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My favorite dream come true

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I meet the girl of my dreams and fuck her at a dance.
I first met Tova in 7th grade. I knew who she was and that was all. Then in 11th grade I saw her standing in line with tight sweat pants on. I could see her nice ass. From that moment on I knew I wanted to fuck her.

I got my chance later that year. I was walking back to PE from the office when I bumped in to her. She was wearing a nice loose dress that she had worn for the dance. When she dropped something we both bent down to pick it up. I was trying just to be a nice guy and in exchange god gave me a great shot of her perky natural tits. Sadly she was wearing a bra so I couldn't see much but it was enough to get my cock a little hard.

After that I said good-bye and went back to PE.

After school there was going to be a dance. I had planned on going with my girlfriend but we broke up earlier that week. So I dressed up semi-nice and after school went to the gym where the dance was being held. When I got there I saw Tova sitting alone, so I did what I had to do. I went over there and sat down next to her.

I don't even think she knows who I am but I don't think about that now. I sneak a glance at her beautiful body. She has straight brown hair and the most perfect face with bright blue eyes. She has nice, perky natural tits. She's thin but not so thin you can see her ribs. She has a great ass and nice, curvy legs. She is about 5'4. Tonight she's wearing a green dress that shows some cleavage.

I steal a glance at her. She looks over at me and smiles and then goes back to watching other happy couples dancing. I finally grow some balls and speak to her.

"Would you like to go get something to drink with me?" I ask. I feel my heart rate increasing as I wait for an answer. What seems like eternity is only about 2 seconds.

"Sure," Tova replies with a soft, shy tone. So I get up and lead her over to the cooler and ask he what she wants.

"I'll just have a Pepsi."

I can hear in her voice that she's more confident in this. "Sure thing," I say as I plunge my hand into the freezing cooler. I grab her a Pepsi and get myself a Coke.

"Thank you," she says in a voice as soft as a cloud.

"You're welcome," I say. I then say, "Wow. You look amazing." I know it's way too early but I think to myself as the words are coming out of my mouth, what do I have to lose?

"Thanks. You look handsome yourself." I am White, about 6' tall, have blonde hair and have a 7'' cock.

"Thanks," I reply with no hesitation. "Why aren't you with a date?" I ask.

"Because I didn't want one...until now."

"I hope you are referring to me but I have been really wrong about his stuff in the past."

"Yes I am silly," she replies, giggling.

"Ok. 'Cause I have had a crush on you for a while." I blurt out, forgetting to think.

"Really?" she asks with a hint of red on her cheeks.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Well I guess that makes two of us."

"You like yourself too?" I say jokingly and it just gets better and better from then on.

After talking for who knows how long I ask her if she would like to dance.

"Sure," she says eagerly." I was waiting for you to ask." So I take her hand and lead her to the dance floor. And we swing in each other's arms. I can't help but to smell her hair. It smells like a bed of flowers.

As the music stops and we wait for the DJ to change it, I look into her eyes and lean in and kiss her. She accepts my kiss eagerly. And by the time the DJ gets the next song in me and Tova are making out. The next thing I know she is dragging me to the guys' locker room. As soon as we burst through the door we are making out. We are totally oblivious to the two guys humping each other. As soon as I see that, my cock goes flat. I drag Tova out of the locker room. She looks at me and asks if we can go make out in the girls' locker room. I say yes and once we are in there we are making out.

After about 5 minutes of that she pushes me away and says, "Do you want to?"

"Only if you do," I say, and before I am finished with my sentence she is on me so fast. We continue to make out as I feel around her back and undo her dress. She notices what I'm doing and just takes the whole thing off. Now she is just in panties and bra. I take my shirt and tie off and we start making out again. I undo her bra and she slides it off and reveals the best tits I will ever see. I grab one and start sucking on the other.

She starts to moan as I play with her nipples. She then kneels down and pulls down my pants to reveal my rock hard cock. She starts to suck it in her mouth and continues for about one and a half minutes. I am about to cum when she takes the whole cock in her mouth and I let all my cum into her mouth.

After swallowing it all she sucks my cock until it is hard again and then turns around and bends over on one of the benches and says, "Fuck me."

I get behind her and shove my cock into her already dripping wet pussy. I slide it in and out a few times then I just start fucking her as fast and as hard as I can. I reach forward and grab her awesome tits and play with her nipples as I pound her tight pussy. I can feel her start to shake so I take my cock out and lie on the ground.

"Ride me you naughty cow-girl, but backwards," I say and she sits downs and slides right onto my cock.

She starts moving in a circle as she moans. "Ohh...Fuck yes...Ohhhh...Fuck...Fuck...Fuck...Yes...Right there...Ohhhh yeah...Ohhhh yeah....Ohhhh fuck...Ohhhh fuck me, fuck me right there...Ohhhh yes...Fuck Fuck Fuck yes..." I am about to come when I gently push her off and lay her down on the bench in a missionary position.

"Want it in the ass?"

"Ohh fuck yes!"

I then take her pussy juices and rub them around her ass hole. I then enter her ass and start to fuck her so hard the bench is shaking. As I fuck her I start to finger her pussy. Then I continue to fuck and finger fuck and she nears an orgasm. I take my hand that was playing with her tit and rub her pussy with it. This takes her over the edge. She then squirts all over me as she screams in pleasure. She then has another orgasm. Not as intense as the first one but still good. I'm about to cum to so I take my dick out and cum all over her perfect boobs. She then gets up and licks all the squirt off of me and the cum off of her and collapses on our clothes. I too collapse on our clothes and we fall a sleep in each other's arms.

When we wake up we both get dressed and walk out just in time for the final song. We then walk outside for some air and kiss goodbye.

"Bye Tova. I'll see you tomorrow."

"You too."

The End

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