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Glorious breasts

Met her on Orkut - True story
This happened when I was 33 years old; a guy from Lahore, Pakistan, married with two kids. I chat a lot on MSN and mIRC and when ORKUT was started, probably I was one of the first hundred members to join.

I saw this profile on ORKUT (we had ORKUT before Facebook) and she described herself as a very hot and a desirable woman from Islamabad. I sent a message to her and she in turn added me in her MSN buddy list. I started chatting with her after a day or two. But in the start, we somehow started on the wrong foot and didn’t get to chat for a week.

I had my cell number on my profile and she called me one afternoon. It was an amazing thing; I mean all you Lahorees can imagine the thrill a guy gets when he has toiled for so long after a gal and she calls you on the phone or meets you.

Anyway, this lady was about seven years older than me and while chatting she told me that she had a 38D size bust. I was amazed and asked her if they sagged and in turn she said no they didn’t. I was wondering if she was telling me the truth as at the age attained by her, breasts do get to sag naturally. I asked her again and she said, "Why don’t you see them in person, so that you won’t have any confusion?"

After this question, she asked me about my cock size. I told her that it was six inches long and very thick. She was amazed at this and asked me if I was sure. I got confused as my cock is normal but it sure is thick so I asked her why she asked. She had gotten a bit frank with me by then and confided that her husband had a five inch cock and due to some medical problems that he had faced earlier, he usually came after five to ten seconds after penetrating her pussy. I told her that I usually lasted fifteen to twenty minutes of continuous hammering. She then said that she had to meet me in person to see all this. I readily agreed to this and we started making plans to meet.

She resided in Islamabad and came to Lahore on weekends as her hubby’s family was from Lahore, so we made a plan to meet on Saturday as they usually came to Lahore on Friday evening and went back on Sunday evening. She told me to come and pick her up from Awami Music Store in Liberty and after that we went to a guest house just next to Gulberg College near Liberty Market.

She was a nice looking lady, much older than me but we both got to like each other on that first date. We both checked into the room and then I got to see her breasts; they were magnificent and I took her into my arms and hugged her tightly. Her breasts were crushed against my chest and I felt their softness as well as their hardness and tautness, all at the same time.

I asked her to remove her lipstick (which I hate) and she gleefully did that. I pressed my lips on hers and just started kissing her lightly, but she in turn was probably hot and dying for this, so she started kissing me hard by putting her tongue inside my mouth and then sucking my tongue inside her mouth.

I was amazed at this sudden reaction from her but kept my cool and started exploring her back and cupped one of her ass cheeks. Her ass was firm, not so big and not so flat – just okay to hold and caress. She was holding me tight and as we were smooching deeply, my other hand went up to her left breast while my other hand was still squeezing her ass cheek lightly.

Her breast was a perfect one and it hardly filled my grip, it was that big. I started unbuttoning her rust coloured sweater that she was wearing and squeezed her breasts from the top of her shirt and told her that they were perfect.

We broke our kiss and I told her that I wanted to see those magnificent breasts. (I’m a breast man so I appreciate whatever the size and the cup they come in.) She was more than willing to show them to me and took off her sweater and then her shirt.

She was wearing a skin colour bra and her breasts were trying to get out of the constraints, so I put them out of their misery and unhooked her bra. When I used the word ‘magnificent’ earlier, I did justice to her breasts by calling them that as they were really va va voom! They did not in the least sag and stood up and jutted out just like they were supported in her bra.

I bent down and started kissing one nipple and then the other one and squeezed and cupped them; she closed her eyes to savor the ministrations that I was giving them. I told her that she was right about the un-sagging nature of her breasts and then went down again to lick and suck those glorious set of tits. Between her moaning and whimpering, she asked me if she could also see if I was lying about the size of my cock or not, so I told her to go right ahead and see for herself. I lay down on my back on the bed and she started unbuttoning my Levis (I guess Levis does make button-fly jeans for these moments!) I was hard, so she had to pull my jeans down to get my cock out.

I was looking at her expression upon seeing my cock. Well, her eyes were wide open and she was staring at my cock like she was looking at a cock for the first time. She got down on her knees and started kissing my cock shaft and then the head. My cock head is somewhat larger than most cocks that I see on the Internet and in porn movies. That gives an overall huge effect to my cock and it does have its disadvantages – I can’t screw arse-holes as it does not go in the back way.

Well, she was on her knees and got her tongue out and started licking the whole of my cock. I was in heaven and then she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking like hell. I had my eyes clenched and wanted to come there and then but controlled myself and she went on sucking and licking.

She went for deep throat but gagged on my cock and didn’t try that again. I was hot and wanted to screw her but as I love foreplay a lot, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and told her to shed the rest of her clothes too. I took off my sweat shirt and my jeans and we both became nude. I told her to get on the bed and got on top of her. Again I got her tit flesh in my mouth; started sucking her nipples one by one and enjoyed their pebble-like hardness in my mouth. She was enjoying this and felt pleasure from her pussy as my cock was pressing against her groin and I, in turn was feeling the warmth seeping up my cock being emitted by her hot pussy. I kept sucking her nipples and then went for her neck and ears and sucked and kissed and ran my tongue on them. She was also kissing my neck and I left what I was doing, and again started kissing her.

She kept plunging her tongue inside my mouth, which I loved, and my tongue too went exploring inside her mouth to screw her tongue. I was getting hornier by the minute and my hands were squeezing her breasts and I was pinching her nipples between my thumb and my first finger and she was loving it all.

With my right hand, I held my cock and started rubbing the head on her pussy, making her squirm. In return, she started sucking my tongue and grabbing at my ass cheeks. I loved that feeling too as I have a hairy ass and I love it when it is squeezed during sex.

She was going mad with pleasure and then she wanted to switch positions with her being on top. I let her come in that position and lay on my back; she started kissing me from my neck down and licked all the way from my neck to my chest. I also have a very hairy chest and she found my nipples with her tongue and started licking them in turns.

I was kneading her breasts and she was going down over my tummy to my pubic area. She didn’t go straight to my cock, but instead she licked my inner thighs and my balls. Her tongue was like an electric current on my ball sac and I jumped up as her tongue came in contact with my sensitive skin there.

She paused and looked into my eyes and gave me a wicked smile. I loved that look on her face and she went back to her licking session. She went down on my legs and licked the underside of my knees too which also sent an electric current throughout my body and I jerked out of the reach of her tongue. She again caught hold of my legs and started licking them again.

I was going out of my mind and again pulled her up and got on top of her. I returned the favour by licking her arms and hands. I ran my tongue on her wrist and started sucking them. This was new to her but I learnt this technique in some sex magazine that you could bring a woman to orgasm just by sucking and licking the inner side of her wrist where all the veins are visible.

She was jerking her hand out of my grip but I held on to her tightly and kept on licking her. I had a good grip on her wrist and with my left hand; I nudged her legs apart and pushed a little bit of my cock inside her warm and wet pussy. As my cock touched her warm pussy lips, she bucked under me and in the process jerked up her hips to wedge my cock between her legs.

My cock went inside her warm pussy and I was amazed at the tightness that I felt around my cock. I guessed that it must be because of her hubby’s uncaring attitude and lack of sex. I felt so good inside that I pushed my cock up to the hilt and my balls hit the area between her pussy lips and her hole at the back.

She gripped my cock by contracting her pussy lips and my eyes flew open at this action as I had never experienced such an act (she told me afterwards that she exercised her PC muscles often through Kegel Exercises). I started screwing her with slow dips as I wanted to savor each and every thrust in this glorious pussy. I had my eyes closed now and was visualizing my cock inside her pussy. I whispered in her ear to do the same and just feel and visualize my cock inside her pussy, opening her vaginal canal slowly and surely and then feel it coming back to its original state as my cock slid out of the hole.

She was moaning and started begging me to speed up as she was nearing a massive orgasm. I did yield in to her request and started screwing her with gusto. She had her eyes shut tightly and was moaning loudly. She came with a loud cry and contracted her pussy muscles around my cock.

My cock was held between her muscles and I let it stay there as I too was enjoying the way that I had made her climax so hard. I got my cock out to rest for a while and she got down and started kissing my cock. She took it in her mouth and my cock was loving the attention that it was getting by this horny lady. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and said that my precum and her pussy juices combined together make cock sucking, one great presentation.

I was amazed at the way that she was sucking my cock and also amazed at her cock hungriness. I wanted to screw her again and pulled my cock out of her mouth and told her to lie on her tummy, which she obediently did. I parted her ass cheeks and put my hard cock, slick with her pussy juices, my precum and her saliva, inside her pussy again, and with full force hit her vaginal end; she bucked under me and felt some pain from this act.

I started screwing her and was loving every moment and she in turn was moaning and making small gurgling sounds. I was sitting on her ass and also kneading her cheeks with one of my hands and my cock was screwing her slowly, going in and coming out slick with her pussy juices.

I was watching my cock and put one of my fingers inside my mouth to wet it with my saliva and then put it slowly inside her little puckered hole at the back. She moaned and said that it was hurting her a little; I slowed down and held that position and then again pushed my finger inside her small rose-hole. My finger went inside bit by bit and I was continuing to screw her with my cock and finally my finger was up to the last joint as it was fully inside her cute hole. I then waited a while and started finger fucking her as well as pulling and pushing my hard cock in her pussy. She was in ecstasy and there and then hit a big orgasm which rocked her and rocked me too as she clenched my cock with her vaginal muscles.

Then I got her on her back and put her legs on my shoulders and pushed my cock inside her free, juice-flowing pussy. It was so wet now that my cock slid right in and I started humping her with a renewed vigor. She was moaning and her eyes were clenched shut. I was screwing her hard now and kept on hitting her pussy wall at the end.

She jumped and cried out when I hit here there but still held on to me tightly. I had my hands under her ass and holding her ass cheeks and squeezing them. I put one of my fingers in her pussy, wet it with her pussy juices and pressed my finger on her back hole, pushing it all in, in one stroke. She moaned with ecstasy and somehow or the other, I stretched myself and started sucking one of her nipples. That took her right over the edge and she climaxed again holding my cock inside her pussy in a vice grip. The way and the rate at which she was having her orgasm made all her inner legs, her crack at the back, and as I felt under her, the bed sheets, become a little damp.

After this I got on top of her and placed my cock between her glorious tits, pulled her breasts together and started tit fucking her. She opened her mouth and wanted me to put my cock inside her mouth on every thrust, which I did and she licked and sucked on my cock head while I was screwing her cleavage.

I again went down on her and started screwing her; I kept on screwing the living daylights out of her and then again turned her on her side and lifted one of her legs; without pulling my cock out of her, I started screwing her again. She was moaning, making sounds from deep within her throat and climaxing over and over again.

After this I went for her tits and started sucking them, biting and nibbling the nipples and also screwing her on her side. My back was aching a little now and I pulled her legs on my shoulders again and drove my cock deep into her pussy again. She yelped with the sudden thrust of my cock inside her pussy as my cock hit her hard inside again.

She was holding me by my shoulders; I was supporting her ass cheeks and also had my tongue on her nipples which was a little bit of a difficult position but it was really making her quiver with desire. She was kissing my forehead as I was bent on kissing her nipples.

I left her nipples and started deep kissing her hot mouth which sucked the tongue out of my mouth. Her ass was in the air and my cock was making squishing sounds coming in and out of her hot dripping pussy; I call her pussy dripping as it was really dripping with all her pussy juices.

I was thrusting in and out of her and then with a great shudder, I came inside her pussy and went limp on her while getting her legs off my shoulders. I lay on her for a while and then withdrew my cock from her pussy. It was slick with her pussy juices and my cum.

We lay down and she was wet with her sweat and I too was sweating profusely. I looked at the time and calculated roughly that I had made love to her for forty minutes. (A record actually for me as I had never gone on for so long.)

We started talking and making jokes and in between I was fondling her nipples and cupping her breasts. We talked about our lives and I felt so very comfortable lying in bed there with her. After a while, she sat up, knelt between my legs and started sucking my cock again; in turn my cock hardened up again.

My cock was aching a little and she requested to again screw her which I, without thinking, obliged. I was again on top of her but as time was short, I pulled out and started dressing, making a promise to meet again in the near future and again screw our heads off.

I dropped her in Liberty Market and went back home a little bit tired. She called me on my cell phone in the evening and told me that her pussy was so very sore but she was loving it. That sentence really made my day!

We met a couple of times after that and screwed like rabbits but it was never like the first time but each session was a different one and not at all less enjoyable.

Once she came to Lahore and all my family was out of city and we made love on the sofa and even on the dining table. She stayed with me all day long and we stayed nude running here and there in my house; it was all memorable.

I usually showed her my cock through my web cam on Yahoo messenger and even masturbated there and it was her request that I cum for her there, which I did. We still keep in contact through phone as she hardly comes to Lahore now but I sure miss those love making sessions and her perfect body with those magnificent breasts!

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