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Helping Hands

The world needs more superheroes. At least, that is what I’ve always told myself so that I could justify the idealistic whims of the world’s biggest bleeding heart. So when the opportunity arose that my lifelong dream could be fulfilled, without a moment’s hesitation, I took it.

I suppose that is how I found myself laying in a bunkhouse in the middle of the Central African Republic. The group of doctors I had come with seemed uninterested in spending any amount of time with a lowly paramedic. My mind wandered to and fro, slipping from one idea to another. I would often fantasize, trying so hard to escape the harsh realities of what I had experienced prior to slipping into my mosquito netted bed.

It plagued my heart to see so many in such need of care, and at times I felt that I was the only one of our group that even gave a damn. As time passed, it became especially clear that the biggest majority of this particular group were only interested in being able to pad their resumes and credentials by offering less than compassionate care for the many patients that we served on a daily basis. Each would take his turn playing God, and then return home to his Mercedes and tell of how much good he had done for those beneath him. It truly sickened me to watch as drove after drove of the same type came through, all with the same self-loving reasons of being here. All, that is, except Matthew.

I had been here for nearly a year when Matthew arrived. His eyes were eager and soft, while still maintaining a sense of strength that seemed to defy all that might come his way. He was especially good with working with the children. Often I would watch him as he played with them during breaks or after shift. Soon I was enamored with him, and my fantasies would reflect such.

He was of slight build, with dark hair and what I imagined to be incredibly soft lips. It was painfully obvious that he was incredibly intelligent, and he exuded an air about him that screamed authority, however he never embraced it as such. Instead, he remained humble and possessed a sweet, almost childlike smile that he flashed nearly as often as he took a breath. My heart would jump at the slightest accidental touch, and I blushed furiously every time he said my name.

Four of us shared the bunkhouse, and Matthew’s bed was directly adjacent to my own. At night, I watched as the moonlight glistened off his sweat tinged chest in his sleep. My cravings became more and more powerful by the night.

As I looked across the way at the slumbering Matthew, my fantasies again began to play themselves in my head. My hands moving with minds of their own, I closed my eyes and began to caress various bits of my body.

In my mind, my tongue danced with his as he pulled his body against mine, and I immediately felt my panties moisten. Fingertips dragged across my face and neck as I dreamt of his kisses exploring me. My nipples perked as my hands absently explored below the thin fabric of my tank top. Caressing touches flowed over my body, gently slipping into my shorts and grazing my engorged clit, sending a soft moan from deep in my throat.

Instantly realizing I had allowed such a moan to escape me, I froze, barely daring to breathe as I laid waiting for any indication from any of my bunkmates that they had heard me. Only Matthew stirred in the slightest, as he adjusted the positioning of his body, and then fell silent once more. I laid there for a time, holding my breath, until I was finally satisfied that he was once again asleep.

The thought of Matthew possibly waking to catch me toying with my body thrilled me further, and my fingers set to work. Each flick and twist of my nimble digits shot electric through my body. Again and again I would work my way to near orgasm, just to be halted by Matthew continuing to adjust himself in his sleep. Sweet juices poured from my desperate sex as I furiously brought myself on edge one last time.

As my back arched and my body exploded in pure ecstasy, I closed my eyes and moaned quietly, “Oh, Matthew….” Waves of pleasure screamed through my body with the intensity of a nuclear blast and the tight walls of my delicate pussy convulsed.

My body relaxed bit by bit, slowly sinking back to the bedding. I moved my fingers to my lips, sucking away my juices, relishing in the wares of my orgasm. The silence was broken by a soft chuckle and nothing more and again I froze. The breeze gently brushed the limbs outside the window aside, casting just enough moonlight into our room for me to see a sly smile cross Matthew’s face just before he turned his back to me.

Oh God, I thought to myself. My half fantasy of him catching me seemed to have suddenly become a reality. My mind raced as I wondered how long he had been awake, or if he had understood that it was his name that I had moaned.

Bordering a full-fledged panic attack, I silently slipped out of my bed and crept out of the bunkhouse. The night air was still warm and humid, clinging to my skin like a blanket. The path was well lit by the full moon, and I gingerly made my way to the bluff just outside our bunkhouse. I lowered myself to sit on the soft grass, overlooking a nearby watering hole amidst the savanna, and sucked in a slow breath.

So what if he did see me? I asked myself. We’re only human, and for as long as I’ve been out of the dating world, it’s only natural that I find satisfaction with myself…right? I felt silly sitting there in the moonlight trying to figure out how I was going to look at him the next day.

A twig crunched behind me, and I snapped around to discover Matthew with his hands in his pockets, sheepishly looking at everything but me. Straightaway I was thankful for the darkness as I felt my cheeks flush and I knew he had heard me.

He looked out over the plain and whispered, “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

I turned my face back to the savanna, thankful for the excuse to look away from him, and managed to croak out, “Yes.”

“Um…Mindy…” he started, trailing off as he lost his nerve.

“Yes?” I replied, fearful of what it was he wanted to ask me. He had silently closed the gap between us, and kneeled to the grass behind me. I could feel his breath on my moist skin, sending chills and heat waves through me simultaneously.

For a moment he debated what to say, and in deciding to not say anything at all, Matthew reached to me and put a hand on my arm, gently turning me to face him. I recognized the fire behind his eyes, and nearly expected him to devour me in my entirety. Instead, he leaned forward and gingerly pressed his lips against mine. His tongue delicately parted my lips and slipped inside, forming a dance with my own that none could ever dream to duplicate.

The pressure of his lips grew as our courage grew. Soon we were locked in a lovers’ embrace, and I could feel the pounding of his heart through his chest. He seemed as nervous as I, but determined to make the most of the momentary courage. My breasts pressed against his chest, thrilling me in ways I’d never imagined. Arms around his neck, I clung to him, fearful that if I let go for even a moment that it would all be over. His hands reached round me and cupped my buttocks, pulling my hips toward him.

His lips broke from mine as they traveled down my neck. I pulled away just enough to pull my tank top over my head. He stopped me as the fabric covered my face, leaving my arms bound and my bare breasts begging for his attention. Matthew’s tongue dragged along my skin until finally I felt his lips latch onto my right nipple. Explosions of bliss raced through every nerve in my body as he mouthed and teased me.

Finally he allowed my tank top to slip up and off, and I could no longer contain myself! My lips sought his in a hard, desperate kiss, as my hands worked fervently to pull away his shorts. Desperation shot through the both of us like a drug. The world fell away and all that existed was each other. Flesh burned against flesh, searing us to our core.

His shorts fell away and I could feel as his manly flesh pressed hard against me. His sighs and moans filled my world as his hands delicately pulled my shorts away. There we were: skin to skin, heart to heart, desire to desire! Never had the savanna witnessed a more primal need than what we were experiencing in that moment. I pressed him backward, allowing my tongue to drag down his skin, tasting the salty mix of our sweat. My lips continued to explore as he sat back, his fingers dragging through my hair as he urged me further.

Down, down, down….

My hands shook as I wrapped my fingers around his manhood for the first time. Thick and swollen, a spasm shot through his cock at my touch, and a low, guttural groan escaped his lips.

“Mindy…oooo holy fuck…..” He stared down at me, watching my lips part over his head, finally sinking over his glorious shaft in a torturously slow motion. I relished each bit of flesh that entered my mouth, moaning softly as I felt him pressing firmly against the back of my throat. Tongue twisting around his cock, I set about my work. Building in speed and intensity, I felt Matthew’s body as it jerked beneath me. My mouth and tongue expertly worked the head of his thick cock as my hands stroked his length in tandem.

“Mmmmm….ooooo, Mindy….yessss that feels so amazing….” I could taste as ambrosial beads of dew appeared on the tip of his cock, sending me into a fury of motion. My thighs had long since become smeared with my own wetness. I just wanted him so badly!

As though he could read my mind, Matthew shot up to his knees, pressing me down onto the ground hard. He held my hands above my head as he positioned himself between my knees, dragging his full length against my swollen clit. He stared into my eyes as he reached down and pressed just the tip inside.

My hips rocked forward, desperate to feel him filling me. That same sly smile flashed across his lips and in one primal thrust, his full length buried into the inferno that was my pussy. The tight walls of my gentle sex pulsed around him as my body adjusted. Both of us gasped as we felt the other for the first time.

“Ooooo Matthew….o my god….o you fit my pussy so well….” My back arched, grinding my nipples against his chest, and sending lightning bolts through my body. “Fuck me, Matthew….o god please fuck me…” I moaned.

He growled in some animalistic tongue and pressed further into me. Never had I known another man to fill me so fully, stretching my tight muscles around his thick shaft, pressing deeper and deeper with each thrust. I could feel his heavy balls slapping against me with each thrust, driving me wild! My hips pressed upward to meet his time and time again, and the lovely wet pop pop pop pop of him pounding me filled the air. Hands groped at unknown bits, and tongues dived to taste every inch of flesh presented.

Each lunge sent ripples of power through my body, forcing my breasts to bounce each time he forced his way inside me. My head dropped back as I delighted in the way his body fit mine.

“Harder, Matthew….oooo fuck me harder….” I gasped. He slammed his hips against mine with all his strength! “Yes….ooo that’s it…”

His hand found my throat and closed tightly. He growled at me, “You like that, Mindy? You like that thick cock?!” Where was that sweet, compassionate man I’d fantasized over so many times? Could this really be him?

“Yes!” I choked out. The head of his cock slammed against my g-spot time and time again, daring me to climax.

“Matthew…oooo fuck I’m going to…oooooooooo!” I screamed just as an intense orgasm seized my body. Convulsions engulfed the muscles of my tight pussy, gripping his throbbing cock. The combination of primal groans and my orgasm sent him over edge, and immediately I felt ribbons of thick hot cum filling my quivering cunt. His cock jumped and pulsed as he pumped his hot load deep into my burning womb until it seemed that his seed must have been spilling out of me.

Our bodies collapsed together, the both of us gasping and minds reeling. Finally our eyes met once more and we shared in a more than satisfied kiss. His lips lingered on mine for a moment, and then curled into a smile.

From there, many nights were spent on that bluff, so that the savanna would have the opportunity to witness the most intense of all sexual chemistries once more. Our hearts, minds, and bodies collided in a way that I can only describe to be the sheer brink of heaven and hell combined.

Six months later, I left the place that I had called home for nearly two years, and made my way back to America. Many nights find me dreaming of my savanna love, daring to hope that perhaps his mind has wandered to me as well. And on some nights, if I close my eyes and hold my breath, I can still feel the thick blanket of African air wrap its arms around me, and hear the soft moans of my sweet Matthew on our bluff.

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