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Jessica's Choice

Jessica's Choice

It is Jessica's turn to have Sam's big brother.
That said, she capitulated and lay back on her bed as she waited for him to approach. Jerry, Nick, Sam, Ashlee, Jessica and Mike were all home on Spring Break from college. She dreamed of this day for so long.

Mike was Sam's brother. Sam was Nick's girlfriend. Mike was not as handsome as Jessica's brother Nick, but she was not interested in his looks. She wanted him inside her now.

Jerry, her current boy friend, was long wide and thick, but Mike was bigger. At least that was what Sam said. Jessica loved Jerry.

The sex they shared was great, but she wanted Mike tonight and nothing would change that. Sam arranged for Mike to meet Jessica in her bedroom and get to know her intimately.

Jerry left Jessica on her bed floating in the memory of the sex they shared earlier in the day. She felt the remaining tingling all over her body that came when Jerry was around her. When he touched her, her breasts ached and heaved eager for his hands and lips to rub her roughly.

The feel of him buried deep inside her lingered on her body and weighed on her mind. She knew he was the only man who truly made her feel like she was a complete woman. When he made love to her, she was the only one who mattered. She wanted him to be with her every time he was home. He was an amazing lover.

Tonight was not about Jerry, it was about Jessica and a new man in her life at least for one night. She never had a one-night stand, but Sam told her about her brother and that was it. She wanted him as soon as possible. Sam, Ashlee and Jessica spent one night in bed together sampled each other and talked about the men in their lives.

Sam kept praising her brother. She never slept with him, but saw him naked coming from the shower to his bedroom. She also watched him as he made love to one of her girlfriends. She saw how big he was and started telling her friends about him. When Jessica heard about him, she vowed to have him next.

As Jerry left, he let Mike into the house and directed him to Jessica's room. Jessica heard his footsteps on the stairs and her pulse quickened. Her breathing increased and she closed her eyes trying to stifle her curiosity. She wanted to jump out of bed and run to his arms, but that was too easy. She forced herself to lie in bed and let him come to her.

She heard him enter the room and as he approached her bed she heard him call her name, "Jessica, Jessica are you awake?"

Jessica opened her eyes, looked up directly into Mike's steely blue eyes and smiled. She wanted to reach up and pull him to her, but resisted the temptation. She replied with a throaty voice, "Hello Mike, welcome."

He hovered over her looking at her black hair splayed out on the pillow. Her deep brown eyes attracted his eyes; the shape and color were from her mom's exotic island heritage. Her small nose was perfect on her full face. Her full pouty lips curved up into the cutest smile, making her eyes glisten.

Mike slowly lowered his face toward her and lightly brushed her lips. She resisted the urge to throw her arms around his head and pull his lips hard against hers.

Jessica felt the warmth radiating off Mike's taut body. Her breasts heaved as she thought of having him lie beside her. Her breasts warmed up from his closeness. He knelt on the bed next to her and looked at the woman laying there. He wanted to possess her completely and make her his sex slave for the night.

She had an amazing body. Her breasts were large but not huge, her waist slim but not skinny, her hips ample just made for lying against and her long legs made for wrapping around his body pulling him deeper inside her. It was a preview for a hot night of lust-filled sex. As he thought of this and examined her clothed body, his manhood grew and pushed against his tight jeans.

Jessica moaned, as his hands hovered just above her body. With her eyes closed, she heard him stand. His clothes rustled, as he removed the shirt and t-shirt beneath. She gasped, when she heard the zipper on his pants go down. He slowly removed his pants and boxers freeing his manhood, which grew to a very large erect size.

When he knelt back on the bed, his manhood brushed against her arm and she groaned with unbridled anticipation. She knew he was big, but without looking, he felt huge. Her heart skipped and the tingle deep inside her womanhood increased strongly. Oh, how she wanted to touch and feel that huge instrument of pleasure in her hand, mouth and deep inside her womanhood. She would wait for now.

She felt the warmth of Mike's hands, as they moved over her clothed body. Her body yearned for his hands to cover her with that warmth. He reached down, grabbed her shirt where it tucked into her jeans and pulled it out of them. He moved to the top of the shirt, just below her neck and unbuttoned the first button.

Her breath caught in a gasp, as she felt his hand in her cleavage. The tingle in her womanhood turned into a spark, igniting the small fire of desire there. His hands moved slowly down her shirt, unbuttoned each button and spread it apart exposing her red lace covered breasts.

She sat up, allowed him to remove her shirt and hug her, as he unhooked and removed her bra. She resisted the temptation to cover herself and let him see her naked breasts. She heard a small intake of breath come from him as his eyes explored her ample breasts. Jessica had no tan line to accentuate where her bikini fit. Her exotic island heritage kept her skin tone a light brown as if it were a perpetual tan.

Her very dark nipples rose straight out on her ample breasts. She wanted his rough hands to squeeze and pull on her nipples, as she felt both pain and pleasure. She liked when her lovers pinched her nipples or bit them hard. It fanned the flames of desire and wantonness in her womanhood.

Mike put each of his hands on her breasts as he cupped them gently. His breath slowed and came in short gasps as he held her breasts. He pinched each of her nipples and they grew longer and extended further from her breasts. A small squeal and moan escaped from her lips, as he continued kneading them.

As he squeezed her breasts and nipples, he leaned forward and kissed her hard on her lips, while his tongue entered deeply into her waiting mouth. She sucked hard on his tongue and pushed her tongue against his. They dueled with their tongues, as he squeezed and drew her nipples hard off her breasts. The fire of desire grew deep inside her womanhood and she moved her hips, as if to quell the fire.

He quickly removed her jeans and matching red lace thong. His hands stroked her hips, as she looked down at Mike. The hands slid inside her thighs, which made her gaze down at the man who settled between her legs. He slid his hands under her ass, lifted her up off the bed, while he looked at her womanhood.

"You're beautiful," he said as he lowered his face toward her.

She felt her body tense as he lowered his mouth to her, her eyes fluttered open and shut. Mike licked between her legs, which drew a small moan from Jessica's lips. Mike plunged his tongue between her legs and she cried out again.

His mouth found the center between her legs and began to lick, long, slow strokes. She writhed against his mouth. The fire inside her was a roaring flame now and she wanted him more.

He shortened his strokes, licking around and over, up and down, over that sweet spot. He licked in short, quick flicks of his tongue, and she felt that warm, heavy, weight growing between her legs. She whimpered, as Mike continued to lick and explore her. His fingers pinched her nipples, which gave her a little pain that only heightened her pleasure.

With quick flicks of his tongue fast and faster, Mike built the warmth inside, heavy and delicious and the next lick pushed Jessica over that sweet edge. She screamed her orgasm, as her body spasmed.

Mike set his mouth around her and sucked hard so that her orgasm grew and grew. He tightened his hands around her thighs to keep her from bucking too hard against him. She screamed her pleasure.

She felt Mike hesitate as if she startled him and he went back to sucking until her eyes fluttered back into her head and her body was limp and twitching.

She moaned, "No more, that was enough!"

Mike gave one long last lick that made her scream out again and writhe against him.

She felt the bed move and Mike was no longer between her legs. She wondered where he was and tried to open her eyes and look, but she did not have to look.

She felt the tip of his cock pushing against her opening. She struggled to get her eyes open to watch, as he entered her. She felt the head of him, as it slipped inside of her before she could see him. Her eyes rolled further back into her head.

Mike pushed his way inside her. He was big enough, thick enough and wide enough that it made the aftershocks of the oral sex continue. Her body spasmed around him and she felt him as he shuddered above her.

She struggled to open her eyes and looked at him. His face was above hers, his body held up on his arms with his lower body pressed tightly against hers. His eyes closed as his face turned away and he muttered, "God, she's spasming around me, so tight."

Mike worked his body until she felt her body stop, before he did. She opened her eyes and looked down to see him buried, as deep inside her, as he could go with their bodies welded to each other. As she saw that, she cried out and pushed harder against him.

"God," he whispered, "I don't want to hurt her."

Jessica recovered her voice and whispered, "Fuck me."

"What?" Mike blurted.

"Fuck me," she said.

Mike drew out of her enough and began to fuck her. He found a deep, pounding rhythm and with her body raised, he could not get deep enough to hurt her. It was just deep, thick, wide, pounding fucking. She started to move with him as her body lubricated her.

Mike's body lost some of its rhythm and she felt him fight to keep it, to last. He recovered the thick, stroking rhythm of his body into hers. She felt the deep, heavy build of an orgasm begin.

She said in a breathless voice, "Close, I am so close."

She felt his body shudder as he fought to keep stroking himself in and out of her. He moved faster, harder, deeper, but never too deep, never too hard. He knew, he felt that sweet spot inside her and he stroked over and over and over it.

The next stroke filled her body up and spilled her over so that she screamed and drove her body harder into his. She fought and danced against him. Her body bucked and writhed as the pleasure filled her, spilled her and Mike plunged into her one last time.

She felt his body spasm above and inside her. She felt his release and it caused her to scream out again. She screamed again as she felt him spill inside her and a wave of pleasure washed over her. She ended in a limp twitching puddle of happiness underneath him.

Mike half collapsed pulled out of Jessica as he moved. She writhed more as he rolled out and off her. He lay over her lower body. His breathing was heavier and more labored from working hard. He slowly rolled off Jessica completely and sat up. He looked at her, smiled and said, "You are beautiful. You are the best, I ever had."

Jessica looked up at him with dreamy eyes, as the throbbing and pulses continued deep inside her. She thought, "He was bigger than Jerry and gave her oral sex, as she never felt it before, but his cock did not feel as good as Jerry."

She moved over to him, bent over him, grabbed his firm cock and kissed it. She tasted their blended juices and it was so good. She licked his cock clean as he moaned lying there. When she was done, she moved her head up his chest and rested against him.

Sam was right; her brother was a good man in bed.

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