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I fucked the computer guy

Wow who would have guessed his first time would be with me
I tugged on the legs of my shorts in hope that it would make them a little lower but it was not use. I would never have guessed that the computer technician would have been here so soon. This kind of thing always seemed to happen me for some reason. Unfortunately I had just got back from my run and had my little running shorts on and just a sports bra on when I answered the door. I’d love to change into something more comfortable but he was already in my room trying to fix my computer. Who cares though? Really what did I have to worry about anyways; he was just a young twenty-year-old guy who was literally harmless. I bet his life was computers because his appearance definitely wasn’t. By the looks of him, I could tell he knew nothing about woman and what they wanted. 

He had medium length curly black hair that seemed to spiral into another dimension. His face was puffy and covered in patches of acne and red splotches. He was a chubby kid and seemed to have really little hands and long gangly arms. I just felt so sorry for him, he was so utterly clueless that it was adorable.

I got over my workout outfit really quick as I got lost watching him try and attempt to fix my computer. I could see his crack as he bent over and fiddled with the wires hanging from the back of my video monitor.

“Well it looks like your problem doesn’t lie with the computer’s monitor. The cable outputs and inputs seemed to be fit correctly. I don’t see a problem there. I think the issue is most likely centralized in your computer tower.”

I was devastated. I lived off of my computer and couldn’t bare to be without it. How long would it be until I could log into my email and applications? As he knelt down to inspect the tower below the desk, I walked over to him and sat on my bed. It was really dry out and the run really caused my skin to feel itchy and irritated from the elements. I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed my bottle of scented lotion. As he continued fiddling with the cables behind the monitor, I dabbed lotion onto my palm and rubbed it together into a lather. I applied to my legs, rubbing back and forth across my thighs and calves. When he sat halfway up and turned his head toward me I noticed he was actually eye level with my legs.

I had been working on my tan for weeks and it was a deep golden honey brown. I have to admit my legs are one of my best features. They glistened like diamonds in the sunlight. The skin was so smooth from shaving and they felt as soft as silk. I saw his eyes widen, as his mouth seemed to drop to the floor. Saliva trickled down from his jaw and almost out onto his chin. He had to lick his lips several times to avoid drooling onto the floor as his eyes wandering up and down my legs. At first I didn’t realize what he was looking at. It wasn’t until I saw him go back down to the monitor and then look back up to my legs. I knew exactly what he was trying to do. The little pervert was trying to look up my shorts and between my legs. Luckily I had crossed before hand, preventing any type of show for this little voyeur.

“Uh Miss…it looks like I’m going to have to go out to my car to retrieve some tools.”

His words seemed to stumble out of his mouth as he tried to annunciate without stuttering. He was so flustered by the sight of my long stems that it made me chuckle. It was actually quite flattering to cause such a reaction in someone. My mind churned for a moment when I decided to see what kind of reaction I could draw from him. I thought it would be kind of fun to tease the poor sap while he was here. As he peered at my thighs, I lifted my leg off of the other one and put both of my feet on the ground. While he continued looking, I spread my legs apart and rocked them closed and open for several seconds. He had to reach up to his collar and unbutton it as sweat started to trickle from his forehead. I unexpectently giggled at his reaction. He must have noticed this and stood up to avoid any more embarrassment. Unfortunately for him, I realized he was sporting a bulge in his pants now. He hadn’t noticed but it was very evident there was a large erection in his pants. I giggled again, obviously making him now very aware of his dilemma. As he grabbed a workbook on top of the desk he backed out of the room and said he had to run to his car to get his tools. I laughed out loud for a moment when I realized how severe the situation had become. I only wanted to tease him and now I felt almost ashamed of my behavior. Here this poor young guy was just trying to help me and all I could do was embarrass him. 

When he walked back in the room, I had already moved from my seat and spread out on the bed. I was on my chest and abdomen facing the computer and had a pillow under my stomach to prop myself up. I was really worried he wasn’t going to be able to fix my computer so I wanted a closer look. In my curiosity, I forgot that my ass would be the first thing he saw when he walked back into my room. To make it even worse, the pillow under my stomach had pushed my ass up into the air making it a feast for any ones eyes. I heard a crash as he pushed the door back open and mistakenly dropped his tools on the floor.

“Oh gosh I’m terrible sorry. Sometimes I can be such a clumsy oaf.” As he said this I noticed his eyes were transfixed on my ass. He was gazing at it, not even aware of how obvious he was being.

“It’s okay sweetie, don’t worry about it. By the way what’s your name?”

The sound of me calling him sweetie seemed to fluster him because I noticed his face turn a deep shade of red. He was smiling like a young schoolboy and his cheeks were blushing uncontrollably.

“I’m uh Roger. You can call me Roger. All my friends just call me…well Roger.”

“He-he that’s cute Roger. My name is Robin. My friends call me Robin. he he.”

He laughed for a moment and I could see it kind of eased the tension between us. It was really evident that he didn't have much experience talking with woman and he probably never had the opportunity of being in a girls bedroom before.

He continued tinkering with the computer while I watched over his shoulder from my bed. It seemed like a very involved process as I watched him removing casings, replacing pieces and tightening screws. He was very handy with his hands and it really impressed me. He would glance back slightly here and there just to make sure I was still in the room. At one point I said,

“So Roger, do you have any girlfriends?”

“Oh no. Well not right now at least.”

I could tell his last comment was an ill attempt to sound somewhat cool and experienced. It definitely convince me he was a tomcat. When he looked to see what kind of reaction he got, I noticed his eyes wandered immediately down to my chest. My breasts were smashed underneath me and I’m sure the cleavage it was creating was unbelievable. I was a full 36 C and my sports bra was very tight and supportive. I looked down at my breasts and back up at him which quickly caused him turned away. After almost a half and hour of working on my computer, he stood up and placed his tools back inside his tool bag.

“Well that was easier than I thought it would be Robin. You know what. Since it was such a minor repair I think we’ll let the work just be on the house. I’d hate to charge you for something that wasn’t very complex and arduous.

“That is so thoughtful of you Roger. I couldn’t though, you need to be compensated for your work.”

“Well Robin, it was a pleasure working on your mean servicing you. I actually, uh.. helping  you. You see most people don’t even take the time to talk with me so I thought that was really nice of you. So the work was the work was the least I could do.”

“You’re a very nice guy Roger. I'm glad they sent someone who was as capable as you were. I’ll be sure to let your boss know how efficient you were too. I’m sure he’d like to know how well his employees treat their customers.”

“That would be great Robin, I could really use a bonus to help pay for my tuition."

"Sure I'm just happy to help."

"I'm so excited too. I finished faster than I thought. We estimated the repair would take approximately an hour or more so now I have thirty-minutes to relax back at the store.”

As he said this I was kind of saddened he was leaving. I would have been fun to tease him some more and see what kind of reaction I could get out of him. He was so sweet though so I almost felt awful for having such evil thoughts. As I saw him straighten his necktie and fix his collar I couldn’t help but stare at him and see how pure and untainted he was.

I bet I could teach him so much. It would be like my own little project. How incredible would that be for me and especially for him?

“Well Roger if you would rather relax here for the next thirty minutes instead of the boring store that would be fine.”

“Oh really? I’d hate to impose Robin.”

"You wouldn't though."

"Yeah but you seem busy and I wouldn't want to get in your way."

“Don’t be silly, you wouldn’t be. I think you’d like it a lot more here anyway.”

“Yeah I could maybe show you how to format your computer and maybe we could apply some programs for you.”

“Roger that sounds great but I think I have a better idea.”

His eyebrows lifted causing his brow to wrinkle and constrict. He looked very confused and his sincerity was terribly arousing. He was like a little virgin that I could mend and mold in my hands.

“You see Roger, I have an idea that could be a lot more enjoyable. Why don’t you sit over here so we can talk.”

I patted the bed next to me and watched as he walked over and stood near the side table. His hands seemed to pick at each other as he shyly looked over at me and back down to the floor. His black rimmed glasses slid halfway down his nose as he used his finger to push them back up into place.

“Don’t worry Roger, I won’t bite.”

Reluctantly he got on to the bed and lay down next to me.

“So how many girlfriends have you had?”

“Well…to be honest none.”

“So you like to just date then. You’re not really into commitments at all?”

“Ha-ha I wish I could say that but no. I actually haven’t really been on a date.”


“Yeah. This is actually the first time I’ve even been inside a girls room.”

“Wow, that is incredible. I don’t mean to seem so shocked but I would have never guessed that.”

As I turned on my side and faced him, my breasts flopped over inside my top and rested against the covers. I noticed he kept looking at them and then over at my thighs. I don’t blame him. I did after all feel a bit uncomfortable earlier because my outfit was a little too revealing. I ran on a daily basis and did gymnastics and aerobics every afternoon to keep in shape and I could tell he was noticing.

He licked his lips and looked away as he started to squirm on the bed.

“Well it’s not something I’m proud of sharing Robin.”

“Have you kissed a girl before?”

“Well now that I think about it, no I haven’t.”


Roger just looked down at the covers and tried to avoid eye contact now. I could sense it was a tender subject so I didn’t want to punish him for it.

“Would you like to know what it was like to kiss a girl?”

“Of course I would, I just don’t think I’ll ever have that chance.”

“Would you like to kiss me?”

He looked at me with surprise in his face. He was shocked I would ask him that and even more shocked that it wasn’t a dream. I’m sure he would have gone home after work and thought about me and the fact he had been in a real girl’s room. Most likely he would have imagined that things would have gone different between us and maybe fantasized that something very hot and sexual happened. He’d probably end his night by stroking his cock until finally cumming into his hands as he labored to remember how I looked in my tight little outfit.

I leaned over to him as he stared into my eyes and touched his lips with mine. The skin on his lips was very dry and seemed parched from the sun. My lips delicately nudged his and caressed his lower lips. I slowly grabbed hold of the side of his face and opened his mouth wide enough to slide my tongue inside. As I felt his tongue, I raced mine against his and tasted the bitter taste in his mouth. I navigated around his mouth, tickling his teeth and upper palette as I swirled my tongue about. As I whisked my tongue against his I could feel his mouth start to pool with saliva. Slowly I lifted his tongue up and graced his upper lip with mine. When I pulled my face away, I saw his eyes were closed and the side of his mouth lifted upward. He couldn’t believe I just kissed him and the grin was proof of that.

“How was you first kiss Roger?”

“Wow Robin, that was incredible.”

I just laughed as he smiled for what seemed to be minutes. When he finally opened his eyes, there I was just inches away looking deeply into his. He smiled again as I softly bit my lower lip. The smile on his face was whipped away as he pondered my sensual gaze. I reached out and put my hand on his hip as I said, “Have you ever had a hand job Roger?”

“Wait is that what I think it is?”

Of course I knew he never had one unless it unless he was the one administering it. Before he even had the chance to answer my question, I reached down to his waist and unzipped his zipper. I already noticed a large bulge in his pants and saw that his erection was begging to escape from inside his tight white elastic underwear. When I grabbed his throbbing dick, I felt his hip jolt and the muscles spasm in his abdomen. I just smiled as I stroked it with my delicate little hand. As I rubbed it up and down I saw his eyes roll back and noticed he fell back onto the bed. I sat up for a moment and rubbed my hand down his dick toward pelvis and back up to the head of his penis. As I stroked him several times, I noticed his dick start to turn a faint blue as the veins grew and pushed against my hand. His breaths were getting deeper as I pumped his penis and I knew I had to stop before he came all over my bed.

“Oh gosh that feels so good Robin. I can’t believe this is happening to me. Please don't stop.”

“Well if you promise not to cum in my hand, I’ll be happy to show you more.”

“What do you mean more Robin?”

“Have you ever had a blow job before Roger?”

“No I haven’t. Please I would love to know what that feels like though.”

"Wow you're an eager little fellow aren't you?"

"This is so incredible Robin, I can't believe all of this is actually happening to me. Please would you suck my dick, please."

Before he could blurt out another word, my mouth enveloped his cock as I bent down to suck it. I wrapped my soft, wet lips around it as my head began to bob up and down on it. Roger couldn’t contain his gratification and started to moan out loud. His voice got so deep and his hips started to gyrate as I sucked his cock. I lifted my head up from his dick and said,

“If I didn’t know better Roger I would guess that you were trying to face fuck me.”

“Oh please don’t stop baby, please keep sucking my cock.”

"Don't worry I will. I just didn't expect you to be so naughty."

"Sorry but you look just like those woman I watch on video. You body is flawless Robin. I can't even believe I'm in the same room as you are."

As he said this, I felt his hands reach up and clutch the back of my head. His pulled me back down onto his throbbing penis and bobbed my head up and down. He moaned like a venomous creature and pushed with such force that I gagged on his huge cock. I could tell it was the most sensual feeling he ever felt and I knew he had probably always wondered what this moment would actually feel like. It wasn't a dream and all of this was actually happening and the pleasure was probably so immense for him. It just drove me wild being able to do this for him. I was dripping wet and the lips of my vagina were pulsating and radiating heat.

Just as I felt him tense up, I knew he was on the verge of cumming in my mouth. I wouldn’t have minded tasting his white virgin cum but I had more in store for him.

I pulled my head away from his grasp and got out of bed. He lay there with his pants pulled partially down as his dick stood several inches into the air. For a guy who never had the chance to be with a woman, he sure knew what he wanted. If only he knew it was very unusual to see such a large penis like his. Woman would flock to him just to have the chance to ride such a beast.

As I walked around to the other side of the bed, He still lay there with his eyes closed, smiling when I asked him,

“Roger have you ever felt the warm sensation of a woman’s wet pussy before?”

Suddenly he sat up and looked at me with wide dilated eyes. I saw his massive dick tingle as he looked to see if I was serious.

“Robin please tell me you’re not teasing me right now. Are you really going to let me sleep with you?”

“Didn’t I tell you earlier that you needed to be compensated for such a job well done?”

“Yes you did Robin. I remember you saying that.”

“Well what better way than to fuck the shit out of me. Do you think you have it in you?”

As I said this, I seductively stripped out of my sexy little shorts. They gracefully slid down my thighs and off of my ankles. I pulled my sports bra off revealing my supple, round breasts. Fortunately for him, I had my chest done a year ago and my implants were incredible. They sat perfectly on my chest and seemed to stand straight out. When I looked down at Roger, I saw his dick rise and grow completely erect. He rushed over to me and flung me down onto my bed. I felt one of his hands reach down to my thong and pull it off of my waist. The thong was so deep into my ass that he had to tug it to get it to release from its position. Then unexpectently he sat down on the bed as he gyrated forward. Without expecting it, I saw a solid stream of white cum erupt from his cock. It shot up all over his chest as Roger screamed out in pleausre. He just sat there in bliss. I was so surprised the site of my body could turn him on so badly. Just as he came so unexpectently, a frown quickly stretched across his face. He almost looked like he was going to cry.

"What's wrong baby?"

"I'm so sorry, I don't know what happened. I'm so embarrassed. I had my chance to sleep with a beautiful gorgeous woman and I literally  blew it."

"He-he, don't worry sweetie. Maybe we can get you up again."

I walked over to him and licked his chest. The taste of his semen was so sweet and clean. He reached out and clutched my breasts in his hands as I started kissing him. Our tongues collided in his mouth as the sensation of my lips sent tingles up his spine. I could feel him grope my body and squeeze my tits as we continued to taste each other. I kissed his chest and then softly licked his neck as I trailed up to his ear. When I started nuzzling his lobes he couldn't help but squirm and moan from the pleasure. I reached down with my hand and took hold of his glistening member. As I stroked it tightly up and down I noticed it start to grow between my fingers.

"Good boy. See that's what I want to see Roger."

"Oh Robin you're incredible. I'm getting so hard again."

I kept stroking his cock, thrusting my hand up and down his shaft as it started to throb and grow red. Suddenly he lifted me up and dropped me on top of his waste. I felt his hand take  hold of his cock as he slowly navigated it to my saturated pink slit. I reached down to help him just as he put the head of his penis at my opening.

"Oh my gosh it's wet. It's just like I imagined."

"Push it in baby, go ahead. I want to feel you inside of me."

"Aww yes!!"

As he entered my pussy I felt his hands start to grip my hips tightly. He started ramming me with his penis so hard that I felt like I was almost floating in the air. Just as his cock would slam into me and send me upward, I would crash back down as it would impale me again. When his arms grew too tired to bounce, he pushed me over on top of my stomach.

"This is doggystyle right?"

"That's right Roger. Just make sure you don't cum inside me okay."

"Oh I won't, I promise."

Without another word, he slammed his dick into my slot and started to ride me from behind. He pumped me passionately as his thick cock disappeared deeper and deeper inside of me. It was such an incredible feeling. This virgin was experiencing everything he wanted  to in one steamy afternoon.

"Fuck me you fucking geek. You fucking nerd."

"Yes Robin. Yes Robin!"

"Come on fuck me harder you geek. Do me just like the girls in your videos."

As he continued to pump in and out of me I heard him start to groan and knew what was happening.

"Pull out Roger, please pull out."

As I said this, I felt his cock quickly slide out of me. I felt his hands grasp my hips and then suddenly flip me over to face him. I looked down and saw him stroking his cock in his hand just as a bead of cum hit me across the face. The feeling of it was so hot that it sizzled on my chin. His body convulsed as streams and streams of cum shot continuously shot from his dick, splattering across my chest and abs. Roger was screaming and his face shown a bright amber red.

"Oh Robin, Oh Robin...fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!"

Finally after a minute of ejaculating all over my body, he callapsed on top of me in a mess of paleness and sweat. His glasses were hanging off his face and the lenses seemed to be entirely steamed up.

"Wow Roger, that was simply incredible. Can you believe you finally got to have sex?"

"I can't believe this actually happened Robin. I can't believe this. You're so fucking hot Robin, I just can't believe this."

I smiled as I looked at him dripping in sweat. He was a mess and so was I. I was covered in his white ivory sap and I desperately needed a shower. As he got dressed and tried to fix his hair I kissed his lips and told him he was fantastic. He was beaming like a lighthouse and I knew his colleges would be able to figure out what had happened while he was away.

"Roger, why don't you take these as a souvenier?"

I took my lace thong that was still wrapped around my ankle and put it in his hand. He smiled as he shoved them in his pocket and watched as I walked toward my bathroom.

"You can show your self out okay, I'm going to take a shower to clean myself up. You sure made a mess of me Roger."

He was speechless and didn't know how to respond. Quietly he gathered his things and started to walk out of my room toward the front door.


"Yeah Robin?"

"Why don't you come back after work. Say around nine o'clock. I think I'll need something else fixed by then."

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