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Flash back

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My education by a super milf

By Tender Cowboy

I sat at the kitchen table reading the local paper, sipping my second cup of morning coffee. The price of crude oil was up and cattle prices were down, nothing very newsworthy, I thought as I quickly scanned the obituaries. Well, my name's not in here so I guess it’s a good day, I thought to myself with a chuckle, but one name sort of caught my eye: J.P. Forester (Smoky), 63. I recalled that name from somewhere in my mind so I continued reading. It stated he had been an owner-operator and had driven coast to coast for the last thirty years and was survived only by his wife Pearl. OH my god Pearl, now I remember why that name caught my eye. How could I ever forget that name?

I gazed out the window past the corrals and over the snow covered pastures as my mind took me back to another time and another place. It took me back to when I was a nineteen year old sophomore in a small college town a hundred and fifty miles from the ranch. I had spent my freshman year living in the dorm but this year I had found an off campus room in the basement of the home of the Foresters. It was a nice large room with queen size bed, private bath, and private entrance, study (party) central, and I could use the kitchen as long as I cleaned up after myself. I knew this was going to be a great year but I had no idea how great.

The first few weeks were college business as usual, new classes, football games, home for the weekends to help around the ranch. The mornings had also become very routine with an early morning shower then up to the kitchen for a light breakfast. The shower had become one of the high points of my day. This was quite a treat from home where fighting for any tub time with five younger brothers was always a hassle. The biggest high point of my day soon became enjoying breakfast with Pearl each morning. Tuesdays and Thursdays were without a doubt the best as my first class on those days was not until eleven am.

Pearl was a thirty seven year old with long, thick reddish hair that waved in cascades over her shoulders, landing in soft circles on a pair of the biggest, and most mouth watering boobs I have ever seen. She was about five foot seven, and weighing not more that 140 pounds. Her breasts were two of her most dominant features. They seemed to defy gravity, and her long shapely legs led to her firm rounded ass. Her face was soft and rounded, and her complexion was like milk with a taste of honey splashed with a few freckles.

She was wearing a blue silk night shirt and blue silk bottom to match as she had every morning. We enjoyed a light breakfast and small talk as we had so many times the first month of my stay. This day seemed no different than any of the others as she asked me if I had a date for the homecoming this coming weekend.

“No,” I replied, “it seems that I have just not found the time to meet many of the gals on campus yet.” I caught myself staring at her breasts as her hard nipples left a definite outline against the silky top. Thinking to myself why can’t I find any gals as sexy as Pearl on campus.

“You have not dated much yet have you?” she asked.

Blushing somewhat I stammered, “Well I guess I just have not had the time or met the right lady yet.”

“Your father is paying hard earned money for you to get a proper education here and learning some social skills is a big part of that,” she said with a smirk, as she slowly unbuttoned her night shirt.

I felt my cock harden in my pants as my eyes feasted on her luscious breasts as just a bit of the soft brown areola surrounding her nipples started to show. I felt my heart pounding in my chest as my mouth became suddenly dry. I tried to speak, but it was as if I had forgotten how.

“Come here big boy,” she said, beckoning with a finger motion. “I am going to teach you the proper way to please a lady.”

I stood up and slowly walked toward her not wanting to show the anticipation I felt in my pants, although, my cock had already made up its own mind.

“Hold my breast,” she whispered as she slipped off her top. Instinctively my hands cupped her huge mounds of luscious flesh, my fingers scissoring her hard nipples.

“Kiss them cowboy kiss them and suck them,” she moaned as her hands pulled my face over her breast. My lips covering the hard buds as I sucked like a baby at her breasts.

My hard cock strained against my tight Levi's nearly to a point of being painful as I felt her fingers tugging at my belt buckle. As she pulled on it, it sprang free and my pants dropped to my knees.
She started rubbing my foreskin back and forth across my engorged cock head, using her thumb to tease the underside of it. With her other hand she hefted my bloated nuts and gently kneaded them. I didn't care any longer that she was much older than I or that she was married, all I wanted now was to let loose with my seed!

Pearl sensed that I was nearing climax and pushed one finger into my groin just behind my bag and held her mouth open to catch the torrent of seed that was just starting to fly! She held her head back just far enough so that I could watch her catch it on her tongue and inside her mouth. God, I had never cum so hard in my entire life, nor had I ever shot so much. I thought that I would never stop climaxing. The seed kept on flying out stroke after stroke until my knees got weak and my head started to feel woozy.

She leaned forward and swallowed my whole cock, sucking it in right to its root. She kept on sucking while her fingernails stroked my ass cheeks and the inside of my thighs. The pleasure finally got to be too much for me, and I slid down to the carpeted floor.

Pearl gave me about five minutes to recuperate, and then knelt over my face lowering her trimmed bush and pink outer lips to my mouth. "You see what you've done cowboy?" she said. "You’ve made me all wet, now you'll just have to clean me up."

I didn't need a whole lot of convincing or instruction. I just searched with my tongue until I found her little love button, sucked on it till she sprayed my face with her sweet pussy juices and then I licked her vagina nice and clean!

“Oh cowboy, you’re not done learning yet,” she said as she reached down and spread her sweet pussy lips.

I could feel the heat radiating from her crotch, and I could smell the aroma of her hot pussy juices. Short curly pubic hairs brushed against my lips me as she shifted her legs so that one was now over my shoulder and she raised her hot dripping pussy over my face as I licked her sweet nectar with long strokes of my tongue.

"Oh, fuck!" she cried. "Eat my pussy good, I need to cum so bad!" I continued to lick at her snatch, driving my tongue deep inside her on every third stroke. “Finger me baby,” she moaned as I used two fingers inside her dripping gash to really stir up her juices and was rewarded moments later when she started to cum. She bucked up against me driving my fingers and tongue even deeper inside her, and coating my face with the spray of her climax. I was going to bring her off another time but when I started to she pulled me up and said that I must fuck her and fuck her hard.

Still being only semi hard from our first encounters, we necked hot and heavy for a few minutes letting our hands explore and grope each other's bodies as she lay on my chest. When I was sufficiently hard enough she rolled off me, got on her hands and knees and presented her ass to me.

"Fuck me from behind," she said, "but before you start, I want you to lick my ass a little. I enjoy that so much!" I really didn't need to be convinced or taught. I got up behind her and started to lick at her butt hole, surprised at how much she enjoyed it. Her cheeks were quivering and twitching to every stab of my tongue, until she screamed, "I can't take it any more, fuck me now fuck me hard!"

I got up and guided the head of my shaft into the hottest tightest cunt I've ever felt. I took long deliberate strokes, sliding in and out of her juicy smooth snatch. She lowered her elbows and sent one hand back to finger her clit. I could sense that she was approaching climax, and just as she was on the verge of exploding, I took a finger, juicy from her pussy honey, and effortlessly slid it all the way into her butt! She screamed and thrashed about in her climax, as wave after wave of ecstasy overtook her. Her cunt was doing convulsions around my cock, gripping and grasping. It seemed like her cunt had a mind of its own! Her contortions around my prick finally caused me to spew forth my own offering, and I rammed deep and hard as my cum shot out into her hot box. Finally, all spent, she fell forward onto the rug, letting my limp member slip out.

We lay together side by side for a while, just enjoying the closeness. Before too long though, she had her hand on my cock again, trying to revive it. She said that I had given her one of her best climaxes ever, and the first good one in a long, long time, and that she wanted to show me how much she appreciated it!

I didn't think that I would be able to get it up again that morning, having cum twice already. She rolled me onto my stomach and started to knead my ass cheeks with her hands. Then she started to trail her nipples across my back and butt and finally she brought her tongue to my ass.

This was a totally new experience for me! I laid still as she licked and nibbled at my cheeks, but when she drove that tongue of hers into my puckered ass hole, my prick stood up at attention. I could feel all the blood rushing from my body to concentrate on my expanding cock. It was swelling to monstrous proportions! As she rolled me over to start sucking on my shaft once again, she kept her hands on my cheeks and her fingers close to my rear entrance. I could sense what she planned to do, but I didn't have the willpower to tell her no. Her oral ministrations were proving to be too much for me as she took long deep sucks on my rod, pulling my foreskin up with every lap.

My balls were crying for release and aching with anticipation, when right at the moment of climax, I felt one of her fingers penetrate my back door! My climax overwhelmed me, and I was glad I was already lying on the floor. That way I didn't have to worry about falling down!

Hot cum erupted from my shaft like lava from a volcano. She didn't spill one drop as my cock squirted over and over again.

When I had finally shot my last drop, she leaned forward to kiss me and just as I opened my mouth to greet hers, she opened hers and let my own cream fall into mine. Before I could do anything, she crushed our mouths together and with her tongue stirred and mixed my cum with her saliva. She started to suck it back into her mouth again leaving me just enough of the salty spunk to acquire a taste for it.

From that first wild day in the kitchen, things only got wilder and better. We were lovers for nearly 8 months, many times together before that eighteen wheeler had even left the city limits, and she had taught me more about sex and sexuality than I ever thought was possible to learn.

Perhaps in a month or so I shall pay the widow a visit or maybe leave in my mind the great education.

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