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And Why Not?

She’ll come soon waggling her feet showing her candy socks to voyeurs watching her perform, wanking.

And why not? After all, they keep her feet warm. Other than her candy pink socks, she is naked, pure, ripe for fucking. And she’s about to be fucked, rigidly, deeply, penetratively, harder, than she’s ever been fucked before. He crouches over her, his leg...

Big Ask

He asks me to wear my hat while I am being fucked in the arse by his colossal, fat, ridge-veined cock.

He asks to fuck me with my woolly hat and socks on. I find this a big ask, if I am honest, as I love to thrash my head and legs about wildly, screaming blue murder while I am being fucked in the arse by his colossal, fat, ridge-veined cock. I have a bald...

The Busty Slutty Schoolgirl - The Conclusion

A teacher arrives for the rendezvous with his former student...

I had previously had a surprise visit at my home from a former student of mine, Kimberley. She was a stunning looking girl, almost eighteen, with a stunning ass and huge incredible boobs. My wife was out at the time. Kimberley had then proceeded to dress...

First Times

First sexual experiences...

It was the late 60’s, I was just sixteen, a teenager and sexually innocent. I had just discovered the joys of masturbation. I couldn’t leave my cock alone. I was wanking at least once a day, but felt the need to share my discovery. One night, I visited my...

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Parents Evening

What happens when a meeting with a parent to discuss her child's progress becomes so much more.

A few years ago, I was working in this private international school in Greece for about four years and I was very happy there. I was on a decent wage, I had made some good friends and I was popular amongst kids, parents and my colleagues. What was pretty...

The Network Boy (6)

A driving test with a difference! A leather clad, horny network organized driving test!

The Network Boy (6)The Driving Test.Life under the wing of the network was becoming an exciting and eye opening experience. I duly passed my driving test in a fashion that could only be network organized. I had taken a course of lessons as any normal youn...

The Network Boy (5)

The opportunity finally presented itself for a full on show. A Network Boy debut to remember

THE NETWORK BOY (5) THE FIRST PARTY-- THE DEBUT SOLO SHOW. I won’t insult my readers intelligence by saying I hadn’t rehearsed this moment, I had, either alone in front of the full length mirror in my bedroom, or in front of Jim after a nights working the...