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Eva and Alex Finally Meet (Part I)

Eva finally sees what Alex is really made of...

Alex felt the hustle and bustle of the downtown lunch traffic all the way in the bathroom where he stood washing his hands at the sink.  Looking himself over in the mirror he fixed his tousled hair.  He was very nervous and did not know what to expect of his first encounter with Eva today.  Just saying her name in his head gave him a hard on so he composed himself and went to sit to wait for her in the café.

This was their first time that they would meet in person although they felt like they knew each other already.  She’d wanted to go someplace where they’d never been before together.  Most importantly, someplace they wouldn’t be recognized. They’d found this place that was secluded and looked like a café on the French strip in Paris and it was perfect.    

Alex sat on a nearby stool to see if Eva was coming.  He waited there patiently when his cell phone rang.  It was Eva., she excused herself and said she was running late and as she spoke Alex, he was getting harder and harder and he told her its ok, I will wait.  Eva said I will so make it up to you don’t worry about it giggling.  Alex’s imagination went wild.  

About 15 minutes had passed and he saw Eva walk in.  He was already seated at their table.  Their table was very secluded and had a very dim light.  He could not take his eyes off of her.  She had on a black business suit with a skirt that had a slit in back.  Her hair was pinned up and she had on her glasses and she tried to not look hurried as she glided toward Alex.  Alex stood up to greet her and he put his arm out and she looked at him with a smirk and pressed her body against his and said “I think I deserve more then a hand shake don’t you think?”  She gently caressed his cheek with her lips and whispered in his ear, “Sorry I’m late.”  Alex replied stuttering, “Ahem! No don’t worry about it.  Its fine.”

Eva could tell Alex was real shy by the redness of his cheeks.  This turned Eva on so much that she was instantly horny as they sat back down.  The waitress came and took their orders all the while Eva stared at Alex making him blush even more and then in turn making Eva horny as hell.  Eva began to talk to Alex to calm him down and they talked about how amazing that they were meeting like this and that it was great to finally talk in person.  Eva all the while was taking off her heel underneath the table and started to caress his leg with hers.  This startled Alex as the waitress arrived with their coffees.  All the while Eva caressing him up and down his leg.  Alex gave Eva this look like what are you doing we are in public.  Eva smiled and said “Stop me if you want.”  The waitress took her time in naming the specials and Eva slowly put her leg up further and further Alex’s leg until she reached his cock and to her surprise he was hard as a rock.  This made her chuckle and it made him move around in his chair. 


Alex answered the waitress at the same time trying to be discreet about the pleasure that he was receiving underneath the table.  Eva smiled in enjoyment as the waitress trailed off to get their orders.  Alex reached his hand underneath the table and grabbed Eva’s leg this startled her and he noticed that she had on black pantyhose.  This nearly sent him over the edge.  Eva nodded her head and said “Uh, Uh, Uh” as she continued to massage his cock moving down to his balls.  Alex whispered to her and said don’t do this to me here I will not be able to get up.  Eva turned away as if she wasn’t listening to him at all.   She knew that Alex was shy and this made her want to bring out the bad boy in him so bad.   She then put her other leg up his thigh while her other leg caressed his cock.  She felt his bulge getting harder and harder and saw his face of delight as Alex had no other choice but to take the pleasurable torture that Eva was doing to him underneath the table.   He slowly started to moan softly when the waitress came with their orders and Eva abruptly stopped but did not remove her legs.  Alex looked at Eva and whispered, “This isn’t over.”  Eva giggled and said your going to have to catch me first and she sloped down as to grab something from her purse and she showed him a glimpse of her black lace bra from the opening of her low cut white blouse.


Eva saw Alex look at her black lace bra and she smiled and said “Uh, Uh” that’s for later.  They soon began to eat and while she playfully licked her fork and moved her tongue around it while looking at him and at the same time she moved her leg to his cock and she noticed that he was still hard.  Alex gave her a look and nodded his head side to side and whispered "No".   This made Eva hot and she played with him over and over again ignoring what he said and going up and down his shaft.   He kept moving around in his chair.  He whispered, “Please stop not here” She whispered back “I want you to cum”.  She brought up her other leg and playfully massaged his balls and Alex at that point dropped his fork on his plate and held the end of the table with his hand to balance himself.  He was moaning softly and said he could not take it anymore, which only made her hotter and do it faster.  He grabbled her legs with force and said, “We need to go now,” She whispered but I’m not done with ...before she could even finish her sentence he had waived the waitress over to pay the bill.  He leaned forward as the waitress left and said come with me I have something I want to show you.  Eva commented on needing a bit of a rest? Thus, Alex suggested to Eva that they continue this in a near by hotel room as she could kick off her heels and let her hair down.   Alex did not wait for a response from Eva and lifted her by the arm and said they were leaving and going to catch a taxi to the hotel. 


As Eva and Alex walked out of the door Alex grabbed Eva by the waist and deviously crept down her hip to her ass and gave her a squeeze that made her jump in surprise.  This made Eva smirk and Alex smiled and waived the taxi down.  He opened the door for her and he came in after her as he closed the taxi door.  He told the driver where they were headed and the Taxi drive said "with this traffic it would take about 20 minutes” Alex said "no problem” Eva motioned to him “I need to go back to work in an hour Alex.”  Alex stared at her and came real close to her face and whispered, “What I’m about to do to you is going to take more then an hour” Eva instantly became wet as Alex started to kiss her neck.   At this point her cell phone rang and she could see from her caller ID that it was her office.  He whispered in her ear slowly while licking her earlobe and said,   “Pick it up and let your office know that you will not be returning for the rest of the day.”  She said “I can’t I have so much…” He kept licking her earlobe as she answered her cell phone.  She motioned him to stop as she was trying to concentrate on talking and he pushed her arm away and started to kiss her neck again.  Eva realized it was her boss and she was concentrating on what to say to him so she would not have to go back to her office when she let out a soft moan and her boss asked her “What is going on Eva are you there?”


Eva tried to compose herself but Alex would not let her go and she desperately tried to free herself from him.  He told her in her ear “Uh, uh, now its my turn” He proceeded to caress her thigh and lifted her skirt and her eyes got real big as she whispered “No wait!” He ignored her pleas and he continued to caress her thigh now noticing that she had thigh highs that lead to a magnificent garter belt.  She continued to talk to her boss and excusing herself saying she did not feel well and that she needed to go home.  Alex found what he was looking for and got instantly rock hard when he realized that Eva did not have any panties on that he slipped his fingers in her warm spot.  At this point Eva was moving around trying to free herself and Alex pulled her closer and tighter towards him and whispered in her ear “Now I want you to cum for me” Eva whispered as she covered the phone “Wait! No, wait, um, let me…. Um, get off the phone!” She jumbled all her words around and she continued to try to listen to her boss.   She looked over and saw that the taxi driver was too distracted talking on his phone to notice what was happening.  She looked at Alex as he smiled to her and he whispered in her ear “I want to fuck you so bad right now!” This sent her body into a frenzy and she quickly told her boss she had to call him back and snap her phone and threw it down.  Alex kept entering her with his two fingers in and out in and out of her pussy while she moaned in his ear “God that feels so good” Alex whispered back “Cum for me baby, cum now, I want you to cum for me” This made Eva arch her back and very, very wet as he kept stroking her and stroking her.  She dug her nails into his arm and said, “Alex please not here we are almost there” He slowed his thrusts and played with her clit and she then turned and kissed him hard on the mouth.  She opened his lips and slipped her tongue against his and bit his tongue sensually and whispered “Please!” and Alex whispered back, “No!”


The taxi made an abrupt halt and they had not noticed they had arrived at their destination. Alex looking a bit thrown off, looked at Eva and said, “Your lucky the taxi is here already ” and with that he slid his hand from under her and she tried to compose herself as he paid the taxi driver.  They exited the taxi and she said to Alex "Well aren’t' you going back to work?" Alex grabbed her from behind as they walked up the stairs and whispered in her ear "I took the whole afternoon off just for you” Eva smiled and pushed him and said "How did you know I would come with you?" and with that Alex kissed her and smiled and said "I didn't" as they both walked into the hotel together. (to be continued.....)

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