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Kara's Spring Break - 3

Kara tiptoes around the edge of one taboo and dives into another.
Kara pushed open the door to the shower and took a couple of steps inside. Stopping abruptly at what she saw, she quietly stepped back out and carefully closed the door. She looked at it. Stenciled lettering clearly said 'Women'; it even had the correct international symbol below it.

Looking about she reaffirmed what she had seen on her walk from the boat; the marina was deserted. It was seven in the morning and the few marina guests, likely spring breakers, were still asleep. She was beginning to regret having left the boat alone. Kara looked back at the door, mustering the courage to open it again. Planting her feet firmly in the direction of the boat, she resolutely placed her hand against the door and slowly pushed it open a few inches.

She could hear a shower running, but what had alarmed her was the figure sitting on the bench, his chin in his hand, staring toward the shower stall. Seeing him now through the crack in the door, he didn't seem as scary as she had previously thought. He was clean-cut, dressed in a polo shirt and baggy shorts, and likely her age, or at the most a couple of years older. He looked like a spring breaker, but what was he doing in the women's showers?

Kara opened the door a bit further and cleared her throat. The stranger turned toward her, lifted his chin from his hand, and with surprise in his voice stammered, “Uh... Uh...”

“What is it,” a female voice was heard to say.

“There's uh, someone here,” he said, still looking in Kara's direction.

Although she had heard a female voice, Kara was still leery of the situation. Holding the door open she stepped cautiously into the doorway. Her eyes were fixed on the guy she had startled, preparing to run if he showed any sign of getting up from the bench. Raising her voice to be heard above the shower, she addressed the unseen female, “I was going to take a shower but I wasn't expecting there to be anyone other than girls in here.”

The voice from the shower said, “It's okay. C'mon in. We'll just be a few minutes more.”

Kara turned loose of the door and anxiously stepped toward the showers and the strange male. His eyes followed her as she approached the bench. Kara watched the stranger closely, stopping between him and the running shower. Stealing a look toward the shower she saw a girl her age, quite naked, standing to the side of the running water, shampooing her hair. “Don't mind him,” the girl said, “He's my boyfriend - likes to watch me take my shower.”

Kara looked at the boyfriend, then again at the girl. 'Nice looking, both of them,' she thought, 'Clearly enjoying spring break.' She walked to the far end of the bench and sat down. “My boyfriend and his cousin – well not really his cousin, just calls him that - they like to watch me showering too, but I left them at the boat today.”

“You let both of them watch?” The voice from the shower sounded surprised.

The guy on the bench turned toward Kara, anxious to hear her reply. Kara was a bit embarrassed by the question and sheepishly responded, “Well yeah but... we usually go in the men's side.”

“Jesus,” the guy said, “Do all three of you get naked?”

Kara realized she had said 'usually' when they had only done it one time. She remembered how exciting it had been though. Her hands in her lap, she looked up at the ceiling. 'Maybe,' she thought, 'We could do that some more.' Then suddenly remembering she had been asked a question, “Uh yeah, right... all three of us.”

The voice came from the shower, “And your boyfriend doesn't care that his uh, cousin or whatever, is seeing you naked too?”

Kara couldn't see the girl in the shower but she was able to see the shocked look on her boyfriend's face. “Well he's not actually my boyfriend boyfriend... but you don't want to hear all that crap.” Kara hesitated, wanting to change the subject. “So, are you guys here for Spring Break?”

“Uh huh,” the girl's voice said, “Chris and I – I'm Heather by the way - we're here for the week, from Texas Tech. We're in the little blue tent on the far side of the park.” Heather was dying to hear more about what Kara and her friends were up to. “So, these guys you're staying with... they the same age as you?”

“Yeah, we're all nineteen,” Kara replied, not really having paid much attention to what the girl was saying. She was instead, noticing that the stalls – the showers were separated by panels probably six feet tall - each had a curtain across the front, although Heather - Kara thought that was the name she had said - had left hers open so Chris could watch.

“You said you were staying on one of the boats?” Heather continued.

“Yes,” Kara acknowledged, still looking toward the showers. “And I'm Kara. You know I was just thinking, the showers have curtains, so if no-one minds, I'm going to start my shower. That way you two don't have to rush.”

“That's okay by me,” Chris replied enthusiastically. He watched as Kara walked over to the shower next to his girlfriend's. He crossed his arms on his chest and said to himself, 'Now this could get interesting.'

Kara stopped at the edge of the stall and hung her towel over the top corner of the partition. With her back to Chris she nervously unbuttoned the shirt she was wearing. It was one of Tommy's. She had snatched it from among his hangups when she got up that morning. She felt moisture trickling down her leg. She wasn't wearing anything under it.

If Chris was looking, and she was sure he would be, she needed to do this quickly. She took the shirt off and hung it over the towel. She stepped smartly into the stall, reaching hastily behind her to close the curtain. Chris had only gotten a quick look at her bare ass, no more than a second or so.

Heather couldn't see what Kara had done, but from the wide-eyed look on Chris's face, she knew there had been something. She overcame a brief pang of jealousy and shouted over the partition as the shower next to her came to life, “I think you have a new admirer.”

Kara, anxious to keep the peace, replied, “That's nice to know, but I got the curtain closed before he got to see much.” Kara was soaking her hair and suddenly remembered. Shouting to Heather she said, “I forgot my shampoo. Can I borrow yours?”

“Sure,” hollered Heather. Then picking up the shampoo tube and tossing it over the partition, she shouted, “Here, catch!”

Kara, trying to catch the tube, slipped and lost her balance. Grabbing the shower curtain, she tried to keep from falling but only succeeded in ripping loose the curtain and it's rod. Heather, hearing the racket and seeing the look on Chris's face, hastily rounded the partition to see what had happened.

Kara was sprawled out naked on the floor, the curtain under her. “I'm okay,” she said quickly, “But I think I'm going to have to move to one of the other showers, one that still has a curtain.” Struggling to get to her feet, she looked at Chris who had rushed over from the bench and was now studiously inspecting her naked body. It didn't make all that much difference to her but she looked at Heather to see how she was reacting to Chris' interest.

Heather didn't act concerned. Taking Kara's hand, she helped her to stand. Chris stepped back a little, affording himself a better view of the two naked girls. Kara was an inch or two taller than his girlfriend, five and a half feet or so, and darker, maybe Italian, whereas Heather was a Scandinavian blond. Other than that though, there wasn't a lot of difference. Tits were about the same. He knew that Heather was a 36-C. Kara was a little smaller in the rib-cage, maybe a 34-C. Whatever though, on their small frames, the tits were way fine.

Heather was looking at Kara as well. Kara was more toned, whereas Heather was still wearing some baby fat, but then that was more a matter of taste and Heather knew what Chris preferred. “I don't think a curtain's going to make a lot of difference now,” she observed. Heather was looking at her boyfriend, who was at the moment, feasting his eyes on Kara. Heather offered a bit of a grin. “I don't think there's much he hasn't already seen.”

Kara was facing Chris, Heather still holding her arm above her shoulder as if she were a slave in a Roman market. “Ummh yes,” Kara murmured, looking at the tent in Chris' shorts. “I think you're right.” She stooped, pushed the curtain away from the stall and picked up the tube of shampoo. With a glance at Chris, then at Heather, she turned back to the still running shower.

Heather remained at the edge of the stall, watching as Kara squeezed a dollop of the shampoo onto her head. “I could help you,” Heather said. Kara turned to looked at her. “If you don't mind, that is.”

Kara pondered the offer. She had never done anything with a girl before. Well, a girl had helped shampoo her hair before... but Kara hadn't been naked then and neither had the other girl. But it wasn't like Heather was asking to play with her tits or put her fingers between her legs. With a growing smile she replied, “Yeah... I think I'd like that.”

'Oh my God,' thought Chris as he sat back down on the bench. 'Heather, naked in the shower with another girl? This is only too good.' He held his breath, imagining what might happen.

The girls were face to face, Heather's nipples brushing against Kara's, their lips inches apart, as Heather worked the shampoo into Kara's long brown hair. 'Oh my God,' Chris mouthed, 'They're rubbing their tits together and they look like they're about to kiss.'

Kara's mind was racing. 'Her tits are rubbing on mine. Oh yeah... that does feel good. Is she going to kiss me? Do I want her to?' Kara peeked over at Chris. 'And he's just eating it up.'

Just then Heather stepped back, saying, “We need to leave that in your hair a few minutes. You want me to soap you up?”

Kara looked at Chris. He was perched on the edge of the bench, clearly excited by what was taking place. Kara still hadn't decided how far she was willing to go with this thing but she was certain Chris wanted more. “Yeah, okay, if you don't mind,” Kara replied, her lips curling upward in an almost smile.

Heather looked inquisitively at Chris. Seeing his hand wrapped around the bulge in his shorts, she gave him a knowing wink and picked up the soap. Turning to Kara she began by lathering her shoulders.

Kara expected her breasts to be next. She wondered how she was going to handle that. Heather surprised her though by stooping over and applying the soap to her feet. Heather soaped Kara's legs and muscular calves. Heather's face was inches from Kara's neatly trimmed pussy as she worked her way upward, over Kara's legs, then to her thighs. Kara nervously held her breath as Heather's fingers approached the vee between her legs. Chris leaned forward in breathless anticipation.

Heather dropped the soap, hastily retrieved it and resumed her soaping at Kara's stomach. She soaped the front side up to the bottom of Kara's tits, then turned her and soaped her ass and back. She turned Kara back to the front, took her hand and placed the soap into it. “You're going to have to finish,” she said, looking into Kara's eyes.

Kara looked back. She had been ready for Heather to continue. Although she felt disappointment, she was also somewhat relieved. She continued looking at Heather but said nothing. “Is there something wrong,” Heather asked. Kara tilted her head in the direction of Chris. Considering what he had already seen, Heather had trouble believing that Kara could be bothered by Chris continuing to watch, but she asked anyway. “It's bothering you that he's watching?”

Kara blushed lightly. “No, not really.” Kara smiled conspiratorially. “But I was concerned about how you felt about it.”

“Oh for Christ's sake,” Heather replied as she looked toward Chris, “I got over those worries three years ago, when we were both seventeen. No, I don't worry about him looking...” She broke into a broad smile, “least not so long as I get to reap the benefits.”

Kara smiled knowingly. Looking first at Heather, then at Chris, she began to slowly soap her breasts. Seeing that Chris was again stroking the front of his shorts, she looked quickly at Heather for any sign of annoyance, then attacked her tits with the soap. Heather's breathing became labored. She licked her lips as she watched. Kara watched Chris as he unbuttoned the top of his shorts and pushed his hand inside. She brushed the soap against her nipples until they became hard, then plunged the soap between her legs, vigorously rubbing it over her pussy lips and through her sparse bush.

She was sure Chris and Heather wanted her to go further, but she stopped instead. Handing the soap to Heather, she quietly asked, “Okay to rinse now?”

It was Heather's turn to be disappointed. She nodded and took the soap. Kara ducked under the water, rinsing the shampoo from her hair and flushing the soap from her body. Heather and Chris looked on wide-eyed as Kara stepped back, directly under the shower head, and let the cascading water rinse the soap from her tits and pussy.

Kara nearly orgasmed from the experience. She looked cautiously at Chris, then at Heather. Weak kneed and rubber legged, she turned the water off and reached for her towel. Once sufficiently dry she reacquired her shirt, then buttoning a couple of the middle buttons, she stepped from the shower stall and blew a kiss to Heather and to Chris. Grabbing her towel and turning toward the door she smiled and said, “Thanks guys, it's been fun.”

“Uh yeah, maybe we'll see you around,” Heather said as Kara exited the bathhouse.

Kara wasn't sure how far she might have gone with Heather but she did know she was still sexually charged. The lower portion of the shirt flapped in the breeze as she hurried toward the boat, hoping that Tommy was still in bed. She met Bill going in the opposite direction and held the shirt together, denying him a glimpse of her pussy. “Shit,” Bill said, looking her over, “I was hoping to catch you at the shower.”

“Wouldn't have done you any good,” Kara commented, clutching at the shirt, “I was in the women's side.” She elected not to say anything further and resumed her trek to the boat. At the slip she stepped one foot onto the mooring line, bringing the boat closer to her. Grabbing one of the mainstays she climbed across the gunwale into the cockpit. Before going below, she turned and looked at the guys on the deck of the boat in the next slip. All were grinning and looking in her direction. Kara guessed that she had not been careful enough about the flapping of the shirttail, but she wasn't all that concerned about it either.

Below, she found Tommy still asleep in the aft state-room. The morning heat had caused him to kick the sheet off. Otherwise he was pretty much as she had left him. He was on his back with a pretty substantial case of morning wood. Kara unbuttoned the shirt and stripped it from her body. She crawled across the bed, wrapping her hand around Tommy's cock. He murmured incoherently but remained asleep.

Kara observed Tommy's heavy breathing, then lowered her lips to his cock. Trying not to wake him she slowly drew his cock in and out of her mouth. He jerked upright. “What the fuck,” he shouted, then calmed as he saw Kara sucking on his cock. “My God what a great way to wakeup,” he exclaimed. “I don't really want to interrupt what you're doing but I think you better let me go to the head before you continue.”

Tommy relieved himself in the cramped space that served as shower, latrine and sink. He swished a damp wash cloth over his dick before stepping out to re-join Kara.

“Are you ready now for your wakeup blow job,” she teasingly asked.

Tommy nodded as she took his now limp cock in her mouth, nursing it to life with her tongue. As it hardened in her mouth, she bobbed her head over it until she felt his hands tightening on the back of her head. As Tommy's sperm splashed against the back of Kara's throat, she swallowed hastily, sucking it dry.

His once again limp dick slipped from between her lips. “Ready for some breakfast,” Kara asked,

“Yeah... and we need to wake Bill... but not the way you just woke me.”

“Bill's up already, I met him on the way to the shower so he should be back by the time we're ready to eat.”

“You mean you've already had your shower?”

“Right and you've got just enough time to get yours, here on the boat, while I prepare the breakfast.”

“Yes ma'am,” Tommy snapped with a sloppy salute as he stumbled back into the head/shower.”

Kara hadn't said anything about her adventure in the bath house and decided that would be her secret. She put on Tommy's shirt again, this time buttoning it all the way, and headed for the galley to fix breakfast.


While they were eating breakfast, the phone rang. Tommy got up to answer it. It was one of those big Motorola cellular phones. His father had mounted it on the wall near the stairway from the cockpit. “Hello,” he said. He turned to the other two with a finger at his lips. He mouthed, “My father.”

“Oh God no,” he said into the phone, his voice breaking, “Mom must be beside herself.” Cupping his hand over the mouthpiece he whispered to Kara and Bill, “It's my grandmother – she's in the ICU – had a stroke.” Then into the phone, responding to what his father had said, “But what can I do?” Bill and Kara heard nothing as Tommy's father explained. “Right, I understand. I'll get Bill to drive me to the airport. He can stay can't he?” Tommy nodded in Bill's direction as he listened to the response. “Okay, I'll be there this afternoon. Tell Mom I'm coming.” He stared at the phone. “Bye.”

Tommy spit it out to Bill and Kara. “Grandma, my mother's mother, the one that lives there in San Antonio, has had a really bad stroke and they don't expect her to live. I'm going to have to go home to be with my family.”

“That's the one you were always running off to visit. I'm sorry,” Kara said, “How soon do you need to leave?”

“Dad has me booked on a 3:30 flight from Harlingen so we'll have to leave here about 1:30.” He looked at his watch. “Shit, it's 11:30 now. Doesn't give us a lot of time.”

“Not a lot,” Bill confirmed. “I gathered it was okay for me to stay on the boat, but what about Kara?” He crossed his fingers under the table, hoping for the right answer.

“Well he doesn't know anything about her being here with us so I didn't dare mention it. But of course she can stay. We just won't tell my dad about it.”

Kara offered an alternative, “I've got other friends here this week. I can find a place to stay.

“Oh no you don't,” Tommy argued, “Even if Dad did find out he wouldn't care all that much. We just need to make sure Mom doesn't find out. She would have a hissy fit if she knew we had a girl staying here with us, even if she knew it was you. Besides, you can't leave Bill here by himself.” Tommy snickered and added, “Why he'd probably be drunk all the time and never would get anything to eat.”

Bill could have done without the teasing but he was anxious for Kara to stay. “Listen to what Tommy's telling you. He thinks you should stay here.”

Kara looked at each of them. “Well, if both of you think it's alright...” Kara didn't see any reason why she shouldn't stay, but even though she and Tommy weren't really 'going together', she still wanted to be sure he was okay with it. She stared into Tommy's eyes, searching for some indication that he really didn't mean what he had said. Then she slowly finished what she had started to say, “I really would like to do that.”

Yes!” exclaimed Bill excitedly. He saw the look in Kara's eyes and knew he needed to tone it down. He addressed Tommy in a no-nonsense sort of voice. “If I'm going to close this boat up at the end of the week, I'm going to need some instructions.”

“Of course.” Tommy had witnessed Bill's excitement and looked at Kara to discern her reaction to it. She apparently wasn't overly concerned; she had already begun to clear the table. He was confidant things would be okay. “Yeah,” he said, “As soon as I get some space on the table, I'll make a list of things you need to do.”

By the time he had made the list and gone over it several times with Bill, there was only enough time remaining to dress for the trip. Tommy went into the aft state-room where Kara was already changing. As they looked at each other, Kara was the first to speak. “You're going to be okay with me staying here with Bill? Because if you're not I can sure find another place to stay.”

“Oh no. If I had a problem with that I never would have suggested it.” Tommy detected a puzzled expression on Kara's face. “Oh don't get me wrong, I was really looking forward to this week with you, but the summer's not that far away.”


“But nothing. You guys have fun and don't worry about me.”

Kara's shirt was already unbuttoned. She stripped it off and jumped onto the bed. “Quick,” she whispered, “We've still got a little time. And I promise you, I'll make it up to you this summer.”

Kara knelt as if a dog on all fours and wiggled her ass temptingly in Tommy's direction. He hastily peeled off his t-shirt and pushed his shorts and briefs down his ankles. He pounced on the bed, kneeling between Kara's legs. He spit on his hand and rubbed it against her pussy lips. Kara reached behind her, grabbed Tommy's already hard dick and placed it at the entrance of her passage. Tommy's hand had already worked its magic. She backed into him, forcing his cock into her slippery pussy. He wrapped his arms around her, caressing her tits.

They were like animals in heat. They slammed against each other, grunting and groaning. “Yes, yes, cum in me,” Kara urged breathlessly. Tommy turned loose of her tits, throwing his upper body backward, driving into her. “Oh, yes, yes, do it,” she screamed. Tommy's eyes shut tightly and his teeth clenched. He gave one final monstrous thrust, as his cock, deep inside of Kara, erupted in a geyser of hot cum.

Kara felt the heat of Tommy's climax. She could feel the hot sticky liquid filling her insides. “Oh hell yes,” she screeched as a tidal wave of pleasure came over her. Her arms collapsed. She buried her face in the sheet. Her body trembled. Tommy collapsed on top of her.

They lay there for a few minutes, locked together by their passion. As Tommy's erection melted and slipped out, Kara rolled over, pulling Tommy down on top of her. She locked her lips on his, her hands behind his head. As they relaxed and broke the kiss, Kara said, “This summer – I promise.”

“With a little luck I'll be able to get through a couple more months of school before then. C'mon,” he said as he hopped off the bed, “We've only got a few minutes to get cleaned up and dressed.”


Bill and Kara had dropped Tommy at the airport and were on their way back to the boat. “How 'bout we stop for something to eat,” Bill suggested as they entered a small town ten miles or so west of the island.

Kara looked down at how she was dressed. “Should be interesting.”

'Interesting is right,' thought Bill as he snatched a quick look at Kara. 'Her chest nearly bare in a spaghetti strap blouse. And those shorts – so tight and so short,' he said to himself, but he was also pretty sure she wasn't wearing anything under. He pulled into the parking lot of a well known fast food place. “Burgers okay?” he asked.

“Fine with me,” Kara acknowledged. As the car came to a stop she pushed the door open and stepped out onto the hot asphalt. Stopping momentarily after closing the door she snapped the shoulder straps of the blouse and adjusted the ties at it's hem. Running her fingers through her hair, she hurried toward the restaurant, catching up with Bill part way across the parking lot.

Passing through the door, Bill and Kara were immediately spotted by one of the patrons. His attention had been captured, not just by Kara's good looks, but also by the enticing way she was dressed. Eye candy for sure, in any man's book. The place wasn't crowded, but it was busy. As Bill and Kara joined the waiting line at the counter, maybe six people back, the stranger's girl-watching talents kicked into high gear.

There was a planter dividing the bulk of the seating area from the serving counter. There were, however, a few tables on the serving side of the divider. The watcher was seated at one of those, facing the serving line and the counter. He stopped eating and slowly sipped his soft drink as he devoured the gorgeous sight that was Kara.

The watcher was definitely in elevator mode, looking her up and down. There was so much about Kara's appearance to enjoy that it was hard to know where to start. Certainly, her bare legs weren't to be missed. She was already plenty tall but the sandal-type platform heals she was wearing made her appear even more so. The heels also accentuated her calf and thigh muscles, which would have looked great, even if she had been in her bare feet.

Kara's shoulders were bare too, except for the spaghetti-straps supporting the blouse. The top edge of it was no more than a couple of inches above her nipples, exposing most of her chest, including some delightful cleavage.

The watcher thought Kara might have been trying to show off a little when she adjusted the straps while dressing, allowing it to hang so low, but there were no adjustment ties that he could see, and when she turned away from him, he saw there were no adjustment thingys on the backs of the straps either. 'Perhaps she borrowed it from a slightly larger friend,' he thought.

Standing in the line, Kara was directly across the table from the watcher, maybe ten feet away. Had she been facing forward in the line, he would have had only a profile view of her, but she was turned partially toward him, away from the counter, so she could talk over her shoulder to Bill.

As Kara swiveled her head from side to side, toward the frying foods behind the counter and over her shoulder toward Bill, her long hair would flip over her shoulders and come to rest on her chest, partially blocking the watcher's view of her magnificent tits. But Kara had already realized she was being watched and was not willing to allow the view to be spoiled. Much to the delight of the watcher, she repeatedly brushed her hair back over her shoulders.

Soon though Kara became tired of fighting with her hair and took what appeared to be an elastic band from a pocket in her shorts. With both hands behind her neck, she gathered her hair in a sort of pony-tail and slipped the band over it. It wouldn't be blocking the view anymore.

When Kara put her hands behind her head, her breasts strained against the fabric of the blouse. The watcher fixated on the tantalizing sight. As Kara adjusted the elastic around her hair, she looked right at him. It was dreadfully obvious what he was looking at, but Kara didn't act upset in the slightest. He continued watching unabated as Kara turned to say something to Bill.

Although it probably had no real purpose, as Kara talked with Bill, both of her hands remained behind her head and continued to fiddle with her hair. She glanced briefly in the watcher's direction several times, clearly knowing what she was doing to him. The looks she gave invited his continued attention, which of course, he dutifully offered.

He watched, mesmerized, as she brought her hands forward to the tops of her shoulders and hooked her thumbs under the tiny straps that held her blouse. Continuing to look over her shoulder to carry on a conversation with Bill, she used her thumbs to slowly raise and lower the blouse, perhaps a half inch or so.

At first the watcher wasn't sure why she was doing this, but as the front of the blouse became even more interesting, he realized what she was doing. It was now obvious that Kara was not wearing a bra, and the slight movement of the blouse against her nipples was exciting them and causing them to harden.

What the watcher had seen earlier as nicely rounded, probably c-cup sized breasts, were now suggestively decorated by noticeable protrusions, growing in size as he watched. Bill spotted the watcher too and noticed his increased level of attention.

While listening to Bill, Kara looked in the stranger's direction once again. Seeing that she had his undivided attention, she smiled slightly and lowered her hands from her shoulders. Her nipples were now rock-hard, and knowing that he was staring at them was likely all the stimulation she was going to need to keep them that way.

The line moved forward. Of the six people in front of Bill and Kara, four had been together, and now moved away from the counter, leaving only a single couple ahead of them in the line. As Kara stepped forward, she offered the watcher a nice look at her butt. It might have been properly described as a bubble-butt. Although it was not ghetto sized, it was still very deserving of attention.

As the watcher had observed when Kara first walked into the restaurant, her looks invited attention. Now believing her to be actively seeking male admiration, rather than just competing with other females, he was drawn to further observation.

Of course the watcher had noticed her legs, shapely, toned, definitely not sticks, but not flabby either, the kind you would like to run your hands over or have your head between. When she came in, he had also noticed that her shorts were really short, but hadn't paid much attention to the shorts themselves. Now he did.

Kara had meant the shorts to be noticed. There were ties on either side of the blouse that allowed her to tie the hem of it as high as she wished. She had tied it so the bottom of the blouse was right at the top of the shorts, exposing a tiny band of bare skin.

Kara glanced at the watcher and saw where he was looking. As before, she seemed appreciative and showed it by turning her body first one way, then the other. She faced him and did a couple of deep knee bends, appearing to ease the stiffness from standing in line. She bent away from him to adjust her sandals, stretching the already tight material of her shorts even more tightly across her butt and into the crack of her ass.

Kara's shorts were white, soft and stretchy, probably cotton, and fit her like a second skin. The legs were tight too, and extended only an inch or two down her thighs. The watcher didn't see any panty line and guessed she wasn't wearing any.

The elderly couple in front of Kara and Bill finally moved away and the teenagers pressed forward to the counter to place their order. Kara shifted her butt slowly from side to side as she studied the menu on the wall. When she and Bill had ordered and paid - yes she paid for her own order, they were only friends and she insisted – they moved on down the counter to the pickup area.

While Bill remained facing the food preparation area, Kara turned to look over the other patrons in the restaurant. She didn't look at anyone in particular, but she was sure she was being watched. Her headlights were still very much on. She leaned back against the counter, displaying her breasts proudly.

A tray was set on the counter in front of Bill. Kara turned at the sound and seeing they had only brought Bill's, and that hers was still being prepared, said something to Bill, telling him to go ahead, and motioned him to the table next to her most obvious admirer. Bill acknowledged the request and picked up his tray.

He sat down at the table Kara had suggested, opposite the watcher, his back to the counter. The watcher was glad they were going to sit next to him but was a little nervous over the seating arrangement. He thought to himself, 'If I continue watching the girl at the counter, it will be obvious to her boyfriend what has my attention. And, when she comes to sit down, she will be next to me and I won't be able to enjoy a close-up view of her without being obvious and turning toward her.'

The watcher solved his immediate problem by getting up from the table and serving himself more coffee. The dispenser was close to where Kara was bent over the counter, awaiting the completion of her order. He walked within a couple feet of her gorgeous ass and couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to have his hands gripping those luscious buns.

Kara was watching the grill chef, who in turn was watching her, at least every chance he got. Neither of them was saying anything, but he kept turning to look at her. Kara's admirer imagined that with her bent over, facing the grill chef, that guy would have a very enticing view of her breasts, maybe even her nipples. Kara however seemed unconcerned by the possible exposure.

As he sat back down at the table, Kara's order was handed to her and she walked his way. She stopped behind Bill and said, “Sit on the other side.” It was more a command than a request, but without objecting, he pushed his tray across the table and got up to move.

Kara bent over the chair while Bill's back was still to her and placed her tray on the table. Yes, the grill chef had had a nice view. Kara's nipples were hidden by the blouse, but only just barely. While still bent over, she looked first at her own exposure, then at the watcher, acknowledging with her eyes that she knew what he was looking at. She straightened up and sat down, just as Bill turned to do the same. Bill was clueless as to what Kara had just done.

She had solved the seating dilemma. Bill was going to have the same view as the watcher and would have to be blind not to notice Kara's nipples tenting the fabric of her blouse. Bill would, of course, know that the watcher would notice them too, but Kara was pretty sure, that like Tommy, Bill's excitement level went up when she was teasing other men.

Bill and Kara carried on a light conversation, nothing of substance, though. If one of them had announced that the President just resigned, the watcher would not have noticed. His sense of hearing and comprehension was overshadowed by the sight his eyes were feasting upon.

Now that she was less than five feet from him, he noticed for the first time that there was a small opening in Kara's blouse, right between her breasts. There were also two strings, one coming from either side of the blouse, that were tied together in a bow at the top of the opening. As he was trying to determine what function these might have, Kara raised one of her hands to the bow.

Bill was eating his breakfast and didn't notice what Kara was doing. The watcher did though. Kara fiddled with the bow until she loosened it slightly - not completely undone - just loosened a bit. It was then that it dawned on him.

The strings the watcher had seen coming from either side of the blouse were coming through small channels in the fabric above each breast. The bow was the termination of the spaghetti straps that went over Kara's shoulders and held the blouse in place. The strings, and where they were tied, determined where the top of the blouse would be.

It appeared that Kara, earlier, had tied it so as to highlight her cleavage and expose a good bit of her breasts. As the watcher arrived at this realization, Kara raised her other hand to the bow, and with both hands, pulled the bow apart, her hands holding the blouse in place over her tits. Bill, seeing what she had done, stopped in mid-sentence, “Uh... what are you doing?” he asked.

“It was coming loose. I need to retie it.”

Bill knew that was a lie, and that he and the watcher were about to get a show. He swiveled his head and looked around the restaurant at the other patrons, “Right, but be careful,” he admonished.

“Of course,” she replied.

Bill glanced at the watcher. His attention was riveted on Kara's chest. He looked back at Kara. It was not clear what she was up to, but it was obvious that she expected, maybe even wanted, both of them to watch. Holding the blouse to her breasts with one hand, Kara raised the strings with the other, pulling the blouse upward until her cleavage had all but disappeared.

With the hand that had been holding the blouse, Kara took one of the strings, made the beginning of a bow, and then let the partial knot slowly slip until the top of the blouse was just above her nipples. She finished the bow. Looking first at the watcher, then at Bill, she dropped her hands to the table. The watcher licked his lips.

The top of Kara's blouse was now perhaps an inch above her nipples, whereas it had been more like two inches before the bow 'accidentally' loosened. She saw that her nearly exposed tits had, not only the watcher's, but also Bill's, rapt attention. Their interest was not unexpected. After all, she had just fabricated a lie in order to increase her exposure.

“Jeezus, now that is really hot,” Bill exclaimed, turning his head in the watcher's direction, urging his agreement.

Bill and the watcher were both nodding their heads in approval. Kara looked down at her breasts, then around the restaurant. “I think it's okay,” she opined. “Nothing is showing.”

“Well, I wouldn't say nothing.” Bill chuckled. “But you're not likely to get arrested, anyway.” He turned to the stranger. “Pretty hot, huh.”

The stranger nodded slowly, never taking his eyes off Kara's chest. “Yeah,” he finally said, “I always wished that my girl-friend, well, ex-girl-friend actually, was more like yours.”

“Oh, she's not my girlfriend, just a good friend.”

“Yeah,” Kara added, “I'm just his arm candy. But you said ex. What happened, if I'm not being too nosy.”

“Well, she was kinda prissy, and I wanted her to loosen up. I wanted her to show some skin.” The stranger looked quite pointedly at Kara's nearly exposed breasts.

She leaned forward a little, making his view even better. “And you broke up over that?”

He continued staring at her tits. “Well, sorta... that and some other things...”

Bill looked at Kara, then at the stranger, knowing full well what had his attention. “What sorts of things,” he asked.

At long last, turning from Kara to Bill, the stranger said, “I'm not sure I really want to talk about it.”

“Uh, well...” Bill said, “I was just curious, really... but you don't have to tell us if you don't want to.”

“Well, I'm not going to tell you all of it. It was a bunch of things, like her not wanting to make love with the lights on.”

Kara jumped in. “I'll bet I can guess some of the other things she objected to.”

He looked at her. “And you'd likely be right, but lets leave it at that, okay?”

“Sure,” Kara demurred, and changing the subject asked, “I know it's an awfully big place, but I'm thinking I have seen you at the University, in Austin. Any possibility of that?”

“Well, sort of. I'm a professor there.”

“A professor... but, you're so young.”

“How old do you think I am?”

Kara looked down at her tits. With both of her hands she tugged the top of her blouse even lower, probably no more than a half-inch above her nipples. Dropping her hands back to the table she looked up and said, “Uh... twenty-six?”

His eyes were again drawn to the top of Kara's blouse. “I wish... thirty, actually... I got my doctorate when I was twenty-five... Been teaching ever since.”

“What do you teach?”

“Chemistry... third and fourth year stuff... for people majoring in it.”

“Too bad... I was thinking it might be fun to be in one of your classes... front row, of course.”

He swallowed hard. After a short pause, while he imagined what that might be like, he pried his mouth open and asked, “You're at the University, then?”

“Uh huh... pre-law.”

Really... how old are you?”


“And him,” he asked, pointing toward Bill.

“Nineteen also, how old did you think we were?”

“Uh... I was thinking... maybe sixteen.”

“Sixteen... are you crazy?” Before he could answer though, she added, “You're not disappointed that I'm nineteen, are you?”

“Relieved, would be more like it. I was beginning to worry about what was going on in my head.”

“You like the way I'm dressed, then?”

“Sure, who wouldn't.”

“Well, I think it's obvious that Bill likes it.”

“So what are you doing here?” Bill asked.

“I have a house here I got from my grandmother. It's usually rented out but since it isn't right now, I decided to come here for Spring Break.”

The professor, turns out his name was James, had finished his lunch about the same time Bill and Kara had come in. He wasn't about to get up and leave though, not when there was an opportunity to spend time with a girl as hot as Kara, and especially not with the possibility of getting to know her even better back in Austin. He sat and talked with Kara and Bill as they ate their lunch.

As they neared finishing, he said, “If you're not in a rush to get back to the island, you might want to come over to my place for a beer. It's only a couple of blocks away.”

Bill looked at Kara. “What do you think,” he asked.

Kara shrugged her shoulders. “We got nothing else to do.”

“Just follow me then,” James said as he got up from the table.

At his house, James offered each a beer and suggested they sit in the backyard and take advantage of the sun. Kara declined the beer, saying she was not quite ready. In the backyard, they congregated around a patio type table and chairs. As the guys pulled out chairs and sat down, Kara undid the ties on the sides of the blouse, letting it drop, totally hiding her shorts.

“That blouse is certainly long enough,” the professor observed. “You might even want to take your shorts off.” He ducked, expecting a slap, but it didn't come.

As she took her seat, a smile crossed Kara's lips. “You might be right, about me at least wanting to,” Kara responded, “but no, I don't think I will do that. I wouldn't want you guys thinking I was a slut.”

It seemed to Bill that Kara wasn't really opposed to the professor's suggestion, she was just worried about what they might think. He offered encouragement, “No way would we think of it as slutty... I mean, nothing would be showing, that blouse is not even see-though.”

Kara was thinking about it, but she didn't have the nerve. “No, unh uh, I don't think so,” she said apologetically, “Now let's drop it, please.”

The professor, James, was pretty sure she was close to doing it, but needed an opportunity to do so on her own, not with them brow-beating her. “There's plenty of beer in the refrigerator,” he suggested. “You help yourself anytime you're ready.”

“On second thought I guess, I will have one,” Kara responded. “Are either of you ready for another,” she asked, getting up from the table.

James shook his head, 'no'. Bill had downed his in short order though and held up the empty bottle. Kara took it with her into the house. In the kitchen she got out and opened a couple of beers, one for herself, and one for Bill. As she turned for the door, she paused.

Kara imagined again what it'd be like to not to be wearing the shorts. The guys likely wouldn't even know... but she would, and that would be sexy. “Maybe...” she thought. Kara set the beers on the counter and ducked into a nearby bathroom.

With the door closed behind her - she was taking no chance that the guys might see her do this - she reached under the blouse and slipped the shorts off, letting them drop to the floor.

Kara looked at herself in the full-length mirror on the back of the door. The blouse, hanging as low as it did, completely covered where her panties would have been, had she been wearing any. She would still have to be careful walking and sitting, and no way would she be able to bend over, but she was covered.

The sensation of being bare would be adequate reminder that she needed to be careful. Kara left the shorts on the bathroom floor, planning to pick them up before they left, and went back to the kitchen where she picked up the beers and headed for the backyard.

Kara had forgotten though that with a beer in each hand, she wouldn't have a free hand to hold the blouse in place. She walked extra carefully, hoping the breeze didn't catch the edge of it.

James knew instantly that the shorts were gone. Bill had a pretty good idea as well. The way Kara was walking made it obvious she was protecting something. She set the beers on the table, careful not to bend over, then sat down slowly while holding the hem of the blouse between her legs.

The guys pretended not to notice the extra care she was taking. Kara quickly realized though that half the fun would be having the guys know, or at least think, she was no longer wearing the shorts. She couldn't very well show them - that would be slutty, so...”

James, having a little more experience in such matters, guessed about her dilemma, and in order to hopefully get her talking about it, asked, “Is something wrong? You seem worried about something.”

“Uh, no... what makes you ask that,” Kara said as she slid her legs under the table. She cautiously turned loose of the blouse after making sure she was adequately covered.

Through the glass table-top, Bill could see the extra care that Kara was taking. He dove in, “You took the shorts off, didn't you?”

Kara turned beet red and again clutched the blouse between her legs. “Uh... what makes you think that?” she asked.

“Hey... it's okay,” James assured her, “We think it's neat, don't we Bill?”

Kara looked at Bill as he nodded his agreement. Turning back to the professor, she sheepishly asked, “And you don't think I'm acting like a slut?”

“No way! In fact, if you wanted to go to the mall dressed like that, I'd love to be with you.”

“Yeah, me too,” added Bill.

“Really guys... now come on... no way am I going to do that.” And she wouldn't, of course, but it did sound exciting.

James wasn't at all surprised by Kara's response. After all, she'd had trouble deciding to even take the shorts off. No way was she going to suddenly be ready for the mall.

Bill wasn't as quick to grasp the situation though. “We could go to the Burger King then,” he said, “The one we were just at.”

“Hey, c'mon Bill,” Kara pleaded, “Isn't it enough that I took them off?”

“But it'd just look like a beach cover-up,” Bill argued. “Who'd even know?”

“We would,” Kara replied, “And that's enough. No... not going to do that.”

“I think I understand,” said James. Actually he was sure he did. “It's exciting sitting here with just us, not wearing the shorts, and I would guess no panties either, and knowing that we know it. You're just not ready for it to go any further... at least not today.”

“Right,” Kara said. “I'm having fun. Let's keep it that way.” She pushed her chair back a little and adjusted the hem of the blouse so she wasn't sitting on it. She looked down at her bare thighs and the little bit of material covering the spot between her legs. She looked up, first at Bill, then at James. “Okay?” she asked.

Without looking down, Kara noticed the professor adjust the bulge in his shorts. “Yeah, okay,” James responded breathlessly.

Kara slowly opened her legs an inch or two. Bill watched with suspense as her inner thighs came into view, but the blouse blocked anything else. Kara tried to act as if the situation were totally normal. “Well, what shall we talk about,” she said, shuddering slightly as a tingle of excitement went through her.

“So how does it feel to be sitting there with no shorts or panties?” James asked.

“Can we please not talk about that anymore,” Kara responded with a little smile on her face.

“But you do want to talk about it, don't you?” James shot back.

It was weird enough to be sitting there with her bare bottom on the chair... but now they were going to talk about it too... Kara's excitement level went up. “Uh, yeah... I guess so... don't know what there is to say though,” she said in a voice barely above a whisper.

“You like it then,” Bill asked. His eyes glued to the hem of Kara's blouse.

Kara had seen where Bill was looking. She looked at the professor and saw that he was looking there too. “Well, uh... you guys staring between my legs is uh... Well it's not that I don't kinda like it... just makes me nervous is all.”

James shot a quick look at her breasts. “Exciting though,” he editorialized, “Your nipples are saying it's exciting.”

Kara's hands shot to her breasts. She looked down as she felt of her nipples through the blouse. “Yes, I guess they are hard,” she said, continuing to pinch them lightly.

“Oh my God,” Bill exclaimed, “That is sooo hot!”

“What,” Kara snapped, jerking her hands away from her breasts.

“You touching your breasts,” the professor said, “But you don't need to stop.” He shot a warning glance at Bill, hoping he would understand what his comment had done.

Kara looked at herself. She had twisted the material of the blouse around her nipples so they were even more prominent now than they had been. James and Bill both watched as she attempted to pull the blouse away from her nipples and smooth it out a little, but the blouse was too tight.

“Loosen that tie a little more,” the professor suggested, “It'll give you more room.”

Kara couldn't tell from his expression whether he was really trying to be helpful, or just trying to get her clothes off. It didn't really matter though and besides, it might even work. Looking at the professor, but not saying anything, she undid the tie and redid it even looser.

Kara pulled on the top of the blouse until her nipples were just barely covered. She liked the looks she was getting from James, the professor, and anxiously watched his reaction as she cupped her now nearly bare breasts in her hands.

She glanced quickly at Bill and saw that he too was watching her every movement. She tugged the top of the blouse away from her breasts until the nipples weren't even touching. Then she put first one hand, then the other, inside the blouse, cupping her bare breasts and separating her nipples from the blouse material.

Kara looked down at her barely covered breasts. When she looked up, Bill and James were staring, each with his mouth at least partially open. She suspected, with what she had been doing, that they had probably seen at least a hint of nipple, but pretended otherwise. “What!” she said, “Have I done something wrong?”

“Uh...” Bill started.

James cut him off. “No, nothing. You're fine.”

Kara accepted the response, then looked down and slid the hem of the blouse a little further up her bare thighs. Her legs were already open an inch or two but she parted them even further. From the sides though, where Bill and the Professor were sitting, she was still covered.

Without raising her head, Kara looked at James and Bill. Both were staring at the barely hidden spot between her legs. She swallowed the lump in her throat. “It's covered isn't it,” she asked hoarsely.

Bill did not respond. James spoke for both of them. “What? … Oh yeah... uh yes, I mean,” he blurted.

“You're sure you can't see anything,” she asked teasingly while lifting her head.

Without raising his eyes, Bill shook his head vigorously from side to side. James looked up and met her gaze. “Oh no, you're fine,” he managed to say.

With shaking hands, Kara picked up her beer. Holding it tightly with both hands, she took a couple of sips. No one was saying anything. Bill and James continued to look her over, but made an effort not to be obvious or fixate on any particular area.

Kara had been genuinely surprised by the reaction of the guys to her playing with her breasts. Wanting to continue discussing sexual matters, especially when it was about her, she commented, “I didn't know guys liked so much to watch girls playing with their uh... tits.”

The professor shot a warning glance at Bill who cautiously said, “Yeah, I think most guys kinda like that.”

Kara set her beer on the table. That was the easy part but she wasn't sure how much further she could go. She raised a hand to one of her nearly bare breasts and rested it against her skin. She looked at Bill, then James.

“Do you want us to look away,” James asked politely.

“Uh, no...” Kara said, swallowing hard, “I uh think I want you watching. That's what's got me so excited.”

James averted his eyes momentarily to pick up his beer. When he did, Kara slipped her hand inside the blouse. When he looked back she was just grasping the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Covering her mouth with the other hand, she stifled a gasp of pleasure.

Even though the blouse still covered her hand and breast, the guys had a tantalizing view. Bill craned his neck, trying to see, but that turned out to be unnecessary. With her free hand Kara undid the tie and let the blouse drop to her waist. Bill and James both became wide-eyed.

Kara cupped a hand over each breast. She looked at herself, then at the guys watching, as she squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. A cry came from her mouth, her eyes glazed over and she lost all semblance of control.

Kara's eyes went shut and her head snapped back. She slid forward in the chair, the blouse rising up and exposing her pussy. The guys stared openly as Kara's hips gyrated and her hands pummeled her bare breasts. Her head jerked forward several times with gasps of pleasure. Then she shuddered, turned loose of her bare breasts and slid down still further into the chair. A number of seconds passed before she opened her eyes.

Kara looked around, at James, then Bill. Oh they were looking at her alright, but as politely as was possible under the circumstances. She turned back to the professor and smiled. “Pretty slutty, huh,” she observed.

“No, not at all,” he replied, slowly surveying all of Kara's exposed parts, “Just enjoying yourself it seems.”

“I guess so,” Kara said beaming. Without any show of urgency, she sat up, pulled the blouse up over her tits and tied it in place. She smoothed the hem of the blouse until it once again, covered her most private part. She turned to Bill. “Am I decent,” she asked.

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