plates, “Yes m’am.”

He left for the kitchen again and came back with a bowl of ice cream.

“Ooh what flavor is it?” I asked excitedly, I loved ice cream.

He didn’t answer me, instead he sat in his chair with the dish and a spoon in his hand, “Come here, sit in my lap facing me.”

I eagerly obeyed, finally it was time to play, I’ve been wet since he licked my back at his house. I straddled him, gasping when I felt his erection press up into me. Through all of our clothing I could feel him throbbing, and I wondered if he could feel my wet heat.

He brought up a spoon of the ice cream, it was pink with chunks of fruit in it, to my lips, “Open.”

I obeyed, closing my lips around the spoon and moaning when the cold sweet treat began to melt in my mouth. It was raspberry.

He took the spoon from my mouth and gave me another bite, “You like how it tastes?”

I nodded my head and accepted another spoon full.

He watched my mouth as I ate, “This is now my favorite ice cream, wanna know why?”

I nodded.

“Because it reminds me of how your pussy tastes. Raspberries and cream.”

I shivered and blushed, “I want you Will.”

He reached around me and placed the bowl on the table. He took my mouth with his, cradling my heads in his hands. I moaned and wrapped my arms around him. He traced my lips with his tongue and nipped at my chin before grabbing me by my ass and carried me to the bedroom. He set me down next to the bed and I reached up to unbutton his shirt. He pushed my hands aside and shook his head. He sat on the edge of the bed and smiled at me mischievously.

“I want you to dance for me.”

“Like ballet?”

“Like sexy strip.”

I blushed, “But there’s no music.”

“You don’t need it anyway.”

I let out shaky breath and took a few steps back. I was so nervous, the only dancing I’d ever done was classical ballet, and that wasn’t really sexy. At least, not the sexy he had in mind. Will must’ve sensed my apprehension and smiled at me reassuringly.

“Just relax, you look beautiful in everything you do. Just let it come naturally.”

I closed my eyes and began undulating my body, imagining a wave going through me. Slowly, I gathered up the bottom of my dress over my head and tossed it away, leaving me in the sheer black lingerie, stockings and garter belt. I heard Will hiss in a sharp breath and I opened my eyes to see him adjusting his erection through his pants. I smiled, my confidence building.

“Take everything off.”

I reached behind myself and unhooked my bra, tossing it at him playfully. It hit him square in the chest and he growled.

“All of it.” To my surprise, he unzipped his pants and pulled his briefs down to free his erection and closed his fist over it, “Take the rest of the fucking clothes off and come sit on this.”

“Yes sir,” I giggled, and turned my back to him

I hooked my fingers into the thong and slowly pulled it down to my ankles, not bending my knees so I knew he could see all of me. He groaned and that only fueled my flame even more.

“Are you alright sir?” I taunted over my shoulder.

“Come here.”

I ignored him and began stroking myself from ankle to hip in wide circles. When I neared my sex, I reached a hand around and spread my pussy lips for him, then dipped a single finger inside and used the juices to paint my sex with.

I heard Will groan and looked over my shoulder to see him steadily moving his hand up and down over his erection, bringing forth a bead of precum to the tip. Which he quickly scooped up with his finger, brought it to his mouth and sucked it off.

I moaned at his erotic actions and decided to copy him. I once again dipped my finger into my drooling cunt, fingering myself a few times, and sucked the juices hungrily from my finger.

He growled and quickened his pumping over his shaft, “Get over here. Fuck me. Now.”

I stood and threw him a pout over my shoulder, “Make me.”

He lunged at me and swept me into his arms before I even had the chance to take another breath. He tossed me onto the bed and I bounced heavily, and before I had the chance to settle he was over me. He threw my legs over his shoulders, my heels straight in the air, and thrust his cock into me with one hard shove. The air was pushed from my lungs and my eyes rolled to the back of my head.

“This is my pussy!” He growled, his eyes glittering with animalistic lust.

I moaned as he set a hard, punishing rhythm. Driving in to the hilt, retreating to the tip and shoving back home with a quick snap of his hips. His balls smacked into my ass hard, my tits bounced wildly on my chest with every sharp thrust. The force of his jabs sent a wave of white hot heat through me that sent tingles throughout my body from head to toe.

He gripped my hips tightly, so tight it would probably leave bruises afterwards. But I didn’t care, I wanted him to mark me, to make me all his.

In and out, in and out his cock filled me over and over. My body burned and pulsed, gripping his lurching shaft tightly.

Suddenly he stopped and withdrew to the tip, “Who do you belong to Paige?”

I moaned, “You, sir.”

He shoved in and withdrew, “Who do you belong to?”

“You, sir!”

In and out, “Again!”

“I belong to you, sir!” I cried.

He groaned and resumed his hard steady rhythm, “That’s right baby. You belong to me.”

I gasped and bounced my hips against his, adding to our pleasure. He grunted and quickened his pace, shortening my road to orgasm.

“Fuck me Will! Fuck me!”

He rolled us over and made me straddle him. I moaned, it felt like he was up in my stomach in this position, and began bouncing heavily on his cock. At first he simply caressed my ass and let me use his cock to fuck myself. But soon I could tell he was getting impatient.

He smacked my ass smartly, “Fuck me harder, Paige. Harder!”

I moaned and started to really shoving my pussy down at him. He began smacking my cheeks with both hands. My ass was burning, and I knew it was probably cherry red.

“Oh yes baby, fuck me. Fuck me,” He moaned, his breathing haggard and his eyes shifting between where we were joined, my bouncing breasts, and my face.

He gripped my hips and held me in place as he began thrusting up into me savagely. I gripped his shirt and tossed my head back in ecstasy, screaming to the ceiling how good he was fucking me and how much I loved it.

“Oh shit Paige,” He panted, “I’m going to cum so fucking hard inside you.”

One of his hands left my hip to reach down and pinch my clit, and that was what pushed me over the edge. He continued to furiously pump inside me as my body contracted around his cock. Strangled gasps left my throat and I shivered as I felt him give one last thrust before climaxing deep inside me, my name leaving his lips on a loud groan.

I slumped forward onto him heavily, my face nestled into the crook of his neck. His arms came around me, and as I slowly opened my eyes I realized he was still fully dressed.

“Maybe next time you can give me a sexy striptease,” I said sleepily into his shirt.

He chuckled and kissed the top of my head, “How about we just enjoy this? Get some sleep baby. I have plans for you and you’re going to need your energy.”

I smiled and closed my eyes, completely content on falling asleep to sound of his heartbeat and his cock inside me.
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