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My Opportunistic Neighbor

Naughty fun under the sun gets hotter when the man from next door shows up.
When my main fuck buddy cancelled on me for our weekly hook up I was a little disappointed but now that his back-up couldn't make it either, I’m getting really frustrated. Leaning my hip against the kitchen counter, I look through my contact list in hopes of finding someone for some afternoon fun. When I spot Reggie’s name and number, excitement fills me.

I met Reggie at some college fraternity party and we've been occasionally getting together since. Thinking back, it’s been awhile since we've seen each other; probably a few months. I press his number and listen to the phone dial his number. Please pick-up, please pick-up.

At the sound of his voice, I have to stop myself from jumping with excitement.

“Hey Reggie, how have you been?” I pause and listen to his answer. “Yes, this is Hannah.”

“Me? Yeah, I’m good. You know keeping busy.” I say in haste wanting to get past the boring casual conversation.

“Yes, it has been a while.” I giggle out.

“Um, so I was wondering if you’d like to come over today and hang-out for a bit.” I put an emphasis on the word hang-out so he gets the right meaning.

“You can?! Oh awesome, see you soon babe.” I disconnect the call and run up the stairs to my bedroom.

When my parents told me they were going to Cuba for a week, I instantly started thinking of all the naughty things I could get up to with no parental presence around. Another upside, I’m 19 so there’s no need to get someone to stay and watch over me.

Once in my bedroom, I get undressed and I pick up my coconut scented tanning oil. While I’m working the slippery liquid into my skin, I think about Reggie and the last time we hooked up. Reggie is a nice guy and has a thing for bondage which always gets my pussy juices flowing. His sexual skills are good but he has always lacked that something to make the experience mind blowing. As a last minute fuck buddy though, he’ll do just fine.

Before I leave my room, I grab some bondage tape that I hide in my top drawer and wrap my nude oiled body in a towel. I go to the kitchen, write a note for Reggie to come to the backyard, and taped it to the front door.

From the fridge, I take out a pitcher of fresh mint lemonade my mom made and get two glasses with ice to take outside.

The sun is high and is beating heat into my skin when I step out the glass sliding door to the backyard patio. Attached to the decorative brown-red concrete patio is a medium sized rectangular swimming pool complete with a diving board; my little paradise.

I set down the lemonade and glasses on the patio table. Without worrying about being seen naked, I take off the towel wrapped around my body and hang it over a chair. The fences are nice and high and I've often sunbathed in my birthday suit when no one is home.

I set up the radio to my favorite top 40 station and sit in the tanning lounge chair. Placing the bondage tape next to me on the ground, I relax and let the hot sun soak into all my pores. Being naked, I can feel the sun’s rays hit everywhere on my body creating a sensation makes my pussy respond.

Feeling free and natural, I start running my hands over my B-cup tits and pluck at my hardening brown nipples. They continue their sensual glide to my waiting pussy. Once there, my one hand spreads my juicy pussy lips while the other starts rubbing and rolling my clit.

I start to moan softly and then firm hands grip my shoulders. I look up to see Reggie with his straight blond hair and blue eyes standing behind me.

“Starting without me I see.” He says as he rolls my nipples between his fingers.

Giggling, I respond “Maybe if you got here sooner…”

“Ahh, my baby girl is horny I see. Maybe I can help you with that.”

“You better.” I tell him as he’s taking off his gray T-shirt displaying his smooth lean chest.

He chuckles in response and cups my hairless wet mound. “So needy all the time.” He whispers millimeters from my lips.

I pout and put a bit of a whine into my voice. “It’s not my fault I have a high sex drive.”

I lean over and pick up the bondage tape. “I have something for you.” I say as I wave it in front of his face.

He smiles and grabs my wrists. He pushes my black-blue hair to the side and drapes it down my chest; it’s so long I can feel the ends tickling my waist. He places them behind my head, tapes them together, and tethers it to the back of the lounging chair.

Next he tapes my ankles to the legs of the chair forcing me to spread my legs open and expose my pussy. Once, he’s finished he grins and checks his work.

“There’s nothing more beautiful than a women bound naked, open, and ready for pleasure.” He tells me. His heated words send tingles to all the right places causing my pussy tingle with need.

He casually drags some of his fingertips against my oily body starting from my bound wrists to my bend knees. The slow glide of his hand exploring my body feels so good; it’s awakening my senses and making me want to beg for his cock. After several minutes of this teasing, my skin is on fire and I can’t take it anymore.

“Reg pleasee!” I beg repeatedly

“God, I love it when you beg.” He replies in a husky voice.

He starts kissing down my neck and chest until he meets one of my stiff nipples. The teases it with this tongue at first; running his tongue in a circular motion a few times before he gives it a good dead on lick. He then finally takes the peak into his mouth and starts sucking with a good amount of pressure.

He repeats the same torture to the other hard brown peak until I’m squirming and letting out small moans of delight. He kisses and licks his way down my stomach stopping to tongue at my dangling belly button ring.

At last he’s where I want him; knelling in between my legs kissing the top on my mound. He spreads my pussy lips to gain full access to my big plump clit that’s peeking out from it's hood slightly. He goes right for the prize and starts licking a sucking my little nub of nerves.

The strong instant stimulation makes me jump and overloads my brain with pleasure. I make small sounds of pleasure while he feasts away at my cunt. Needing some direction, I try to help him out.

“Not so hard…A little to the right…Your other right…Circles baby… Ah god, harder”

Finally starting to build up to climaxing in his wet working mouth, I hear the gate to the backyard open and close. Damn! Bound helpless to the chair, I can’t move or do anything and it doesn't look like Reggie heard anything because he hasn't stopped lapping at my pussy.

“Reggie I think” I start to tell him when I hear a rather loud masculine voice from behind me.

“What the fuck is going on here!” The mysterious masculine voice says. I can tell it’s not anyone from my immediate family so that’s at least a small break.

Reggie, startled and confused, stand-ups to speak to the man still standing out of my field of vision.

“Who the hell are you? Can’t you see we’re busy here.”

“Well from the lack of moaning I heard it doesn't appear you’re doing a good job. Get out of here before I call her parents. You remember her father, the cop.” The man says.

Reggie sends an evil glare in the direction of the gate, picks up his shirt, and starts to undo the tape holding me prisoner.

“No, no. Leave her like that” His voice now sounds closer.

Reggie gives him another glare and actually leaves me tied up with this stranger. I voice my objection and he just apologies and leaves. Thank for nothing, asshole.

I can hear the strange man get a chair from the patio set and place it next to me. I look up and see my neighbor standing next to me. Fucking fantastic, can’t a girl cum in peace around here I tell myself sarcastically.

Adam moved in next to us a few years ago and has kept fairly to himself. All I know about him is that he’s a personal trainer and it damn sure shows. I have definitively eyed him up more than once with his short brown hair, hazel eyes, and general alpha male appearance. The only thing that stopped me from seducing him long ago is the 13 year age difference between us.

Embarrassment flushes my cheeks and ties my tongue. His gaze travels up and down my body before I get the nerve to say something.

“What are you even doing here?”

“I was looking for your parents when I seen the note on the door. I thought maybe they were having BBQ or something back here. Imagine my surprise when I found their daughter tied up with a boy in-between her legs.” There’s actually laughter in his voice which makes me hate him a little.

“Well there not here right now soo…” I trail off and avoid his eyes.

“Was that your boyfriend?” Adam asks me.

“No, I don’t have one. Reggie and I are just… friends.” Explaining that I had a fuck buddy to my neighbor was harder than I thought.

“I see. Judging my your lack of vocal response, I take it he wasn't doing a great job”

“He tries.” I reply with an uncontrollable grin.

“You know what the problem is?”

I laugh. “You mean besides being tied naked to a chair with a stranger next to me?”

The remark makes him smile. “Woman like you need the touch and skill of a man in order to be satisfied, not boys like Reggie.”

Sensing that he’s insinuating something, I flirt to see if he’ll take the bait.

“Oh and you happen to know of a man who can satisfy my ravenous needs?”

“I do” is all he says before he slides an ice cube down the underside of my arm to the side of my breast.

I squeal and squirm in a poor attempt to get away from the freezing sensation. 

“What the fuck!”

“Ah, I see little Hannah has a mouth on her.” He reaches next to his chair and picks up the discarded tape.

“Here, you’ll need this” He explains as the places a large piece of tape over my mouth.

I look at him with an anxious expression.

“Shhh…Don’t worry. Close your eyes, relax your mind, and just feel.”

I compliantly do as he asks for some mysterious reason. The hot summer sun has heated my skin so when another freezing ice cube hits my skin it’s unbearable but wonderful at the same time. The ice moves down my arms, in-between and under my breasts.

He slowly draws the ice cube near my nipple making it hard and erect. In lazy unrushed motions, Adam moves the cold melting ice around and around each of my nipples leaving cool wet trails in its passing. The feeling is wholly erotic and sensual making my breath and pulse quicken.

When the cube is almost completely melted, he releases it and sends it running down the center of my chest and stomach; the small ice shard is now resting at the hollow of my belly button. With eyes still closed, I feel him remove the tape covering my mouth and his hand direct my face in his direction.

His kiss is as hot as the sun with his skilled lips and curious tongue. He lightly cups my right breast and squeezes. When he disengages my lips, I open my dark eyes and stare into his letting him know I am his and he can do as he pleases with my body.

Adam tells me once again to close my eyes and relax into the chair while placing the tape back in it's original position. He places a freezing ice cube against my responsive hard nipple making a high pitched noise leave my throat; he leaves it there until it starts to burn. The instant the ice cube is removed from my tingling nipple, he sucks it into his wet warm mouth.

His mouth feels like wicked burning fire and the feeling is incredible. Uncontrollable loud moans escape me and I’m glad the tape over my mouth is muffling the sounds. He sucks on the little bud and drags his textured tongue on my hard nub and gives it some gentle loving nips.

He continues his assault by alternating between the ice and his hot mouth from one delicate brown nipple to the other. After several minutes of hot and cold beautiful torture, my nipples are red and standing to attention. My breathing is erratic and my pussy is leaking with need.

I feel Adam’s hand run up my spread thigh to the edge of my pussy lips. He rubs two fingers in my folds and pinches my blood filled clit; I easily vocalize my pleasure. His fingers work their way down to my wet opening and he slides one long finger in at a time.

Being filled by something, anything after an afternoon of teasing is astonishing. He starts to move his two digits back and forth, in and out of my slippery needy vagina. When I begin lifting my hips silently begging for more, Adam forces them back down into the chair and curls his fingers in my pussy hitting my G-spot.

He quickly and forcefully thrusts his fingers in and out of my soaked cunt putting an amazing amount of pressure on my magical spot. Moaning and yelling loudly, only partially muted from the tape covering my mouth, I’m quickly approaching an intense orgasm.

When I think I’m about to cream all over his plunging fingers, I get the sense of having to pee. Unable to tell him that I have to use the bathroom, I try to hold it in desperate hopes that I could make it to the bathroom on time.

The feeling and pressure just keep building until I can’t hold it anymore. The release of the tension in my pussy sends me into a mind-blowing orgasm and puts black spots in my vision. My cunt explodes with gushes and streams of pussy juice all over his now still fingers and I realize what happened; I just squirted for the first time.

Apparently the disbelief and wonder was written on my face.

“First time squirting I take it?” He says before he dips his cum covered fingers into his mouth and makes a ‘yum’ sound. This man is trying to kill me.

He unbinds my ankles and moves between my legs resting against on his chest. The sound of his zipper moving downward gets me aroused and needy all over again. He pushes down his pants and boxer briefs just enough so that his cock can escape its cotton prison.

He places his dick so it rests in the cradle of my puffy folds and moves it over my soppy cunt coating his hard member. His cock is cut and long with a good amount of girth. Once he has coated himself, Adam moves his dick down to my pussy and notches it at my waiting hole.

He teases me a little by moving forward and back a centimeter a few times. I notice him watching intently as he inserts his long hard rod into me; he likes to see his cock disappear in and out of cunt.

Grabbing hold of my hips with bruising force, he pushes into me inch by glorious inch until the bottoms out against my cervix. His steely shaft is stretching my walls creating the most delicious pressure in all the right places. He stills for a few seconds and closes his eyes while he tries to breath through his nose.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.” He tells me in a strained tone.

He slowly pulls out his tool till only his juicy head remains inside me; Adam then slams back into me with hard force hitting my end. The feeling of being emptied and filled over and over is something I never get tired of. 

He does this a few times and I voice my delight with moans urging him on to fuck me faster. Adam moves his hands from my hips and presses down on my inner thighs so that I’m my legs are spread and open as much as possible. In this position, my pussy is titled up and is completely exposed for unrestricted deep access.

It doesn't take long before he’s fucking me at a frantic rate and my climax is once again building. Moaning over and over again rather loudly, Adam starts rubbing my little pearl of nerves up and down as quick as his powerful thrusts. 

The sound of sex has filled the air along with the radio and I can feel his balls slapping my ass which only spurs on my orgasm. When Adam begins telling me to cum and I know I wouldn't be able to control myself any longer.

“Yes, Hannah! That’s it baby. Cum, cum on my dick. I want to feel your pussy milk my big cock.”

At his words, my pussy contacts and spasms around his long hot shaft sending bursts of pleasure up my spine to my brain. He pulls out of my cunt and strokes his sopping member until jets of white creamy liquid are spraying all over my tits, stomach, and pussy. One shot landed on my cheek so I dart my tongue out to taste his sweet salty jiz.

He moves away my legs, releases my wrists, uncovers my mouth, and flops down into the chair next to me. We both take a couple minutes to recover from the hot outdoor fucking session.

“Wow” Is all I can say with the small amount of breath I have left.

“That was fucking amazing.” He responds with a satiated smile.

I look down at cum covered body with pride and delight. I decide a quick dip in the pool will wash off his seed and will cool my heated body off; I run and jump right into the cool and refreshing water. When I surface near the ladder, I look over to see Adam standing and composed like nothing ever happened.

“You know where I live. I hope to see you again soon.” He tells me before he walks to the gate and leaves.

It was a clear and open invitation for some more naughty fun that I'm definitely going to take him up on.
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