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Love Is Forever Part Two

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Let's continue...
As John and I pulled back up to the house, Luke and Danielle stood on the front step, and Johns father, Dominic, stood on the lawn with his arms folded. His face was unreadable. All the men in the family looked the same somewhat. Dominic has blue eyes and brown hair, just like Luke The brown hair applied to John, too, but he got his eyes from his mom. Danielle has reddish-brown hair and green eyes. Dominic is in his early forties, but he doesn’t really look it, he is still pretty fit, with only a small beer gut. His arms and legs are still muscular and athletic, he stands at about 6’4’’ and he still has a full head of hair. On top of all that, he’s from England, and still has traces of his accent. Danielle’s got herself a stud. John and I got out of our cars and Dominic beckoned me to him, I went timidly.

“Go inside with the boys, Love. I want to speak with Rei alone.” I gulped, they all went into the house, leaving us outside alone. I stared up at Dominic, cursing my height of 5’6’’. “So I heard that you lost your virginity last night.” Oh my gosh, someone shoot me! I couldn’t look at Dominic, I stared down at my feet.

“Yes.” I squeaked, my voice barely audible. He made me look up at him, then he bent to my level, placed a hand on my shoulder, and looked me square in the eyes.

“’Bout fucking time.” He whispered. “Do you know that every day for the two months, ever since you graduated, Luke’s been telling me, ‘I’m gonna marry that girl?’ Thank God he’s finally acting because if I’d heard that from him one more time, I would have shot him.” We both laughed, soprano and baritone in harmony. “Welcome to the family honey.” He hugged me tight.

Luke walked out then, all dressed up in a suit and tie. That’s weird, he NEVER dresses up. Ever. He went straight to my car.

“Babe, lemme get the keys.” I tossed them over and he got in, started the car up, then he honked. “Now get your sexy ass in the car.” He called. I kissed Dominic’s cheek and said goodbye then went to get in. We sped off, going twice the speed limit.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked as I held on for dear life, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be a victim of his maniacal driving. And I wasn’t sure my car could handle it.

“To your house, I need to talk to your mom, and you need to change into something I can show you off in.” We stopped at a red light momentarily.

“Oh I’m sorry, is this not sexy enough for you?” I slid one of my cami straps off my shoulder, Luke eyed me lustfully and licked his lips, then snapped out of it.

“Do not turn me on right now. I don’t wanna risk your mom seeing that!” I laughed and fixed my strap as he started driving again. We pulled into the drive and I noticed that my older sister, Senna, was home, unfortunately. You see, my sister is not so great. She’s 32 and still lives with my mother and me, and she’s just a horrible person.

“Luke,” He turned to look at me, I kissed him, “I love you.” He smiled.

“I love you too. C’mon hon.” He gave me the keys and we walked up the stairs to the front door. I unlocked it and opened it. My mom was in the kitchen and the smell of cinnamon was in the air. I went in to hug her, my mom had the appearance of a Dominican woman, but our family is African- American, with a splash of Italian and Native American from my great-grandmother. Her light colored skin in combination with her dyed blonde hair made her appear Hispanic. I can’t tell you how many times people have just assumed that I was Mexican.

“Morning Mommy.” I chirped.

“Where were you last night Missy?” She asked.

“I crashed at John’s last night,”

“I thought you two weren’t talking.” She wondered.

“Yeah, a lot changed last night. By the way, uh you have a visitor. I’m gonna go shower.” I walked past Luke in the hall and kissed his cheek. “I don’t know what you’re doing, but have fun. I’ll be back in about 20-30 minutes.” I went upstairs and hopped in the shower. All I could think about was Luke, and that prompted me to rub my clit until it pulsated with pleasure. After I was all clean, I got out and dried off, I straightened my hair then went to my room to get dressed. I passed my sister in the hall and I was still naked.

“Ugh, put some clothes on!” She yelled in disgust, I wonder how my mom and Luke reacted to that one.

I went into my room and to my closet. I picked out a cream-colored sundress with a purple and pink dot pattern on it. I slipped it on after putting on lotion and my favorite black bra and a black, lacy thong, and then I sprayed on some perfume then walked out. When I saw Senna about to go downstairs with only her bra and panties, I stopped her.

“Put on clothes.” I said casually.

“Why should I?” She snapped.

“My boyfriend is downstairs with Mom. Put on clothes.” She smirked then went into her room. Damn it. I bounced down the stairs, Luke sat on the couch facing my Mom, who was on the loveseat.

“May I?” He asked her.

“Please, I’ve been waiting forever to give away one of my daughters!” She exclaimed.

“Uh, what’d I miss?” I walked into the room and Luke stood. Senna came down the stairs.

“Who’s this?” She asked.

“Your potential brother-in-law.” Luke said, I gasped then turned to look up at him with curiosity in my eyes.

“My what?” Senna questioned, “Oh hell no, Reina you are too young to-“

“Shut up. “ I said, still staring at Luke. “What did you say?”

“Reina I am in love with you. I have been since you were just my little brother’s pudgy best friend. I’ve watched you grow into the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and I never want to lose you.” He got onto one knee, and took out a small, black box. “Love has no age, no order, and no clear path, but I love you and no doubt want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Whoa dude, what’s wrong with you?” Senna scoffed.

“Shut up!” My mom, I, and Luke yelled at her in unison. Luke opened the box to reveal a white gold ring with a purplish stone that shimmered in the sun, my breath flew out of me and Luke took my hand.

“Reina, will you marry me?” I nodded.

“Yes Lucas, a thousand times yes!” He put the ring on my left ring finger and stood to kiss me tenderly.

“I love you,” He said.

“I love you too!” He beamed proudly as my mother began to tear up at the sentiment of the moment.

“Son of a bitch! My 18-year old sister is getting married before me!” Senna griped. I couldn’t help but laugh.

***************A month later**************

“I can’t believe my baby girl is moving out, and with her fiancée, no less!” My mom said as she helped me pack. “Geez, where’d I go wrong with your sister?”

“Honestly Ma, a lot of places.” I said. Downstairs, the door opened then closed.

“Rei? Ma? Yous here?” Luke called.

“Upstairs hon,” I called back. He came up and into my room. “Hey there.” He hugged my mom, kissed her cheek, then he came over to me on the floor and gave me a peck on the lips.

“Hello, you almost done for the day? I wanna take you two out for lunch.” I placed a few more things into the box I was packing up and sealed it.

“Yeah, I guess. I only have to get the stuff off the walls then I’m ready to move in.” I smiled, my mom butted into the conversation.

“Luke you better watch her. She’ll trash your house.” My mom started laughing, Luke joined in.

“That’s okay, I do that every other day.” He admitted, I joined in the laughter. “Well then, let’s do this.”

We went outside where Luke’s 2006 silver Mitsubishi Endeavor waited in the driveway. I sat in the back so that my mom could ride shot gun. I noticed that Luke had made his driving slightly more practically. We went to Prospector’s, a Wild West themed restaurant. As we were seated, Luke made a general statement.

“Order whatever. Money’s no object.” He said, showing off for my mom, I knew that over the last few weeks he was doing everything in his power to keep her happy with him. It went from little things, like getting me home on time, or always having something nice to say to her, to things that were so unlike him, like him going for hours on end without leaving the house to smoke a cigarette whenever she was around. Sometimes he’d go all day just so that he wouldn’t have the smell on him, I have to admit it, I really loved those days, but I’ve learned to live with his smoking, as long as he loves me, and I love him it won’t matter.

Luke and I both ended up with steak, my mom got some kind of pasta and chicken alfredo dish. I never knew the cowboys ate pasta.

“So, mother Raeanne,” Luke started, “How does it feel?”

‘How does what feel my son?” My mom wondered.

“To know that you gave birth to one of the most wonderful creations to walk the Earth? And to know that you’re also one of them?” I smiled, so did my mom.

“Rei, you’re marrying a very large suck-up.” My mom said. “You’re going to be happy forever.”

“Well, might as well pile it on then, huh? She looks just like you. At least I know she’ll still be breathtaking when we get older.”

“Okay, out of all the boyfriends of Rei’s that I’ve met, you’re definitely my favorite.”

“I’m not her boyfriend,” He corrected her. “I’m her fiancée.” I leaned over the table to give Luke a passionate peck on his lips.

“Yes you are, and what a wonderful fiancée to have.”

We finished up with lunch, and then dropped my mom off at home. We headed back to Casa de Palmer then. There was no one in the house, and I already had a plan in mind for the rest of the day. Before we’d even really gotten inside the house, I had my hands all over Luke.

“Jeez, can I put my keys down first, Love?” He said, I jumped into his arms. “Just shut up and kiss me.” I ran my fingers through his cropped hair. He smelled so amazing. My lips crushed his as he staggered back, resulting in us falling on the couch. He stared up at me with utter lust in his eyes as I pulled my dress over my head, I wasn’t wearing a bra. I felt his cock begin to harden against the inside of my thigh. I let him sit up a bit to get his clothes off, and I kicked off my heels. Luke flipped me onto my back and pulled my thong off with his teeth. He had an animalistic edge to him, like he was a savage. I faced the fact that he could be rough with me. He breathed in my scent and kissed the inside of one of my thighs, then the other. I groaned in pleasure as he stuck his tongue right into my wet pussy and started liking all over, not letting up, even when I cried out in orgasm. Finally he moved his mouth away, but he then ran three fingers lightly over my pussy, it tickled so much and I giggled. His fingers kept moving upward, his already stiff cock twitched, he guided it into me all the way. God, Luke is so big! It feels even bigger now than it did last night.

He rested his hard on inside me and reached up to my boobs and squeezed one gently, rolling my nipple. I moaned loudly and he moved his hand down again. The second that he touched my clit, my vagina spasmed in a mind-blowing orgasm.

“How’d you do that? It was amazing!”

“A trick a wise man taught me.” He smirked. I added: Thank Dominic to my mental list of things to do. Luke moved slow, being completely romantic and sweet. He kissed the palm of my right hand and then leaned in to kiss my neck. He reached under me to wrap an arm around my waist and he stood with me. I wrapped my arms and legs around his waist, and moaned as he pumped into me.

“Luke I love you so much, never leave me.”

“Reina, I couldn’t leave you if I tried.”

I kissed him tenderly. Kissing him was one of my favorite things to do. I’m glad that now I get to do it for the rest of my days. “I wanna ride.” He put me down and went to lay on the couch, I took a long stare at his beautiful body then grasped his dick lightly. He groaned under my touch, I drew my hand up his shaft slowly, squeezing it ever so gently. Luke let out a small moan, laid his head back, and closed his eyes.

“I’m yours.” He said submissively, I smiled at that and leaned down to kiss up his dick to the tip, where I swirled my tongue. I took him into my mouth and he didn’t quite fit, as always, but this time I was determined to make him fit. I nearly choked, but I finally got his whole dick in my mouth, and Luke stared at me in amazement. I started to gag, so I let him fall from my mouth and I straddled him, impaling myself. Luke’s lips let go a small sigh of pleasure and contentment, and I began to ride him slowly, then I began to pick up the pace. After a while, I had Luke crying out in pleasure like mad and he gripped my waist. We repositioned ourselves a bit, then Luke took control, thrusting deep into me and slamming into my g-spot with each thrust. I was in total bliss and entrancement and Luke was controlling me with his cock. Suddenly he pushed me off him and told me to get on all fours. “I want to try something.” I laughed.

“Baby, we’ve done doggie style before.”

“I know.” Abruptly, he lifted my legs and rested them at his waist so that my lower body was off the completely off the couch. He entered me, and I realized why he wanted to try this. The elevation made him push directly onto my g-spot every single time. I yelled and he grunted loudly out as he moved in harder, attacking my poor vagina. I couldn’t control my mouth as I began to cum again, and moans spilled like water. Luke yelped and pulled out just as he began to cum. He shot all over my ass and back.

“Oh fuck!” He shouted. He let me go and then went to get me a towel. I cleaned off and we kicked back on the couch, he had me wrapped in his arms, and he sang into my ear. The song was so beautiful, and he said that one day he was going to finish it and sing it to me in its entirety. “I really can’t wait to marry you my love.” He said, gosh, he’s so sweet. I stared into his beautiful eyes.

“You have no idea how good it feels to hear you say that.” Tank ran into the room then, barking and waging his tail. “Well, romantic time over. Feed the dog babe.”

Still more to come!

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