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Not A Regular Detention

Teacher gets more than he bargained for when he keeps this naughty schoolgirl behind
It was fourth period on a Tuesday afternoon and I was sat in my maths classroom. I was paying more attention to the gorgeous teacher that was standing up at the board than my textbook. His name was Mr. Fitzgerald and I'd had my eye on him for a few weeks now, ever since the start of the year. He had dark hair and bright blue eyes, a gorgeous body from sports and was tall to boot. He was a new teacher, only a few years older than me and a super flirt. Almost as bad as me, and that made for an explosive pair.

'Lily! Why aren't you doing your work?' He turned around and looked right at me, frowning, and I bit down on the tip of my pen and looked him in the eyes seductively.
'I dont know sir, I think I need some help' I said and smiled. He blushed a little bit and came over, leaning over my shoulder and taking my pen in his hand.
 'What don't you understand?' He said quietly, his hot breath tickling my cheeks. I could feel myself getting wet at his touch, I wondered if he would notice if I slipped a hand down under the table...

'Surds, yeah?' He turned his face at the same time as I did and we were just inches apart, the chemistry was insane and I wanted him so much my pussy was aching.
 'Yeah' I whispered back, biting my lip and giving him my best fuck-me eyes. It seemed to be working because he popped up straight and went back to the front.
'Right class, get out your homework! Anyone who hasnt done it will be in detention with me here, now!' The whole class pulled out their homework and he ticked them all off.
'Lily Roberts?' He looked at me.
'I didnt do it sir' I bit my lip. 'Sorry!' I pouted.
 'You're staying then. Class, off you go'

He went to sit at his desk and I went up to him, noticing everyone had gone, and sat in front of him on his desk.
'Sir' I said to him, looking into his eyes. 'I've been reeally bad, I know I have, and I just want to say if you want to punish me in any way, I'll be a good girl and accept my punishment with no questions asked' I pouted subtly and leaned forward so he could see just a little of my now very full 18 year old clevage.
 'Okay..' He said, looking at me, and I knew he it was taking every inch of him to keep his hands off me. I just had to go a little further and I would crack him. I moved a hand up his leg and rubbed slowly, looking into his eyes. He bit his lip and I noticed he had an erection.

We sat like this for a bit, and I rubbed his leg slowly, not once did we take our eyes off each other. 'You have been a very bad girl, Lily' He said to me, and I tried not to grin to myself. I'd cracked him!
 'I know sir' I said, rubbing his leg.
 'And as a punishment I want you to take off your panties and pull your skirt up for a spanking' He winked at me and I looked at him.
'I'm not wearing any panties' I said, and he grinned at me.
'How naughty you are!' I pulled my skirt up slowly and bent over, looking back at him. He slapped me roughly just once and I squealed with pleasure, then he spun me around and kissed me.

 I sat on him with my legs wrapped around him, his arms around me, grinding on his cock through his trousers.
'Mmm' he moaned quietly. I hopped up, unzipping his trousers and freeing his cock. It was long and thick and I felt my pussy dripping at the mere sight of it. I bit my lip.
 'Impressive' I whispered to him, mesmerised. I needed it inside me.

I kissed him and ran my hand up and down it, my other hand playing with the balls. I dropped to my knees and licked the tip of his dick, swirling my tongue around it. He responded by sticking his pelvis out, putting his hand behind my head and stroking my hair. I slipped his cock into my mouth and started working my way up and down it, sucking hard like it was a popsicle. He was moaning and squirming the whole time, and the sound of him trying to control himself but still letting out moans while I sucked his cock hungrily was what kept me going on him.

I took him out of my mouth and jacked him for a couple of strokes, licking every couple, building up pace until he shouted out.
'I'm cumming!' he shouted out, and I went harder until he spurted out a stream of hot cum down my throat. I grinned at him and swallowed it.
'You taste goood' I said to him and grinned, kissing the tip of his dick and then kissing him on the lips and neck.
 'Was that good?' I said, looking into his eyes and batting my long lashes, flicking my hair over my shoulder.
 'Fuck yeah, that was amazing!' he looked at me with wide eyes and I kissed him slowly.

'I have a special treat for you for being such a good girl' He grinned at me and lay me on his desk. He sat in his chair and pulled it right up close, opening my legs and grinning at me.
 'I'm excited' I said to him, smiling. He leaned down so his face was right next to my red hot pussy, I could feel his hot breath tickling my bare lips. His long wet tongue hit my pussy and I couldnt help but moan in pleasure.
 'Mmm that IS special!' I said as he lapped up my juices, licking in long strokes up from my slit to my clit, and then in short and fast ones on my clit.
'Oh!' I gasped out when he sucked down hard on my clit. 'Ohhh ohh!!' I said a little louder, it just felt so fucking good! He took a finger and slipped it into me, fucking me fast. 'Two fingers, two fingers' I gasped and he slipped another in, building pace and sucking my clit at the same time. 'Don't stop' I gasped out. 'Ppplease, please dont stop, please, ppplease dont stop' I moaned, holding his head into my pussy. 'Aaah! Mmm, yeah, i'm cumming! i'm cumming!!!' I moaned, grinding his face into my clit and my hips onto his face until an explosive orgasm hit me. 'Oh yeah' I said, grinning when he slipped his fingers out of me with a sticky sweet pop and licked his fingers.
He licked me all the way up my body and kissed me, and I grabbed his cock.
 'Fuck me' I whispered, and he guided it into me with a squelch. I felt so full as he thrusted in and out of me, each stroke felt like heaven.
 'Mmm' he moaned, going slowly, in and out.
'Faster' I gasped out, and he gave it to me faster and harder, building up his pace.
'Mmm, harder baby' I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him deeper inside me, squeezing my internal muscles around his big cock.
'Fuck girl!' He said, squeezing my ass cheeks. I kissed him and pulled him close to me so he was deeper than ever before.
'OH!!' I screamed.
'Does that feel good baby?' he said to me, thrusting hard and deep.
'Oh man soo good' I said, and he grinned, shuting his eyes.
 'Who's your daddy?' He said, and I couldnt help but moan at how good his big hard cock felt inside me. I squeezed my eyes tight.
 'You are, you're the daddy, fuck me!' I moaned and we came together in an even more amazing orgasm than the last time. 'FUCK!!' He shouted, shooting a stream of hot cum inside me. I relaxed and lay on the table feeling pure ecstasy. He lay beside me for a second then sat up and grinned at me, pulling his trousers on. I started getting dressed and then he kissed me.
 'See you next class' He winked.
'See ya next class!' I winked back and strutted out. I'll have to forget my homework more often!
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