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Essex Hot Lovin'

Michelle stepped closer to David and could feel the heat from his hot arousal on her
It had been quite a few months since Michelle Dean had returned back to Essex, England from Ibiza. Everything looked the same way she left it back in June 24th, 2005, eight years ago.

Michelle returned to live with her Mum in Essex who 'd found a new lodger, a strikingly good looking doorman down at the club called David Watts.

One dull Thursday morning Michelle came down the stairs in just a slinky pink nightie and went through to the kitchen to make some breakfast. The front door opened and shut and footsteps came closer towards the kitchen. Michelle turned around at a gasp and her big blue eyes set upon David who was standing by the door with his jaw to the floor.

"Hi David, would you like some breakfast? I'm just making some," she said.

"Erm, I'm Ok, I just came in for some coffee but I can go to the cafe for some," David replied. He had striking brown eyes, cheeky smile, dark brown hair, and was very handsome.

"Are you sure? I'm just making some myself," Michelle fluttered her long dark eyelashes at him and flicked a long strand of dark brown hair from off her left shoulder.

She was trying to seduce him, David knew it, too. And it was beginning to work. He was very attracted to Michelle Dean, who was every inch of a stunner. She was tall, big blue eyes, big bosom, and long gorgeous dark brown hair. She looked like his celebrity crush, Liv Tyler.

David felt an arousal in his groin. He quickly turned and rushed down the hall to the front door and went out.

Michelle giggled to herself and grinned with satisfaction as her seduction of seducing David Watts was working. She knew very, very soon that he'd be hers.

Michelle walked down the high street and stopped at the clothes stall she used to work with her Mum and her best friend, Brooke Taylor, who'd stayed out in Ibiza.

"Alright, Mich," Jessie Dean said, she smiled at her beautiful daughter. Jessie was a beautiful woman herself and had the men of Essex wrapped around her like dogs on heat. She had jet black hair, fake tanned skin, and green eyes like a snake. She wore a black puffed jacket to keep warm with a blue money belt tied around her waist.

"Yeah, sure hasn't changed, has it?" Michelle said, with a laugh.

"It never does," Jessie replied. "But some has." She looked towards the Lord Mary Pub with a sad look in her eye. David walked past and saw her daughter was staring after him. "Like him, don’t ya."

"So? Do you think I should go after him?" Michelle challenged.

Jessie found herself laughing. "You're still a Dean girl, Mich."

"Of course, I'll always be."

They grinned then hugged.

"Go get him," Jessie told her.

Michelle grinned and then sauntered off to continue her seduction. She walked towards the Peacock club that used to be called Tracy’s Den many years before. She saw David step out of the club to pick up some boxes and then step back in. She followed him inside.

"Hi David," she purred.

David looked up "you really shouldn't be in here," he said. He stood behind the bar and started pulling out bottles from the box.

She unzipped her jacket to reveal a sexy, strapless corset top with her boobs spilling out at the top. "Do you like?"

He gulped as he felt the arousal he felt back at home grow stronger than ever. David felt something move in his jeans. He groaned as he knew what it was. He watched as Michelle threw her jacket onto a chair and then walked over to him and they stared back into each other's eyes lustfully.

"We shouldn't be doing this," he said.

"But you want to," she replied.

Their lips met and they were soon in each other's arms kissing passionately and soon had their clothes off on the floor and were now pleasuring one another orally making one another groan and moan. David and Michelle were now having hot, passionate and wild sex so hot that sweat dripped down off their naked bodies.

When both Michelle and David orgasmed, they were breathless. They looked at each other and then went onto seconds with her on top. Michelle grinned as her seduction of seducing David Watts was complete. He was hers.

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