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Jane and I

I could not overcome my desire for my best friend Jane any more.
Jane and I had been friends for quite a while. We spent a lot of time talking and laughing and just hanging out. Some wondered why we never dated, but she had a boyfriend and although I have wanted more, I never told her for fear of losing my best friend. I had never had a friend like her and was not willing to ruin it.

If was not at home on the weekends, I was usually found at her place, watching movies and just having a good time. It was on one such occasion that our feelings would take a new route. After Jane and I had been to the beach, we went back to her place to watch some movies. She liked the way I cooked and she said she was too worn out to get ready to go anywhere, so I said I would cook some pasta.

She went to her room, but didn't bother removing her purple bikini. She called to me and asked me if I would give her a shoulder massage. I sat next to her on the bed and proceeded to massage her shoulders like I had dome many times before.

This time though, she asked me to use the massage lotion and get her entire back. She undid her top and just laid there. I put some lotion on her shoulders and proceeded. It was a little awkward to massage her entire back that way, so not thinking, I straddled her legs.

That was a little much as her cute ass was right there against my covered cock. I didn't move because having desired her so long, I was not about to let this opportunity to touch her bum pass me by. So, I took my time massaging her middle and lower back.

She moaned and told me I was doing a good job and I could go as low as I wanted. Realizing this was another opportunity, I started to massage her butt. She moaned again. She always seemed to moan when I massaged her before, but something about moaning when I touched her butt filled me with desire.

Not wanting to seem too perverted, I put lotion on her legs and feet and thoroughly massaged both of those. I then straddled her legs again to massage her shoulders and neck again. This time, however, I pulled down my trunks and worked some lotion onto my throbbing manhood. I let it rest against her sexy bikini covered ass as I worked her shoulders and back and neck.

From all of this, I could barely contain myself, so I lifted up her bikini and not hearing a no, I slipped my cock under the soft fabric. I started to massage her again and my cock, already lubricated, was going back and forth under her bikini. She told me that it felt really nice. She asked me to move my legs a little and as I did, she spread hers a little bit.

I started again after I got positioned and didn't care that my cock had actually moved downward and was now rubbing on her slit, under the bikini. She started moaning and I could tell she was really wet. She spread her legs a little more and I let him go into her pussy. She was unbelievably tight and warm. This is what I had been wishing would happen, but even my wildest dreams couldn't fathom how good her cunt felt wrapped around my cock.

I started off slow, to get her juices really flowing, but then got faster and harder. Slamming into her pussy with my cock as she moaned and squirmed telling me to fuck her and fuck her I did. Hard, fast, and with every bit of my stamina I fucked this goddess of my dreams.

When she came, she came hard. So hard that she had to muffle her scream so her down stairs neighbors wouldn't hear. The floors seemed to be thin enough so there was no sense in giving them more to gossip about us, I supposed.

Since I had gone this far, I might as well go further I had thought. I undid her bikini straps and put lotion on her ass. I figured this would probably be my only chance so I slowly put the tip of my dick in her asshole and seeing no signs of protest, I kept going.

It felt so good that I was sure I was dreaming but I kept pressing onward. When I was fully in, I slowly pulled most of the way out. Building up a rhythm as I banged by best friend's ass. She was moaning and kept telling me to keep going.

The build up kept going until finally, after she had cum again, I released. Quickly I grabbed her beach towel to clean up and then sat next to her. Not quite believing that she and I had just fucked and not quite believing that she just let me fuck her in the ass.

After she came down from her orgasm high, she told me that she had always wanted me to fuck her. She said she had not broached the idea with me because she was trying to remain faithful to Dave. However, she had realized that morning that she could no longer contain her desires to be with me.

I hugged her and as I was doing that, her hand reached for my cock and pulled him free. She told me she was tired, but wanted one more good fuck before bed. I obliged my sweet girl and her sweet pussy that I tasted and boy oh boy did it taste good

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