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My English Teacher and I Part 2

My teacher continues to teach
My cock didn’t really have a chance to go soft as Rebecca started putting on a show. Her skirt was still on and she stood, slowly unbuttoning it and bending her ass towards me as she lowered it from her hips. She turned around and stood in front of me. Her pussy was clean shaven and there was not a perceivable imperfection on her whole body. She gently grazed the insides of her thighs with her hands as she raised them up passing over her tits and letting the bounce back down as her hands were enveloped in her hair. She knelt down in front of me and gently whispered. Let me help you with that. She grabbed my soft, but ever hardening cock and slowly began licking it.

“You like your cock in my mouth?” she asked. I nodded. She smiled. “I like your cock in my mouth. You want to fuck me?” I nodded. “Not much for words are you?”
“I’m just speechless,” I responded.

“Well lets give you something to talk about.” She quickly buried my cock in her mouth letting her tongue run over its head before she slid it out and stood.

She stepped up on the sofa, placing a foot on each side of me. She gently pushed my head back against the sofa with her pussy inches from my face she said, “Lick my pussy until I come.”

With that she pushed forward giving me full access to her pussy. I put my tongue to work immediately, tasting her and sinking deep into her pussy. Her breathing was starting to increase.

“Do you know how many times I’ve pleasured myself thinking about you?” she moaned.

I opened my eyes and looked up at her as if to say, “how many?”

“Too many fucking times,” she screamed as she began grinding her pussy against my tongue and face. “Make me come. Make me come hard,” she screamed.

My tongue went into overdrive. I was sucking on her clit as hard as I could and alternating slipping my tongue inside her. I could hear her breathing quicken and her thrusts were becoming more deliberate. She was holding my head, directing me where to go. I reached up and grabbed her tits. Feeling them fully for the first time. I gently kneaded them. Working my way to her nipples and pulled them over so softly.

She screamed, “Fuck yes!” and her pussy began beating against my tongue as her orgasm took over. She slowly continued rocking for a few minutes as her orgasm subsided.

She withdrew from my mouth and stepped off the sofa. “Well, you’d get an A if I were giving grades,”she smiled.

“I want your pussy,” was all I could say.

She grinned and moved towards the couch, kneeling on the cushions and asked me to get behind her. She reached back and grabbing my rigid cock guided me to her pussy. She was still soaking as I entered her. Her wetness felt amazing and she pushed back into me asking me to go deeper. Her hand reached under her and began rubbing her clit as I grabbed her hips and started slamming my cock into her pussy harder and faster. I caught our reflection in a mirror in the entry way and could see her tits swinging as I fucked her from behind. She noticed the same mirror and I realized was staring at me in it.

She grinned, biting her lip and said, “Fuck me harder. Fill me with your cum.”

I began pounding her pussy letting her ass slap against me as I pulled her closer and harder each time. Her fingers were working frantically on her clit and I felt her orgasm closing in. Her pussy tightened and she let out a moan as I came releasing into her pussy as we both collapsed on the sofa.

To be continued....

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