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Morning Beautiful

A morning wake up....
I awake beside you, my mind still a blur from the day before, I have not remembered cuming so much, ever before. Our walk in the mountains, despite the incredible view was dwarfed by our incredible sex. I would say lovemaking, which it was, but yesterday went beyond that, on a for shear lustfulness level.

I watch you asleep beside me, that peaceful angelic face, your breasts moving up and down, the curve of your body, your nakedness. Once again I begin to harden, and twitch. I examine your body closer, by just watching you for a while. You are beautiful. I shake my self, and decide to go to the bathroom. 

I come back, you have moved more on your stomach, and into the middle of the bed. Your beautiful curved ass stares back at me. My cock twitches again. I slowly get back into bed, and lie beside you. I gaze at you, and gently touch your back. No response, I allow my hands to roam across your back, slide down to that cute butt, roam back along your sides. I caress you. You’re still out. Now, while still caressing you, I gently kiss your back, I work up to your neck, gently pulling your hair to the side. I run my hands over you. I kiss you. I kiss your back, little kisses, covering your body, I move down your back, and back up. Smothering your body with kiss’s and licks. I move lower, and start kissing that ass. You move more on your stomach and in doing so spread your legs a little. I smirk. 

I continue to work my way down your body, covering your ass, your thighs with kisses. I stop to smell your essence but don’t touch it yet except for one soft kiss. I kiss your thighs, cover the back of your knees with multiple soft kisses, while kneading your calves. There next, as I kiss them, you’re ankles, and those lovely feet. I kiss the souls of your feet, eliciting a sudden movement. Hmm, I think ticklish feet that will be for another day.

I take the first foot in my hands, kissing it, rubbing it, working the toes with my tongue and sucking each one in turn. I move to the next foot, and do it all over again. You’re awake now, even though you’re pretending to be asleep. I trail kisses, from your feet up each leg, stopping briefly to kiss the top of your pussy, and slide my tongue between that cute ass crack of yours, stopping briefly to work my tongue around your asshole, and trying to probe it with my tongue. I move back to your back, and side kissing my way back to your neck. My naked body is pressed to you. You feel my wet hardness pressing into you, but you don’t move. I kiss your hair the top of your head. I finished that side, I gently roll you over onto your back, and I hear a soft moan. 

Faker, I know you’re awake. I don’t care. I want to consume you. I kiss the top of your head, and hair, running my mouth over every square inch of your face, the eyelids, your nose, cheeks, and a light kiss of your lips. I then more forcibly kiss your lips again, probing my tongue inside you feeling your wetness. You try and respond I don’t let you. I quickly break the kiss, letting you have one last light kiss on the lips. I continue to your neck. By now I know you’re awake, I know you know, your not going to be in control. You know you will be pleasured. I’m happy with your submissiveness.

I’m kissing your neck and letting my hands roam across your body. They are caressing your breasts, gently kneading them, and brushing two very erect nipples. Your breath quickens slightly. Your eyes are closed, as I move to your earlobe, and run my tongue across them, darting my tongue around them. At the same time I gently pull at one of your erect nipples, eliciting a moan and a squirm. I run my tongue from your earlobe to your neck to your breasts. As I push those beautiful mounds together I run my tongue between your cleavage and rest my lips on the first nipple and gentle suck it into my mouth. I release it, kiss it and move to the other erect nipple, again sucking it into me, and then kissing it gently. I release your glorious mounds, and move back to your face, for a deep kiss, that you fully respond to. I break away, move to a quick probing of your left ear, and then moving down your left arm first kissing and brushing it with my fingers. I get to your hand that I smother in kisses eliciting a giggle. I take each of your fingers in my mouth and lick them clean, tasting some of us from the previous night. Hmmm…

I start at the top of your right arm, and repeat it bring it up, caressing it, kissing your hand. Before I put it in my mouth. I take your hand and guide it to your pussy. I let your fingers slide inside you, coating your fingers with your wetness. I take them away, and move them back to my mouth, licking them clean. I savour your taste. I try and fit all of your fingers in my mouth, trying to swallow them, as you did my cock the night before. You do taste sooo good. I finally break away from your fingers and quickly pounce on your breast. Centering on your nipple, I try and take as much of your areole and breast into my mouth, mouthing it lapping it. Finishing with that one, I move to the other repeating trying to stuff as much of your erectness into my mouth as possible. God I love your body. I release your tit from my mouth, and see both of them erect and glistening. I smile. 

Your stomach is next, as I kiss away at it moving ever so lower. In anticipation you spread your legs more. Kissing every square inch, I follow the lines of your body to my tasty reward. I spread your legs and gently kiss the outside of that beautiful cunt. This is going to take all my focus, as I lightly kiss the outside of that pussy. Giving it a light lick the length of your slit, and resting my tongue on your clit for a quick flick. Another grasp.I kiss the outside of your pussy lips, and break free from your enticing treasure, to quickly turn around and kiss you deeply on your lips. The hardness of my cock runs over your breasts, leaving a trail of precum, as I break our kiss, and quickly lick my juices off your breast, as I move back down. 

Once again I kiss your outer lips briefly and then move to your thigh’s, kissing them I cover your knees with multiple kiss’s , moving along those ankles that wore those sexy heels last night. I work the base of your feet with my hands, as I kiss the top of your feet, and suck on your toes. There your entire body has now been kissed. I get to have some fun. 

After releasing your toes, I move back up your legs, until I once again am looking at those sweet pussy lips. I kiss them, nibble them, spread them with my tongue as I lap away at your juices. I flick your clit unmercifully for almost thirty seconds, devouring your little pink bud. I break away, take a breath and move up to between your legs, spreading your wetness, and quickly pushing my wet, and hard cock inside your folds. 

You weren’t expecting that. I reach down and pull on your nipple with my teeth, as I push into your wetness. I begin to fuck you, pushing hard and deep, building. I suddenly stop, and just as quick as I enter you, I leave. 

I move back down to that sweet tasty pussy, and once again flick your clit before lapping at our juices. I spread you legs wide, all the time your trying to push your pussy to my face. I lick from your clit, all the way down your slit, sucking in your pussy juices as I go. I keep going and lifting you up, slide my tongue over your ass, and start rimming that sweet puckered asshole. I break away and over the next fifteen minutes alternate between your ass, trying to push my tongue all the way in, your slit, as your juices wash over my face, and your clit, working your clit, that tasty clit, building you up but not quite to the point of release.
Suddenly I hear you speak, not the moans and groans, and gasps that you have been doing, but words.

‘I need to cum, please make me cum.’

I quicken my pace on your clit, licking it, thrashing it with my tongue. I can feel your orgasm build.

I back off, hear a moan of, ‘NO make me cum, damm it.’

I break away for a moment. I say, ‘You want to cum baby’.

I get a muffled, ‘Yes, please.’

But I want to eat you more, I respond by once again flicking that clit.

I hear a pleading, ’ I need to cum.’

As I once again flick your clit., ‘God eat me,’ you scream.

I’m being a terrible tease, alternately sucking, and frantically flicking your clit with my tongue. Bringing you close but then backing away. Your juices, running all over my face. You trying to push my head to your clit every time, I break away.

You're whimpering now, ’Please I need to cum.’

For the last time, I say, ’Then come for me baby.’ And I dive at that clit, pushing it with my tongue, licking it a s fast as I can, frigging it like your own fingers or favourite vibrator. My jaw is hurting but I will not stop my assault on your clit. 

You orgasm breaks over you in waves, All I hear, as your legs lock around my neck as a muffled, ‘I’m cumming…’

I know, as your legs are pushing my face deeper inside of you, and like a good little cuntlicker. I just lick away at your engorged clit, making you cum again. I break for air, before those legs hit me again, as they thrash open and closed as your orgasm fills you.

‘Fuck me,’ you yell.

I quickly grasp for air and raise my head, pushing my hardness towards your waiting cunt. In seconds I’m engulfed and pushing into you riding the waves of your orgasm’s as I pump myself into you. Matching your franticness and meeting each thrust of your body. I push my cock deep inside of you, I bend down and pull a nipple with my teeth, sucking it in and biting it. As you continue to push into me, and I ruthlessly fuck you. My hard cock, ramming into you. I start pounding you.

I’m pounding you, all I hear is, ’Fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me slut,'

I quicken my pace, worried that I’m going to pass out, as I pound that wet, grasping cunt. I start grunting, I look at you. You’re pulling on my nipples, using them to set the pace of the fucking you’re getting, wanting, demanding. You yell, at me to, ‘fuck you, give me your cum’, so with those words to push me over the edge, I grunt and push a final time into that wet cunt, unloading streams of cum I wouldn’t of thought I could produce. Only seconds later I hear ‘I’m cumming’ from you… as yet another orgasm escapes from your body… I collapse on your body, as your wet pussy grips my cock tight, as it still is pushing in and out at much slower rate. Our mouths are gulping for air.I bend done and kiss you, gently on the mouth. A passionate lovemaking kiss, not the frantic all out sex type of kiss. I roll off your body my heart racing. I look over at you. Smile and say, “Good Morin Beautiful.”

You just laugh. Reach over and kiss me. After you kiss me, you say, ready to get up and smile.

“Yeah,” I respond, “in an hour or so,”….

We laugh and snuggle together our hot sticky body’s connecting…

I say, “I think I need to taste more pussy.” You smile at me and say, “Go ahead,” and spread your legs. I give you a knowing smile, and move down to clean my cum out of a very wet pussy.

I say, “Open wide,” and you moan, as my tongue gathers a load of my cum from between your legs, and I move up and let it slide off my tongue to your waiting mouth. I raise my eyebrows, and go down to get my next load, that is siding out between your lips, and once again, bring it to your mouth, this time you use your tongue to lick and suck it all out of your mouth. I continue this until your pussy is bare and ready for more. Hmmm. I lie down beside you, suckling a breast and promptly fall asleep

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