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Happy Anniversary

Jack wants to do something special for their one year anniversary.

Lauren was always the pretty girl in school. Brilliant natural red hair running just past her shoulder blades, flawless lightly tanned skin and perky B cup breasts. She stood at just over 5 feet and 3 inches tall, shorter than everyone else she knew and most of her height was in her legs, which she took advantage of all the time. If it was warm enough to wear a skirt she did, and it always was accompanied by thigh high socks. She didn’t mind what top she wore, so long as it wasn’t practically designed to be cleavage-centric. On graduation day practically every boy in school had their hearts broken when she started dating Jack. Lauren always looked so tiny when standing next to him because he stood an entire foot taller than her at 6feet 3 inches. He had a runner’s physique, minor upper body and powerful legs and abs. He always wore boots and jeans with a plain long-sleeve shirt. All of the guys in school practically cried in outrage because the beauty they had spent all year trying to swoon had fallen for an average looking man. Jack was a year older than Lauren but they had known each other for a while, they had gone to the same school after all. When Lauren had decided to go to the same college as him Jack figured it would be easiest to move in together, much to her parent’s dismay. He had helped her with practically everything once she moved in; they had very similar preferences in music, books, and hobbies. He enjoyed writing and reading in his spare time, and she was an English major learning to be an editor for magazines and books. They talked for hours on their days off and just

Their apartment was pretty small, one bedroom one bath with a small living room and a full kitchen. Jack had the place to himself while she finished her final year in high school, so it wasn’t too much of a problem to just let her move in. When she first moved in Jack slept on the futon in the living room and let her have the queen sized bed. After the first month or so they started sleeping together in the bed, sometimes though there wouldn’t be any sleeping. They had the upcoming weekend off work and Jack wanted to do something special because it was also their 1 year anniversary. He had to pull some strings but managed to get off work early enough to beat Lauren home and prepare. He stopped at an adult store and picked up a few things, just in case. After a bit of physical and mental preparation he sat down on the futon and waited for her to arrive. After an hour past her normal return time he decided to give her a call.

“Hey sweet heart.” Lauren answered the phone almost instantly, much to Jack’s surprise.

“Hey Hun, I wanted to make some dinner for us…” Jack said, trying to come up with a reason to ask when she would be home. “I was wondering when you would be home.”

“Shoot sorry babe, I was chatting with a friend of mine about editing their book. I’m on my way; it’ll be ten minutes tops.” She said, her smile was practically audible.

“Sounds great, hey maybe I can read it over and send him some thoughts.” Jack responded, trying to break off the conversation to hide the fact that he was going to step outside.

“I bet SHE would love that…” Lauren emphasized the gender of her friend and couldn’t help but giggle. “I’ll see you in a bit I gotta drive and I know you don’t like me on the phone while I’m driving.” She said, Jack could hear the car door shut in the background.

“Alright, see you soon.” Jack said and they mutually hung up. He wasted no time, grabbing a little bag and throwing some of the things he bought in it and stepped outside. Sure enough 6 or 7 minutes later she came walking up the stairs with the biggest smile on her face.

“Did you get locked out?” Lauren asked, trying not to laugh as she thought he had been stuck outside for over an hour.

“No Hun I just wanted to talk to you about today before we went inside.” Jack responded, setting the small bag on the ground and stepping towards Lauren. She was speechless, not knowing what he had planned to say or do. He picked her up by the waist and gave her a long passionate kiss. She was confused at the sudden romanticism, because she had completely forgotten it was their anniversary. “Happy anniversary Lauren.” Jack’s words felt like ice as inside she completely lost it. Not having anything planned she decided to just return the favor.

“Happy anniversary Jack.” She said with a quick kiss. “Now can you put me down, if anyone comes up the stairs they have full view of my panties.” She said with a grin and Jack blushed a little as he set her down. “What did you want to say…” Lauren said, more curious about what he had in store for their anniversary.

“When was the last time we had sex?” Jack said, knowing the answer but he wanted her to say it.

“ Ugh, I don’t know Babe. Maybe before I got my promotion, the new workload is really harsh and I am always worrying about it.” Lauren replied, crossing her arms and giving him a little bit of a frown.

“For our anniversary I’d like to try something…..different.” Jack said, picking up the small bag behind him. She stayed silent but was listening, hoping he would continue without her having to ask what he meant by ‘different’. “I want to try sensory deprivation; it is something I picked up in a conversation with some peers in my psychology lecture. I figured this could be a mutual gift, because we are both really frustrated.” Lauren stood there, unconsciously biting her lip. She was curious but also worried at what weird things were going to happen. She decided to go along but on one condition.

“Alright Babe, but on one condition; If at any point I want to stop, we stop.” Lauren said, removing the hair tie and letting her hair fall down around her shoulders.

“Of course Hun, pick a safe word. Anything completely unrelated that you wouldn’t normally say. If at any point you say it, I’ll stop.” Jack responded, he knew she would want some control over the situation. She never liked to be the submissive one.

“The word stop not an option?” Lauren asked, confused as to why they had to have some sort of code.

“You say stop in bed all the time, and get really upset when I do…” Jack responded, causing Lauren to flush scarlet. She was tired of standing here, and the thoughts and imaginations running through her head were distracting.

“You are a prick for putting me on the spot like this…” She said and immediately continued her thought. “Prick is my safe word.” She said, moving to open the door, assuming she was going to get undressed and ready before anything happened. Jack stopped her and pulled out a thick black velvet blindfold from the bag. He gently took her purse and let her put the blindfold on herself. Once it was on she tried her best to squint through it, to no avail. He then pulled out something else from the bag, knowing she couldn’t see he placed it around her head for her. It was a soft black ear cover, it cupped around her ears perfectly and sat comfortably in place around the back of her head. He spoke in a normal tone to her and she didn’t even acknowledge his voice. “I guess different is a good word for this…” she said followed by a shocked reaction. She could barely hear her own voice with the covers over her ears. Jack opened the door and gently pushed her by her butt towards it. She carefully stepped inside and stood in the entranceway, not comfortable with moving any further on her own.

Jack pulled the ear covers off for a moment and whispered to her as softly as possible. “I just want you to relax and let me do everything. Follow the string to your left to the bedroom.” As soon as he was finished talking the ear cups went back on and he watched her carefully reach out and grab the string that Jack had run from the doorway to the bed. She knew the apartment reasonably well but it was still rather uncomfortable to walk around blind and deaf. When she got to the bed post that the end was tied to, she immediately moved to hop onto it. Their bed was raised almost two feet off the ground so she needed a bit of a step to get up. She kicked off her shoes and gripped the pole to blindly hop onto their bed when she felt two heavy hands upon her shoulders. His words replayed in her mind and she grinned a little. He spun her around to face him and relaxed her body for him. She was wearing one of her favorite outfits that day, a red plaid mini-skirt with white cotton thigh high socks and a white button up shirt with matching white lacey underwear. With a firm but gentle touch he pressed his hands around her waist and pushed downwards across her rear until her skirt lightly slid down around her ankles. Once satisfied with her skirt he gripped her wrists and guided them to the buttons on her shirt. She couldn’t help but blush as she slowly and clumsily unbuttoned her shirt all the way down and relaxed her arms once more. The entire time she could feel Jack’s gaze on her body and felt a little frustrated at not being able to see his reactions. He tugged at the back of her shirt and she lifted her arms to allow him to pull it off. With more precision than the buttons she also quickly undid her bra and sat it on the floor, wondering why Jack wasn’t stopping her this time.

While Lauren removed her bra Jack climbed onto the bed and sat directly behind her on it. She couldn’t see or hear anything so as far as she was aware he was still in front of her. He decided to let her stand there for a moment, wearing only her socks and panties. It didn’t take long for her to start swaying back and forth impatiently. He chuckled a little and decided to trick her, leaning down and planting a kiss on her left shoulder. She impulsively reached forward to pull Jack closer for a kiss of her own but hit only air. She immediately flushed scarlet in embarrassment before spinning around to where she assumed Jack was. He responded with a kiss on her forehead and it elicited a smile from both of them. Jack reached down and grabbed both of her wrists and guided them onto the bed. She reflexively gripped the thick comforter and prepared to hop up, but just as she was about to jump she felt Jack behind her again. He stood inches from her back but hadn’t touched her yet and it caused Lauren to freeze. Thoughts raced through her mind…‘Does he want me to hop up? Is he going to pick me up? Should I just go? I wish I could see him right now’. He reached under her left knee and lifted it to the edge of the bed frame, resting it carefully. His movements were slow and the position made Lauren uncomfortably impatient. He only chuckled at her minor squirms to move, bound by nothing more than a little suggestion. He kneeled down and placed his hands at the edges of her heel, she understood what he wanted to do and quickly lifted parts of her feet until she was standing on his cupped hands. Lauren thought that the entire gesture was too complicated to get her onto the bed, when she could have just jumped. To Jack though, the entire event was a feast for the eyes. With her moving how and when he wanted, he was able to see her at every possible angle he desired and loved every second of it. She rested in the middle of the bed on her back, waiting for Jack’s next move. This time she would know when he got close because he would have to shake the bed when he got on.

Jack darted back into the living room and left Lauren to her own devices for almost five minutes. When he returned she was flush red with more than just embarrassment. Jack used his long arms to grab a couple of the pillows without disturbing the bed and pressed them under her head and back. She was startled a little but adjusted her body so she could lie on the pillows with her back arched slightly. Jack sat down a bucket of ice cubes, a small metal pole, and some soft rope onto the bed next to Lauren. He hopped up next to her, careful not to jostle the bucket too much for it was the biggest surprise. She had her hands on her breasts, giving them minor squeezes while she waited for her lover to do something more exciting than help her onto a bed. He grabbed her forearms and lifted them above her head before straddling her mid-section. His jeans felt rough on her stomach and hips, causing her to flush red as she realized he was still fully clothed. He leaned in close and pressed his forehead against hers, she almost jumped in excitement. She raised her chin to give him a kiss, but he only moved away denying her the contact. He took a small amount of the rope and tied her arms together, palm to elbow. With his hands free he leaned in again and adjusted her ear cover a little bit to be able to whisper something to her.

“Remember your safe word…” Jack said, quickly withdrawing now that the thought was in her mind.

He reached over to the bucket of ice and pulled out one small ice cube while pressing gently against her lower lip. She opened her mouth and let out a heavy breath, not sure what to expect with his pants still on. He slid the ice in between her lips and she whimpered slightly at the cold temperature. She sucked on the ice as slowly as she could, constantly opening her mouth and rolling it around so that Jack could see. He grinned at her playful gesture and decided to reply with one of his own. He leaned down and pressed his lips hard against hers. She gasped, finally being able to kiss him as she felt his tongue work its way inside her mouth. They paused for a moment, enjoying the deep and passionate kiss. Jack used his tongue to slowly transfer the ice cube into his mouth. When their kiss broke Lauren took a very deep breath and lifted her head slightly for another. He could tell she wanted more, she wanted to touch his skin, hear his voice, see his face. All of those were denied so she craved the direct contact she just had. A naughty grin broke across Jack’s face as he placed the ice between his lips and began to kiss her neck. Every cold love mark had Lauren gasping in passionate surprise; she squirmed and wanted so desperately to touch Jack but he only moved away from her attempts at embrace. He got up and hopped off the bed, leaving her wriggling in place. Impatiently waiting for his next icy kiss or warm touch she moved back and forth as he slowly positioned the bar near her feet. He grabbed the largest ice cube he could see on top and placed it on Lauren’s closed lips. The chill caused her to sigh slightly and she opened her mouth to allow it to fall in. Jack caught it and she pouted a little as he replaced it, making sure she knew to keep it there.

Since she was preoccupied Jack moved down and tied her ankles to either end of the bar, keeping them at shoulders width. Lauren thought he was holding her legs open and smiled, anticipating some much desired service. Jack took the ice cube from her and she immediately moved to lick the cold water off her lips. He kept it pressed to her skin as he ran it along as much of her body as he could. Moving the frozen water down the center of her chin and along the right side of her neck, along her shoulder and then onto her side. He carefully moved it directly across her chest and making sure to stop and spend some quality time on her nipples. The entire time she gasped and squirmed at the sensations while trying to stifle her true moans of desire. He moved down her midsection and across her navel, stopping at her panties. He gave a naughty chuckle as she raised her hips slightly, instead of pulling them off he moved the cube along its edges. Passing over each string and running around her leg down to each sock and coming back. He rested the ice cube on her belly button and placed his lips around it, drawing a soft moan from Lauren. He began to suck on the ice cube, sending gentle sensations through her midsection. She shivered slightly from being covered with cold water and having an ice cube pressed into her navel. After waiting for his touch for so long she finally decided to speak up.

“Please Jack, touch me…” she gasped, each movement of her stomach caused her to squirm as the ice touched a previously warm area. Jack lifted his head, leaving the ice there. He removed his jeans and shirt this time, leaving him in his boxers as he climbed back to straddle her midsection. She let out a soft sigh when his legs touched her sides, happy that he was no longer in the rough jeans. Jack kept his hand over the cube on her stomach to keep the icy object from touching his warm skin. He slid it between his legs and leaned back to continue sliding it along her skin back to her panty line. The cube was much smaller now that it had been melted across Lauren’s skin. He slowly and methodically rocked it back and forth under her white panties. She gasped and reflexively tried to close her legs as the ice slid carefully across her clit, Sending sensations of pleasure and icy pain through her pelvis. For the first time she realized that he wasn’t gripping her ankles, he had tied them to a spreader bar. She was constantly gasping and moaning as the cube slid back and forth across her lips. More than just the melting cube was seeping into his hand and her panties, but she was starting to have enough of it. She was done with the ice play, right now she just wanted his warm embrace. With the word on the tip of her tongue she began to mouth her safe word. Just as her mouthed formed the word Jack slid the frozen treat as deep into her as his slender fingers would allow. Instead of her safe word all that came out was a long moan filled breath as Jack kept his hand directly over her opening and pulled her close. Still straddling her stomach he leaned forward and kissed her powerfully. She had to break from his embrace multiple times trying to catch her breath, the sensations burning through her caused breaths gasps and moans to escape her mouth. Jack shifted to sit between her legs, two of his fingers keeping still within her even though the icy toy has long since melted. She shivered slightly and goose bumps ran across her arms and chest now so Jack lay on top of her, warming her up as he slowly pulled his fingers out of her sex. He nonchalantly pulled off the ear covers and the blindfold and gave her the biggest grin as her eyes refocused in the light.

“Loudest orgasm yet Hun.” Jack said, trying to stifle his chuckle as she pushed her face into his shoulder trying to hide her embarrassment. Drawing back she couldn’t stop herself from kissing his lips every time they moved close enough.

“Who says I came?” Lauren replied playfully, trying to hide it while she desperately wanted to be unbound and embrace her lover. Jack replied by pulling his other hand in front and licking his fingers clean, Lauren couldn’t help but blush. “I am going to go insane if you keep my arms and legs like this Babe.” She said lifting her arms around his neck and followed his body as he sat up.

“Alright, let me go get a knife.” Jack responded, and slowly tried worked his way out of her embrace.

“You are going to trash the rope?” Lauren asked, not realizing her implications but Jack couldn’t help but smile in return.

“So you would want to do something like this again?!” Jack responded cheerfully, finally getting out of her locked arms and off of the bed.

“Maybe…” Lauren responded playfully, looking down at the black bar keeping her legs from closing.

“I’ll buy more, the rope is cheap.” Jack said retreating into the kitchen and returning after a short moment.

“If you say so, just get this fucking thing off me.” Lauren replied as he carefully used the knife to remove the rope keeping her ankles on the spreader bar. She instantly closed her legs the moment she was able but couldn’t find comfort with her panties soaked through. He slowly removed the rope binding her arms locked and she sat there rubbing them for a short while. Once satisfied she moved her hands down to pull off the source of her discomfort. Lifting her legs vertically she pulled them down to her socks and almost burst out laughing when she saw Jack half lying on the bed with his head at her ass. He took one long and vexing lick up her sex, spreading it slightly with the width of his tongue, all the while removing his own underwear. Lauren moaned softly and let her legs fall on his shoulders as he sat up to help her into a sitting position. She plopped into his lap as he crossed his legs. His member pressed against Lauren’s thigh, throbbing for attention. She gripped it softly and kept the attention of his eyes and lips with constant kisses. With a devilish look in her eyes she reached back with her free hand and silently grabbed an ice cube from the bucket. Shifting her position to have her knees resting on either of his side she pressed the cold block against the tip of his pecker.

“Holy shit that is cold.” He immediately gasped as soon as she let go of his lips. She started to lick the side of his neck as she lined her entrance with his member. Doing her best to keep the ice on the head she lowered herself all the way to the base and let out a long and lustful moan into his neck. Jack immediately wrapped his arms around her for comfort from the varying temperatures and sensations shooting through his groin. It was her turn to return the favor, and she knew it. Letting him enjoy the feeling she rose and lowered herself along his body as slow and as vexing as she could manage without going wild herself. Their breathing was in sync as moans and groans escaped their locked lips as the pace increased. The vexing sensations proved to be too much; Jack longed to return her motions with thrusts of his own. He bucked against her slightly and she immediately froze and pulled her face back from his.

“No, not yet.” Lauren said before continuing at her enticingly slow pace. Just quick enough to keep them moving and together, but just slow enough to keep Jack from building up towards a climax of his own. The contortions of his face and constant struggle against his desire to fuck her back only fueled the fire.

“Love, please…” Jack muttered, placing his hands around her waist and giving her the biggest puppy dog eyes a man of his size can muster.

“So teetering on the edge for minutes on end is a little too much for you?” She giggled playfully with her words, though deep down Lauren could barely contain the same desire. He nodded and she responded with a whisper in his ear, “Me too…” And she pulled her face back, keeping a firm grip on his forearms. He adjusted his position to sit on his knees, and wrapped her legs around his waist. She rested her back on the bed, Jack pressing down on her with his hands still firmly around her midsection. Once comfortable she pulled her arms around his neck and leaned in, she mouthed the word ‘go’ and that was all the signal he needed. His pace increased as much as he could while keeping her latched firmly onto him, all thoughts of gentle love had burned into pure lust. She moaned and gasped as he pistoned his member into her hard and fast. The chills from their icy foreplay were completely erased by the lustful friction filling her sex. As they got closer to the point of no return, Lauren decided to take it one step further and send them both completely over the edge. Carefully moving her mouth to his neck she bit down hard, the surprise pain sent him into a minor frenzy. Jack slipped his arms up her back, crossed them, and gripped her shoulders before falling onto his back. Even though Lauren was back on top, he kept his vigorous pace until they were both well over the edge. She released her teeth, feeling his pecker pulsing with each push. She grabbed his entire face and kissed the word ‘cum’ on to his lips through her loud moans and heavy breaths. They came together, kissing wildly in the aftermath of their lust and love.

“Happy anniversary.” They gasped together as their bodies finally settled down.

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