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My best friend's girlfriend CH.4

Tom begins to have conflicted feelings and is filled with guilt. However, Kath seems sure
The sound of birds chirping their morning tunes woke me up. It took me a few minutes to gather my bearings and realize I was not in my own bed. Then I remembered where I was. Looking down I saw the most beautiful girl in the world. Katherine seemed to fit perfectly in my arms and her light breathing was like music to my ears. I could most definitely get used to waking up in the mornings like this. The question was; Would I? I mean, sure we loved each other. That much had been confirmed. We wanted to be together and I personally had never felt so elated. The real problem was what would happen with Cory. Though I may have tried to excuse what had happened over the last 12 hours or so because of the love me and Kath felt for each other, what was ultimately happening was that me and Kath were cheating on Cory. He was my best friend and I felt awful for what I was doing as I know Kath did. We needed to discuss what to do on that front and soon.

My troubled thoughts were interrupted by a wonderful voice whispering up to me. "Morning Tom". Two words I had heard so often from Kath but I had never imagined I would hear them in the current circumstances.

"Good morning beautiful" I replied. "How did you sleep?" 

"Really well thanks to you" She beamed up at me. "It feels just right being here Tom. I really don't want it to stop but we have a lecture at 12 so we should really get up". With that response came first a lift and then a real sinking feeling. I had almost completely forgotten about Uni and it came as an unwelcome reminder for sure.

"Urggh, yeah okay. I should really head back to mine and get showered and dressed before we go" I groaned

"Yeah you really should, you stink!" She joked.

"Hey!" I replied, before moving to pin her against the bed and tickle her until she begged for mercy

"Okay, okay! I'm sorry!" she managed.

"Hmm, and just remember; I know all your weak points Kath" I teased. And with that I stood and chucked on my trousers, shirt and shoes before leaning down to leave Kath with a parting peck on the lips. "Right so see you at mine in about an hour yeah?" I said whilst admiring Kaths sexy body sprawled out on the bed before me.

"Yeah I will be there babe." She replied. Oh, babe now is it? I thought whilst a smile began to spread on my face. "Oh and next time you come over bring a change of clothes. That way you won't have to leave for shower time" She teased.

"Well I can't argue with that now can i?" I retorted. And with a final glance back I headed out the door.

The whole walk back to my flat, the refreshing shower and the rest of the time up until Kath arrived were filled with thoughts of guilt. I wished for nothing more for Kath to have been with anybody else on the planet apart from Cory. At least that way it would still be terrible what we were doing but I wouldn't feel the immense guilt of betraying my best friends trust. We had been best friends since day one of secondary school 8 or 9 years ago. I was stuck in a place nobody wanted to be. Katherine was who I believed to be the love of my life. I trusted her and loved her implicitly. I just didn't know what to do. The one thing I did know for a fact was that what I had now with Kath couldn't stop. There had to be a way to sort it out and it be okay. I couldn't bare for things to go back to how they were after knowing there could be more.

"Tom! Hello?" I had been laid back on my bed deep in thought and hadn't even noticed Kath was knocking on my door.

"Oh er, sorry Kath! Hang on" I moved over to the door and when I opened it I was taken aback by the beauty being exuberated before me. It may get boring for me to keep mentioning it but it just never ceased to amaze me. "Wow" was all I could manage to muster.

"You ready to go then?" She said, attempting to hide her blush.

"Yeah I'm all ready. Let's go to this enthralling lecture" I replied sarcastically, locking the door behind me.

The lecture on British politics between the wars dragged on for what felt like hours. In truth, this was probably only because of how distracting Kath was being. Distracting an extremely good way to be fair. She kept on sliding her hand up my leg effectively getting me hard and then stopping for about 5 minutes so that my erection subsided. Then she would do it again and the process would repeat itself. I estimated this must have happened between 15 and 20 times. Halfway through the lecture she passed me a note say I'm so wet. I need your cock Tom. This succeeded in keeping me hard for the next 15 minutes without her distracting hand. It surprised me how quickly Kath could turn from being the really innocent, clever girl to the kinky, horny girl I had been fortunate enough to discover. I wasn't going to complain though. At the end of the lecture the lecturer sprung an unwelcome surprise on us that the project we had been working on was due in a week earlier then the original deadline due to a change in the yearly timetable. This meant we had only a few days for the project to be finished. A plus side to this of course was that me and Kath would be required to spend the next few evenings together.

After another two painful, yet exciting, lectures the day was over and it was time to return to our flats. I arranged to go around to Kath's flat about 6 to work on our project and in the meantime I had some tea and had a bit of downtime on my Xbox. It got kind of awkward when Cory signed in and started talking to me on the mic however and I quickly signed off with the excuse that I had to go do some work. I didn't mention Katherine even though he knew nothing and wouldn't find it strange. After quickly showering and smartening up I headed round to Kath's flat and we began working.

Kath was sat on her chair at the desk whilst I 'contributed' from the bed. "Erm, yeah that sounds about right Kath" I mused in answer to one of her questions. I was beginning to get bored and after Kath's teasing earlier I began to formulate a plan to get her back. First I moved over to crouch next to her and pretended to point out something and help her out. Then I placed my hand high up her thigh for 'support'. She didn't seem to suspect until I started making slight circling motions on the inside of her thigh, creeping higher ever so slowly.

"Tom cut it out! We need to get this done!" She said sternly. I moved my mouth close to her ear.

"Kath your'e so sexy when you get bossy you know?" I whispered seductively into her ear. I hoped this would send tingling sensations down her body.

"I.. I mean it Tom this really needs to be done." She wavered a little.

"Yeah but, maybe I needed to take some notes in that lecture earlier, hmm?" I teased as my hand slipped up under her mini skirt now. She took in a sharp breath as I reached her panties and slipped a finger into them. She gasped now as I flicked a finger across her clitoris and felt that she was soaking wet. Before she could say anything I moved around to the front of the chair, slipped her panties off and lifted her skirt up. For the first time I eyed my prize in its full glory. She had a magnificent pussy with a neatly trimmed bush. It was glistening with juices which had an intoxicating sweet smell. I moved in and flicked my tongue once across her swollen clit.

"Oh my god Tom! That feels amazing. Lick my pussy" She moaned.

This succeeded in spurring me on and I went to work covering every inch of her pussy with my tongue making her writhe on the chair and moan in ecstasy. As my tongue worked in and out of her pussy I brought my right hand around to play with her clitoris for more pleasure. This brought about a loud chorus of moans which made my cock practically explode in my pants. Whilst I continued the pleasure on her pussy I moved my left hand up her body to play with her hardened nipples as I had noticed earlier she was not wearing a bra. Her moans were beginning to reach fever pitch now and I could tell it would not be long before she was cumming so I upped the speed of my hands and tongue to the next level. This made her almost immediately scream out.

"Oh, God! Tom, I'm cumming!" and with that she began gushing juices straight into my greedy mouth whilst contorting in pleasure on the chair before me. When she was done I relented my assault of her pussy and moved to pick her up and take her over to the bed where I laid her down with me and held her close.

"Tom.. Th, that was a.. amazing," She managed between heavy breathing.

"No Kath, you're amazing" I replied simply. And once again she drifted into a post-coital nap on my chest. I smiled in satisfaction.

Hey all, just wanted to thank you for the support on my first series. If you haven't read the first three parts I would recommend doing so before this one. Feedback is greatly appreciated. :)

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