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Kathy’s Dilemma

A woman faces up to her aging sexuality and enjoys one last fling
Mrs. Kathleen Mary Thomson (Kathy to all who knew her), a trim 39 years young, mother of two girls and a manager at a financial services firm, leaned against the door jamb of the office tea room holding her thermos mug in her right hand whilst using the other to tuck her long, lustrous, flaming red hair back behind her left ear. She could not help but smile at the furtive conversation between the three office juniors, all of them young women, as they casually discussed the merits of the firm’s recent hire whilst huddled around the coffee machine.

Kathy could only shake her head in amused disbelief as each of them, Alice, Claire and Wendy, mused as to the new salesman’s sexual prowess, marital status and even who would be the first to fuck him. Not once, since she had entered the room, had any of them wondered if he was going to be an asset to the firm or what his sales record was. No, those thoughts had been left for her, as Team Leader and Manager, to ponder.

Kathy had worked hard to attain her position within the firm. It had not been easy, what with the career breaks she had had to take to have and then take care of her daughters, she had always made that extra effort to prove her worth, ever conscious that her striking good looks were just as much a liability as they were an asset. In the male dominated world where conversations invariably began with her male counter-parts eyes travelling up the length of her long slender legs, pausing over her ample 36D breasts before finally realizing she had a set of eyes, she had done well to resist the inferred pressure to provide sexual favours to win promotion or accounts. Nevertheless, the usual male inspired rumours regarding her sexual orientation or profligacy to get ahead abounded. None of them true. Indeed, Kathy was proud of her life. Married 16 years, two beautiful daughters, a lovely home, an adoring husband and one cat. Kathy was exactly where she wanted to be in life.

Daniel Knight had been hired by Kathy’s boss, Bryan Osbourne (nicknamed Bo or B.O. for more than obvious reasons) without her input. Bryan’s excuse was that it was a coup to snatch this guy’s services once he became available and he had had to act fast. “So,” she thought to herself, “if he is so shit hot, how come I had never heard of him before now?”

Kathy had immediately put out her feelers and called in some favours to check out Daniel and, disappointingly, everything she found out was exactly as she had been told. In fact, at least two of Daniel’s former employers requested that she inform Daniel that they would be more than willing to re-hire him now if he wanted. Kathy began to wonder if there was some other unknown agenda at play here that she was not privy to. Or was she just getting paranoid along with her increasingly common thoughts that she was ‘getting old’?

As if on cue, breaking Kathy out of her reverie, Daniel strolled into the tea room.

Kathy chided herself as she stood up, straighter than usual, at his arrival. She glanced over toward the girls and emitted a soft, attention seeking cough which immediately caused the girls to break from their huddle and see Daniel. Wendy blushed a deep purple as all three scurried from the room, cups in hand and causing Daniel to step back a little.

Still smiling at the change in the circumstances, Kathy turned towards Daniel and found him staring right back at her, deep into her eyes. Without being over-powering, his 44 year old, broad shouldered, 6 foot tall frame filled her vision as his lively blue-grey eyes echoed the slight smile on his lips. She found herself returning his smile.

Then, as calm as you like, he disarmingly said, ”Wow, I never realized what pretty emerald green eyes you have.” Then he continued past Kathy and moved to make himself a cup of tea.

Kathy later swore she could literally hear her jaw fall to the floor. Flabbergasted, she didn’t know what to say. It had been totally unexpected and she was unprepared. Not knowing how to best handle the situation, she turned on her heel and made her way to her office all the while trying to rationalize what had just happened. Had the new guy just made a pass at her?


Later that evening, as she researched which type of family car to buy in the New Year she found herself reflecting on the incident in the tea room at work. Turning to look at her husband, Mark, who was relaxing in front of the television, she replayed the ‘incident’ with Daniel over and over in her head. Should she speak to Daniel about it? Was it improper? Were her eyes still pretty?

Almost absently she said,“Mark, do you think I have pretty eyes?”

Without taking his eyes from the television screen, Mark replied, “Of course you do, Hon.”

Unimpressed by her husband’s response or reaction she went back to her research.


Over the course of the next few weeks Kathy made a point of observing Daniel’s behaviour whenever he was in the office. She noted that he mixed well, already seemed to have been accepted by the team and was quickly gaining a reputation as someone who knew what he was doing and for submitting first rate work. Despite the ribbing from his male colleagues, Daniel maintained a rather antiquated adherence to old fashioned social graces and etiquette that Kathy, despite herself, found attractive. It amazed Kathy that the simple acts of Daniel holding a door open or rising from his seat at her approach could have such a profound effect on this modern, career minded woman of the 21st century.

It was also patently obvious that Daniel was an outrageous flirt and made no attempt to conceal his admiration for the ladies in the office who made that extra effort to be attractive. It surprised Kathy that these latter observations were beginning to stir feelings of jealousy within her whenever Daniel’s attentions seemed focused on any female other than herself. Kathy even began to envy the other women in the office who were unencumbered with her rank and responsibilities. Part of her, the covetous side, even considered taking Daniel aside to ‘informally’ reprimand him for his not very ‘politically correct’ approach to the women in the office, however, that would be hard to justify in the absence of any complaints.

On the plus side, Daniel was proving to be a reliable pillar of support within the hierarchal structure at the office, and, aside from deflecting trivial queries from her Team Members, had, on more than one occasion, voiced his support for initiatives she had sponsored in staff meetings. These were attributes that had already made her consider Daniel as her likely ‘right hand man’ and successor should she ever get the chance to move up the corporate ladder and replace her own boss, Bo.


It was almost inevitable that Kathy eventually found herself again walking into the tea room one day to find Alice, Claire and Wendy huddled, once more, around the coffee machine giggling conspiratorially. It took mere seconds for Kathy to determine the topic of their conversation, however, rather than leave them to their own devices, she decided some management intervention was called for.

Kathy boldly interjected, “Girls, do you really think it’s appropriate for you to be discussing a co-worker, who, by the way, is probably old enough to be your father, in this manner?”

All three girls spun around to look at Kathy. Alice looked simply stunned, Wendy, the more reserved, shy one, turned a deep shade of purple, and Claire simply burst out laughing as she sputtered the words, “Cor, now I can add incest my fantasy. Thanks Mrs Thomson.”

Whereupon the other two began laughing, much to Kathy’s puzzlement and annoyance.

Realising that there was a generational gap between her and the girls that she could never hope to bridge, she quickly composed herself and said, “No, seriously. What do you girls see in Daniel? He’s married. I would have thought he was too old for any of you and you’d hardly call him good looking. Would you?”

Unsurprisingly, it was Claire who spoke first. “Come on Mrs. Thomson, he’s not that old. And trust me, after the ‘wham bam’ attitude of the younger blokes, an older fella makes a pleasant change. I reckon he’d make a great lover, eh girls?”

“And he IS handsome,” piped in Wendy. “He may not be to your liking Mrs. Thomson, but he’s just, you know, sexy. I can’t really put my finger on it, but, oh…you know.”

“Yeah, well said Wendy. NOT!” retorted Claire. “Just talking to him makes me feel good and he has a way of turning me on that no bloke I’ve known has been able to do with words alone. He’s not bad looking. At least he’s got a full head of hair, smells nice and isn’t carrying around a pot belly like a lot of blokes his age.”

“Anyway,” continued Claire, smiling impishly at her colleagues, “just because a blokes married doesn’t mean he can’t sample the menu, does it?”

Kathy was about to lecture Claire on her attitude when Alice suddenly interjected, “What have you got against Daniel anyway, Mrs. Thomson?” Which completely knocked the wind out of Kathy’s sails.

Unable to think of a suitable response, Kathy replied, “What makes you think he’d be interested in any of you?”

“That’s what we were discussing. We figure we’ll each make a play for him at the Christmas party and see which one he picks,” was Claire’s response.

“What? You can’t be serious?”

“Come on, Christmas parties are meant for a little fun. Some tension release. You should try it. I’m sure Daniel likes older women too,” said Claire as all three, giggling, left an incredulous Kathy alone in the tea room to ponder over the phrase ‘older women’.

Moments later Daniel walked in and proffered a nonchalant, “Hi Kathy. How’s it going?” Not getting a response from Kathy who was now bent over her mug making her coffee, he followed up with, “Kathy, is everything okay?”

“Erm…yes…I just need to catch myself after what those girls just said.”

“Which was?”

As she finished making her coffee Kathy replied, “Oh, apparently they have all sorts of plans to seduce you at the Christmas party.”

Still a little shaken Kathy turned, too quickly, and found herself almost bumping into Daniel who placed a steadying hand on her left shoulder. Staring deeply into her eyes Daniel responded, “Frankly, if I am to be seduced then I know exactly who I’d like to be seduced by.” He smiled, allowed his hand to drop from her shoulder and run down the entire length of her arm, and then stepped aside so as to pass her and move to make his cup of tea.

Kathy was speechless and found herself unable to move for what seemed like an eternity. She could not understand why her heart was pounding in her chest, why her whole arm, where he had touched her, tingled, nor why she felt so flushed. She waited, to see if he would say anything more, but not another word was uttered by either of them. Finally, Daniel finished making his tea, looked briefly at the still shaken Kathy, nodded, and left her standing there.

When she did regain her composure she chided herself, as she seemed to do a lot lately and walked back to her office wondering, “What is the matter with me?”


Kathy spent that night analyzing her deepening concerns regarding the comments she had allowed Daniel to get away with. Daniel had proven to be a good hire, had become a real asset to the firm and he was really well liked…especially, she conceded, by herself.

Even though Daniel was a member of her staff he carried an air of authority, born from his time in the Services she supposed, and she admired that. Daniel always seemed genuinely respectful and supportive of her position. She admitted to herself that she was flattered by his comments, which could be taken either way, but she was sure there was a sexual undertone. What was it about him that made her feel so….so…anxious?

As she readied herself for bed that evening she stood in front of her full length mirror and wondered if Daniel actually fancied her. Was she as attractive as those young girls at the office? Other than two simple comments, Daniel had never openly displayed any interest in her as a woman, only as his manager. Then it hit her. “His eyes!” Daniel only ever looked into her eyes, he never came across as lecherous, there was only ever… what? Desire? Respect? Adoration? His eyes made her feel desirable again, sexy, wanted.

She reminded herself she was happily married and turned to stare at her husband who was reading his book as part of his nightly winding down routine before going to sleep.

“Mark, do you still think I’m sexy?”

Mark raised an eyebrow and looked toward the naked form of his beautiful wife wondering “Where the hell is this going?” and hoping it might lead to some ‘unscheduled’ sex. He smiled and said, “Of course I do. You’re a beautiful woman. Now come to bed and I’ll show you how sexy you are.”

Inwardly relieved, Kathy went to her husband and they embraced and kissed. Not the passionate kisses of youth, but the gentle knowing kisses of familiarity, security, and, importantly, love. Mark, grateful for this unexpected passion, felt his manhood swell and said,”Do you want to be on top?”

“No,” replied a now panting Kathy. “I want you to be on top.”

Mark rolled her over on to her back eager to fondle her breasts and suck on her nipples to arouse them and seemingly restore their former youthful, natural firmness.

Kathy’s arms embraced her man, enjoying the feelings spreading from her quickly aroused breast, down through the pit of her stomach and radiating out and into her sex. She began to feel the heat building within her pussy and the juices begin to flow as her life-partner, her husband and lover’s attention began to excite her.

She gratefully spread her legs as she felt Mark position himself between them and welcomed the feel of his now fully erect cock as it spread her pussy lips to accommodate his familiar girth. She was not fully lubricated yet, nevertheless, she enjoyed the feel of Mark’s cock forcing its way in and quickly settling into a steady, deep rhythm of pounding into her hole. Her pussy quickly adjusted and lubricated so that soon she was enjoying the feeling of being filled, of being fucked.

Mark reluctantly stopped feasting on Kathy’s breasts and adjusted his position, arms either side of his gorgeous wife, to adopt his favoured missionary position. He adored looking at his wife as he pounded away at her and wondered, as she lay beneath him, often with her eyes closed as she was tonight, what thoughts ran through her head. She was always so in control, so organized that he thoroughly enjoyed when he made her ‘lose control’ during sex. He drank in the vision of his beautiful wife, her thick red hair spread out like a crown on the pillow and increased the tempo of his pounding of her cunt.

Kathy allowed the pleasurable sensation of Mark’s cock to push her into her favourite, private fantasy. A fantasy world where her lover never asked permission to fuck her, where her lover was an insatiable beast or, at times, beasts, and, most importantly, where she never had to make a decision. It was as she immersed herself in her latest fantasy that the image of Daniel’s eyes popped into her mind and, in a mix of horror and sexual fantasy she cried out, “Oh my God!” Then, as if on cue, Kathy felt the swell of Mark’s cock inside her and knew that her pleasure was about to end all too soon. Eyes still closed, as she felt Mark’s cum begin to coat her insides, she was fueled by a sudden surge of guilt at the image in her mind whilst Mark was still grunting and pumping his cum deep inside her. She came, emitting a barely audible “Oh, yesss.”

As their passion quickly subsided, Mark rolled over onto his back, a satisfied smirk on his face as Kathy got up to go and clean herself. In the bathroom she looked critically at herself, thinking, “A comfortable, quiet orgasm, just what I needed. Sure the sex was routine, but what do you expect after sixteen plus years?”

She tried to put the image of Daniel’s eyes looking at her out of her mind as she returned to the matrimonial bed. “He’s not even my type. Why him? Why doesn’t he call me Mrs. Thomson like everyone else?” All these thoughts and more swam through her mind as she tried to go to sleep, but, oh the dreams that came to her that night. Lurid, erotic, adulterous dreams.


A tired, but determined Kathy arrived at the office the next morning in her favourite ‘power suit’, a navy blue, single breasted, single-button deep-V jacket with matching pencil skirt. She strutted, head high, toward her office carefully checking that those of her staff who were present clearly saw her and noted that today was a day that Mrs. Kathleen Thomson was not to be trifled with. Today was also the day she was to conduct Daniel’s 6-month assessment.

It was not until just after 10 a.m. that she summoned Daniel to her office. She opted for a more convivial approach rather than a confrontation across her desk method, so sat beside him, to his left, on the sofa in her office. She deliberately and slowly crossed her legs, right over left, as she turned to face him knowing the hem of her skirt would ride up revealing more of her slender legs. She was testing him, wanting to know if he would still maintain eye contact. He did.

Not sure if she should be happy that he exceeded her expectations, she began, “Daniel, it’s been six months since you were hired and we need to conduct your final assessment that will determine your bonus levels.” Then the briefest pause and the initiative was lost…..forever.

“Pardon me, Kathy. You have some paper stuck to the sole of your shoe.”

Before she could utter an intelligible response, Daniel leaned towards her, slipped his left hand under the heel of her right foot, caressing her slender ankle as he gently lifted and pulled her leg toward him to remove a piece of paper that had attached itself to the sole of her right shoe. Just as deftly, he then guided her leg back to its original position, settled back into the sofa and looked back up at Kathy as though what had just happened was perfectly normal.

“D..d..d..Daniel! You can’t do that!” stuttered Kathy.

“Do what? Help a friend? Oh, and by the way, you look fabulous today. Big meeting?”

“I do? N...n…no! Stop it! I’m your Manager.” Kathy stood up and backed away from the sofa.

“I don’t understand Kathy, is there something wrong?” responded Daniel as he too rose from the sofa, stepped towards Kathy and placed a tentative hand behind her left elbow. She didn’t draw away from his touch, instead looking up at him with a confused look in her eyes. Sensing a pivotal moment, Daniel stepped into her personal space, drawing himself close enough to be able to brush her left ear-lobe with his lips. He whispered, “It’s okay. Relax, it’ll be fine..”

“But I’m your manager,” was all Kathy could think of to say. She placed both hands on his chest and looked, plaintively, into his face. She was aware that her body was betraying her, her heart was attempting to explode from within her chest, the roar of her own blood racing by her ears seemed to drown out all sound except those of the raspy shallow breaths escaping her drying lips. Her stomach seemed to be tying itself in knots, sending shivers down and through her sex. “Oh my god!” she thought, “Am I getting turned on?”

His presence, over-powering yet protective, enveloped her. She felt first one arm then the other encircle her slim waist, felt him pull her in to his groin and felt his growing manhood against her. She found her head tilting slightly to the right, her lips parting slightly as she still stared into his eyes. She could feel the heat from his lips on her own lips, almost touching. Then she simply said, “No, not here. Please.”

Gently, Daniel dis-entangled himself from Kathy and took a step back and smiled at her. Quietly, matter-of-factly, he said, “We should conduct this meeting somewhere more private. Let me take care of it. Oh, and Kathy, you have great legs. You really should show them off all the time.” With that he turned away and strolled out of her office closing the door behind him.

Kathy almost fainted.


Daniel had sailed through the initial three month probation to secure his tenure and was now looking forward to the six month assessment the firm had agreed would be the benchmark for determining his bonus rates for the coming New Year. He smiled inwardly at the prospect of having this meeting with Kathy away from the office and have lunch at the same time at a restaurant of his choosing. On the day of the meeting, which was only two days after their heated embrace in her office, and to make sure she did not try to reschedule, Daniel had stayed away from the office merely leaving her a message that he would meet Kathy as arranged.

So it was that Kathy showed up at the Sutton Park Hotel restaurant more than a little nervous and scanned the restaurant, noting the typically festive decorations for the time of year. Not seeing Daniel anywhere, and not wanting to be sat at a table alone, she ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio and waited at the bar. She found herself casting a critical eye at her reflection in the mirrored shelving behind the bar. With hindsight she later wondered why she had dressed in her favourite black, cashmere silk, wrap-around dress that fastened up with a sash that tied up on her left hip. Although the dress ended just above her knees, the way it wrapped gave it a daring slit up the front that afforded a delicious view of her thighs when she crossed her shapely legs. She had completed her ensemble with a pair of black patent, 4 inch stiletto heels, and accented the outfit by wearing her favourite emeralds and diamond jewelry to really complement her eyes.

She began to fret that maybe she had over done her outfit and to wonder if it would have been more prudent to sit at a table rather than on a bar stool to wait for Daniel. Not wanting to be hidden behind the immense, decorated Christmas tree near the entrance, she had chosen the bar stool closest to the entrance to have a clear view of the door to see him as soon as he arrived. It was only when he did arrive that she realized how inappropriate things must have seemed.

As Daniel walked into the restaurant, on time, he was immediately attracted to the pair of long slender, nylon-clad legs dangling from the bar stool directly in front of him. The dress had ridden up beyond mid-thigh, indicating she was wearing panty-hose, and seemed to accentuate every perfect curve of her legs, from the well shaped calfs to her well proportioned firm thighs. Already aroused at such a sight it took less than a second to recognize the loose, long, flowing red hair for him to realize it was his boss, Kathy.

When Kathy spun around on her stool she was taken aback by the barely disguised look of lust on Daniel’s face as he approached her. It was not until she glanced down and realized that her dress had ridden up and, with the front slit fully spread, she was now giving him a full on view of her crotch that she snapped her knees together and hopped off the stool, her face now almost as red as her beautiful hair. She reached out for a welcoming handshake and said, “Oh, Daniel… Hi….., I was worried you might be late.”

“I would never dream of disappointing you, Kathy,” came Daniel’s wolfish response. “Another drink? I know I need one.”

“No, …erm….I’m fine, but you go ahead.”

The lunch went fine and Daniel was more than pleased with the assessment he received and the terms of his bonus structure. Kathy was able to relax in the more familiar businesslike tone of the conversation and found herself emboldened by how well the meeting had gone. Therefore it seemed perfectly natural, as they sipped their post meal coffees, for her to bring up the topic of their last meeting in her in the office.

Daniel patiently listened to Kathy as she tried to rationalize what had happened and he did not, for one second, take his eyes off the red headed beauty before him. Once she had finished he saw how flushed she had become, and merely signaled for the bill as he drained his coffee cup, not saying a word.

Kathy settled the bill on the corporate credit card. Daniel then rose up from the table, moved over toward Kathy, extended his hand toward her and merely said, “Come.”

Inexplicably, Kathy found herself giving her hand to Daniel, rising up from the table and, hand-in-hand, allowing herself to be gently led from the restaurant. Like a pair of lovers they walking across the hotel lobby, up a single, curved flight of stairs to the doorway of room 110. Neither of them spoke a word. It was only as Daniel opened the door that Kathy finally reacted by pulling against the grip Daniel had on her whilst frantically looking up and down the hotel corridor.

Daniel turned to stare directly into Kathy’s eyes and pulled her into him. She felt herself drawn in the half step that separated them and placed her right hand on his chest in a barely credible effort to keep distance between them. She felt her heart pounding again, her breath short, but worst of all, she felt her sex tingling and beginning to moisten at where all this was leading. She heard herself utter a single plaintive word, its intent lost in the moment, “Please.”

It seemed to Daniel that he had been in this position a million times before, but this time it was special. Not only was Kathy patently the sexiest female boss he had ever met, but she was also lost in her own battle with what she considered her own fading sexuality. He heard her single worded plea and decided that she was not asking him to stop, but to continue, which he did.

He kissed her neck, then her left ear lobe before moving to brush up against her parting lips. He heard her panting, felt her right hand move up his chest and around the back of his neck and knew she was his.

Their passion for each other quickly grew and they stumbled through the threshold of the hotel room, barely remembering to slam the door shut, and, still kissing fell part way onto the bed. Kathy was incredibly aroused by the lustful attentions of Daniel’s hands. It had been so long since anyone had wanted her this badly and she reveled in the glory of it. Only when she felt Daniel’s hand powerfully wrenching away the material of her pantyhose from her crotch did she pause for thought.

“Daniel, no, please. I’m married,” she panted as she lay on the bed, dress hitched up around her slender waist and legs spreading as she watched Daniel undo his pants and reveal his throbbing manhood. She simply lay there, arms by her sides as she saw what she imagined was the largest cock she had seen in more than 16 years. Her chest visibly heaving as Daniel, an image of lust, took his cock in his right hand and slowly pulled back on his shaft to seemingly make the head of his cock grow larger and allow a drop of pre-cum to slowly emerge from the eye of the beast. Kathy gasped, “Oh my god”, as she felt her pussy responding to the situation.

In truth, Daniel’s cock was fairly average, but he was certainly very excited and very hard under the circumstances. He reached down towards Kathy and pulled her rather staid panties aside to reveal a rather bushy, but undeniably wet cunt whose lips were patently swollen with arousal. Looking directly into her eyes as he brought the head of his cock up to the raging heat of her cunt lips, he said, “You’re a very naughty girl, Kathy, but Santa forgives you and has sent me to give you your early Christmas present.”

Kathy’s background, the circumstances and her previously unquestionable loyalty to her marriage were all too much for her to handle as she felt Daniel’s cock gently, but firmly begin to part her pussy lips. The heat of her passion inflamed her entire lower body and she felt her hips rising to meet this foreign invader of her sex, pushing its way in, feeling so good as it began to stretch her. Daniel was barely half way in on his first stroke when Kathy came in a crashing orgasm that had her riding the wave of all her pent up fantasies, the guilt of her infidelity and her need to feel that she was still desirable. She rammed her hips up into the air, impaling herself even as Daniel descended into her, calling out to her creator and having the best orgasm she could remember having in such a long time.

Her passion seemed to go on forever and it was all Daniel could do to hold her in place as she rode her wave of pleasure, thrusting up and grunting with animalistic passion. As her orgasm subsided Daniel could only look incredulously down at his red headed conquest, watching her chest heaving after her exertions and seeing the beads of sweat appearing on her temples and across her top lip.

“Oh my god,” panted Kathy, “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”

“Don’t worry, it just proves how much of a woman you are,” replied Daniel and he pulled his still hard cock from her sopping wet cunt. “I’ve not finished with you yet anyway,” he continued.

Daniel flipped Kathy over on to her front and pulled her down the bed so that she was face down on the mattress whilst her legs reached for the floor. Admiring her from this angle he positioned himself between her spread legs and drove his cock deep, back into her needy cunt and proceeded to slowly, deeply, fuck her, almost doggy-style, whilst enjoying her muffled grunts of pleasure at being so roughly taken from behind. With each hand he grabbed and kneaded a cheek of her ass, pushing aside the shredded panty-hose, and eyeing up her dry, virginal, puckered ass ring. Simply the thought that he would soon get to fuck her ass as well spurred his pace up making him drive as deep as her could, feeling the solid bump of Kathy’s cervix on the end of his cock as he rammed into her. His unbridled lust and coming orgasm soon had him uttering profanities and calling Kathy his “slut” and “whore”.

Briefly, after her first orgasm, Kathy had felt the wave of guilt almost swamp her, but then she found her wanton lust rekindled when Daniel unceremoniously flipped her over and stretched her cunt with that glorious cock again. She felt naughty, depraved, even dirty at wanting to be used so, but it felt so good that even when Daniel started calling her names she did not mind as that familiar tingle had returned and soon she would bask in the glow of another orgasm. In her almost dream-like state she began calling out to her new lover, “Oh yes, Daniel, fuck me. Please don’t stop. Oh my god yes, fuck me.”

Both were now in sync. Daniel ramming into his lusty boss even as she pushed back into her star employee. This time there was unison in their actions. He felt the grip of her cunt tighten on his shaft even as she felt his cock swell within her and then, unexpectedly, Kathy felt the unfamiliar pressure of something pressing against her sphincter. She felt the slow, firm pressure of Daniel’s saliva coated thumb forcing its way into her virginal ass and she wanted to cry out to beg him to stop – but she didn’t.

The steady, rhythmic pump of Daniel’s shaft in her cunt was something she never wanted to end. His imminent defilement of her ass fed her fantasy of being taken, and of being used solely for the sake of pleasure. She could hear her voice calling out to Daniel, begging him, “don’t stop, please don’t stop,” but she could not recall actually saying the words. What little pain she had felt at the invasion of her ass was lost in a mounting wave of pleasure as Daniel worked his thumb and cock in a synchronized alternating invasion of her holes. Kathy felt depraved, dirty and more alive than she could ever remember feeling.

Her grunts of pleasure became more guttural as she felt the pace of her fucking increase with Daniel slamming his shaft deeper and faster into her cunt. She reached back with one hand for reasons unbeknownst to her, calling to Daniel to fuck her harder and then they came together in orgasmic bliss with Kathy gripping the bed covers and almost tearing them apart as Daniel firmly gripped Kathy’s hips pulling her even deeper down onto his shaft as his cum began to shoot and coat her insides, painting her womb with his thick creamy sperm. Grunting aloud, expressing their satisfaction they collapsed on the end of the bed, breathless.

Still panting, knelt over the end of the bed, Daniel reached over and placed an arm around Kathy and, looking into her satiated green eyes, said, “Merry Christmas Kathy, I hope next year’s assessment will be as good.”

She raised her eyebrows and retorted, “Only if you’re a good boy.”

“Well, at least I know what to get you for Christmas. Stockings. I hate pantyhose,” he replied mischievously. Daniel then left, leaving Kathy to compose herself, alone, and think where to buy another pair of pantyhose before returning to the office.

Kathy got up, looked aghast at herself in the mirror and decided that, although she had just had the best Christmas present she could have ever given herself, she had some thinking to do.

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