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Hot Snowy Weekend

The snow starts to fall as I sit here waiting for you to get home. I keep the car running so I don't get cold. You thought I had to work late and you are taking your time getting home. We have been texting all day and I told you that I was. You finally come down the road and turn into the driveway. I know you didn't see me because I parked in a place I could watch you and you not see me. 

You enter the house and close the door behind you. I shut the car off and get out. I know that you always take a bath when you get home so I wait. I see the bedroom light come on and your silhouette on the blinds. I see you getting undressed and know its about time to come in. You disappear from the blinds and I see the bathroom light come on. I head to the back door. I use my key to get in and close the door quietly behind me. I remove my shoes and coat by the door and head to the living room. I hear the shower running. I walk over to the fireplace and start a fire. The shower stops and I know you will be coming down soon. As I stand in front of the fire I wonder how surprised you're going to be.

I hear the foot steps on the stairs. As you reach the bottom step you notice the fire and someone leaning on the mantle. A voice hits your ears and you smile. "Hey babe I missed you." 

You run over to me and I turn around just in time to catch you in my arms. You pull me close and give me a very long gentle kiss. As you start to pull away you give me a light smack on my butt and say "I thought you were working late."
I Give you a smile and say "I was supposed to but they let me go early." 

 You smack me again "Next time let me know and we can go do something." 

Again I smile " I already have something planned for us. The weather said we are to get hit with a lot of snow and may be snowed in." We both look at each other and smile. 

I ask if we have enough food for the weekend and get a very definite yes. You ask where the car is and I tell you over at the neighbors. You go up to the bedroom and get a blanket. I head to the kitchen and get some wine and put it on ice. I grab a couple of glasses and put it all on the table. I hear you rummaging around upstairs and yell up and ask if you're hungry. I hear a " I can eat." I grab some hamburger out of the fridge and go see if we have stuff for cheese dip and what do you know we do. I start to cook it up and hear you say "Now that smells good." I turn around and see you're not wearing much. You have a very small and very see-through shirt on and only a pair of panties. You let me get a good look then wrap up in the blanket.

I start to walk towards you and you say "not yet. Food first please." I turn around and continue what I was doing. 
I hear you say "I'll take the wine and glasses with me and walk off.

When I come back into the living room with the food you are sitting on the floor in front of the fire. I tell you we should watch a movie while we eat. You look at me and shake your head. I just shrug my shoulders and set the food down. You slide it closer to you and ask for the chips. I hand them over only after I get a kiss. I reach over you for the wine and glasses and get a smack on the hand.

You look at me and say "that is for later."

"OK" is all I can say.

You start eating and keep pulling the chips and dip away from me. I just go along with your game. After about half hour I get tired of your game and grab the chips and dip from you and put them to the side.

You say " hey I wasn't done."

I just give you a kiss and pull you close. As I kiss you I reach over with a free hand and grab the wine. I pull away and open the wine. I tell you to lay back and you reach up on the couch and grab a pillow. You lay back and I take the wine and pour a little on your belly and start licking it off. You gasp as my tongue slowly licks at the wine. I start to move up your belly and you stop me and pull me up to your mouth. You start kissing me gently at first. I feel your hand undoing my pants as I kiss you. As you finally get the zipper open I feel your hand slide in my pants and underwear and grab my cock. I continue to kiss you and feel you stroking my cock getting it hard.

I put the wine back in the ice and slide my hand up your shirt and start massaging your breasts. I feel your nipples getting hard. You use your other hand and hold me close to you. I have to remove my hand because you are holding me so close. I try to pull away and you pull me in tighter. I finally figure out what you are doing and whisper in your ear "go ahead have your fun."

You finally let me go and I climb off of you. You tell me to lay down and I do as I’m told.

You say "Now that's a good boy. You need to be punished for tricking me." I just chuckle. You look at me very seriously and say "Now I’m gonna punish you good." I look at you a little puzzled and then realize what you’re talking about when you reach under the couch and pull out some cuffs.

I say "Hold on before we get started with this let me put another log on the fire. You say "stay" and go over and put two logs on the fire. You come back and straddle my legs. You tell me to put my hand up by the couch and you cuff them to the legs. I try to stop you only to be pushed against the floor and told to stop. I lay there and let you have your way. You forgot to let me take my shirt off and get up and leave the room. You come back with a pair of scissors and start to cut my shirt off. I try to stop you but cant move. I plead with you not to cut off my shirt but you straddle my legs again and start cutting my shirt off. You finally finish and pull it out from under me and throw it to the side. You lay the scissors on the end table and turn your attention to my pants.

 You tell me lift my ass up so you can pull my pants off and I do. You take my pants and underwear off at the same time. "Well now this is more like it. Oh now its time to punish you" is all I hear from you. 
The next thing I feel is your lips against mine. You start kissing me very slowly and very gently. I try to get you to kiss me harder and faster but you wont. You finally start kissing your way to my neck. I turn my head tyring to block you and get a small smack on thecheek. "Don't do that. Let me give you your punishment or you will be sleeping at the neighbors." Sorry is all I can say. You resume kissing on my neck. I feel your tongue start sliding down my chest and you move your mouth over one of my nipples. You take it into your mouth knowing how that drives me nuts. I raise my hips and feel your panties getting wet from your excitement. You push down with your hips and suck harder on my nipple. I gasp as there is just a little bit of pain. It excites me and I get really hard. You feel the intensity of my cock and stop sucking.

You finally move your way down my belly licking and kissing as you go. My cock is throbbing in anticipation at the pleasure that is to come. You stop and stand up. "Wait here. I'll be right back." I look at you as if to say " yeah like I'm going anywhere." I hear some noises in the kitchen the my eyes are covered with a cloth. "Part of your punishment." I sigh at not being able to see what you are doing.I feel something very cold on my belly and raise my hips trying to move it. It stays there and I figure its chocolate syrup from the fridge. It makes me cold and excited at the same time. I feel your tongue licking at it making it warm again. I settle down a little and hear you moan at the taste of the chocolate. You stop licking and suck up the rest of it. My cock hits your belly as it spasms from the sucking.

Your lean up and give me a kiss and whisper in my ear. " I'm sorry for what I'm gonna do next. I just want you to know that I love you." I feel you move back down and all the sudden my cock is engulfed in your mouth. I take in a huge breath and hold it. Not giving me time to react you suck hard and fast on my cock. I feel your mouth moving around my cock and cant get over the great sensation. Suddenly I feel and smell something over my mouth. By the time I realize what it is you shove your hips down and your pussy is on my mouth. I start sucking and licking at your hot wet folds. You continue to suck relentlessly at my cock. I flick my tongue across your clit very fast. Your raise your hips and tell me with a mouth full of cock "DON'T." Not having my hands free I cant hold you in place. You lower back down and hold my head down with your hips. I start sucking and licking again.
I feel you continue your relentless sucking and you know I cant take much more. I feel the drool from your watering mouth slide down my cock and balls. It excites me even more and you feel my cock start to spasm as a fresh load is about to be spilled into your mouth. You stop sucking and push down hard with your hips making me stop thinking about your eager mouth. I feel your hips rocking back and forth to the licking of my tongue. You raise your hips a little and I push my tongue hard into your hot wet hole and feel a really long orgasm come over you. I feel your legs shaking next to my head. I know it was bad when your legs are shaking.

Your move from my head and straddle my legs again and I feel your pussy at the tip of my cock. A hand is holding me straight and all of the sudden you drop hard on my cock. I almost lose it right there. We both gasp at the pleasure of the feeling. You hold tight against my hips not letting me move. I can feel your pussy still throbbing from the sucking I was giving it. You slowly raise and then drop hard on it again. Again I gasp and I hear you moan. You do this a couple of more times. Then you start a slow and steady fucking of my cock. I start moving my hips up and down to the motion of your hips and you moan with satisfaction.

As you slowly fuck me you move your breasts up to my mouth and make me suck and lick at your nipples. I flick my tongue across them fast. You gasp and push them hard against my mouth. I start nibbling and sucking on them. You finally move and I feel you moving faster and faster and you know I cant take much more.You push hard on my hips and hold me down as I start to cum. You lean up and kiss me as we both have a unbelievable orgasm.

I ask to have my hands undone but get laughed at. You tell me that you are not done with me. I sigh and ask for a drink and you give me some wine. I hear you take a few sips and then a cover and warm body is on top of me. You take the rag off of my eyes and start kissing me.You pull away and look at me. "I love you baby." I say "I love you too baby."

The rest of the night we make love to each other taking turns with the food and wine and cuffs. The next morning there is a knock at the door and its the neighbor bringing the car back. I get up and answer the door with a blanket wrapped around me. He says to have fun and he will see me on Monday. Before I can even turn from the door you have my cock in your hand under the blanket. We use the rest of the weekend to make some more magic and for you to punish me more.
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