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Fantasy Man

A fictional story about a Corporate Lawyer and her Fantasy Roughneck...

The clock had just hit 5.30pm and as usual on a Friday I was struggling to finish up the days paperwork. I packed a few files into my case and let out a sigh of frustration … the McDonough case was really stretching my nerves. And I didn’t have time to mess around tonight; my friend Lizzie was expecting me at 7.30pm sharp.

Lizzie was having a few people round and I couldn’t tell her again that I wouldn’t be able to make it. She was getting worried about me as I always seemed to be stressed out with some case or other. We hadn’t been able to catch up with each other as much recently, but tonight I had pulled out all the stops; just to shut her up and because she was my oldest and dearest friend.


I glanced out the window each time the train came into a station and read the place name on the wall. Force of habit, but I loved the feeling of going some where. Like when I was a kid going off on a day trip. My excitement on overdrive at the wonder of the passing landscapes; everything fresh and new to those young eyes. This was one journey however I had covered hundreds of times before, but there was always something new to see. An eye catching billboard perhaps, and the usual diverse commuter crowd who provided me with so much entertainment.

After a half dozen stops the train juddered to a halt, with the sound of brakes on metal giving a blood curdling screech. My stop. I walked the short distance to my tree lined street in outlying leafy suburbia. I liked it here. Quiet, but close enough for an easy commute.

An hour later I was feeling good after a nice long shower, and the power-suit was now safely tucked away in the wardrobe. I surveyed myself in the full length mirror as I considered my choice of outfit in my mind. I ran my hand up and down my silky smooth body, not bad, I was still holding onto my figure. My black lacy underwear looked good against my suntan. I ran my fingers under the seem of my bra to adjusted the fit against my breasts giving a little more uplift. I suppose I should take more exercise but there wasn’t enough hours in the day. My dark flowing hair was nicely cut and at an average height of five foot five, I needed my Kurt Geiger killer heels to complete the look for that evening. I delved into my wardrobe and pulled out a few items. A simple black dress, a nice jacket and some matching accessories to jazz it up. Quick work, but it would need to do.


At seven thirty I was standing on Lizzie’s doorstep clutching a bottle of wine and sporting my best smile. I could hear the clip clop sound of high heels on the wooden floor a few seconds after I pressed the bell.

“Jenny, … great to see you.” she said kissing me on the cheek and throwing her arms around my neck. “So glad you could make it.”

“Wouldn’t have missed it for the world.” I said giving a wry smile. “More than my life’s worth to cross you these days.” I said in a whisper.

I could hear the drone of voices as I followed Lizzie into the large open plan kitchen at the back. Lizzie was a great hostess and had everything down to a fine art. And that usually included my date for the evening. I did wonder who she had hand picked for me tonight, out of her seemingly endless source of eligible bachelors. My track record wasn’t great actually for keeping hold of a man, although I did manage to find them pretty easily. This was probably because I quite often asked them on the date. My motto was - I had nothing to lose but everything to gain. And a polite refusal doesn’t offend me. I was in a kind of dating drought at the minute though, as I didn’t really have the time to fraternise too closely with my fellow Brits. And tonight I would try very hard to behave myself. No swearing, flirting outrageously or getting roaring drunk and hitting the sack with the first man who caught my lustful eye. Tonight I would be on my very best behaviour. The best that I could manage at any rate.

There was one thing though, this wasn’t work so I wouldn’t be able to abuse my power and make people bow to my demands. A short while later I was nibbling a delicious canapé and sipping my red wine, completely minding my own business when Lizzie appeared at my side with a man. Well, how predictable was that. I could almost have set my watch by her.

“Jenny.” she said clearing her throat. “I’d like you to meet, Jake.”

He was tall and very handsome, had short dark hair, quite well built, muscular for the want of a better word. Around my age I reckoned, give or take a couple of years. He was holding my gaze now as I assessed him.

“Very nice to meet you Jake.” I said extending my arm, and letting my eye drift down his body, old habits die hard. Not my usual type of guy, but well done Lizzie this could be fun.

“Hi Jenny, very pleased to meet you.” he said in tantalizing Scottish accent.

He had a nice firm grip, I have to say I like that in a hand-shake. It somehow instils confidence that they’re on the level. You know how you get that feeling when you’ve met someone before. Well I just got it.

“Have we met before.” I said tilting my head towards him.

“No, … I don’t think so.” he said with a quizzical look.

“My mistake.” I said smiling.

“She’s had a long day.” said Lizzie, patting me on the shoulder. And with that she turned on her heels and left, giving me a wink.

It sure was quiet in here all of a sudden as the two of us stood there sizing each other up. I secretly cursed Lizzie under my breath for leaving me here on my own with Jake. Even if he did look like the guy from the Levis advert. My fantasy man in a nutshell. I had scoured the country looking for such a man. And now he was within my grasp. I’m never usually short of something to say, but on this occasion, words failed me. Just as my face was beginning to flush, we both spoke together in a muffled rush of words. And afterwards laughed in unison at the stupid situation. At least it had broken the ice.

“So, what do you do for a living then Jenny?” he said holding my mesmerized stare.

“Oh, … I’m a corporate lawyer.” I said keeping the eye contact. “Really boring stuff.” I didn’t like talking about my work, and my day-time power suits usually scarred the hell out of most men.

“High brow stuff then.” he said.

“Yeah, … it’s given me a few lines and even more sleepless nights.” I said trying to make light of it.

“Well, you look amazing tonight.” he said with wicked grin.

I laughed in a stupid girlish fashion; I really felt like a teenager again on my first date. “Thanks Jake, you’re too kind.” I said taking a sip of my red wine.

Boy would I really love a night between the sheets with this guy I thought to myself. That little section of flesh between his neck and chest was really turning me on for some peculiar reason. I wished I could reach out and touch it. And I dared myself to open another of his shirt buttons, so I could feast my eyes on more. In fact I would love to unbutton every last one and slide my hand over that gorgeous chest.

It was really starting to get kind of warm in here, must be my age or something. I could see Lizzie out the corner of my eye surveying me from afar, and that silly grin really annoyed me. REO Speedwagon’s ~ Can’t Fight This Feeling was playing in the background, and it was bringing goose bumps out all over my arms. How I loved that song. I guess Jake was feeling the same way as he undressed me with his twinkling eyes. I knew that look.

“Would you like another drink?” he said noting my empty glass.

“Er, … go on then just the one.” My eyes followed him as he went, checking-out his cute backside. An incredibly nice one at that. Oh how I would really like to touch it some time soon. The muscles on his fore-arms rippled and the downy coating had a golden sun bleached effect to it. Wow, you’re very good-looking Jake. My heart was now alerting me to a strong attraction by a slightly raised beat.

He returned a few minutes later handing me my drink with a cute smile. How he reminded me of Ben Affleck in the film Armageddon. A rough kind of guy with a sensitive side. That clef on his chin was really quite attractive and he had a kind of mischievous look to him. What a very nice combination, a real live roughneck and a corporate lawyer. What fun I could have with my real live fantasy man.

The party was in full swing now as Lizzie strolled over with a group of friends. She had probably guessed I needed some back-up and had come to my aid. Within seconds everyone was talking and laughing in hearty doses. Whew! Thanks Lizzie, I thought Jake and I were going to stand there all night lusting after each other and fantasizing in our minds about what we’d like to do to each other. Right now I would love to take his hand in mine and lead him to my secret love den at the top of Lizzie’s staircase. My room for the evening and he was very welcome to stay, if he so wished.

Jake and I were delving into the delicious food with gusto, all this fantasizing was giving me one hell of an appetite. I popped a piece of chicken into my mouth and watched him talking to Lizzie. He looked so bright and alive, just the kind of man I needed in my life right now. And he sure as hell was good looking. I wondered what he’d be like in bed, and I tried to gage that from what I’d seen of him so far. I sipped my wine and tried to imagine his delicious lips on mine, and his hands on my shapely breasts. Needing them with a gentle touch. His gaze holding mine as my breathing became deeper.

“Everything alright Jenny.” he whispered into my ear.

“Yes, … I was just wondering what to eat next, the food looks so delicious.

“Here, try a piece of this.” he said thrusting a little crab cake in my direction.

He inserted the dainty little morsel into my mouth, my lips just brushing the tips of his fingers. How seductive was that. I instantly wanted him to feed me like that some more, and talk to me all night in that sexy Scottish brogue of his.

“Delicious.” I said glancing up at him.

I had just gotten a whiff of his rich cedar aftershave and it was doing stuff to me. I was suddenly very in tune with his body language and my inner self was egging me on to touch him in some erotic way.

The fabulous music continued to bellow from the intricate speaker system in Lizzie’s lounge. Surround sound I think they call it. Marti Pellow was now singing Sweet Little Mystery, at the top of his expert voice. Cool little number, I like the oldies the best. Jake was tapping his feet and swaying to the groove. I laced my arm through his and moved in unison with his every move. Nice mover, bet he’s the same in bed. I imagined myself pressed up against him, the hardness of his crotch brushing against my hips as we swayed gently to the music.

The whole place was alive now and the great music continued to revive memories of a past time. Just at that Lizzie appeared by my side.

“I can feel the sexual tension between the two of you.” she said wrapping her arm around my shoulder and whispering into my ear. “Your eyes haven’t left him all night.”

I didn’t answer her, but gave a silly grin and that said it all. Wow! It was that obvious then. The oldies music continued to work it’s magic on the party goers and it seemed everyone was having a blast. Brian Adams and The Summer of 69, was screaming at us from the magnificent Dolby system. Continued by Wham and Club Tropicana. They weren’t exactly slow numbers to dance closely with a partner; but I was having a fair old whack at trying to touch Jakes bare flesh non the less. I playfully slid my hand down the back of his jeans, just catching the top of his peachy buttock. Boy did it feel nice.

I was trying hard to reel myself in tonight and was now only drinking fresh orange juice. So boring, but I was determined not to make a fool of myself. And I didn’t want Jake to get away. After all this time searching for the guy in the TV ad; he wasn’t getting away that easily. I glanced up at the clock on Lizzie’s wall and it was 2.30am. Where had all the time gone. Most of the revellers had moved on now and I hadn’t really noticed. I had been so completely absorbed in Jake. They had probably gone on to some ritzy club someplace. Not for me tonight, I’d just turn in and try to catch some much needed shut-eye. I told Lizzie I was off to bed.

“So, is Jake staying then?” she said with a grin.

“Maybe.” I said. “I’ll let you know in the morning.”

With that Jake and I strolled through to the hallway. He grabbed his biker jacket from the stand and I watched him slip it on over his broad macho shoulders. I wondered if he would kiss me before I tried taking advantage of him.

“Did you arrive on a motor bike then?” I enquired.

He really was my fantasy man from the Levis advert after all. And he was standing only two feet away from me.

“Aye, … stupid really.” he said in his gorgeous Scottish accent. “I’ll leave the bike here until tomorrow and call a taxi.”

“You’ll be lucky.” I said shaking my head. “Friday night in these parts - no chance.”

“It’s not that far really, I’ll walk.”

“You can bunk in with me if you like?” I said alluringly.

He looked slightly unsure. “Aye, … okay then.”

I could feel him watch my swaying backside right to the top of the stairs, and then he stood at the door waiting to be invited into my boudoir. Crikey, he was a bit shy but I was fine with that.

“We don’t need to do anything if you don’t want to.” I said touching the golden hairs on his gorgeous arm. “I don’t bite you know.”

“Sorry, I’m just a bit nervous. It’s been a while.” he said holding my gaze.

“Don’t worry.” I said. “Has been for me too.”

I switched on the television and rifled through the many DVD’s Lizzie had on the stand.

“Fancy some Indiana Jones?” I said with a cheeky grin.

“Go on then.” he said with a nod.

As I bent down my neck was killing me, too may hours sat in front of a computer screen. I inserted the disc and rubbed my neck trying to ease the tension.

“Come and sit here.” he said patting the bed beside him. “I’ve got a cure for that.”

Jake then proceeded to massage my neck and shoulders, his big hands felt so gentle as he teased my aching muscles. I can tell you it was pure heaven. God, it really felt amazing as he continued to ease away my stress. I could still smell his cedar after-shave and it was turning me on big time.

“Might be better if you took your dress off.” he whispered.

“Sure.” I said reaching for the zipper.

“Here, let me.” he said taking charge.

With one easy movement he undid the zipper, slipping the dress from my shoulder. Kissing and nuzzling my neck in the process. He then peeled the dress down my silky body, caressing my bare skin as he went. God it felt so damn good to be touched again. There was an electrical pulse radiating all over me as he swept his hands back and forth. I closed my eyes and let out a soft groan of pleasure.

I sat there beside him, now only in my black underwear. It felt a little strange, but my fears were melting away with his every touch. I could feel the warmth of his body as he pressed against me. All the time the sound of my own heartbeat was thumping in my ears. I was still conscious of the Indiana Jones film playing faintly in the background.

“Lie on your stomach for me.” he said with a smile.

I duly obliged and shifted my position so I was flat out on the bed. My face on the pillow gazing up at him. He got on the bed and straddled my body so he was behind me. Not uncomfortable at all, it felt really good. With one expert movement he undid the clip on my bra and eased it from beneath me. With sweeping motions he massaged my back and neck, then gently pressed his thumbs into my shoulders. He brushed the side of my breasts as he continued down my torso. God, … I was in heaven at his touch. I could almost have turned around and made love to him there and then. I could feel the bulge in his pants crushing against me now as he continued the exquisite motions.

He was moving lower, rubbing the backs of my legs, working his fingers gently into my muscles. Then easing my knickers down my legs, I could feel my vagina lubricating as he edged his fingers between my thighs just clipping the edge of my trimmed pubic hair. A jolt ran through me at his contact. I couldn’t stand the anticipation any longer as I turned around to face him. He leant down to kiss me, his soft lips on mine felt utterly delicious. He gazed at my nakedness, casting his eye down my well toned body.

“Let me look at you.” he said running his hand over my stomach and inner arm. His touch felt like electricity against my skin. He feasted his eyes on every inch of me before we kissed once more.

I got up and knelt beside him and undid the buttons on his shirt. He cupped my breasts for the very first time, then leaning down to kiss my nipples. He took one in his mouth and then the other, sucking gently. I let out another soft groan as he continued to lick and flick. A wonderful feeling was now sweeping right through me.

“We can get rid of this now.” I said slipping his shirt off and discarding it to the floor.

“You’re gorgeous.” he said holding my gaze.

I gave him a lustful smile. “Let me slip those jeans off for you and I’ll let you know how the rest of you fairs. But top marks so far.” I gave him a wicked grin.

I undid his jeans and pulled them down his legs, gliding my hand over his rippling muscles as I went. The bulge in his jockey shorts was straining at the seems, so I rolled the elastic waist band over it and slid them off. His cock sprang out and was fully erect hitting his stomach as it proudly stood to attention. I smiled as I ran my hand over it.

“Very nice cock Jake.” I said puckering my lips and holding his gaze. Just about the right size and quite gorgeous if you can call a cock that. His pubic hair was short and dark, very well trimmed, but he hadn’t over done it. Perfect! I gazed at him as he lay there in his full nakedness. The glow of a lava lamp casting a dim light over our now completely naked bodies. I could see every ripple on his fabulous physic and I could hardly wait to explore further.

I slowly traced a line with the tips of my fingers all the way down his front; then running my tongue up and down the length of his erection. Cupping his balls and gently sucking, licking over the helmet end in circular motions and working my hand up and down before taking him in my mouth. He let out deep groans as I teased and sucked his throbbing shaft. Catching hold of my wrists he hauled me up towards him as his balls tightened, warning of an imminent climax. He kissed me passionately as I thrust my heaving breasts against his chest.

I could tell by this time that Jake wasn’t particularly experienced, but obviously not a complete novice. Either that or he just liked taking things nice and slow. But I thought not, so I parted my legs slightly guiding his hand down towards my clitoris; pressing his fingers against my ultimate pleasure zone. I worked them in a circular motion until he got the idea. Acting as teacher was something I was pretty happy to do. Pleasurable pulses were now ebbing their way right through me as he continued the exquisite action. It felt so good. I kissed him erotically and let my tongue dance off his. I could feel his cock prod me in the stomach, so I took hold of it, rubbing the entire length. He let out another deep groan of satisfaction.

God, … what a drop dead gorgeous guy, with a body to die for. He didn’t seem to be egotistical in any way, in fact quite the contrary. He was pretty modest from what I'd seen of him so far. Yeah, my bit of rough was pretty cool. He then let his middle finger slide into my vagina, and started thrusting it in continuous motions. He alternated this with stimulating my clitoris gliding my own juices over the top of my bud and sweeping his other hand around the inside of my thighs. God it felt amazing. I reached down and gently pulled his cock and ran my hand up and down it’s length in an attempt to keep him hard. Not that he needed it by looks of things.

He planted his lips on my right nipple sucked and gently bit it, then did the same to the other. It all felt so incredible, and the little stimulation he’d given me was having quite a big impact. My abstinence had made my body quite receptive to human touch. I was now startling to tense in readiness for my orgasm. I could feel it slowly building up. Jake sensed this and continued the thrusting action now with two fingers. His thumb was teasing my clit, applying a little pressure in between giving rhythmic flicks. I could feel myself starting to buck slightly as I neared my peek. My breathing was shallow as my arousal increased. I was hovering on the edge of it now as I tensed again. Jake sucked hard on my left nipple as my body spasmed. My orgasm gripping me with such intensity, washing through me in a wave of ecstasy. I gasped in short breaths, momentarily frozen from the sheer relief.

“God, … that was wonderful.” I said holding his transfixed expression.

“That was beautiful, … looked to be a good one.” he said with a smile.

I kissed him deeply as we fell into a sultry embrace. Indiana Jones was still playing softly in the background and was adding to the special feeling. I could hear the din of the party still going on downstairs. I didn’t mind, it felt kind of soothing in a way. I guessed now we were ready to make love to each other more completely. He then eased himself on top of me, still rock hard as he entered me. I gasped as he pushed himself all the way into my soaking wet vagina. I could almost feel the ripples on his cock as it arrived inside me. I held his gaze as he started to thrust. God, it felt so good. And I was having the most amazing sex with my ultimate fantasy man in the flesh. I moved with him and closed my eyes to live it out in my mind. My juices continued to flow with his every motion.

Jake leant down and sucked my nipples grazing his tongue against my hard buds. I was in heaven at his every touch as he continued to suck and tease. We altered our position, now turned slightly on our side. Just felt a little different now, but still so good. I kissed him more passionately allowing my tongue to explore his mouth. He then moved faster, more urgently, adding to the powerful sensations. I watched his body gyrate with mine, his rigid shaft thrusting in and out; juices glistening in the light. The scene before me was only adding to my own arousal. And the dim glow of the lava lamp helping to create an almost mystical atmosphere.

My breathing was short and shallow as was his. I gave out soft groans as he continued to thrust his pulsating member for all it was worth. Our love making was reaching a crescendo as I brought my legs up towards myself and clamped them around his waist, allowing for deeper penetration. Jake was needing my ass cheeks as he plunged all the way. God it felt so damn good. But I wouldn’t be able to hold out for much longer. He flicked the bud of my clitoris with his thumb, then applied a little pressure. With the other hand he toyed with my nipples, needing my breasts intermediately.

I was in heaven, my whole being was just about to explode. The immense pleasure was killing me. I’ve never been a screamer but tonight was that night.

“I’m going to come.” I said through a ragged breath.

He moved faster, every thrust bringing us closer. I shut my eyes and the images of my ultimate fantasy were so vivid in my mind. With one final flick of my clitoris, it shot through me like a fork of lightening; penetrating my every fibre. My scream echoing off the four walls of my little boudoir. My stare was locked onto Jake’s as he continued to thrust against me. With a few more piston like movements he shot his rope of semen deep into my cervix, releasing spurt after spurt of his seed. I was taken by the moment and could do nothing more but lie there on the bed beside him.

I couldn’t help but smile, as we both lay there exhausted. I turned to kiss him, brushing my lips lightly with his. The ending credits of Indiana Jones rolling in the background.

“Thanks.” I said holding his gaze.

“Don’t mention it.” he said with a wicked grin.

*****The End*****

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